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On. Have. We present the story. I must have. Another in a series of programs recounting the historical background. Of world famous artistic my people. Today about these glues paints a broken jug. One morning in 1765 a handsome young man hums to himself as he looks in the shop windows of the resize shack. He is finally
back in his beloved Paris. The man is young but these to give a handsome man with a pleasant name which is starting to become known if not yet famous. He has reasons to sing. And yet from time to time the charming Gianbattista has a sad heart. He is back from Rome where he was loved by a princess. One doesn't easily forget that. But the smile reappears whenever a pretty girl passes by giving him a lingering glance. Suddenly he stops in front of a bookshop. It is the shop of miss your beauty and behind the window he sees the fresh young face of men was a beauty he had already encountered her several times the year before. He certainly could go in just to say hello. To the Roman princesses far away after all. And then one must live in the present. What the devil he puts his hand to the latch. Three seconds of hesitation and in he goes.
Oh Miss you grows. I did not come in to buy books but rather to contemplate the pretty smile and the eyes so full of candor. They say you just come back you know you well you must tell me about your voyage. Where are you staying with your grows on you pretty young at the view. I'm so happy to see you. Do you know what a pleasure to find you here I've thought of you often. The same for me my friend. Did you know that I'm planning some paintings on your works. They chastise son and the father is cursed. Excellent idea. I'm honored you know. Bush ate the young Frog and they're putting enough nudity in there. Don't put any in yours. Pick the simple innocent lovers and get married my friend. You're young you're handsome get married. Marriage has not yet really I mean I'm going to have a drink at the great cock or be a good fellow come along with me. It's always sad to drink alone I have a thousand things to tell you. OK I
gladly could bribe them though another time. I certainly hope so. Good bye Miss you go this good bye Miss you did you a little bit. You know what a woman. How can one resist her eyes her full lips. Her Grace you know the flick was watching you with interest and with a languishing air. Very seductive I should say my friend. There is happiness for you. A month later good news is working like an automaton among some merchants without seeing them. How do you grow your life gave you away. So always on my own. We both have hands in the same quarter. You've just come from the bookshop without a doubt. You seem very worried my friend let's go over this weighty problem at the great Congress. Come along if you wish
but I'm not unhappy worried at the most. Well tell me about it. You know. I'm just curious as an old cats exactly what worries me. As soon as one tells you something you write a book about it. Oh no you exaggerate. I promise you my complete discretion. OK this is it. That little bug has used all imaginable flattery for a month to persuade me to go to cear. And after a month looking at me with those eyes of hers yes she has become more and more forthright. She takes my hands covering them with kisses and says in a trembling voice Mr. Groos Would you marry me if I would say yes when she says that her breasts heave so that the little gold cross would stay in place. Here we are. Good thing too I'm thirsty. Come on after you
two bowls of cider. How does that agree with you. Whoa. Now what did you what did you say to her. You know my distaste for marriage. So I told her mother was who would not be happy to spend his life with you. Then the cunning vixen she kissed me and became so agitated that I was afraid that her breasts were going to just pop out of her course. You were afraid. Hypocrite moment I heard the footsteps of mystery but beauty in the rear of the shop I became frightened and fled into the street. That's when your laugh took me from my reverie. I was thinking of the look of pleasure on her face the little devil. Her fine had her child's nose and her pretty hands. You love her. No I do not love her. And I do not wish to marry this indiscreet morsel who throws herself at
men. I dance all who doesn't even wait to be spoken to. And then it's well known that before the marriage quarrelsome and mean after. And no I don't want to marry that them as you don't seem very certain about it. Good just to tell the truth is already obsessed. In a feverish haste he returns to his hotel of the hoodoo PDR and once they're locked in he starts to paint the face of the pretty shine that from memory. He is so preoccupied that he doesn't even hear someone knocking at his door and the two friends who had come to visit him have to leave as they walk away. They exchange impressions. I'm sure he's there. He doesn't and that's because he's working. I. Wonder what masterpiece he's going to produce now. Surely a pretty face tear filled eyes moistened lips that is what our language screws does but his heart is always so eager to
please. How true. He really knows how to adore is and uses it in his paintings by the way did you know that that little girl just can't do without him you know without her she's gone. Need to know how all that will lead to. So when he said just what I meant rather deeply involved already. So is my daughter kind intelligent. She will make you happy. Try to make her happy. You know that little vixen already makes plans for marriage and she spends all her time painting herself. She already has rings Lenin's why she just recently ordered something beautiful earrings made for her with diamonds force of course by Mr. Strauss. She dresses and satins and all sorts of fancy things. One told me that when one of her neighbors asked about her things and compliments
on them she told her she don't care and I lowered my voice and with a lowered Yes it's Michelle you're married now. Oh no she replied with a tone of voice which implied just the opposite. She'll get exactly what she's after. This also had heard what Janet had been saying. The neighborhood began to whisper about what a generous young man he was and what he had promised his future wife. Rose was beside himself. He decided never again to set foot in the bookshop. And he kept his word. But he didn't foresee that if he didn't go to the bookshop the bookshop would come to him. Oh no. Yeah. Forgive me I was wrong. I know it. But it was love that led me astray.
Oh look I'm at your feet. My life is yours. Give me your hands that I moistened with my tears. Keep your tears and throbbing breast. You've been reading some cheap literature my child. What ingratitude. What faithlessness. I'm so unhappy you look at me look calm yourself. I couldn't stand crying woman there. It's over. No more. If you only knew. I spend all my days listening for your footsteps and your voice. I'm looking for you. And then this morning I could stand it no longer. I hardly took the time to get dressed. My eyes are burning from crying so much when I sued. Yes. That I promise. No I'm happy. But where are you going. You're already thinking about your Easter stuff.
What an adorable little growing the book. Don't move don't commute here. That loose curly or bonnet is just right now. But this big water jug under your arm. Perfect. Now look a little more irritated. Why. Because you've just broken your brand new water jug. When will we be married and will we be married. Will you take me to the theater. Yes and the body belongs. Yes mother I will have a house and it's not out yet. And a little lackey to hold my gown and a carriage and jewels and beautiful wardrobe. But you're going to be rich Miss yogas. You already talked about much and your name is on everyone's lips. Just calm yourself. That's work with them. Changing clothes means you're groups are you. Are you going out. Yes with you just the time to grab my
cane and hat. And accompany you to visit Father beauty. That marriage took place two years later those spent all he possessed for the festivities. But he had a beautiful wife that he adored the happy couple did not wait long to have children one after the other. Chubby blond children as one finds them in the paintings of God. He was happy and worked as one possessed. But what was the difference. His home was open to all the great dto past many long hours there. He was enchanted to see so many masterpieces produced by the brush of Shah back East Gianbattista painted whatever caught his eye. His wife 20 times over since the famous broken jug his servant his neighbor and this the neighbor who was visiting this year because at the moment. Let's bet that our pager was about to do a portrait of him.
Good day Miss you have a good day. In a very good day. Well Tito and my dad Ruth blushing Beneath Your Beautiful. Picture innocence. Daughter bring some milk and butter and arrange your bonnet correctly. Have you seen this drawing tomorrow. Listen it is astonishing what life in your paper has it's like and how to do it like that. Don't move the poses perfect diabolically natural that's it. The hand caressing the doily pretty lace Durrani the sleeve which falls so gracefully that dealt with its reflections. You are a godsend to painters Jo Bella to dress so richly. If you believe you are making fun of me. Oh and your cheeks. I adore
your cheeks my friend hairy around a bit red jolly cheeks cheeks which are living in which love life there. It's nearly finished. Give me right there in the seconds. What a lively are you have turned the corner a bit already tonight. Perfect. Thank you. Oh what a fantastic. Group of six good drawings. This is only a rough sketch so let you give it you. Thank you for having been such a good mom. So it's like that. I will send you some of my farms. You'll be pleased with it I can assure you. Come with me for a minute will you. Our friends will excuse us. Certainly my dear. Tell me do you.
The boot is put on since become excuse me. It's becoming. Well I know it's not easy to recognize this matron. That was the adorable young girl with the broken jug. Now it's a bit too late I'm afraid. He's still crazy about her you know. Even the weight she put on so much fat. Well it proves that love is blind. It is the only excuse one can find to explain the last picture he sent to the salon. You mean the Vestal Virgins you saw right. Yes I admit I was somewhat struck by it. And while you're not the only one. I heard some remarks on it which gave me a good idea what the public thinks. Oh yes. Well for example that woman was had so many children. So
it's making me talk more softly. If she heard you you know she speaks louder than I take that's true. She could leave the door when she makes. Oh that's your friend villa. I took all my who writes me. When you write that I have you promised me a carriage on the marriage contract Kerry I've got. What are you so yeah. You know the papers have a character about life like it was your very name was Rashad I don't want I don't give a damn about the shot out of their army. You miss your goods and your paintings with a lot of money probably from it may not last forever. Thank you Neal you how you are treated with your weakness. Very well we'll drop the matter of the carrots for the moment. We'll talk about that later but
what about that. I knew you before you carry my wrong numbers a small nose. You don't need somebody to carry your train you wanted that after all. And don't forget. Hear hear that Bill. She just slapping. She's going to break the all the dishes. Could be the water jug. How did that adorable little girl who was so naive had such innocence become this witch to stupefy. I also loved it when she was mine was and I even considered marrying her. God save me. Cruise to my place cruise. Yes poor man had. Such a great man tied to such a small and vicious woman it was heartbreaking what a plague she said. Let's go there live. I can't stand much more of that it's too painful. It's become quite.
Goes became more popular from day to day. His success was astonishing. The richest and most aristocratic fought for the favor of having their portraits painted by this painter who was all the rage. The Supreme consecration came from the king who offered to him and alas also to his wife an apartment in the palace of the Louvre itself. This lodging became the meeting place of all the elegant people of the day. It was an uninterrupted parade of carriages of lackeys enough to make my time dream. Every one was eager to praise the latest canvas as a show about the East. Why the exclamations what enthusiasm What cries of admiration. Oh how beautiful. What hand what are you in the fort. Pretty OTS only produce your blood who is the inspiration of this master work crews of course as always.
Where is she. I haven't met her yet. Right next to her husband and next. But she's not. Exactly a trifle effortlessness doesn't look very pleasant in any case. Why she's so mean looking. Let us approach discretely Curiosity's the charming port and women didn't mess with you. I've had enough. John Baptista you hear I'm not deaf speak softly. Everyone is watching. It's all the same to me. I want the whole world to know that you are my spirit an old my this are you going to shut up. What a beautiful woman like me. How did half the work the paintings which everyone goes into ecstasy in front of. I haven't any jewels or any horse drawn carriages. It's undignified for me how do you keep quiet. Oh you're hurting me based but I don't like you. Yes I'm simply crazy. So full of genius was
at the counter and made a choice and I said I prefer the paralytic. Can you have this splendid mansion with joy with the great accompanist my carriage. Surely it's a great honor. Your constant friend is always faithful and always blinded by your masterpiece. So many marvels gathered together under his. Are you happy because everything going well. Business is business yes but there are other things in life. Your wife scenes are starting again. Money always money you know making it a good lot not enough that she is crazy about it but then I like it to
you. Yes nothing wrong with that after all. You could have everything with it except happy passivity. Your wife is called Yes dulcet tones. Well excuse me gentlemen I'll be right back in a moment. I did all this is not going to hide it but I don't see the future is very rosy for our genius friend. OK she's making another scene mix. I recognize that you keep saying shock which grounds has to work night and day to satisfy your thirst for money. What is the saddest of all is that she seems to have passed through love and go down to him. It's sad comedy in 1769 goes we're still living in the Royal Palace the
king had lodged his favorite artists in 26 apartments of the Louvre shadow then a father and son going to be got their god bank. These men who brought glory to France in their different manners with their different talents lived their happy in harmony with their wives and children and often too often our last conversation turned to a couple who hadn't yet been able to share this peace and serenity indispensable to the creation of all works of art. Everyone felt sorry for poor good the great artist. If I tell you it's shameful that woman is a monster. Just a while ago in passing under the window I nearly got hit by the piece of a water jug do it Cruise's head I tell you ruining in style and that isn't all I learned recently that she had secret additions done of his engravings and she steals his canvases to supply audio she takes herself. She is content just to steal from lies to get the money from him. It's atrocious and poor grows when
his heart is just too heavy confided little he told me the other day that she was going about with some young toughs notably a fruit seller of seventeen. My dear friend said to me this child pleases my wife and she left some very valuable things within fifteen thousand francs worth and he stole it all. It meant that you were lucky not to have fallen upon a woman such as that I would not put up with it for long because it flattened her from the start he wouldn't be where he is now. He's too good for her to guard and to. February 17 80 goes with his wife and dog and stoled himself in the who you know could damn near the cathedral. Finally he had his own apartment and Madame her own which permitted her to give free rein to her perverse instincts to exercise without shame the oldest profession in the world. Running from one end of Paris to the other walking in negligent attire publicizing the dishonor of a celebrated man and name
it was not too astonishingly was the last to discover just to what lengths the debauchery of his wife the broken jug had attained. He was warned secretly by some friends and for once he decided to act. Madam you have been flagrantly unfaithful to me. Give me my snuff box played only I'm faithful what you have to say to me that it's true. Desire of having me drag you by the hair to the nearest girl's a form school treating me so oh so much. I don't give a damn. I tell you I don't give out that mad Madam you have stolen from me. Put me in that. So what do you know what they say about you. I don't care the slightest trust me that lie still early. Thank you. Do you remember a certain night I happened to wake up with a start to find you are about to crush my skull with that jug. That would have been a new version of your famous broken joke how vile you are.
Perhaps but I don't care. I don't care. The revolution broke out in France because I went to see Miss you should very mezzanine if you have getting a divorce. Then aged nearly infant tile he meandered closed in old rags all along the quays and streets which were connected with memories of his youth. Often one saw him on the Hussein shack before the little book shop which a long time before had been kept by a certain beauty and his daughter the pretty shine at such a long time ago. From own happiness it goes fell into licentiousness frequenting gambling rooms and Dives of low rep Utah where he lost lost and lost without end. His paintings weren't selling any longer. The star of the young dead heat was rising fast as was reduced to writing to the minister of the interior. I lost everything at my cottage.
And my dad. He was 80 years old. He was no longer to be seen along the banks of the sand between the San Louis and the Pomona. The memories of the past he found there tortured him too much. He died already forgotten on the 21st of March 18 5 on that beautiful morning of the first day of spring in a Paris exulted by the victories of Napoleon in the tumult of the songs of the tropes the growing of cannons the astonished crowd saw coffin passed by. No one followed. It was good. But the slow pace of the horses was leading to his last arrest goes. The Immortal painter of the broken jug whose model had made him a martyr. You've been listening to the story of a masterpiece Today
Show about the good news paints the broken jug with Alex Klee mango in the title role with April Hi Lyle Joyce and Ted Edwards. Your narrator was Humbert Smith. This program was written by piece gullable adapted into English by Joel Psalms M and directed by Pierre Christiano who not it came to you transcribed from ORTF the French broadcasting system in Paris. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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