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I. Didn't. Have. We present the story of a masterpiece. Another in a series of programs recounting the historical background. Of world famous artistic masterpieces. Today is the loveliest Jew in all of us. So you are ahead of time it was all the better. But I'm not vicious.
Since it gives me time for a little tete a tete with you. Is it possible that your recent reverses have made a flatterer of usual my own reverses. No matter but those of others. I have always thought that the highest virtue to champion those who are in disgrace. Here is the proof of my intentions. You did promise me this legally I must confess that I didn't really believe you. Oh you did me a great wrong. If you had promised vengeance instead of the cash you see of this sort I would have had more confidence. Perhaps there is a bit of both. You speak in riddles my dear. The king will be here soon and I haven't time for guessing games. I'll give you the answer then. It's an old proverb. This little bit of sweet conversation took place one morning in June 15 41
in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre palace between the Duchess of dome and the famous sculptor. The million question is today the most beautiful jewel of the counties of Paris. The wife of the pretender to the throne of France the secret behind this fabulous gem is a story that we would like to tell you today. It was a fabulous era in the history of France. France my prom year ruled the nation and the Dutch as of a domed ruled false weaponry. The arts were
all the rage as the Renaissance swept over friends covering it with lovely sculptured shuttle. Nothing was too beautiful Nothing was too rich and through the jewellers shops glowed a veritable torrent of precious stones and metals. The King and surrounded himself with the most celebrated artists of the time and the greatest genius of them all without a doubt was. A man of tireless energy and incomparable talent. He decorated one wild domain after another transforming into a lace model of castles and cathedrals. This man of the elemental cause had two passions. His ox and his son.
A boy with the face of an angel known to had two passions. His father and a beautiful vision of you had to play ball daughter of the publisher of the news. And the general rejoicing the manager of the two children with this idea that the main was to obtain the consent of the king is implemented but unless the judges and they don't chose this moment to appear upon the scene. Fascinated by the beauty of love. She sent for the young man on the pretext of ordering from him a jewel to set off an exquisite diamond that had secretly been presented to her by the Emperor of Germany. Completely subjugated by don't own the Duchess confessed her love for him
in his confused surprise. The boy answered this to Mulder's declaration by announcing his coming marriage to one of you have from that moment on. The Duchess did everything in her power to prevent the marriage around confided his suspicions of the Duchess to his father and the sculptor immediately called upon her. Not only did she refuse to listen to his pleas but she went so far as to dash all his hopes by announcing that the king had decided to marry one of you have to pry bone to an elderly nobleman a count of nearly OC. But at the very moment of her triumph the Duchess committed a serious indiscretion. She wrote a passionate love letter which shouldn't fall into the hands of the king would spell immediate exile for her. And so it was that one morning in June 15 41 in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre and they don't sound themselves once again face to face.
It's not until noon that his majesty just signed the marriage contract and come to Meccania in an interview some 11 years and I did occasion then but that which I have so eagerly desired. So your recent misfortunes have made a flood of you. As I've said before the misfortune of others. You have kept your promise and fashioned this lively
atmosphere for just a moment but first I must warn you that although it is a talisman in my hands it will have no such power was in your own. When most people see only a jewel. We artists often conceal secret wonders. Shall I reveal the secret of this little madam. When one has to do is to release this invisible spring. You see that the pistol slides from its place in the cup of the flower and they're hidden at the bottom we find not the parasitic worm that devours so many flowers. There are so many perfidious hearts. That's just something. Similar to something more destructive perhaps the very dishonor of dishes that dump written with her own hand signed by her. You weren't expecting that were you know my dad. But what else could I conceal in a flower you know nothing more than a slip of paper. Nothing more.
You know who gave me a way out. He had nothing to do with it. I found this letter among his things. Your problem I congratulate you. And on what condition will you give it up. Well that you should be able to guess. But I'm not very good at guessing. You have only to ask the king's permission version of you have to marry long time now if you think the duchess take you before a threat. You have not answered my proposal. But I have no answer to give. Let's just sit here for a moment and speak quite simply without ceremony. We were made to understand one another. You and I. It's no use putting on those queenly airs. I have no intention of offending you. I only wish to make myself clear and I'm listening. Yes we are exceptional beings you and I both of us worship idols. Yours is ambition. Mine is art.
Don't take offense. I had my own energy. You're daring. But let those two children alone. They love each other. Console yourself with your visions of glory make unmake empires play with your king your statesman. But I will stand by I will applaud your exploits. But don't destroy the love of those two children. Who are you. I feel that I don't even know you. A master among men Madame as you are a mistress among women if you don't know me and I have a great advantage over you because I know you Madame know as well as you think my friend will never marry that little sweetheart of his. Never. All right very well that's the way you want it. When I strike I strike haud. You know that don't you. Have you thought it over carefully quite carefully yet.
OK so be it. Battle stations then for we are going to have a war. You and I. My Democrat she is with His Majesty. There is no love lost. Between the two of you is there but I'm not mistaken. My queen of beauty and you too a good masters your size whatever can you have been discussing with such an invitation. Well everything and nothing sire.
Madame de top is too much of a woman to busy herself with anything but dress and fashion and I am too much of an artist to think of anything but art you know truth is that you are both so richly endowed that there is nothing of which you can be envious so mad under Tom Izzo queen by right of beauty and your king by right of genius who are king size yes a king for if you haven't a coat of alms with three ladies as I have you have a much love there in your hand. It just ain't mine. It belongs to Madam they don't. My son in law made it for his magnificent magnificent. Yes magnificent a masterpiece deserving of the highest price. Son shall have the reward but not the reward he desires but I'm just talking precious beings you know and sometimes we are really just saying the kind of reward that even the king might envy. Tell me what
it is that your son desires and if the thing is at all possible he should have met them to put you and your Majesty will examine this very attentively. They will see that no reward is too great for such a masterpiece. It is truly a miracle. Yes but where Wherever did you find this magnificent diamond. I did not find it there Tom supplied it. I have never seen you with this diamond juice. Where did it come from. Why I suppose you know where the diamonds are usually found saya the minds of who they are. Gokhan is only one diamond in the world of beauty such as this. Yes I know what it is. It is a diamond of the Emperor Charles the Fifth. How does it come to be in your possession Duchess you tell us my dear. Tell us.
It must be a fascinating story. Just how did a diamond of such value happen to pass from the hands of the Emperor to you. If this question were to be asked of you Madame duplicate the answer would be easily found assuming that you could bring yourself to admit certain things to others besides your going through how the dance of the Kings question. I must admit that the sight of this diamond awakened strange suspicions on my part. It was at a time when Madame de Tom and I were enemies would not have displeased me to learn the secret that might have that might have compromised your Majesty's eyes and so I conducted a little investigation. And I discovered and you discovered Yes as I discovered that my demo dishes had quite simply bought it from the jewel mass. Yes it would seem that since his entry into France your cousin the Emperor has spent such
fortunes as he is he is reduced to selling his diamonds and that Madame de camp has inherited with royal munificence with the Emperor and his imperial poverty could no longer conserve. Thank you. I'm beginning to think that we need to understand why you must have ruined yourself for such a purchase Duchess You must remember to and foremost the price of the jewel. And we should be your debtor for the cell. I thank your Majesty. Not so fast. There's more coming. What is that you say. Nothing nothing. If Madame de camp will pardon me for mentioning it I am obliged to admit that in place of my first suspicion this Lily awakened the second. So so infamous that I would not dare mention it unless your Majesty should order me to do so. I do order you to do so. Yes I must first confess my surprise that my dented Tom should have selected an apprentice to execute a task that I would myself have been
very happy and proud to have undertaken for you remember my son long is a most handsome young man who could and could easily pose for Apollo. Come to the point to draw the point. Yes the beauty of my last home seemed to supply a clue. I could hardly do otherwise and to think of a certain sentiment which so often takes precedence over art of what youre going to say mad. But you commanded him to speak so he is never too late to stop his upon the point of being an untruth. And yet some things must be explored to the bottom. Continue Yes continue. If you dare. Yes there ensued a certain correspondence between law and Madame la Duchesse and then this correspondence so difficult to say. The subject of love was mentioned. I trust you have proof of what you're advancing. Proof. Of
course I have proof that he said. It's in your house. My hand right in that clearly isn't what you said is quite the way. Right you win. If you have continuity that's not enough she must marry you know. You see nothing in this Lily. You are jesting with me mademoiselle. That is because your Majesty is not familiar with the secrets of what I am an ex secret device. Take it away from him. No that was your secret device. Still the chance you are not yet undone Madame of the letter is in my hand. Anything you like. How consent to anything. Is this true for us your. There's nothing here but a cleverly concealed but quite empty cavity. No no nothing out of joint. I hope you realize how dangerous it might be for you to prolong this little jest of yours.
Greater man than you I've had cause to repent that trying to deceive me. I am sure that your Majesty has not taken my words seriously I would never have dared so frivolously to make an accusation of such gravity. But done to Tom can show you the letters that were contained in this Lily. They did they did indeed speak of love but of the love of my poor heart for a noble deed was a a love which at first at first glance seem foolish and impossible. My last summoned courage enough to address himself to Madame de taunt as to a providence and made of this lily his messenger that that is the key to this enigma sire and if the devious fashion of my approaching the subject has offended your Majesty I am pro his part in the light of the treasured familiarity which he has permitted me on previous occasions. 100 pardons. Yes if I have. For an instant permitted myself to entertain suspicion. What can I do to
redeem myself. You have only to grant the request that Madame de top is about to make of you sire. You make it for me then you know that. Yes but then they told me the great desire is that you should exert all your powerful influence in the amorous concerns of law. Most willingly Most willingly. What is the name of his loved one. You know if you have the playbox son the daughter of my bro. Yes sir. Is it true that you desire this marriage Duchess. Yes quite quite. But how do I know whether the Provo will accept a son in law without which we shall never want full fortune Saya. I will supply him with whatever's necessary to buy a company of land court appointment and I shall take. Your generosity shall not diminish your own fortune and so don't trouble yourself no father Duchess. No one shall marry Asian of you have deployable.
Are you terribly angry with me Madame Le Dieu sis give me
that and give. Thank you. You must admit that you stoop to the lowest kind of strategy do you. Come now. Lowest kind of stratagem. When the threat was there. But do you really think I could have gone through with it. Perhaps I overestimated you in thinking you were as Ruth says myself. Now give me back that he is a model your son is a genius. I love my son but truthfulness obliges me to confess that this Lily that you condescend to admire is my own work. Poor lone. Much too honest to create any such deceptive device as this. Only an old fox could do that. Some of them when you look upon this Lily do not think of long think of John Doe No. You will avoid many regrets.
Upon the death of Francois Kanye his widow being close to what accepted
with silence the infidelities of a fickle husband took cruel revenge. She confiscated the property of duchess detente and exiled her to a convent and sold a lovely building of Zhang Zhihe embellished with the diamond of Charles the Fifth passed from the Duchess jewel casket into that of the Queen. And ever since it has been one of the most beautiful gems of the royal treasury of France. You've been listening to the story of a masterpiece today is young Google fashions the loveliest jewel in all of France with Mexico like in the title role. But Carol Jonathan there are just about
as the Duchess de Kock and Simone Sternberg as they are now writers were still of dawn and Bruce Johansson. This program was written by piece gullable at that into English by Albert Donnelly and directed by Pierre Crisco and it came to you transcribed from the ORTF. The French broadcasting system in Paris. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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J. Goujon fashions the loveliest je
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