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Music Hall in Cincinnati we present another in a series of concerts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Now in its 70 57. Recorded during performance by W.G. U.S. radio station of the University of Cincinnati. The programs are made possible for the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. Play conductor for this concert is Eric console. The Orchestra will play variations and fuel on the theme of personal Opus 34 by Benjamin Britten. The American premiere. Of Music for the sufferers of the new book. By Bernd. Eloise Zimmerman. And Concerto Number one in D minor for piano and Parker's trap Opus 15 by brothers Darren Hollander will appear as a piano soloist. The program opens with Britain's variation and few on a theme of personal. The Young Person's Guide to the orchestra Opus 34.
Britain was born in 1013 in Suffolk England where he lives today. He's always been interested in writing music for the instruction and enjoyment of children. The Young Person's Guide to the orchestra was written for a film commissioned in 1945 by the British Ministry of Education. The purpose of the film was to illustrate the instruments of the orchestra. In order to accomplish this. Britain took a theme written by Henry Percival in the 17th century. The theme is the Rondo in D-minor from personals incidental music to Abdullah or the more's revenge after a statement of the theme by a full orchestra an orchestral group's 13 variations follow and these variations clearly illustrate the various instruments and sections of the orchestra and at the same time they create a logically developed. Concert piece. The work is rounded off by an orchestral fugue
which weaves around the brass as they carry personal theme. Now every control has appeared on stage of Music Hall to conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in variations and on the theme of her song A Young Person's Guide to the orchestra Opus 34 by Benjamin Britten. We are the.
The end.
Implement. You. Don't know.
Them. A. You're. Right.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Oh a lot. Are. Air
we were going. Up. Oh. Yeah. What. Yeah.
I am. I am. Oh ain't. It. I going.
Any. Way. The ECU or heard variations and few. Of the. Personal. Young Persons Guide to the orchestra by. Benjamin Britten
and the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric Johnson. If you began composing when he was only five years old he wrote his first string quartet in the early age of just nine. If. Very good work for young people are a simple symphony of children's opera. A boy was born noisy flood and many saw two of his opera Peter Grimes and Albert Herring have a heart for children. Thankfully here next the American premiere of music for the suppers of King by Vera Eloise Zimmerman born in 1988 in Germany. He's now professor at the cologne conservatory and well known in the field of contemporary music. Music for the suppers of king is
based on Zimmerman's black bow lane King. Which was commissioned by the Berlin Academy of the arts and first performed in 1968. The ballet itself was inspired by a French play by Alfred Jahid also entitled Can you believe. This play was produced in 1896. And it was done in a style that today would be called Theatre of the absurd. It was a dramatic satire on the politics economic life and general morals of the day. Zimmerman's work is a musical satire or. More correctly a travesty. He's created Hera Kali. Your. Blending of bits and pieces from composers living and dead. Bach Beethoven Berlioz Wagner Devinsky Stockhausen and many others are quoted. The story of self concerns the despotic king new book and his dangerous wife mother you pull. Together they lead the intelligence of the state toward
total destruction. Valet as an entree in eight scenes but the work has been shortened and rearranged for. Orchestral concert performance. Now Erik Prince will. Return to the stage of Music Hall to conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in the American premiere of music for the suppers of King Hugo by Baron de lys Zimmermann. The boy. The boy.
Leon. The boy. Thank.
Us. AS. I eat. You are going. To eat you if.
You eat. The egg. Was. Was the hour. You're sure.
Yes. But.
The are. Nothing. New at all. Think.
Man. Low.
Low. Low. To. Live. If. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thanks. It.
Was the American premiere music for the sufferers of a new book by Lloyd Zimmerman played by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under Eric control. Their moment works include four symphonies in general for orchestra violin concerto the Joey certo rally on top of. An opera the full dock. Much of. The. Room of music. Has been performed at the International Festival of contemporary music. But for those who hold that Salzburg stuffed board. Darmstadt and. Others know it's intermission time and things and that is music call and we pause for station identification.
This is the national educational radio network.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
Episode Number
#11 (Reel 1)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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University of Maryland
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