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This. In spite of the misery of others. He had a daughter called Kathy who was a bright child when she was three. She made up songs or little bits of them and as he put it and guitar notes. Perhaps this is the secret of their enormous appeal to children. This song with its playing with sound is typical. That was Woody and the song was called One two three four five six seven
see has become a household favorite of hundreds of American families. Dying dying. Believe.
Me. Just kidding. Don't you. See.
What he said that his mother taught him always to see the other fellow's side of an argument and that his father taught him never to let anyone bully him. The combination of these teachings gave Woody an open confident approach toward life and people as in how do you do from here. By Jack Elliot. My son might.
Lead a new right. One of songwriting one of his favorite songs. He also used it.
In what is autobiography Bound for Glory. Create some of the conversations he
had with his mother when he was a small child. These are remarkable for their poignancy and lack of sentimentality something of that some of the words has added a little of the sentiment absent in what his original version charming. Cause a muscle stomach is too small to hold us. Thirsty just like you and me and everybody else.
Our. Sides are that way. Good one. We close this program of children songs with what is singing of one of the eternal rituals of motherhood.
And sometimes a fatherhood. Oh ma little baby you don't know my good blood. You'll swallow your tummy like a big balloon. In the clouds of them SKY you don't know my global make a blob or. Hired a band of bun bun but bitter platters make me wonder who had a bird by Mike. But Peter PATTERSON It was like to blow bubbles. Oh you'll floor are across the
aisle on your lawn. Oh you just wait all them people. Oh ok I'll see you up to the moon bugaboo to make a. Plan to put a bank back to back back to planet. Like blow bubbles. Had occurred but looks like a. Figure has said that a song like a child can go out into the world and surprise its
parents. In our next program we'll take a look at what is song Carcar which must certainly have surprised its parents many times over. The way you have been listening to hard travelling series devoted to the life and music of Woody Guthrie written and never hated by Judith auto produced by Joe the walk made for communications the University of Texas at Austin. This is NPR National Educational Radio Network.
Hard travelin'
The joys of childhood
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University of Texas
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Episode Description
Despite the misery of his own younger days, Woody never lost touch with the joys of childhood. A sample of the many children's songs he wrote.
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A series about Woody Guthrie and his Depression-era folk music.
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Host: Adams, Judith
Interviewee: Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967
Performer: Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Tangley, Ralph
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