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No Wayne State University improvisation chamber ensemble was organized in 1966 by Dr. Ruth Wylie. The group was originally conceived as a teaching aid but soon it was receiving enthusiastic reactions from concert audiences. During the past year Dr. Wiley's Chamber Ensemble has performed in several states and an entirely new idiom of musical performance has been developed by the performances still maintain their experimental character. Now I'm here with tonight's programme of improvisation is Professor Ruth Wylie of Wayne State University. Thank you and good evening. Tonight we're going back to our regular format of performing straight through and in supposedly finished form two structured pieces and finishing out the program with one or more free improvisations kit. In relation to how much time is left on this program. Studies by me called strangely enough study number one study number
two. The first one will do first and this is scored for flute but double bass percussion in this group. Performers will be on the percussion instruments. So without any further ado we will now perform improvisation study number one. I it.
We have just played improvisation study number one and now we will do my
improvisation study number two. This is scored for all of our instruments here. Piano percussion double bass and trumpet with the exclusion of the flute. I will be playing piano in this piece and Jim Hart way and John Raya will be on the percussion instruments. Don Lewandowski on double bass and Frank Buckles on trumpet improvisation study number two. B.
We have just finished improv is it my improvisation study number two. And
now we're going to fill out the program with free improvisation. However the first one is sort of not quite altogether a free improvisation. Our trumpet player Frank Buckles to who has not. Composed any structural designs for us yet is contemplating one and is in the initial stages and he has a very rough very loose draft which is going to be the basis of this improvisation. It's almost free they have never gone through the plan before and as I say it's it's very sketchy. If it works out we'll probably add it to our repertoire. So this is a more or less free improvisation on a good. Initial loose plan by Frank Buckholtz. It is for piano trumpet and double bass. Jim Harkaway will be at the piano. The only.
Thing. With. We're just completed a free improvisation loosely based upon a sort of
sketch by our trumpet player Frank Buchholz and we will finish out the program tonight with another completely free improvisation involving piano flute and percussion. I will be playing flute of course John Ray will be playing the piano and Jim Hart way. The percussion instruments. Why.
Be. Why.
We have just finished a free improvisation involving flute piano and percussion and this
concludes our program for this evening. That was Professor Ruth Wylie with the Wayne State University improvisation Chamber Ensemble. If you want information on this group and samples of the design plans for several of the improvisations send 15 cents in stamps to music. W d e t FM 5 0 3 5 Woodward Avenue Detroit 4 8 2 0 2. This program was produced for national educational radio by w d t FM Wayne State University Detroit. The engineers Charles Nairn and David Pierce producer Oren hood. This is the national educational radio network.
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Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
Episode Number
Producing Organization
Wayne State University
WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features live improvisational music, as well as a spoken introduction by Ruth Shaw Wylie.
Series Description
Series of performances by Wayne State U. Improvisation Chamber Ensemble, which was organized in 1966 by Dr. Ruth Shaw Wylie, as an experiment in teaching contemporary techniques to advanced composition students. Refer also to blue spiral book under 67-29.
Media type
Performing Group: Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
Producing Organization: Wayne State University
Producing Organization: WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.)
Speaker: Wylie, Ruth Shaw
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-29-6 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:28:23
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