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When the following program was originally released in 1956 with BS where the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth the University of Michigan brings you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. Tales of the valiant transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of Wati mock the Aztec national hero of Mexico.
Mexico City at the time of the Spanish conquest. The ancient culture of the Aztecs has collided head on with a Spanish conquistador days under Captain Cortez it is in the year 15 21. Cortez has resumed his attack upon the Aztec citadel of the knocked at LA which is now Mexico City. The once mighty Aztecs are surrounded and forced back into their island city. And such a day is this the end king for my people. The ass take the green people the lords of the golden city of Mexico. Rulers of all lands and between the two was seen as his son said to them there's no meeting ended a war rife with pestilence with starvation with death and Spaniards. And he who
guided us in no moment of triumphant brilliance was cutting the last lot of the SDK and huge challenge not only the Spaniards but the strange priests of the Lobos. Remember the captive of the take the palace side in the temple to the gods. As I told you to bring a priest bring him in. Since the death. This morning
I gave positive orders me every captured be sent directly to me. You give no orders to the priesthood. Why is the temple of the. Put it on the table. Demonstrate to me the use of this instrument. I have no knowledge of such things on your sleeve is the blood of a man who could have explained this weapon that man was a holy sacrifice of no consequence to you. Three hundred men of ten or you died in a fight to capture that single Spaniard. And do you know how they died. I'll show you. They died under a cloud of these tiny metal arrows. Well I intend to find out how to use these weapons. You would learn from the Spanish barbarians.
I suppose from the slaves of charcoal if you will help win this war yes to my calls you lord of what coopting book. Lord of the Aztecs would understand that no Aztec Mearns from barbarians and slaves but only from another for 60 days. These Spaniards while you remained in your temple. They have a metal tube that spits thunder and kills my soldiers a great distance. They have brought giant canoe to sail in the lagoon they wear clothing I cannot pierce. They have a metal headdress that deflects the most part above an axe. They have a great animals that charge into our lines carrying a fighting man. Are these the signs of a barbarian. They are barbarous tools meant for destruction. Our knowledge is greater than their words our gods more powerful. I'll show you the true power of Mexico. Take your hands off me from this window.
You can see the power of Mexico. It's a Thursday die from exhaustion. Con. Men not gods. I value one of my lance carriers more than every stone in your temple Do you understand. The gods will curse you for those terrible words squashed in 60 days your gods have not availed us so let them curse. Speak what we may demand as a sacrifice that is it will. Meanwhile stay with your gods in your temple and leave the conduct of war to me. I'll go. Yes I shall go. But remember my words and will remember them well. Yes my lord. The car seat is assembled there waiting at the other end of the palace. And let us join. You look tired.
Yes tired tired of planning battles and stratagems when there's little chance of success. Our men are brave quite D-Mark whatever you see do they will do. If it were only a simple question of courage or what else the necessities of life food and water our people are eating the roots and bark of trees. Children have swollen bellies of starvation. Men and women are gone from thirst. It is difficult you think we must surrender to the Spaniards unless they grow discouraged in time we must. Will you tell that to the you know neither will you. Whether or not we surrender to Cortez is not for me to decide. What if we cannot break the siege what can we do then words to you I said only as a man. But when I speak to the custody case I am a leader of men. My function is then to help them achieve those goals they themselves desire they are meeting in here my lord.
Oh yes very well. Let us enter. Currently. Gentleman. Teaching go so how's that leg of yours just ducky. I can still walk my dog and fight. There is none better my lord. Good now you can align not wounded again. They removed one year my lord I have another one you'll run out of blood one of these days when I do drink the blood of the spank get ready to begin again and no wait wait who's missing. Because you have got to work on her easy. The emir forgot you were a Kurd and I am a Kurd and with often I deme is a Turk. Remember we are Muslims. Finished with that bandage. Yes now both of you come outside of the tent with me.
Look around at these campfire over there are the Egyptians and the how to be there. The most the city. Iraq. Backed up us. The Mahdi Dean and the Turks. What holds us together only the fact that we are all Muslims. That and the spirit of your leadership. If I have united these people I have not done so by paper of my clansman or by nagging suspicion of my former enemy. The overall command of the combat branches of the army should be much why should I Slike those who put faith in me who willingly submit to my command it is through my faith in Islam that these fires burn around this one camp while over there beyond the valley of had seen fires that burned for the doom of the Crusader. Is that where you are tonight. We set fire to the grass. I intend to make the Crusaders spend a restless night and to morrow we shall destroy. I have stated my feelings on you that I should obey your orders of
course. Then get some rest. You know the kind of back I want you and your troops in position before sunrise. We shall be there. Good night good night. Yes I want to tell you what we expect of the left wing tomorrow. You must expect miracles. Why do you think that. Because if the Knights Templars charge the center of our line they will drive us into the sea. Yes good good. You want them to attack your army. I pray they will find the temptation irresistible. You confound me Saladin. Come here and the light from the text. Let me draw it in the second. Here's the sea. Here's the center of our army. Over here are the crusaders. And here are the horns of twin mountain separated by a plane. To attack my center the pious butchers must pass up this valley that simply concentrates their force against you but my right and left flanks are moved forward to a position behind these two mountains I want you here on the left. And on the right will be the Amir talk to.
The center will engage the Crusaders and slowly fall back at the proper moment. The Center will hold for both flanks will snap shut and we will grind them to death. You're not convinced. No why not. Because the battle hinges on the ability of the center to hold back the entire Christian army until the Wings get into action through powerful Ahmed nights will be concentrated against the center. They will overwhelm so by Allah they will not because I will personally be in command of the center and I will stop them. Natalee's killer is going to look like on the father's legs just suck vigorously. I told them that they must have bigger risk going off. This. Dream
becomes like he'll look. Like. The right wing to write. The letters under a new copy if he gets put his conduct last night worries me all worries more and give them there is wreaking havoc on me. How to be restored then we must make the final smites here with the center take a look at their they call the. Sparse. Little Father. You're not going to apply to our Muslims quite their best with me at their heads wait for the Barker which is at last like for you mother. I say many things to a man to do that if I were to die. These soldiers of the slam would never fight together again. You can't pick. The battle they would never quite if I refused to share their risks either. Don't worry my son I will not die today. I still have to take two thirds of the M. It can be it cannot
be merciful God in heaven it cannot be. Their wailing tell me how it feels king of the crusaders to lose an entire army. Someday you will know it. I swear you will know how and I hope it gives me strength to bear it like a man not as living in fear I was I not killed. Why did you bring me to this tent to meet the greatest man in Islam. He's coming now. When I gave the Iraqis and the Sudanese the word Achad Saladin they flew down the mountain like Falcon. They were magnificent home. Peace be on you and on you where you fought splendidly today as well as a Kurdish mom from you are talking. This is high praise indeed. The prince deserves praise he fought well and here is our prize of combat the king of the Crusader. Stand up for him. So you are the infidel. I am
king of Jerusalem. Formerly of Jerusalem. As long as I live I've remained a king of Jerusalem. Muslims are going to take that city. Well look there's a God in heaven you will not hold the city cannot will not fall to the forces of evil. I shall be inside to rule before you could grow another bid. Then you are the anti-Christ himself. I suspected you today everyone of my knight Templar's slaughtered on the field even when they surrendered. What kind of god do you men would give such orders Sholay may well not know he is in distress. Put back your belly today for the first time he has learned the despair and anguish we Arabs have known for a hundred years. How do you know where your heart with compassion for this unhappy man. Compassion for these dogs. Let me caution you. Never speak of slaughter to the immediate
D. He found the caravan at Cowra and do you know what your pious knights did there. My knights were the nobles of Europe. I know not their reputation in the West but we Arabs have seen them as they are in the east and we have seen them attack women and children plunder the goods of merchants for their own gain. We have seen them burn the mosques and torture our men for knowledge of gold and precious jewels. If these be the actions of a Christian knight he had best forget Christ and come into the arms of Mohammed and inshallah. By contrast we killed your knights on the field of battle. If you had won today would we have been treated differently. No. I'm afraid not and therefore I too must die a painful confession and I admire you and my art of rangy dog I say kill him now remember Otaki the prophet showed us the path of generosity. I feel no
compassion for crusaders. We curse them and their issue for a thousand times ten thousand years to forgive one's bitterest enemy to conquer the dissolving fury against him. That is truly the compassion of a law. Let me i'ma see you honorable gentleman to continue my journey. I have closed off all roads to the north but great so long overdo it low union. I must continue. Where have you been to the south. Why of my beliefs. I am a philosopher. What are your beliefs. Perhaps you have heard of the one who lived in the north called Confucius. I am one of his disciples. Lo Yang is a far journey for an old man. It affords time for meditation. What about the danger your way to LO YANG leads through
warring kingdoms philosopher. I fear not. I have no belongings worth the trouble to rob me. Indeed all I possess is knowledge and what any one to gain advantage of that I am must be kept alive. Do you have children philosopher two grown sons. What would they think if their father met death along the road. Their loss would be neither less nor greater than if I died at home and they would be spared the expense of my burial. They are self-centered young men who are the same as all young men these days followers of Confucius like yourself of course. Read May I now continue on my way. Yes this is our man. Why draw your assault on a defenseless old man it is a poor disciple of Confucius who does not know the teachings of his master but I know him will have Confucius demands the interment preservation of family ties. He decries the attitude of young men today. Children are expected to revere and honor the graves of their ancestors. But you
casually dismiss the possibility of dying along the road and you will know the teachings of Confucius in this remote province. You have misinterpreted the Master it is not I who have misinterpreted among other things Confucius teaches the value of calling everything by its right name i.e. tries to call things by their right name. True you even called Shen thing by its right name. I come for that philosopher. I thought I heard you would perish if you didn't. That's right you did. But gentlemen I can time do you remember where you last saw this philosopher. I I've never seen him before. You saw him yesterday he was dead and crippled from five years of torture and his name will not meet the man who was going to identify him out to a gang was none other than Mao to Yang himself. Just trying to get away after his god get that then. Good. Please excuse me because you know I. I've come to warn
you if you catch your breath you see there is no time. You know Bill Prieto Zuni change he can walk. He suddenly assaulted me and fled from the city rails Sonny Chong died and food was present. This man was MOTTRAM Yeah this man now you know you will I am indebted to you for unmasking him. You're indebted to me. Our plans are safe. He's dead coach and book send couriers to our generals tell them to move across the frontier tonight. Yes I am indebted to you. You remember the night you gave me one lesson on the philosopher named Confucius. It proved most helpful. You are a teacher without parallel. You knew we were here of course I am also a poet without panda and historian a physician student of human nature like an egg. And maybe you know means I am somewhat aware of all this.
Well shortly you can resume my lessons. After I destroy Prince food. For then the kingdom of your. But once again have peace. The peace the independence and the leisure to study many things besides vend. We wish to acknowledge the ADA professors Lexington and Josephine hall of the University of Taiwan Formosa in the preparation of the story. And no here is Miss Eudora is student at the University of Michigan speaking on behalf of her and Professor Josephine Holm throughout the centuries. The heroes of China have been men who fought to retain the national dignity during the twenty years of strife and terror which preceded the liberation of your
prince co-gen remain steadfast and his determination to free his people. And our history books and legends about go Jan.. We always think of him as lying on firewood and tasting gall. This phrase gives us the tangible symbol of a man whose resoluteness would not be broken by the ravages of time nor forgetfulness. The qualities which go agenda administrated are especially cherished by our people and for most of today as we face the equally long struggle against aggressive communism. And now here is Professor John Hall of the University of Michigan to complete the dramatic story of this hero of Free China. As a historian looking back 25 centuries we can report that prints go Chen finally succeeded in destroying the power of his long years of preparation and persistence had their reward. And once again the kingdom of USA became free. Prince go is an
example of the way in which popular heroes continue to hold meaning for our modern age. The qualities of steadfastness and self-sacrifice exemplified in his story continue to inspire us today on the Chinese past you know from most of the people look across to their mainland held in the grip of the Communist armies their hopes their thoughts and perhaps their future plans for their homeland. Closely parallel the example set for them. Twenty five hundred years ago by Goh Chan Prince of yea. The University of Michigan has presented tales of the budget and other of the transcribed series of great national heroes of all time. The story of a national hero of free China was written by William Bender Jr..
And produced by the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center heard on the program where Jerry Hoxton John Sergeant Don Genaro or Clarence Stevenson Dale Stevenson and their consultants for the program are Professor John Hall of the University of Michigan and professors Lexington and Josephine home. Of the University of Taiwan Formosa. Tales of the Dragon is directed by Edward statute for the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan. Phyllis Duganne speaking his program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasting. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of
National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
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