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This is the 19th in a series of programs and titled seeds of discontent presenting the program tonight is hard for Smith Jr. assistant professor in the School of Social Work Wayne State University. PROFESSOR SMITH. Tonight's program brings to close our presentations on the subject of the discontent of American Negroes. We have attempted to bring this problem into focus by using various points of view of Negro citizens occupying various levels and reference points within the total society in spite of these many reference points. We have seen for the most part considerable consistency and concern about what has not been done and what needs to be done. The only real point of divergence among the attitudes expressed was how it was to be done. While most felt that a more relevant educational system more jobs housing and a massive re-education of white society were the most crucial problems facing any strategy our possibility of change for
the better. Some did express the opinion that the most crucial problem is community safety. And that is the negroes should band together for the purpose of defense and black communities. It was felt that the winds of the future were steadily blowing in the direction of even greater repression and hardship. Whether or not this is the reality of the situation remains to be seen. There is some evidence in both directions and any event we are going to close this phase of programming on a futuristic note. We are going to the Negro kids who must someday find their place in today's complex and contradictory world. We have selected children from two inner city schools that provide educational services for large numbers of youngsters from two large predominantly negro housing projects in the city of Detroit. These schools are Spain Junior High School located just north of Brewster Douglas housing project and Jefferson Junior High
School located just east of the Jeffries housing project. Listen as they attempt to explain their feelings and thoughts about the world that lies ahead. From the point of view of their own lives and the lives of American The grows. I'd like to get started. By asking you to. Imagine yourself. To be in the future about 10 years from now. What do you see for yourself. Which history will you what would you want to do it your view to do. Wow I feel that and the years to come. Negroes were helping all to no to in some way I'll not hear of it and. Things are going to be living rough in 68 people on. Friday. I think that the songs I'm doing I'm hearing what I think everything will be. I dare you to reach higher
city because right now I'm thinking of going up today. And now. You are. In a 30s I think we have. OK what would you like to see yourself doing that. Interested in. Me in a second and I feel that I mean office. But do you see any problems that you might feel in terms of finding a job as a secretary because you are ego. Well not actually because. People have muscles nowadays they don't begrudge you as a guide you cannot get to be a team.
About you then what do you think you'll be away 10 years from now. Beach you don't. Think that will be better for everyone. And the people who want to get a job will have a better chance to get a qualification. I think that you should be. You do what you have with it if you have a novice to it you should bet if you feel that you want to. Not for me. What I'm interested in her and I like your best about saying that you have the complication again to back off. And anyone else that's ever been the best fuck you. If I if I'm good enough that I can. Know the good life. Hope the
people of the day. Well I guess what I'd like to have a base of probably hope that. He was and that together some people did that again. Make. It worse or be better. Like you. Well. I think that. You know. The world and my future I don't think that it will become Percy but will it will have grown better and people will have to learn how to live together. You know right now. It's not like it is. It used to be back in. 99 just south will say OK. I mean but I think that everyone you know they will be. Integrating more and not as safe as they were seen. And then.
The negro. Should be able to get. A job whatever his skills were let him get well. And. Do you feel that you as a person will be able to do that in your lifetime. Do you feel that you're going to face some of the same that Adam said your ancestors didn't. Last long. I don't know. I feel that if you want to learn something and you do it take to try and show that you have value. Ten years I don't think that contained within 10 years you know. It may take longer but I think things
will be different. We'll have more opportunity than he has now. Ten years is not enough time. How much time do you think it's going to take. Maybe 15 10 years and you know it's it's pretty good. People change you know they are you know considered him and it will you know just does what he can do you know if he if a man hires him to go he you know he doesn't think of it as an IT JUST what he can do to help his company to help his business. What do you see for yourself. What would you like to feel that you will be given an opportunity to do. I hope to tonight it's a case of the kind I like to
be a teacher teach in just to make you think this Danny is teaching and I think it will be easy and not easy but I can't. You can't get a job as an English teacher and it will be as different as English in a while back. And the youngsters that you've just heard were from Spain junior high school. We move now to the students from Jefferson junior high. Later on in the program we will combine the dialogue of Bo crew as they respond to the same set of questions. While listening to the students from Jefferson It should be remembered that they lived through the frightening events of last summer from a geographical location that was very near the center of mass destruction and suffering. Looking at where you are now. You're reaching out. And looking into the future say about 10 years from now and you think I'm going to go but
he think it's going to be like. Well. You know he's going to be worse. You're. Right the son. Some don't and to think that I think you're right. But you started you make you change your good work. You used to do that. Came about I think it's going to be better by you do you think about. I was. In the 22 23. Wonder what he. Thinks they get. Too many times are getting worse coast. It seemed like to me a long time ago did they want as bad as they used to be at times right now. A long time go don't want as many rides as there and I want as many. Things going on and
people taking his while people being used to just walk up from somebody. Most of time and do anything they want but they do do something. About here. That I think think of the worst coast. Can they take in Los we cousin in this riot where people look like more people get shot. There were fights and love breaking in stores and the property didn't turn up in the US and that money is our Texas school. We couldn't hardly do learn about it if we went for the police and all the troopers and you guys are you ok. I want to go back and ask the same question to you in a slightly different way. Look at what you want to do with your life. You know what you want to be what you'd like to do but you'd like to be and look at it from that point. You still feel do you
feel you're going to be given an opportunity to do that already feel that. It won't make much difference for you. I want to be a doctor. Still I don't think it will get any better. Than they are now. But I still think big persay would be better because if people try to you know get together with each other and try to work it out they can you know better. Well in the future I want to be a teacher. And. I think that I'll be able to do what I want to do I don't know about people stop me doing my job and. Do what I want to do. I don't think that cursing. Out they're going to get their ways but I'm
talking just about. The love I was and about what people want to do a bad night. People I think always be up to do mostly what do they do it jabs a deadline for getting something like that to try. But he will rather be a doctor because I like to help people in our care away like a person needing help. I'll be happy to help at all times. But sister right here. Has been so bare. Sure because your people are injured. Then I have seen a long time. Do you feel that. That if you try hard enough. At the world out here are. The people that you have to meet with the people that you have to deal with in the future. Well well anyway stand in your way here who's going to be difficult for you. In the way I
guess. You know in my way. The way I believe yes. Like just solve the problem be a race riot. Do you know if you were shooting it now. Based on everything that you've been telling me up to this point all of you. You seem to feel. That. If they do get worse because of that right. Is this what you're saying that there will be more right. Do you feel they are going to be able. I don't think they might need it in other ways that might be. I think there might be a little more on tonight's show up but this one was close it almost got close enough to the race right and I think that the net if there is another one like this it just might turn out that what I think was a racetrack settles
a case I think is just it was misleading. You know I'm just breaking in the story because you are right person talking about close elections. The neighbor was helping. Yeah right you think this happened in the first place. Reasons. I don't want what you are really what you think you know personally. They just got tired of. Well. They just got tired you know sitting around and having people you know break into their homes and having their stuff taken and. Everything happening and people getting killed and. Other. Places getting burned down churches getting blown up and people. Dying all the time. So I guess they just wonder break in and
do the same thing because they think too that makes. They hear one lie and did make some people said to take note of how many go and why while. There are still some people. Maybe I just wanted to do it because a lot of other cities did. I think that. There was. And wasn't really necessary. Maybe it was. Yes it was necessary because they've been trying to talk a long time in. Different ways and none of them will seem to work. You know to have them sit up and take notice of the new guy when the writers came along everybody decided maybe this may really want some. Maybe I just give up his life. I think there will be more nights.
I think there will be more eyes to look. After the right. People think well something will just come up by the way some girls. Say well not girls are like that. In our right as us. But. Some will say well they're not right. But there will be other rights. You know. The. Government leaders. Are attempting to right now to avoid.
They're doing the right thing. But to me not enough is being done in Congress from plans to open housing bill and I will benefit Negro and everyone else. Oh by the time I was just saying to take time. To see how it really applies. To everyone. That's true in any other. Life that most knew that right. Because a lot of different areas where they're allowed to ask how the doctor got me made up together then I never wrote what it was there. Mr. Chairman I mean Chad you do this for the government to take notice that there were no bills there yet claim
like everyone else. Think about your city the city that you're living in your state your government the people who are supposed to pay. So long as we're supposed to get the job done. You feel they're really interested in you as a human being as an individual and self. Aware. Thanks. Speaking of ponies only Most police can use some of the life I have seen so much. A Kenyan song you don't like. So to you see incidents happen couple of close calls police. We do not have to tell Congress what about the people who run the country the people there do you think he ran the country you think they really interested in you. Oh yes things about you.
And I think there's a dancer in you. If you're interested in yourself. If you like dancing. Passing Strange things you see. Cause night. Night. Forces Christine break this group will you promise me you can't you know do you think. I don't think you can see. Can you name him by your. Aunt thinks him a new kind of person who could kill you so then they can go you know spoken. About. Yes I do. So. Negroes are just attaining. Everything seems like. 10 years with me. Yes I've lived exploited.
To save the day. Yes I do because look right now everyone. While almost everyone I know is no good. Continued Well meanwhile the question was all of what. I think people know shiny you know the sallow dead. Look I can't be that bad. When I get a get a chance you know and they're opening things up to him you know giving us opportunities to do you know as he feels he can do and gives him a chance to try and accomplish what he says. Are any of you at all right about future you think about the years ahead at least to write about but me. Well I'm horrified by the way I'm the boy to see.
Whether they work their way but if that's what this episode but ultimately it's not enough. This up you could you should employ. OK on the bus to work all day long enough I was up against other countries and we've been drove it down the day I guess one time they left that we've been validated they are loud enough that they come over here. The stuff about enough. Of you. Yes to want to. Like you said we have been going over to someone else's property and cited someone else he said. They may get tired of this town by luck but I do. Sometimes have to doubt my children. Sometime a. Comedian taking a second you know the cooling
off and when you turn and you know they say we were in a war using the same. It's all mixed up yes and yes. You know Nate like everybody gets mad in the sand. They don't get back I simply want a clever woman you know. And career Russians are now saying to us is just as bad as we are you know they had them nestles and bombs going off and they can decide that they're going to us by then everybody and you know messing around you know find other people try something that you know barely has anything to do with down and you know you need to say they're tired of it. Then they will promise to skin health. Are you afraid when you think about the future. Does this frighten you. You know the days of very I mean if you know if I can see with half an ounce. No desire to get too grandiose You know like fighting and killing
death and what about other things besides the right goes here anything very other kind of thing that frightens you love when you sit down and take some time. It's a little bit different but it is going to people right now you know grabbing banks and breaking the people home and find a place to hide. Different kinds of things and stealing and I just think that. But one time when I am grown so my the stillness of the night in my house and then I come in a song is given and company and they see me and I just wonder what happened to me today. One scares me mostly you ma'am you know attacking ladies in a street that's ladies and walkie talkies and you blokes because we're looking for our doing not just in the heart of the people have money in a bank.
After all this is happening you think people are going to try to change or try to do better. I think some people change change do some don't. How about you. I think in a way in my opinion I think it's not going to cost the police the world I don't want to care to go and see if they hadn't there would be no self. Because when I see you know like if you can the fight was with a white person Indian the Polish they were how you do not get shot a trouble you get emotional play. Do you feel the police are going to change the police good police and police and that the police and. The police are
really. Pretty. Damn well please and really I say that some of the police are. Just like regular people people that the dunking here and they don't think about what they're doing. Some people people were just Rockaway in the system some police might as well but this is people left the doors. So I'm going to let anybody board who's out on the stoop in the open just like some people from the display. Although we have taken Negro children from two schools providing educational services to neighborhoods having strikingly similar socioeconomic backgrounds the responses that you have heard shows many different patterns of hope and of fear. There is also considerable agreement about what is wrong. It will
be incumbent upon American society in coming years to more completely reckon shades of opinion attitude and responses among American Negroes and to take more action on the basis of this recognition. There must be also more than anything else. A true recognition of consistently agreed upon specifications of problems by Negro citizens and children and on the establishment of the necessary priorities to bring the long promised state of equality into effect. Although there is discontent and fear and anger. The struggle and the striving so the vast majority of Negro men and women and children towards the American dream continues. If American society turns its back and attempts to regress to the old mess the old repressions it logically follows that the anger fear and resentment will be too full and we may very well run the same course. A widespread rebellion revolution and
murder that has been the history of Europe for the better part of this century. Some final comments from the children who participated in this program. I think you should. They should have to clean air places to live. You know when people get home. Then you know they can you know go into a mental reaction. Or maybe it could be you know half the attitudes towards the chapel and you know they think that maybe that maybe they maybe want love you know. So you know you should tell them the standoff thing. My wife could understand. Like the way that we think that we all can
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