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We're listening to a concert by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Before soloists are all principal players in the parking structure. The genus Beano soloist in the hip and you can hear it all. Came to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from the St. Louis Symphony where he was solo to open it. He's originally from Oakland California and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California. He also studied at the Juilliard School with Saul Goodman principal to openness. Of the New York Philharmonic. Mr. Spino has been a member of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. And has a play on occasion with the New York Philharmonic. The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the Aspen Festival Orchestra. Eugene Blaine the trumpet soloist and quiet city came to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in one thousand fifty six. He's a native of Truxillo Pennsylvania and studied trumpet with Frank Simon. Miserably received his bachelor and master of music degrees from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Ferdinand Pryor the
English horn soloist joined the orchestra in 1055. He attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. To Pryor has formally played with the Minneapolis symphony and NBC Symphony under Tuscany. And the New York Philharmonic. Barry green the soloist in the double bass concerto. Came to the Cincinnati orchestra in 1987 from the Nashville Symphony. He's a native of Newark New Jersey and earned his bachelor of music degree from Indiana University. He also attended San Jose State College in California studied with a blue box Mary Grosvenor and Yana starker. Mr. Green has participated in college clinics throughout the country including the International Congress of strings at the University of Southern California. In addition he's written many articles on double bass innovations and teaching techniques. His book The fundamentals of double bass playing was published just this year.
Today's program concludes with pictures at an exhibition Opus 11 by the source. Composed in 1874. It's a suite of tone paintings. Its original form was a cycle of piano pieces and it was transcribed for orchestra in one thousand twenty two by Maurice Ravel was inspired by an exhibition of drawings by his friend Victor Hartman the Russian painter of art. Strongly Slavic character of dark minds work appealed to the composer. And he wrote to a friend. It's bubbling over ideas. Melodies come to me of their own accord. I can hardly manage to put it down on paper fast enough. The Starsky opens the work with a section called promise not. Its theme represents the composer wandering through the gallery and pausing before certain pictures ten pictures are then depicted musically but no home. The
old castle to every be low. Ballet of chicks in their shells. Samuel Goldenberg marketplace at the most. Catacombs. The hut on fowls legs and the great gate at. Now once again every consul has returned to the state to conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in Pictures at an exhibition hall with 11 by with orchestra. Oh.
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
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Ha. Ha. Ha n cheese. I am. Cheery. Thanks Jess I am. I am. I am. I am extremely nxt. I am. I am. I am mean as I am. I am going to.
Show you. Oh now I am. Her. Pictures at an exhibition will. Be Loved. By you for. Orchestrated by Maurice. The. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric T.
Or for you as a member of a group of Russian nationalist composers known as the mighty five of the five feet probably have the least formal training in music. It was however one of the most forceful and original members of the group. Your fees masterwork Boris Goodenough massive folk opera was completed the same year and pictures in 1874. Today on this concert we've heard the world premiere of the concerto for company and
orchestra by Gann parchment quiet city for trumpet English horn and string orchestra and Byron Copeland. For Gerald Ford double bass and orchestra by Frank. Bruno. And the pictures by the exhibition by. The story. And so we conclude another concert of the seventy fifth season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This concert was recorded during performances at Cincinnati's music hall by W.G. U.S.. The radio station of the University of Cincinnati. These programs are made possible through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The Cincinnati musicians Association and the national educational radio. Recording Engineer for the series as Myron Bennett. Production by Bob Stephenson and continuity by Carol Richardson. This is George Briant inviting you to be with us for the next program in this series by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This is the national educational radio
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
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#12 (Reel 2)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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