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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcaster made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre the rescue by Edward Sackville-West with music specially composed by Benjamin Britten based on Homer's Odyssey this melodrama for broadcasting tells of the return of a disused to his homeland Ithaca and to his wife the faithful Penelope. Here's part one of the rescue. What solitary say leans to the wind upon my steady see what summer light draws my horizon and talked on silver lie they did today in human
vision in the pause between To morrow of the perfected darts and yesterday of a roaring friable stone corrects the northern mind straightens the eye and welds again to speech. The broken saw Book plainsong of columns. Try every silence. These are the signs at sunset these the errors which we the valley sparrow which live the life from age to age and alter and redeem the Gothic Norths inordinate desire. Let us go home to the US only to this accept the image of the simple house ghost shadow of the only the secret grove of salt wind stunted oaks the ruthless omen of Eagle's flight the voice among the leaves snake in the stove and swallow on the
sea. The heavy lidded leave the blind white wall exist in light for the hour of nor the ghosts the zero hour of that Nevil of the spirit which destroys the eternal present of the human heart fashioned with and its nearer to the roots of life. Was. Was a at an than a. And.
Eight years have passed since. The need of The Shining speed. Watched Troy to dust off to 10 years of war. That task accomplished noble men and the men of Greece sailed back to be killed last a demon and the number of Sidon the implacable thinking they held his power of too little. The best Tall Ship Song rocky and many. Among them. Oh disuse. Lord Of The Sea Girt is favored by my especial love and by Poseidon's a special hate fared hardest of all for they
from whose hands not even the gods can preserve mankind in the end refused to go disuse the peace of death. For eighteen years he has not seen the face of home nor his fair wife while Penelope and his song The slim killer Marcus is grown to manhood without the steady light of a father's face and his stern long. Worse still the island its men and women have fallen victims to the gradual oppressive neighbors insidious as they are greedy backed on the Pano disused lands and upon his people and lately even upon his wife to whose heart each lays see as yet in vain. Their weapons are agony and humiliation ordeals hard to bear.
With. True. Even at this moment in the gathering. What do his posts to relieve. Him.
You know I could make these tears it all right. Nora. Gaining again that means another death up in the village. Many of us left sooner this right may over age for this job. For a family that lives without a head I saw through the opening down what they made up stuff like they used to.
There it is again. The same place the heads. Are you. Must have dreamed it. So heat. Not a breath of air. Week after week it's months and I was as we had a problem. The guards are taken against us. Yeah it's great that we all have. Round not round on round but always just beyond the fron horizon of the doxy never
never will raise the wrath. And overhead without oft. Told coping. It's like my body when I came up with a child. The hillside is black as a ship's house over there. His house light enough to saunas banana touches in one night. Right. On. It is again that is the worse country here. What's keeping your.
Doldrums me yeah Apollos had lost its gold it's not dead are you. It was what was that. Don't lean out so far or you may fall over. We're none of us in the best of health these days and this is high as I heard you. Of course. There's that fear of the body. What are you doing up here. It's time I was out of bounds for you. No bounds for those who watch the true word. Every man and woman in the island save those black hearted and craven who have gone over to keep constant watch though they pretend to be engaged on about tasks. But their eyes are open into every week. But our first sight of his sail on the back of his ship. Once. Was it two three years since a peak sail stood in from the northwest at early dawn. But I
thought it was his great peak on the horizon. In that moment joy came flooding back into my heart and I was young not get. Here. Suddenly. Like a lamp blown out. And there was nothing left save the dusky way driving a man out of there. I had thought it was strong enough to bear whatever the gods might send a man like me. Die. On top of the watch. What else could I do. What else can any of us do. God take on I guess you
could refuse to sing for them. I have a wife and two children. One of them young and delicate. So have other half of them have been forced to furnish their holdings have been whittled away and given to see Chris die tonight you heard. Their daughters are being sent to the palace to wait on the bus and sleep with them. Spy on our mistress. All that and more furious yet they have not given any. You're right and I'm ashamed. But edition of the simple for me as for some of you I have a special talent. Someday it will be needed to celebrate his
need while there are certain things I can do. I had nothing. Else to bring. Some muscle. And on the Great Wall of the sky the fishes must stand straight with never say never. This is their chance to get a little sound at the bottom of the tower. I say if someone had stumbled on hurt himself and I think nothing but the usual mornings at the well a Maccie remember that is the hour when Sounds begin. I'm going down but I'm with my mentor. But I ask for your own sake not for mine.
Come quick. No no wait what if you found famous you were hot and dry the words in your throat. Come down that face a familiar world again a man's height. You're going to hold your cloak aside. Yes I did not need to look on his face to recognize a friend. Are your thoughts. Where is the wound wound by the knife of hunger strikes from inside out. Look at his face the color of burnished copper and drawn tight over the bone. Such things do not happen overnight. How was it I did not see. There will be help Nia. It is too late for that and well down there by the fountain. A life grows. And I see how Lisa sees and his wife and son and daughter mending them. I notice his boat was beached. This is too old a hand to waste his nights hauling seawater. Who has to use it.
Your eyes are better than mine I see overtopping the rest by half a head. You're Amakhosi who would fly both with the vulture and its prey and hear him across who owns the richest vineyards on the island. He of the proud handsome face uncertain of himself. I'm happy. A frame in arms against the unarmed. It's useless to complain how the 30 years I should have expected you to have more sense of responsibility. I am 10 years older than you are you are my duty as a citizen of Ithaca is what it is. I know I know you have said so before. We had different conception there is only one true conception of duty if you would allow me to finish my sentence using the cost is right. Complaining about is nothing. Maybe mother. But action does. You take my advice Mackay on son of a stick do your job and what am I doing to handle mending these nets
and then talk to me about a job of work. Because I had it in every two days as rotten as everything else on this island. Look here and here and tears as soon as look at it. Don't fret boy we know you do your best for us. It's not your fault exactly. Stop complaining. What's past is past. You only harden the God's anger against you hankering for his role again. It's no good we've got to get used to something different for the sake of the island. You people said oh you exclude yourself when you're in the cast Don't split hairs Percy's I'm telling you this we are good for you. Like what do you mean by that McCown. Hark father Hark. So I thought it was. Look. That comes out and embarrass and his new clothes. What's wrong with what's wrong.
Hahaha what are your daughter defending I mean as little scrutiny and their spite their messenger who brings bad news and rings from a starving takes a bribe to stay away until next year is a lot of money behind every door and even window listen. No but we have friends all of them is bad but. Always and everywhere but you can't deceive Iris too quick. Practice makes perfect in every art. But who says I'm not an artist telling me this. Deduct my coming would you dare. I sell anything that's not my own. Secrets trophies in the kite and if your back of the saddle you thought you'd left behind the door when you ran out and I had to tell the goat I adduced. AQI died last night. Here's a
look. You'd kill me if you could wouldn't you. But you come out I'm protected. Just try and see what happens to you you know. But why turn. ME AWAY AT THE HELL authorities have no business with you today. You know c'mon down and down. If there is one amongst you will brings me this way. I bear a message for me. It would not be for one of us to remember. Well what is it. I may not speak it aloud said come apart with me and let me whisper it in your ear. Sit with unquenched hands and let it happen to us. Father Why don't we do something. There's only a handful of them. The mass storable And yes he's always half seas over and then famous new names. Don't say names. O days they old easier the better not name people. All right I got actually OJ's I would be ashamed
of myself by such as you is the business of a priest to interpret signs early 30s. I do that. So do I mean yes. We have no quarrel with you. You are a poet and loyal in your heart as we are that he need be our witness. I also. You are slowly roadies assignees even now above your head. Where. Eagles are paragons. The Kelly Rippa and Taylor one another's names with talent. On this phone. I know flying out to see. What is all this turmoil about did you not see it was the. Eagles by the fuss you folks make about a couple of birds anyone would think you would never seen one before. Besides there weren't egos I saw them there but I think because we don't know when you
go let me see when you get them. Besides even if they were they had no significance. None whatever you lie Leo do you. I take the word from here on where they live. Why my friends listen to me. I understand but this is no time to give up. Bode Miller on the final brink. We have waited for Dimitar to send a messenger the crane that was farthest to sign. But it did not come. Instead. Highways use has sent his own. The rain will come soon that will be the sign the Poseidon's and Otis plant. And the storm that just toss stuff friend in law of his own and did that for 18 years will trade for him of lost like a child in his own home. Be patient only a little longer citizens of it because the rain is coming.
And you will go with it he is good maybe a little time before he discovers himself to you. But he will be here the mammas under the mantle of slant eyed Hermes hooded by the purposes I need of night planning the Great day of risk you owe it to. Justice for the man who helped her when new baize months years of toil and fury and wait for the rain. Kinetic can you take a high risk some. Let's see a couple hundred
they saw each one about that in the keep your hands off you promised. And what did you promise me a silver knife. Q Tell me what I want to know. Then you shall have it. I don't know how the team might go of me to be snotty to you tell me how it is THE LEAD to be amended just never to finish the weaving. I know nothing about it cos you do what everybody does. I mean the shroud my baby is waiting for the day. She made a vow not to choose another husband till it's finished. I know. And if the palace a month ago you was as get sick of being bossed by that which. We might still be one. Did he come after you. Can they take you to me. I never looked at me that I could see that gives a tool I should say as moves about lost something.
He smiled. Yes it's telling on you still have the Co. Look look it's really you know you run your fingers and the chasing comes out when she and wits All right John even look around there's nobody about matter counts who's to cheese. Anybody can tell you day and night. Yes that's not that's not it. She picks them 200 300 whatever the number is never more never less. Don't undertake it till the hour is like. 300 a night when the day is Friday. Five. To six She's a trick. Let's call. Your stocks the sum of the parts the one I just got.
There's less than eight. Enemy My headaches today. Should I pull the curtain over the window Madam it is not the night Apollo never fails as with a side of his face nowadays you know that as well as I do. Yes madam. But there always seems to me to be a good lead in this room. Perhaps it is the height and the white will be so bad if only Madame would leave that way for an hour or two forty six. What did you say you didn't leave this work. That's all very well but do you know what it means. I want our lives are woven into the shroud of Cebu. With every stitch I so it seems to me a man or woman die. But at night you bring them back to lash you. How do you know who may be listening that good politically for instance. I don't seem to have seen her lately. I didn't like the look in her eye. I think her mother's ill madam. You're lucky I gave her permission to go and look after her. Very possibly so many people seem to be here just now. If they
do not wavered in their loyalty to my husband or disuse they still believe that he will return tell me they do. No doubt Madam no doubt. But you know the people never mention the Lord or disuse by name. It isn't say they say he and his and they make a sign to each other wringing one eye like this with finger and thumb. Because my lord is famous for his beautiful eyes. Who was your enemy. Do you then doubt that he still lives. Oh Matt. Pardon me it was only a slip I see you have lost hope. I suppose all of you have if only I knew you no longer tell me the truth. But you're doing to me you have never know. Heavyweight the book like a body on the day you know me
so long but this is of memo to bed an arrow to my breasts and an obstinate beat of blood from the wound every day that I live. Oh yes drop to the ground like time and decay and sink into the earth become part of it. And I sit here and listen listen for each tiny sound the chant of a cricket astray on the broad step of the house the goggle of the lamp and the oil is giving out the ticking of my needle. The footstep that seems to approach in the distance of the house and then dies away into the deepening silence of those who listen no longer to the voice of the heart the goddess to resigned but I listen to that silence. Your enemy your enemy. It just so
hard to strive against the current to scale the impossible in my darkest of us. You will know them child you will have watched me. I have seen him fighting the tide race with his and. I have heard his stout ship cracking too upon the rocks. I have seen is almost gone. You face a school with blood. I have seen him bombed with chains in a dark and filthy place hungry and desperate. His companions dying one by one. In three. I have heard him speak words of love. And knew they were not for me. One. When I could not he. Would lay with eyes wide open a mystery and.
Suddenly. See him bone to the mosque to be sure. Voices of women strangely. Comments. Enticing echoed across the mocking waves and in that moment I knew. But ingenious The disuse was in the greatest danger out of all the Poseidon the earth trickled to Dubai. Then I feel great. Oh really. I could feel his heart beating the odds against my palm. He's stronger Hong. You're into me I know that you live. Because my lonely body can still be your be I and clambered. Down on my jeep. The Red Cross out of his eyes. None close from the distance of exile like a torch held high by the messenger in the night. Who. Who would.
Roof. Forgive me. I thought of your thoughts as well as I can. But truly you are a good guy. But stop stroking me. Get exasperated. North only. Excuse my saying so. Yes. The shuttle wild and angry are getting impatient. That must be. It a long time for any man to me. Do I hear you taking their side. Not exactly. Well. There's one or two of them. In Madame's place. I would find it difficult to be able to hold out. Yeah.
It has been easy so easy for me to resist even the best of my symptoms. You see. Rose and Myrtle. Cursed me with a face that wakens desire. That. It is true that against two disuse I had no defense. That is my claim. And your son madame. Democrat is grim so handsome and like his father too they say like in summer is not like enough as was all mine while he was a child. He belongs to himself and with outrage and expect yes man. You never miss an update. I don't want to come by right up thank you for.
Your loss. You're Democrats what is the meaning of this Iraq. My house already gives limitless shelter and hospitality to unbidden guests and I no longer have the Privets even of my own chamber. What do you look at me and why do you fix your eyes on me as if they had some new horror your lips down. When you come before me like we don't care just when you're bored and the sweat on your face and your long fingers that tremble as they stretch out and grasp the CBO shot I read you from my door. Penelope will not believe me but I come as your friend. Not to my own. I have long known that that was in vain but to urge you to save yourself. And if the car from the last time your guests are
angry patients this is an end you must choose. Still that word. Why do you hold it up accusingly. No secrets can be kept by the gods themselves. I knew it. You're mean to me why did you not want men what you make you realize that was coming yeah ok yeah. OK. I got my OK. Wow. They have been calling for more I'm all whining. Always POS to slake that dreadful
first. I'm still in a sweat. Pause from the mobile table of any meat as a crutch it towards them. They are you know hideous Moo you call yourself my friend you cannot prevent the mischief they do. No I cannot. Less now than ever. Why bring your choice Penelope. Make up your mind to accept one or other of us that are plenty to choose from after all the rest will oblige or decision. Then this long and used to struggle when ceased prosperity and order will be returned with a car. If you hesitated a long and final ruin will overtake people. They have a little left as it is then they will have nothing but death to call their own. Believe me they will thank you for yielding What do you mean to tell me my people prefer those who treated one in all its friends. How can their memories be so slow. It has in them memories that I shall let it stand. I see very well with your
images. I will speak to them from the gallery that runs high under the roof tree of the great hall that doorway from which you pull the curtain leads to it. You will intend me to endure some remnant of respect as you will. I will tell them that they will have that answer within a certain number of days. And now you let me go to your clear and bid her find the note to the Magus and ask him to wait upon me directly. Madam I will. But surely Madame is not going to appear before all those maiden looking like that. Why your hair is all disarranged your gun is not suitable. Your necklace of Amma look here which desert your girl. Would you have me inflame them still further by the arts of beauty. No. Rather Will I make of my hair a clotted mass like the stopping of an old pillow. Scratch different gummies down my cheeks and smear my forehead with soap from the land. Pulling my musket to one side and huddled in filthy rags stand amid the torches
glare to show my stitches the woman they would take to wife. I mean. I cannot hear you speak so much. The worst of. It you see I'm not changed. You have still to the best is never as good as you. The worse. Life will go on. What will happen do you have. Those running. It will be quite safe with me. I hope so. I am quite ready to face what do you. And the gods. Have in store for me. What enemy. Of Baabul do not get the message for my son.
And myself. Which must stay missing out. My son was killed like.
Snapped again. Get it. What's the good of your team if you can't find me some better twine than this hopeless stuff you're likely I wouldn't use it to down a hole in my shit. You take out of the hospital movement will you. After I said not the stupid courage dilemma cos I'm not supposed to know one end of a spear from the other. My job is a bit to know that the heart's affection strivings of the poems of destiny the beauty of faces of limbs on the float in the chemist's you are aware of the waves in hair and in water and in that standing koan over there beyond the wall. The true end of gender is the love of high hearted resignation to what is above all the voices of the garbos when they test the breast as easily and painlessly as the wind.
God spoke but I could not tell his meaning. It's getting dark and the sky is a burnished cocked up like a shield. Yes tell me why he's how many I know of God. By his voice to level when the gods are really near to you they speak to you in words but other times you may hear or see but never touch them. A poplar Russells in the breeze is Artemis a lazy way of tumbles forward on the shore. Poseidon muttering in his sleep. You look into the heart of a blazing fire and there suddenly is the face of Apollo. Look again and the fear of God is gone leaving only a burning log. Even those in the bubbles on the surface of a newly poured goblet of wine. You may
trace the features of Dun I says show me females show me. Look then at My Lai are I put it up there on that ledge of stone just now. Watch each outline against the copper shield of the sky. See how close the face of Apollo. Now look at the crack which runs down that wall over there by the first olive slant eyed her dogs who. Look there not a quail or something evening to Mrs.. Tonight I was to let you look over there our backyard bearded wheat which weeps over Demitra lamenting post separately.
If you miss you have given me I know I haven't. But it is years you'll need most. Not you only but all men. Every band could be a poet if only he would listen instead of talking. The eye deceives the ear Never. But I do all this not with all your ears. It I tell you listening is the only true means to know a thing. But tell me Phineas. Among the gods you brought before my eyes just now. Gray eyed Athena was not one yet we know that she is the ever near as near as the air or water that flow over the breast and limbs of a man. At this moment she stands just behind your show mental fitness to be making game of me. This is our old watchman mental mental. Why don't you speak. Are you so sure it is mental. Look again. I use the I the Great. Oh
yes speak to me goddess speak themis what you're doing. Keep still have no fear. I bind your eyes with my 2 had and so now listen listen with all your heart.
Good luck. I am under strong spell. My limbs are. Bound up with ropes. Of cities. Help me to obey your will. I am. You know me you obey the commands of your own heart. Listen. I am totally immediately. And take ship. To last a demon. Weapons System. Song of nest door will
guide me to. The. Court of men. I show you. My full. Name is like oh your hands. Did you hear that did you hear that big-O goddess. I will pray. But all that would take time to prepare I have no ship ready. Yes you have but God's work swiftly due east of this place is a deep watered creek well guarded by cliffs the sea man scaleable mento whose form you see I have taken the liberty of borrowing knows the only path. There you will find a ship its hold well stored with wine and all oil and tough skins of barley meal sufficient for a boy even as the question left your lips. The last of the crew he was hesitating yielded to the other's persuasion and
slipped down the path to the shore. Now go. Lose no time. I go myself doing three times use to loose the storm at last and I'm leashed the west wind to bear you safely across the Straits. Look to your hands for emus look. Oh we are wasting precious time. Is it really you after all the goddess has flown us restoring to our friend the hospitality of his own body. I commend my mother to tell her whatever you think fit in your hand through the song to the left.
Oh you remember it was tough to get that from just coming again. And by now he should be. Just a God forgive me for merely arity is the prerogative of which it was now or never never a word never a single word to me. I saw it all so I was like an even shadow. The thought of that you must look for something that would bring it and look far I think. But there's nothing and no one here who would do anything but
life. And yet more life and death what they call life loss we're not. Going to go faces grey with fear. Tell me instantly know who maybe just crazy. How do you know they sold over the plot you want with me plotting what you did not do to them with my song goes. No I understand nothing of it all. What I dread my old limbs you know they all result on his death. What you know I do. Oh Roger I do. Feel like we. Might.
Have a. Great crowd has broken the glass. And pound the pavement and wist wind will break loose. Too few to mimic a snail. Right. We open in the play. Do you hear the women my son would be sent. Down in the Clarence in the night. They come to and fro like flies between the way the fingers of the
side. The only reason. This is happening down there Phineas. Hock Iris again just after some dirty tricks theme is I cannot stay here. I must find. I must know. It. To happen. At last. The rain has come and with. It has to do something else. Something that I feel I said with a pulse of my blood. All the boys some of God about the wind and the rain. I can hear a new sound. A music critic remembered from long long ago. Waters the joy that fills my heart so that it cries out with pain unspeakable happiness unspeakable. Or not I dare not give voice to my hope. It's in my heart I. Know it is more than hope.
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