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Iraq Iraq you coming. What time do you share. Cat only. Who would fight for that. No I was only joking. And what if you went three minutes late for one. Jackie is with them and she joins with them. They're thinking about what you know what a week it looked as if it was young brothers stands a good chance of becoming my brother in law who would be glad the great news that Jackie should be happy when she'll manage that my husband will give her everything she can wish will come for the security. Nicely balanced budget children Pakistan as a young friend just like themselves. Neighbors to gossip. Jackie and hasn't many
aspiration. Well so we go. That. Good side yet I know you did write me. But you mustn't jump up on the window sill like that. Can you when you deny my nice what is needed. Paul do you know me. Oh the at this. It is you can see it in yet. Oh you can only view you go by also sad the headache in the end I'll be over presently. Anyway I didn't 6 yet the works out and has gone. Do you think I'd rather stay with you. Will very well apologise for them. Thank you Olivier. Goodbye enough now. Yeah yeah yeah come inside we can't talk like this get through the window through the wind. Yes you may. Just this one. I'll jump you Don. How do you know what a lump you operate. Where you are. I beg your pardon I know young man. I just mentioned.
That it once is yes I know it already is difficult. It's rubbish. Mum was not home Grace said I was to join the Star. She's quite right. Would you like me to hear you. Oh yes. What would you normally be. Why because I don't know it but I just don't know if you hear me. When you go to jug you know what have you got to America. A medic Norful song bird because it's religion then could stay he added gazing to Doc.. We should be more comfortable over that by this time. I lived alone that night. It got me right. If you. Want to know what your holding me up close upside down. OK now begin. But I'm going to ask me questions.
Well then what are the principal countries. A song the mythic stuff but the next page that indeed at now come the principal countries of style. Principal countries of southern Brazil Chile the Argentine Republic Colombia the upper Oh no no no no no she wasn't recited like a padded You don't seem to understand what you're saying. Do you the least idea where all these countries ah yes. Then tell me it. Well where the Argentine knew I was in America. Oh darling is not a bit of good you're lending your lessons like that. You didn't mean anything to you I'd just as well shut up your books why you just gabbled off the names of some countries and it doesn't seem to have entered your head to the big countries with fields and forests and and rivers and big times without a housing and people trapped
in a tree. Do you see talents I go that maybe not that are some that are bigger Yes. Oh much much bigger. Which ones do you want. I don't know any of them but I've heard a lot about South America. It's far away you know very very far from here as far away as. A fairy story. Why don't. You want to tell me the river could.
Mean the most for the river. What you are.
Studying. You have. To. See. It. Because. I don't know whether they're the biggest But I think they must be the most beautiful. I read somewhere that everything out there is much more wonderful than anywhere else. The plants and the flowers of time take on 10 times bigger than our time. The trees is so thick with several men joining hands can reach from the trunks. And the animal they're huge Some of them. Much bigger than you would ever see in front. So you can imagine what the forest from the mountains and the waterfalls must be like some of the rivers are so wide that you can't see across. The sea. I forget where I read this. They seem to be chilling. Sometimes in the morning I suppose it is. Just the sun is rising.
I mean a deep pink you know I kind of and there are other times when it's fine and when the mist is on the water that when the skies shuttin and stormy they turn quite gray metallic like. What else. What else. Perhaps you can still understand what I'm talking about. Listen deny it in the poem by blood and when the sun was high and to blue and
gray and the sleep you were. Yeah. Yeah.
Run along my Louise. No no do you. Want to Luis But Luis. All right. Come back. Yes. I want to do it. I'm so unhappy. I'm happy. Haven't you anything to say to me. Nothing your talking like. No you know what. I don't know. Coke time for knocking off. But the weather. And the fact you saw just as it always does well sound at 6 o'clock.
Come along. Afternoon even for December coming to the wall. A little piece that your mother didn't mind my coming away yet again present as we do like a bit of a gossip when you come.
We made conversation for three quarters of an hour. I think we've earned a moment to ourselves. And you don't think your husband will mind believe you won't mind. Anyway however fun you may be of your husband even use your clean. Let me tell you what I want to away from each other now and again this isn't at all a bad thing. Homeless say it's only because my husband had to be away all the afternoon that I came for maybe not for an hour or two to see him yet. Yet a model wife. Well so are you. Yeah yeah my Obviously well. Haven't you any questions to ask me what about. I've got to tell you what I did to them quickly and then I'll tell you mine. Oh you've been such a stranger lately. My small concerns don't interest you much. You changed your coat already twice this December and you had rejected it. Oh I shouldn't have waited to be alone with you to tell you that you know I have a very interesting bit of news that that I've
been looking forward to telling you when I got you alone but tell me I'm dying to hear Filipe valdés. Why what's the matter. What Filipe value. You see if you know how do you know. I've seen you went yesterday. What did you say. I didn't speak to him but I'm sure to meet him again. He's doing you know I've been up for two days on the show years I've asked him to dinner and we're going there tonight. But where did you see and what what was he doing. I was he I was with that to show you and he came out of the post office. I said Good Heavens and Bester said you know monsieur that day while we were talking in disappeared around the corner without seeing. Well you are in a fine state. Well if I know not such a surprise if your
kid is not just the brother I don't see anything so extraordinary about it. We thought Philip was in America. He's in France he's come to it that's all. What am I going to do. Going to do. No he's an Epi know what oh oh oh oh it's I'm better than book for goodness sake why. Oh just you couldn't understand and thank you. Oh I didn't mean that at you when I didn't think you liked Jacqueline especially since you're mad and I understand much better than you think believe me. I've eyes in my head and I know you have these dreams about the origin time. Oh it's not true. Oh don't tell me you think I should of got you alone to do this if I hadn't thought it would have some sort of effect on you look this is no more upset than your infatuation doesn't come true that's true. What do you expect me to call it. You know you don't you don't understand and then explaining splain what. Oh don't look at me like that. Fred I
hate you. It was such a when I'm hot. Oh. Oh you know what you look at I didn't mean to hurt you. You know that I'm your sister. But the things you said to me but I only want you to understand. Is that true of course. I do wish we could talk to the gibbet you might not. This is a risk that I'm falling apart but really I've no one but you look at it. I didn't expect to upset you quite so much when I told you he was packed with you. But it's much more so than he has been using. Oh well what I think you know is that it. Yeah it is. It's my home like your home not I may have completely missed really happen isn't all through my own fault your fault.
What do you talking about I had to speak just to meet him halfway. And I didn't dad. Aren't you imagining all this. Oh I remember things that I couldn't be mistaken about. Well look how he touched my hands. Ways of causing me things with people. How he played tennis with me. How he sang to me and oh so many other things you don't know anything about. Why tell me. How can I explain the things that I understand now a little forget them. After all I have no right to remember what makes me sick at heart when there is to feel that his soul may out and he's going back again to the object God perhaps oh if only once I could have seen him again. It's easy enough if that's upsetting you. Come and stay with us tonight.
What do you mean. Why of course. I'll take you back. It's not the first time you've spent 24 hours in a peanut. You come with us to the Studios this evening and you'll be able to talk to him he'll tell you he's settled on not that you would tell him your glad and your part friends at peace and happy. Oh you said little so easily no you don't understand. Won't you come. I can't. Why not do you want to spend the rest of your life regretting that you never had this talk with him. I know you wouldn't be any good to you. Besides there's no danger that he's going back to the OT in time they told me so you know. Even if you did love and yes even if you do you love him when you don't know do you who are a cool dude here.
Oh yea I got you a lot of your stuff. Yeah no I'm not. Now do you understand. Oh I hope when I'm in that case forget what I said You better stay here tonight. You were right. I'm not so sure I want to go what I'm doing is dreadful but it's got to be done. If you love me you won't stop me. But if you want to lift his office yet go and tell him that you are taking me back with you this evening but it's your idea of course but he's there. Oh but we can't talk. There's been a misunderstanding between Olivier and me ever since that evening just because of this. It's eight months ago now but we never really had it out together because well we couldn't. So if you knew. Oh go on. Oh yeah. Yes yes. What for. But
Jackie. Yes just as I told you we thought it would be a chance to have a little time together. We've hardly seen each other like money. Craig you might mind not understand only too well of course I always have you know you're together when you're going in about half an hour and you'll be back tomorrow morning. Yes I think so that's fine. I don't think I'll see you again because you we are looking at didn't give you. What I've got to go with your father in a minute you know to have a look at some timber maybe rather long time. Give me a kiss now. Have a good time walking out on the say what jokes not allowed. All of the best Jasmin exactly a no go. I was you're going to what I have. Well look I doubt I do tomorrow. Oh do you Jacqueline. Yes
I do you know. What must you think. What should he think when I told him I wanted you to come back with me he thought it perfectly natural. Wasn't he surprised not at all your going to spend a night at your sister. Extraordinary isn't it. All the same if you have a conscience about it my Donek I'd advise you to stop it because we think that you've changed your mind you know. Not of your. He he. Yes you do you know you talked of going a woman to one I shan't tell you. Oh it's not a question of telling him not because he's expecting me expecting you feel why not but if you'd wanted to see you he'd have come out of course he would. You don't know. I know him as well as you don't know then. Do you match I'm not imagining it if you've any got to think the come here. Why. Why that would be the obvious thing to do wouldn't it me up and I think he'd be knocking. But he hasn't. What are you expecting me to react when I know he has if you are expecting you he to find some way of letting you know this extraordinary signs of his away.
That's a marvelous idea not to come and see you because he wanted to see you. I could easily not have known he was in a news travels fast. He knows that I expect he knows you live in epi. It's quite possible he maneuvered that chance meeting you think he didn't see you but suppose he pretended not to see you. She's already complicated life is always more complicated than you know what plane put behind all the secrecy. I suppose it would test you he said to himself. She'll know I'm here that I won't give her any sign either to come or she went back. Doesn't make sense to take a chance like that when it was ten to one against your coming on that is a good gamble isn't he. Yeah that's what he's done. Do you think that I should consider not after that oh no look here I'm listening to you I'm beginning to go crazy too. But we mustn't behave like idiots. You stay here. Believe me it's much better you should certainly not let him go
away like that. Oh what would he think of me. What do you expect to do now to realize what today may mean to me I realize that you're reading a meaning into the whole thing the full chapter. What you've been saying is all absolutely I like you I feel mad unless I be mad up to now not last time saying Oh not here. Beast and something sensible. Haven't I been that all my nun you if you can call my existence you might look where it's landed me. I'm no better off now than when I was 10 my come to Britain has merely changed. People First my father then I'll give you nothing much to grumble at. Exactly nothing much to grumble. And that's so much worse than if I had you stay here please. As to the question I'll go alone. I'll walk there if I must but I want to see him oh shock you know I want to see you no no let him go away again without me. When he's come from the other end of the world yes to me I want to be my new not as monstrous as be quite he's waiting for he's not sure why didn't I tell you I should
have seen him I shouldn't have been afraid your going to be so dreadfully disappointing. Oh it's not true. Don't you realize he's probably married and settled down by now that's just not how you talk. If you're not fifty you know right as a present he doesn't love me. But well I shall soon know. Do you know what you're letting yourself in for what is it that you want as if you were a free. Do you think you know what the goods go wrong. PS You Madi quote. Why do you want to smash that up on a sudden. I want this house you were born and where you know your god where your child with Johnny can be strong enough to make you forget all what you mean what kind of you to talk to me like that. I've been stifled You know what have you. You should understand I can't go on like this.
You would help me to escape. I beg you. Please. Take me away from the streets one night take me to your home and there be no. Escape. Yes. All right. Come along. Mary Louise. It's U.S. November clean beat October another December looks like being even better. All orders have increased and we can keep pace with the demand for some months.
But you better think of buying two new machines for next July splendid The business is improved every year since I've been lucky enough to have you. Well I've only had to follow you don't you but look at yourself I've seen you at work. I can disappear with a cloud my oh oh not yet I hope. But the business of my father and grandfather built up to me and God had a nice of you give me give me wanted to my grandsons Oh my hopes will be fulfilled. Oh I'm not complaining. Little Japs a grand bit of work to go on because by the way but I'm your fiend of a wife. You're back I don't know and you don't know what asked me to think of going to yesterday. Well Jacqueline suggested with women one must try to understand especially yours. Oh I'm a father but I've never known what's going on in the aid. But what should matter. Sound as a bell. You could be sure that the main saying mean well you know you think I'm imagining things.
If I were going to miss a defaulter talk you like this. Oh you know as well as I do the day that it eases romantic drivel all a grandmother to a T. My late mother in law who married wheezes more balanced thank goodness. Would you believe it when my mother in law was 18 she fell in love with an acrobat refunding vocal very interested or didn't last. I only mentioned it to show that if Mary Louise is imaginative she's inhibited. Now my wife is always being mauled in Little Haiti shouting takes off the hook when all gone from the best we believe we are doing is to show me. No I just want you to see the position was satisfactory. Let's deal with the letter O at your job. You've made me lazy when you're my age. Taking heed to perhaps I've offended you very much and it
was very interesting in the post today. Why do you bother to open all that stuff yourself you should trust the sick shit. Yes of course I like to go for it myself when I don't really want to learn I was just the same until you mattered into the business I never relied entirely on anyone. What's matter here. Look at this letter. Yes although I mean it be now to a few days. I much regret being unable to come over to say what should know but I knew is enough about you when you telephoned me as today this time. Gustave say yes course time just means husband each end of a misty morning. Amongst other things you don't with a young child it was inept enough. I forgot all about it forgotten
all about it. Why did little to get to it in the news with the Augean time. German competence too keen as he says he only got to the version of brass kids in to TX. No interest to us just had a convention as well. You do. What's the matter the matter. Nothing much not so new this fella was inept and then jacking your to prove who it was she must have told my do we see what we did. Well you were angry with her over not having told you of course not because if you make too much of that sort of thing my dear chap you're mad. Oh don't let's talk about you don't I get on with these lives but we must. Well here's a reply from the our own masters Council about our dispute with him for. That from who shot it is this dusty a book they want to know whether we can
increase our livers by 20 percent yes we certainly can do now is it you agree. Well shot and Co. We as years use big firms of what I want to do increasing numbers of course. Sure was essential. Don't you make it. Tend to it of your sister. Listen I knew a lot of out of the business he had Please dear send you the good ship came here sometimes when he was in the district when he died his children went into partnership with the son in law son Tad. You know Lou the agricultural building people. One of
the sons. Since then I've merely had business dealings with them. Good but I wanted a radio you don't seem in the mood for either work on this issue. Rush to finish this work in a minute. Yes yes yes you. You don't need me and you know this. There's nothing I didn't list some of the. Want. YOUR MONEY study Good morning. Do you know what the purpose would be probably you will boy. But we should go for a walk together. Oh you I didn't looks away only when you hear me my recitation or not I don't know I am just going oh I hear you're not alone NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. All right all right well leave you with your young man.
You should have begun to say to each other then what. But you put upon those more than I do and much better ones. You know that I want a story about you when I'm like you when you went oh oh that's a lot of time ago. Musta been long before the time we went fishing. Indeed love befall me to be a hundred and let me see in two years and wonder what things other than you know if you don't die. Be quiet. You mustn't say things like get iota scojo. And it's a good thing that sheep I think all of you perhaps the brightest. Yeah you don't
hear that Olivier can I. Would you like me to see to all this. Get it out of your way. Well who know. How do you do it. If you or I understand your legal jeopardy. But we know not this morning this afternoon if you like the book. Can I ask you something. But why did you go for a walk with me every day. Why. What did you say you want to go for a walk with me every day. No I can't do that. But why do you. Sometimes yes sometimes we'll talk about it some other time. Tamara west we go much we go. Are you expecting one.
My you keep looking at your watch and a lot of questions you ask. I'm sorry old chap I'm expecting your mother was so me back. She doesn't come back. Are you going to help me with my oh my yes yes yes yes was she would. Sure there's no holiday because Mom was out Andre doesn't come today dishing. But I mean what is this homework government tell me about your arithmetic were difficult. Look here you tried to do it alone like a good boy. When you've done it come and show me. Yes but when you win you're like good. Do you mean my recitation. If you like you do not use the line in the rack to make women you know London the right of all men your friends as you just go out with friends just as far as you are able.
You will often have need of ones more than you would suffice by two stories is proved to be true. The other thing proves itself without need of that need to be doing the lion king with poison run out from. Yes but if you wish. Oh yeah renovation. Well you know the moderately well I want to talk to God you know. Yeah I guess that's why you see my interruption if you will how can I listen to his recitations when I mean you come back with things to say to each other. Is that more important than jazz I sedation.
But you say Well aren't you even going to give me a chorus that really you didn't expect me I hope I did not even know about didn't you. Jackie wouldn't let me come by changes and be back in the car. Anyway by train I should be as early as this. Do you think you have other mothers like me. Why are you looking at me like that. I mean really nothing to say to me to say to you I'm glad to be back. Is that so I don't know what more do you want her day away from home just fancy this part over there. What did you do that for that. Well you can pretty well guess what I did that I did Jackie and of course they were just the three of us just the three of us. How did you know we went out together and we went to the show years you know back to show you. I I we. We didn't stay late. There was some people there. Quite if you are.
Oh I didn't tell you Do you know whom I saw. If you value be it is at the show years you know when I went last night with Jackie and guest after guest house was charming. We don't divide you or not. He said how sorry he was not become ever more often. Did you know that Miss Uvalde was in every night a hit. Did you know it before you left here. Oh yes I think so I don't so I thinks. Well then yeah. I couldn't had mentioned it. Why did you go to a breeder. So you saw the show. Yeah I saw him only once a week. I am on three knew what you want to know. Tell me what happened. Everybody said oh it's not very interesting not interesting to have me as a
man we knew long ago and then I happened to run into again I recognized him at once though so to say should be must have been pleased to see you again after Ollie spent some time with us. What did he say to you. What did you talk about. Tonight I want to know. Oh there's not very much to tell. He told me he employed 800 men that he said 600000 barrels a day. He told me he was in partnership with a man called Paul and the only serious rival was a firm called Oh Beth Martin Stockman something ending in mind anyway. You tell me was vice president of the one of Saddam's Chamber of Commerce and that he had started something or other about workman's compensation. He told me you don't to me that the streets of what is on it were laid out perfectly straight and that he never went to a theater. Tell me you did admit the export trade of the Argentine and of the Argentine Republic. Do you see now
I know. What else. It's all just so many polite stupid. But what matter is it to the least important who did. Matt did you do I you know what I mean. So so far away from him was it we had to this him that was it. And now what I did realize with how little he ever meant to me. Oh you must try not to tell me. We know you're seeing him again. Well I never. How do you what's the matter. No please. It's nothing short of a.
But I had to be over for sometimes and then Oh you didn't tell me no you mustn't tell me anything about it he said. Why you're staring at me. I may seem hard to do but I'm not when you're unhappy. You seem surprised that I'm smiling but you must mind that I don't feel like smiling that you know that will come in a day or two when I've seen a smile in your eye. But I'm happy only if you know none of you. You mustn't say that you. It's lovely to hear you speak to me but I have no need you so much as to try Luis. Then I put this away and the fun of good
good. Yeah OK I did. Yes. Yes. The music that you use to be so fun. Thank you. That was invitation to avoid by John Zach. They have not
in an English translation by Jade as if the part of Molly Louise was played by Penelope Lee Olivier her husband by Norman Boland Lunda her father by Walter Fitzgerald Jacqueline her sister by Jeanette richer and Jenna her son by Glen drugs. The music by John Hodges was based on the song setting by Audrey Depok. It was played by the girl's broker struck inducted by the composer and sung by Rene so his adaptation and production for BBC World Theatre by Raymond breaks these world theatre programs are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for Arden a fabric an anonymous 16th century play based on an actual murder that took place in 15 51. These programmes are prepared for broadcast in the United States by WITF
FM Public Radio in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the national educational radio network.
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