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We're back in Music Hall in Cincinnati for the second half of this. Concluding concert of the 1970 main thrust of. The tributes rebel conducting and on the second half we will feature the PRA copy of some 20. Number three. As the guest conductor for this concert he has been artistic director of New York City Opera for the past 13 years and has made frequent guest appearances with leading orchestras including the New York Philharmonic the Boston Symphony Orchestras of Chicago Philadelphia Los Angeles Washington D.C. and the Israelis. He has also conducted opera companies throughout the world including those in Cologne Venice Vienna Montreal Philadelphia and Baltimore. In 1964 Mr. Odell was appointed music director of the festival and the tone in New York. And in 1968 he agreed to serve as music advisor of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.. He was
recently appointed by the Cincinnati music festival association as music director for the 1971 1972 festival. So history will be with us again next year. He was Austrian by birth and is also known for his interest in contemporary music. His list of world includes works by such composers as Floyd. The Symphony Number three up for coffee is. Quite an interesting work. His opera the flaming angel was not much of a success. But he was so attached to the music that he wrote for the opera that he decided to turn it into a symphony. It's seemingly obsessed him and this third symphony is the result Pierre Monteux conducted its premiere on May 17 thousand nine hundred twenty nine Paris. Then pick up your own. It is possible to listen to it as strictly as a symphony
or it is possible if you know the opera to find some parallels there. Segment after the concert master has come on stage and he's now. Presiding over the tuning of the orchestra. The symphony does not try to retell the story of the opera but the operatic score does for any of several themes which are developed in the symphony. And although the work is intensely dramatic in itself it is classical and for the first movement Mod. is in general a violent and passionate second movement andante is somber and mystical curious to tell how coming on stage to combat. It's got to the third movement is looking like a totally unprovoked. Get money out of the forest and the finale begins countdown to a muscle that returns to the mood of medieval mysticism. But in a darker tone Julius rebel now conducts the Cincinatti something orchestra pre-coffee up some funny Number three
Will. You.
Man. Man. And. Woman. Thing.
MAN Yeah man. I am. And where I am. And who. I am.
Yeah. However. Thank. You AA. Thank you and her n. Thank. Her or whoever. Eh eh. Eh eh.
Eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh and. The end. The end.
Will. And. Will be a. Little. And. The boy. Above. Will. Abandoned. The band.
Nothing. Think.
It will. I'm going. Home.
Hand. Man. Man. Man. Man. I knew him.
When with and. And in with. With. With. With and. With three. And. And. And.
Mm. Hmm.
Think. Of her. And her. And her. Third. The end.
To end. Thank you. I am going to. You. For coffee. Symphony Number three who through Bill conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on this final concert in 1970 made festival a music hall in Cincinnati. Thank you magic symphony and
thank the audience calling for the return of Mr. Odell to this rebel who will be music director for the May festival for the next two years. Thank Here he is again on stage. Thanks up to. The chorus of the audience. Thank you all and thank knowledge your thank thank that does conclude this from a festival series. The programs were recorded during performance by W.G. U.S. the radio station of the University of Cincinnati and produced through the cooperation of the Cincinnati music festival Association the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra the Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. Recording by David Thompson. Continuity by Carol Richardson. Production by Bob Stevenson.
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1970 May festival
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#3 (Reel 2)
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