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Doctor tell me what is the function of the prostate gland. Because answering questions about your health is an important part of your doctor's services. The Minnesota State Medical Association presents doctor tell me here to ask the doctor your questions. Is Janice Hughes dead. Today your health questions will be answered by Dr. Theodore sweets or your Rolla just from Minneapolis Dr. sweets or where is the prostate gland located for the prostate gland is located just underneath the urinary bladder. It's roughly behind the. Pelvic bone in the front. When does it reach its full development. For the most part it isn't functional and talk puberty. There is some early function of the newborn after which it's quiet until a person goes through their puberty all development. Am I right that only the male has that the prostate gland does the female have
any comparable gland. Well actually in boys and girls all of their glands are preserved in some state in the female of the similar gland are just too small glands color schemes glands which have little function in the male For instance there's a little bump in the middle of the prostate on the floor which is all the remains of the uterus and all of these things are preserved at least any small effect. What's the function of this gland the prostate centrally a secondary sex gland. It provides some environment for the sperm to live in and promotes there. Fertility What is the size of the normal prostate. It's roughly a little larger than a walnut and it feels somewhat like a sponge rubber ball. It's full of little tiny complex glands which have a secretion of their own. How common disorders of the prostate gland. Well no one is very sure of this but the estimates run as high.
As four out of every ten men in middle age have some information and perhaps some other difficulty. Are these disorders usually limited to the middle aged man. Not entirely in the younger age group. Inflammation of the prostate is not too uncommon in order ma'am of course you get into a different field realize where the prostate becomes a problem. But in middle age males infection is not uncommon at all. What types of prostate disorders may affect the younger male. Usually infection. I would like to make one mention here of injury. We see a fair number of injured prostates as a result of automobile accidents and so forth. And one might make a small plea for people not to be driving fast with their bladders full since they rupture much more easily that way. And those type of injuries can be difficult to repair. What might cause a disorder other than an accident.
Or infections are usually the commonest and these are borne most often through the blood stream from the abscess teeth or an ammonia or other source of infection. They can be aggravated once they reach the prostate by alcohol ingestion by injury from riding on horses or tractor seats or even test pilots get in some trouble. Is it true that certain forms of constant force or pressure may cause a disorder. It won't cause it primarily but it will certainly aggravate one that does exist. So it would have to be caused most commonly by an infection from the blood. This is the usual source. Yes it is Jane. Thank you very much Doctor sweetie. The Minnesota State Medical Association has presented doctor tell me recorded in the studios of KUNM at the University of Minnesota. Janice here stead has asked the doctor your questions if you have any additional questions. Write
Doctor tell me
Function of the prostate gland
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Program number 346 asks what is the function of the prostate gland.
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Weekly interviews with a Minneapolis-St. Paul area doctor about a current medical issue.
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Interviewee: Sweetser, Theodore
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