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It was a radio station grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in full operation with the National Association of Broadcasters. Today's program is 15 15. The place is England London. The sun is gone and the time of the year is late summer. The man whose footsteps you hear is Thomas More now lawyer there's a chance of rain. While he walks he thinks because he has a lawyer and has a case to argue. No it is his habit.
After supper when the streets are clear. He walks and thinks perhaps you know this man. Watch out. It's starting to rain. Enough room for you. I didn't know someone was here. I'm not someone I just stay here. Coming out of the rain you mean. No it's not that when it's dark I come here to sleep and no one comes through. I can sleep til the sun comes up it still don't but the night watch to see me. Do you live here somewhere else sometime in the winter in the winter in the winter. That's a question it's cold in the winter. It's cold. I'm glad it's summer now. Do you work. I'll be angry sir for heaven's sake please don't. And no family dead in the play. These
do nothing. Can you see me here you will know you're a gentleman I can tell a gentleman but you can't see me. He has it's dark. I was in the wars you know the wars in France. I once saw King Henry ride by wars are over. Why don't you find work to do. A blind man. I'm sorry. Oh you couldn't know it's too dark to see who is sort of you. Oh I saw the king once Long may he reign. The rain stopped. Good bye. Good night. Oh. Thomas Moore now a lawyer later later a saint was. And if it were possible to hear Thomas More's thoughts to such an injustice happening.
Why are there so many beggars in the streets. Why there's so many thieves. Why does not the King look after his people. You need to spend so much money on his face Why don't his own soldiers who are blind. On the children of London were hungry. The King writes by he sees he does nothing. Why do I do nothing. Nothing. Oh you're back at last to nothing. Thomas Thomas I've just seen such a thing. At least you weren't caught in the raid. A blind beggar who fought with King Henry and friend where did you go. Have you noticed how many beggars that are out in the street. I closed all the windows afraid it would rain in blind with no place to go. That's when stuck Would you open it. Something ought to be done for them. Thomas you're not listening. The window it's stuck. Can you open it. And there were other things that made him consider things in his
own profession. Things of the law for Thomas Moore was a man of conscience. Above all else it was something you were there's no way the man's lawyer watched you the way he watched you. He hadn't a thing to say. He was not in the right little difference about that. The point is he had nothing with which to refute and there you are. He's the king's favorite He is the king. You have such a delicate conscience Thomas. What do you want you to smile at the King. Well you have the ability. You could be his favorite. Imagine if I have you. Step into my office. And what is this book you're writing. If you ever thought about the conditions in England conditions which one the
social ones the hunger the humus the soldiers return from the war the blind soldiers turned thieves you mean. Yes yes. The streets are full of them. Every landscape was beaten and robbed you know. I meant to help the scum villains cutthroats good in the war but the war is over. Do we need them. There a point train for nothing as you defend them. Human being hardly that thieves and murderers too. Forced into it what. Forced by circumstances. Circumstances indeed. What else cause men to act. Do you want a utopia. You hope. To hear. You hope you know when society can be the way it ought to be. I like that word. Everything is as it should be and is that what you
say about that. About the King himself. If I speak the truth. The year was 15 15 then and Thomas More lawyer had begun to write his utopia it was in Latin. All writing of importance was in Latin. And it was about the way the world would be if if kings were just and people were well treated. The year was 15 15 and people were not well treated. Right. Now let me tell you something about Thomas Moore. Something you want to know right now. Something that proves the man he was on bending if he knew he was in the right. The year 15 34.
Thomas do you realize you're like Thomas So one can catch on with your good friend the speaker no one wants a prison they're going to let you free. Am I not free. I think my own thoughts. Are you free to leave me. What condition is the change this might know me here. I want to sit down Alice. I swear allegiance to a king who does not recognize my god everyone swears on their consciences. I must be free. I should be your death. No would be my death if I swore against my god. I don't understand you. You can be free again at home enjoy your books. Is it time to enjoy my books. But this is not that time. You would rather be the king's enemy. Do what I can. He's not my enemy.
BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE FOR US TO MY GOD. You care so little for me at times to protect one's rights and daughter Margaret does nothing but cry and the bigger I once met who was blind they don't even heed your praises. Never wanted to do something for him. I said Why do I do nothing. Why do I do nothing. In 15 35 one year later Thomas Moore was executed by order of the king for believing what he believed. But let us go back once more to 15 15 and take another look at the writer Thomas Moore. We join the mourners while they travel by ship to Flanders. Thomas. You're very interested in the water my dear friend.
I was thinking that I might have some time for legal affairs when we arrived in Flanders some hundreds perhaps we will be there day after tomorrow. Thomas about that utopia of yours still on that and you like the idea kept. There's a need I need I need for what people do things and say things and soon everyone supposes that's the way the only way things can be. Everything is good everything is not good. We're not children Thomas. We know that the question is whose toes do you plan to step on. Great people do evil. And great people do not like to be reminded of the evil they do. I'm sure the right of no one in particular. Yet someone will suppose that he himself and no other is the villain. True but the start of that having just said he has my utopia will be no place in particular.
Yet all the things that can be good in this world all will be there. I don't know what you mean. It would be a land where the king takes care of his people. No sickness no hunger no was no liars and fighters and false promises. Then it is not like the world we live in. He does not and this will change. But why should we not change if changes for the better. 15:15 the book called Utopia was written. To learn from reading. Why not read about what can be. 15:15 Thomas Moore who was not satisfied with what was a strong. They are powerful. The poor had no choice. In a place that never was a place where people live wonderful.
Thomas Moore saw a. Hundred Years have passed. Many of the ideas of Utopia still remain. We live. We thank Thomas. Heard in today's program where Maryland's Fred Wilkins Rosemary Taylor donned Stribling Lauren cocking and Scott platter with Mary Casey very. Fred Walker where our studio engineers. Why is a writer is written by Floyd Horowitz and directed by Larry Wall. This is Dave Carter speaking. This is been another program in the series why is a writer produced by WSU School of the air under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center and is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the end of the Radio Network.
I am I am I am.
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Why is a writer?
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This program focuses on Utopia, by Sir Thomas More. The book is a critique of conditions in England in the fifteenth century.
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Produced by the Iowa School of the Air, this series focuses on various works of literature from Shakespeare to Twain.
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