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You're the best understanding of America begins or so it seems to us with the realization that this nation is young yet that she is still new and unfinished. That even now America is man's greatest adventure in time and space. The University of North Carolina presents American Adventure. A study of man in the New World. His body has and these characteristics. Who he is what he believes. What he lives by. American Adventure is produced on a grant in aid from the National Association of educational broadcasters made possible by the Educational Television and Radio Center written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton. Today's program presents John DiIulio as Eddie and story of a poet. He loved me and he loved Jr and he was kind to us.
I hear he was not kind to everyone and I know he was not easy to understand. From the first time I knew. That was in Baltimore when he was a young man and he was hungry and he was without us. From that moment I saw in him. A certain need for understanding. I can say to him I can soar with God. Don't be Sec Grilli just know I mean it I am not as other men. I see too clearly what lies beyond our vanity and our pump. I am a poison to you and your poems boy. You had best get a job so my foster father in Richmond says get a job learn the business go to West Point. No I don't care for that and there's much to be said for money and he has said it all and he has money he is rich. I grew up rich but I am not as others oh no you're impossible that's what you are. Yes exactly because I can soar higher or higher I can see realms they can never even talk show you frighten me do I.
From childhood's hour I have not been as others were I have not seen as others saw I could not bring my passions from a common spring from the same source I have not taken my sorrow I could not awaken my heart to joy at the same tone and all I loved I loved alone. It is what he is all that you are a serious boy you see and claim I can store you serious. Shall I tell you what it is like up there. Why if it is like like beauty without I. It is like music without a tone. It is the heart of music that lies beyond the sound it is like clear water on a stone. It is like God must be on pleasant days except there is no throat no want him and no diet him but only God alone. And I am most of them. Do you remember my mother and them. And yes she was an actress.
I have heard stories about her. I don't believe all that. I don't remember her except the night she died lying high on the pillows coughing her life away. Please will you be my mother and claim oh oh oh oh oh no my father I never saw and so I am left with my foster father who speaks of wealth and talks of business who breeds money like a rooster in a chicken could be he doesn't understand that I am different as you do. The my mother and claim Oh of course it be of course but I must warn your mother. I am not as others are. Now I'm sure you know why it is that after a year West Point must mark your name from its rolls. I am not a soldier so I'll vouch for that. Though when you first came here your
grades were high. My mind is as good as another's. Better than others. But now why only that I began to know I could not put my life into this tiny path. So there there is much that is greater than a soldier all for me there is far more where I can walk with God. Would you close that door. Someone might overhear your foolishness. But it is true. It is absurd but so I do not mean the God bit that is up there. And yet I do. I mean at any rate that I know him some mighty power and I can walk with beauty. So I came to see that I should not be here no doubt but I am not a soldier but IMO you are not a soldier. That is true. And now in your destination my destiny it will be found in New York for there will be men who will recognize my genius indeed and good luck to you. We can not usual at West Point. I do not know what you may be but you are not
a soldier. Married to my daughter when she was hardly more than a child and the three of us live together in New York New York could not ignore. No one ever could. But New York could not accept him on his terms. Oh they are filled with high praise but they pay me nothing except a center to a line they print my work and tell me I'm good even to good. Whatever that may mean good deed do not be bitter but how can I live. They print my stories and my point is distribute them to the world. But then they say that people cannot understand my work that I am beyond. Then come to where the people oh I know that I will not do. I soar as high as I can and claim yes dear but even a poet must live in a word must stay warm in winter. Eat food. Let us eat my stories and my poetry. What
a meal that would be what a banquet what a critical bit of indigestion awaits is there. Please no end game. I think I know the reason they do not praise my work but some do. Others do not. It is simply this they cannot storeys high as I and so they are jealous. That's that clear and simple reason why. Perhaps he is but will get all there is not going after Cooper and Hawthorne and the like those who were not nearly so gifted he please be quiet. You might awaken from Kenya and she's not one tenth so good I tell you and claim I can turn a story on a mood and build a plot into a screaming dynasty. I can write a verse that sings that dances on the English tongue. Dearest little boy small child. Son don't fret. Don't worry someday you show them and show them all now what is this you've written here.
And with that it's a little thing a point. What do the editors say about it. I haven't shown it to them. May I read it. Yes of course to today. What does that mean. But the point is to a woman any woman anyone beautiful to Virginia if you like. Not that my earthly lot has little in it. What does that mean it is a little of this little of those things that the earth gives those who serve its materialistic purposes that you love have been forgot in the heat of a minute. Well very pretty it is. I'm more knowledge that the deaths only a happier sleep than I. This so night creatures are desolate so they are happier than those of us who try to soar aloft that the desolate our happiest sweet then I. But that you saw a role for
my fate. Who am a passer by. He shot Eddie. Yes and it will be measured by the end she let me have it when you get it don't promptly do you don't throw it in the fire. Here let me get it off your ass get it out. Save it for some future year for it is to be measured by the end ch it is to be paid for by the line and it is worth a quarter of a dollar. Save it. It is worth a quarter of a dollar. So I hope that my stories of which I have many might be gathered into a book which you would publish. I read some of your stories very realistic. Yes and I think there would be a market for such a book. Perhaps so last year as associate editor of a magazine I publish stories and criticisms and the circulation of the magazine increased. Why did you leave it did.
There was a reason or two that seemed acceptable at the time they paid me too little and I didn't realize that without them I would be paid nothing at all. Well I will look over your stories. They are mysterious and morbid. Those I've read reflections of what my other world is becoming. How's that. I hope you will publish them. What payment would be acceptable to you. What is your policy like. Let me give you a 20 books as payment for the work. Why sir Need I remind you that without my long and anxious hours there would be no stories and could be no book 20 copies so I cannot eat them. Look at this from the writer's point of view. But you've been at it. Surely you know your stars will not circulate so many books that I can hope for profit out of my costs. It would be worth something to have my stories in a book give me 20 copies. Perhaps they will keep me warm for a day or two. My son in law is known through his poems and stories
are published everywhere and yet in his life he received less than two hundred and twenty five dollars for all his books in all his life but defeat. But there was a moment of victory one poem. But even that the editors would not publish until he demanded it. I do not ask if you want it I tell you that this point is better than my best. You cannot expect me to walk the streets time and again trying to sell my best point and go home night after night to tell my wife and my mother in law that I have no money. I have in my hands my greatest work but there is no one in this city or in Philadelphia who will publish it and I have read your poem and I do not care for it. It makes no sense to me. You and your AHI ways up in the clouds. You must come down. So I have not pretty good magazine for Sears but one for readers.
Will you give me $20 for the point I won't give you anything for it. So you will if I must wring it from your neck. Ten dollars. One dollar one cent but something something I demand that you demand I am the creator of this piece of work and you an editor. I do not care for the works. So my mother in law also is very well and she sews and by that means she and my wife and I live I will not tell you what our life is like. I only know that from the time I was a boy I have felt a power which I do not believe all men have done since. Please go on I have in my hands to see how they shake my hand shake as if they just plowed a field that was too large for my strength. I have in these hands a point which by the grace of God I've written a point. And you were an editor who leaves the GO P. is now simply years ago and I do not know why you do not like it. Listen to it. I have looked it over and it is to log to listen to a part of it. Here I'll admit that I missed this the first but it is only about a man who
was thinking about his lost love Lenore and he heard a knock and he answered the door and no one was there. And Go Go read the poem. But only if you will leave when it is done. Yes yes of course let's see. Deep into that darkness spearing long I stood there wondering fearing doubting dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before but the silence was on broken in the stillness gave no token and the only word there spoken was the whispered word Lenore. This I whispered in the Echo moment back the word alone or merely this and nothing more. Back into the chamber turning all my soul within me burning. Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before. Surely said I surely that is something at my window lattice let me see then what the right is in this mystery explore. Let my heart be still a moment in this mystery explore the wind and nothing more. Open here I flung the shutter.
When with many. Steps just daily raving of the saintly days of yore not the least of decency need not stop or stay here. But. No. That. Was just above. That and nothing more. Then there's the ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling. I suppose I should stop I say you want listeners I don't like your poem but it has a rhythm a strange one to be sure and usual but it has some interest and I will publish it. And I thank you sir. No I will not. How much do you want for it only its value to you its value to me is beyond price $10. Very well sir thank you for dropping by.
So may I have the money now. I wouldn't ask except I understated the girl in the outer office to give you ten dollars for this. This Raven. The raven was published and was instantly successful beyond the success of any other poem ever printed in this country perhaps anywhere. And it he was called the great poet the raven did for him what the gold bug in his stories had not done so well. He was successful but instead of changing him for the better it made more evident than ever the evil tide that defeat had left with him. Now at last I have shown them Mr. Poe would you lecture here Mr. Poe would you write this. Would you criticize this could we reprint this. Have you something for our publication now Virginia they know wonderful lady wonderful darling and know they will find out for JR.
I will lecture certainly and they will call all the writers and editors and critics will come and I will stand before them. I rave and they call me that now. Yes I will stand there on the lighted stage and like a burst from God himself I will set the record straight and tell them only their own incompetence and inadequacy have him back from this nation its literary growth. I will tell them that they have time and again the spark of aught that might otherwise rise to bless us and burst our nation's neighbor lady. No no don't say that. Now it must be said Virginia and I would say it always will be. And when I am done they will have heard the truth about themselves. Kathleen you said Dot. Now what can I do for you. You are the editor
of years my name is Mrs Clay and I'm happy to meet you. I have here some poems I thought might be of interest. Can't recall a poet named Clem and the poems are not mine. They belong to my son in law. You've heard of him what's his name. Read the poem so please read them and I will tell you what I see and know I will tell you his name. It's good Allan Poe. Is that correct. Yes Mrs. claim you are an old lady. I do not want to hurt you then so please read the poems. Very well. How is Mr. Poe. His health I mean he's not very well and his wife is ill I understand consumption too bad. I'm sorry. Who could have been a tremendous success if he had only had a bit of humility a sense of fairness if he would have tried to understand the other men's point of view or the other man's work.
And of course if he had left the bottle alone yes he drinks too much and it worries me I should imagine only one glass of wine and he's instantly glass. Even a small glass he becomes someone else. And when he takes a drink we don't see him for days sometimes. I've heard of men like that. At any rate his work has fallen off from his claim. I would buy a poem or two because you need help I know. Last week I sold some of his poems. But to whom. Well not to an editor. You won't believe me. And Eddie must never know. But occasionally I sell his work as waste paper. Bring something that way. The poetry of Edgar Allen Poe wastepaper. What a shame it had to come to that. And who is to blame. Yes yes I will help you. We must all try to take care of him.
Genuine child you must go to bed and I will lead you whatever. I know I have been ill all my life. I know this well but I thought I could copy a poem for you. I have written nothing today. Last night it it was the same last night. Last month last year. Child I try to soar again I go up to the void stratosphere and I beat my wings like some old eagle but to no avail. Virginia there is no beauty there now only darkness darkness and bitterness Haiti. Do you love me. Virginia you know I love you who write a poem for me. Child don't ask me to do what I cannot do. Do you love me all Virginia. Write a poem for me. I
cannot. Perhaps 80 it is because you hate too much but you love me. And maybe poetry can best be written only in sympathy. So why is you to be a child of a sick small child you are a child to children you are playing. Yes you are a child and I am a child and I rented a home no. You know our King and our kingdom by the sea. Oh and we do love with a love that is more than love I and my. Annabel Lee I would call you that and yes we love with our love that is more than love I and my Annabel Lee with a love that there wing in satirise of heaven coveted me and this was the reason that long ago in this kingdom by the sea the wind
blew out of a cloud by night chilling I am barely so that her high born kinsman came and bore her away from me to shut her up in a separate. No I cannot go on. It is beautiful but it is tragic. Whatever I touch must tend to date all that is beautiful. This can be a beautiful lady. I know I will die soon. Please do I know that. But it can be beautiful. Go on the Virginia let me be you know I cannot do that whole in your life you've criticised others because they were not as you. And yet the fact that you are not is they. That's the secret. That's the beautiful thing. I would not love you nearly so
much if you word just this way. But I must work with them. And even worse I must become like them in order to survive. All my life you must go into business. You must go to West Point and maybe darling forget all that. If you are not as they come they cannot be blamed for being on like you would in a nation is great is this isn't it a pity that I must go hungry and my wife must accept food from Neighbors. And you need medical attention. The world is full of badness even for the well let's think of what is beautiful. Promise me. Yes dear. What will I do when you are not here to tell me what is beautiful. Now let's write down our poem. I will write a new and tomorrow mother can take it to town for auth. Go on darling.
It was many and many a year ago in a kingdom by the sea that a maiden there lived whom you may know by the name of Annabel Lee and this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me. She was a child and I was a child in this kingdom by the sea and we loved with a love that was more than love I and my Annabel Lee with the love that the way he had said of so heaven. Coveted me. Love it was stronger by far than the love of those who were older than we of many lives are than we. And neither the angels in heaven above nor the demons down under the sea can ever dissever my soul from the soul but. Your sight me upon any waiter
another bottle over here. Go ahead Eddy. I must go home. You have no home. Your wife is dead. My aunt is there and claim my mother my mother and my. And you make no sense to me or cite me a poem go a scope point for a poem. Look at me Where did I get the mud and my clothes were of I've been drunk drive drunk. Where else could you go. Tell me a story Paul. I don't know any stories. Don't don't don't know any white why the gold bug blue or dark pro-and letter. What's the matter with the black cat. The fall of the House of Usher the murders in the Rue Morgue. You see I know you work you've written half a hundred. Now tell me one of them and I would tell you one. Once upon a time in a country not far from here there. Was a boy who walked with God and everyone laughed at him
except his mother and his wife. His countryman would not admit he walked with God. And they left in the biggest food. So we learned to hate the world he lived in and when he learned to hate he could not walk with God. That's a story. A white is that while in Heaven a spirit house that no one sings and just a minute any way to quiet everybody everybody listen. Mr. Edgar Allan Poe the noted author of Richmond Baltimore Philadelphia and New York has consented to recite one of his original poems. Ah Paul what about heaven. Stand up Betty of course. In heaven a spirit whose heart strings are a
little nun seeing widely well is the angel and the legend. See seeing there him attend the spell of his voice. And they say the starry choir and the other listening things it is fire is owing to that lie which sits in the trembling living wire of the street. So this heaven is that. But this is a way of sweets and flowers. And the shadow of the I think he believes is
this and show us. If I could fail and he were I he might not singing so well I love my lie within the sky full of the beautiful hair. Have a drink. I was his aunt and his mother. You must not judge him simply by what I say. I know he had faults and he was not always cry. But let me tell you. What. To believe.
American Adventure is written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton and is produced by the communications center of the University of North Carolina. Earlier when Director these programs are produced on a grant in aid from the National Association of educational broadcasters made possible by the educational radio and television set or an independent agency established by the Ford Foundation American Adventure is produced and recorded in the studios of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is the end I ybe network.
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Unlike other programs in this series, "The Demagogue." is purely fiction. It tells the story of a mudslinging political campaign, replete with aspersions of Communist sympathies.
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This series studies the values and characteristics of notable figures from America's early years. It is written by John M. Ehle and directed by John S. Clayton.
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