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The following program is produced and recorded in the studios of KPFA Berkeley California under a grant from the Educational Television Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. We present the American woman in fact and fiction from Colonial Times to the present day. A series of 13 programs written and directed by Virginia Maynard and produced by Virginia Maynard and Charles Levy the revote of mother. No. One is sure what then do you know but then. Don't. Bother me.
I've got to do this we're going to doctor the woodlot Now look here father I want to know what they may not be going over in the field for and I'm going to know. Hi Richard go on into the house mother and turn to your own affair. Going into the house did you tell me what them managed to win over there on the field. Although. Where I read it is that you want to know. I wanna know what there may not be going over there in that he'll hole where you're going to suffer. You gotta know I said I want a bar up. Are you going to build a bottle but there where we was going to have a house. I guess that's about it. Now you got there you know your. Way and you have the data don't you. What is the big informant did he tell you. They're diggin for a setup for a
new ball. Oh mother he ain't going to build another ball and that's what he's saying is what does he need another bone for I thought we was going to build a new house near there that's what I thought. Looks like we've got a big enough bond with all them Sherrod's and outbuildings. Sammy Yes I did you know father was going to build a new one. Yes I spose I did. How long have you known it. Oh about three months I guess. Why I didn't yet have a lot of it. Didn't think to do no good. I don't see what Father wants another bond. Is he going to buy more cows Sam I Am Sam. I want you to tell me if he's going to buy a cow. I spose a year is where's my lunch. Here he is saying how many cows for I guess. Well fuller mon how What's he going to go mother I'll be late for school what I ate but a little after 7:00 let him go. Can we I guess I'd better get back to these
dishes. You want. I'm sure there's a good many this morning. Mother. Don't you think it's too bad father's going to build that new barn much as we need a decent house to live. I guess you ain't found out yet we're womenfolks nonpaying and you ain't seen enough for many folks yet to one of these days you'll find out and then you'll know that we only know what men folks think we do. So far as any of us even those who how we'd ought to recommend folk scene with Providence and not complain of what they do anymore than would do with the weather and I don't care I don't believe George is anything like that anyhow. Well he wait and see. I guess George Eastman ain't no better than the other man. You hadn't ought to judge father though Nayan he can help because he don't look at things just the way we do. And I do wish we had a problem. My guess it won't hurt George Eastman to come and see you in a nice clean kitchen. There's a good many girls don't have as good a place
as this. Nobody's ever heard me complain. Well I don't complain and neither mother well I don't think you better a good father a good home as you've got. I suppose your father made you go out and work for your livin lots of girls have to that ain't no stronger and better able than you be. I know mother I know Father is good but but nothing really. And who. Gets hot in hearing it. Yes we must have that story moved out of the shed before long enough talk about not having things. It's been a real blessing to be able to put a stove up there and that shit in hot weather. Father did one good thing when he fixed that stove pipe thing. Yes he did. Here I'll finish you get on with your fancy work or you won't be ready for your wedding come fall. I have to go around the store and buy some more broad rethread. I better help you finish up first tonight. No you go along. I'm just going to make up a few mince pies. Your father won't like it if you don't get a piece of
pie between movements. Anyhow he's back in that home. I want to have a word with him. Well all right I'll be back on Monday. Don't hurry now get all wore out. It's going to be a hot day. I can feel it. Anything I want to one. Method I can think of. Brad last fall though there were no worries you know I want to see in just a minute father let me know how I got to get out of the hold of you go for a lower ground so you have your guy here I'm going to have normal going to school is already well I guess that one will keep for a few minutes I want to speak to you. I turned up no home or father that you come here. Oh well. Where are my other set them. Got something I want to say you wear what is it.
I wanna know what your build in that new poll are right. Got nothing to say about it. It can't be you think you need another Vonne churchyard Gartner sorry about of murder you know aren't going to be you going to buy more cals. Ya know. Now Fuck the Lookee here I'm going to talk real plain to you. I never have since my marriage but I'm going to die and never complain and I ain't gonna complain now but I'm going to talk plain. You see this room here father. You look at that way. You see there ain't no carpet on the floor and you see the paper all dirty you drop it off the wall. We ain't had no no paper on it but 10 year and then I put it on myself and it didn't cost but not on pants of roll. You see this room father. It's all the one I've had to work in
and eat in and set in since we was married. There isn't another woman in the whole town whose husband ain't got half the means you have but what's got better. It's all the wrong way and got to have the company. They're one of our mates but what's got better when their fathers not so able as hers is. It's all the room she'll have to be married to. Now what would you have thought if we had had our women in a room like the US. I was married in my mother's pond with the cockpit on the floor and and stuffed furniture and I'm aha good me too. This is all the room my daughter will have to be married in. Loki a father their father. There's all the Roma I've had to sleep in for twenty year. Just a little coop big enough for a bed not
your run of path between all my children were born they have a 2 that died with two that's live and why it ain't so good is your horse's stall. It ain't so warm untied. And look look over here. Here is all the pantry I've got every place I've got for my dishes to set away my vittles and to keep my milk pans in. Bob I've been taking care of the milk of six cows in this place and now you're going to build a new ball on and keep more cows and give me mo to do in it. But I want to know what you think you want to do when right. And according to what you profess here when we was married 20 years ago you promised me faithful that we should have a new house built in that lot over in the field before the year was out. You said you had money enough and you would as middle of a no such place as this. Well it's twenty year now and you've been making more money
and I've been saving up for you ever since and you ain't no house. Yeah you built Shands and cow houses and one new Bond and now you're going to build another. I want to know Father if you think it's right. Your lodge and your dumb beasts better than you are your own flesh and blood. I want to know if you think it's. All right got nothing to say. Oh you can't sing without omen it ain't right. Father and there's another thing. If we stay in this house she can't live with us after she's married she'll have to go somewhere else to live away from us and we don't seem as if I could have it so no ways father she wanted to have a straw. She's she's got considerable color but there was never any backbone to what I was took the half the very earth I'm all for and and she ain't fit to keep house and do everything to sail what should be all wore out
inside of IKEA. Think of her doing all the washing and I mean the bacon and sweeping and I can have it so no way. Father ain't got nothing to say. I got to go off after about a load of gravel I can't stand here talking all day. Oh won't you think it over and have a house filled fan stead of a ball and I ain't got nothing to say. He ain't got nothing to say. Well I'm back mother. The man over in the field have a team helping them now. Looks like we're going to have a new bond in a hurry. Looks like. What did father say.
Nothing Mother I've been thinking. I don't see how we're going to have any weapon in this room. I'd be ashamed to have his folks come if we didn't have anybody else. Well maybe we can have some new paper before then I can put it on. I guess you would have no call to be ashamed of your belongings. We might have the weapon in the new boat on my mother. You look so strange. What's the matter. Nothing new ball on the ball. Bomber and his mother no work at all go on over there today.
It's a relief to get rid of all that pounding and salt and anyway Sam says Father is going to move the stock in democracy. He is your father left the letter from father. No it's from your Uncle Hiram lad. What does it say about the folk I guess they're all right each shares you think you're going to come up country right off as a chance to buy just the current of a horse I want her I had a piece of work cut out from a show in the next few days. I hate to go off just now write an image to Hayden but eternally go lots cut. And I guess roof and the others can get along without me for three or four days. I can't get the horse round here to suit me. I got to have another and for all that would hold in in the fall. I told her to watch out if you got wind of a good horse to never know and I don't know but what you betta go then yeah I was in a ghostwriter out right now
little better when you know he has a clean shirt collar and yes on this suit if you need him man put these in the police for your fun. Yes I'll just wrap up some of this pie and cheese for you a bite to eat on the way. Don't forget to file those rays and I and I thought it might work. Yeah and sure I asked when them colors come Sammy or roofers can drive me into the new barn and when they bring the hay up where they can get it in there to where. I'll be back by Sunday. If nothing happens do be careful father. Goodbye I thought other Saturday. This is Tuesday. We didn't stay there. So what did you say mother. I was just thinking out loud. You don't look so good today man what's the matter.
Have you got that pain in your side again. A little. Oh you oughtn't to work says steady even on that fancy work. You're getting too thin. Why don't you go lay down and rest awhile. Oh no Mother I'm all right. I better get on with this bacon. Sad. But to want to do you set the guideposts of the lowered the priest just says let my son pose and I had to hire him. Suppose now I had asked him if he knew of any home. Yes I did. Your father's gone what none of my doing looks like up. But then said What are you talking about mother. Oh what's that. What's Rufus with a loaded handgun away. Do you know what's going on with the new boat why I've got to stop you know. You have proven. That all don't want that then don't
bother. Oh why why why don't put in the ad is running up and all bawling. Well then put it all in why you know I thought father won them to put they in the new bomb weights All right General ready mother. Why I'm going to get a regular dinner today Sam as long as your father's gun and let the $5 even have some bread and milk. I'm not we get along. You'd better eat now you might as well get through with it. I want you to help me afterwards and Rufous to tell Dan Rufus I want him to help us once he's finished say. So what's going on. Why don't you have what the hay in the new barn. What are you going to do mother. You'll see what I'm going to do when you're through man that I want you to go up stairs and pack your things and I want you Sammy to help me take down the bed
in the bedroom. Oh mater What fo you see you and say I am. Tell Rufus I want him to take down the stove and set it up in the harness room in the new you know new bar ma in the new barn when movin when I'm movin in the next three four days. Bag and baggage lock stock and barrel into the new poll. All. Right all right well then you can go Rufus. And when you get through milkin tonight bring the bill down here to the new bar. Put the cans in the feed room yonder we have got milk pans by the sink and when there are new cows amiss depends on what three of them in the old barn and the other in the house shared with the cookstove used to say. Oh and Sammy rustle up some more wood to keep this fire going in the cook stove so the being will stay hot.
Here's my view that Phaedra will make a fine buttery mother well I'll have room to turn around in it anyway and it's light enough in there so I can see what I'm doing. That's a big job skimming the cream and getting the butter ready for market from 10 cows milk and I dunno but I'll be able to do the work of 10 there home most as easy as I could a 6 and no pantry I shouldn't wonder what's father going to say we ain't got long to wait to find that out. He ought to be along in a minute. What do you often see the right of it mark my words. Who knows right from wrong as well as anyone I reckon. I and he know that it wasn't right for me to have to do my work like I did there. Running outside all summer to do my cooking and all the heavy cannon and preserving army and also cooped up there in that drafty cold shack all winter not even room to breathe in. But men folks get cosseted they so used to shoving their way around and being waited on they don't stop to think how other folks feel less they other men
women and children a day you can just take what they get and be grateful. I mean blame in your father. He's no worse than other men. It's me. I blame you. Put up with it. All of the cheek as I should out put my foot down long ago with his making such good money and he gets to be on ALL FULL have it just take and let men gives in asking for MOMO. As for what he'll do. There ain't much a body can do with someone takes a firm stand to do what's right when he knows it's wrong. I don't see how you ever dared to do it mother the way I'm surprised at myself. But all of a sudden it just seemed to me it was time to call a halt and I dance to your fathers fiddlin for 20 years and now for once I'm going to call up two women worked as hard as your father has these 20
years. Probably most like I had you children to look after to that standard homes than there were for a moment tonight and never asked a thing from a labor that it won't. I had a duty to myself and my family and I still have. I don't ever believe your sister in law they would have died if we'd had a tight warm hands to tender in when she got sick there. When a women's place is in the home they say well my own ain't always been or had done my share in the field work Reg and I before we had hands worked as hard as a man but narrow my work is in the house a good deal of it. Well if your father can have fancy barns to houses cows and horses and I reckon he can house his family better he's placing nothing extra for humans but it's a sight better in what we have and if I can get me a house build I'll live in the ball and he can keep his cows in my house if he thinks
it's fit. This harness will make a good kitchen all the shelves in this big chimney. It'll do fine. And if we had a few more windows that big metal place we could use for a parlor. But then we haven't got any money. We'll get some Verna chair and some windows cut through to work and will have some partitions put up around those box stalls with fixed for bedrooms so's we don't have to hang the quilts up in front of me like that. We could have rented trickle through over there by those tensions and make a door yard where father was going to have his column has to really care and framing those stairs to the law. Maybe George and I could live up there after we're married. That's what I say if you do you know you ain't no way strong I mean I want to take care of your kin specially children come along and I don't watch they have to go through with what I.
Mean. You couldn't stay that's what gives me the strength to do what I did. Mainly What's that now the new roof. Just one of them in the house Yeah well good why is that Sam anyhow this fire's about I have it here I come other way yeah. Best folks that fire back in a hurry when you playin and. Lookin so funny for there's a knot of people down there on the road watching Rufus put the car in the house and lookin over here at the new barn and Clack in their tongues off the lamb let them talk. I reckon the hand has been told in Iran how we've been moving over here. I heard one of them so you must be out of your hand out of it. Just come into it. Pin Man how you look at it. Mother. The ministers. The minister. Funny thing kind of been expected mother older now just sit quiet man and don't get excited. Sam you keep on fixing the pot. I'll go to the door and speak to the minister.
Afternoon Mr. Hezzy Good afternoon Mrs. Mrs. boom. I will I feel it is my duty. This move of yours your husband there ain't no use talking Mr. hazim. I thought it all over and over and I believe I'm doing what's right. I've made it a subject of prayer and it's but twixt me and the Lord and my husband. There ain't no call for nobody else to worry about it. Of course if you brought it to the Lord in prayer and feel satisfied that you were doing right Mrs. Brown I think it was right just as I think it was right for off all fathers to come over from the old country because they didn't have what belonged to it and I don't doubt you mean when Mr. her as he but. Well there are things people hadn't ought to interfere with. I've been a member of the church for over forty years. I've got my own mind and my own
feet and I'm going to think my own thoughts and go my own way. And nobody but the Lord is going to dictate to me unless I've a mind to have him. And now if you'll excuse me I am expecting my husband back in a minute. Well I've got supper the thanks unless you've a mind to come in and said that a space. Oh no thank you. I believe I'll be going. How is Mrs. Jersey. Oh she's one of my well give him our God's money. Well I guess with thanks that I had shut the door but it's too hot. What's that now. It's. Father. He's going to hell. Oh mother. He'll be greeted by that. Now keep cool now and it's going to be all right. Rufus is just not around the corner of the old barn. You don't dare go on. Let me look. Why he looks like he's had a sunstroke father does. Yuri.
I'd best go to the door immediately. Mother hello let me stand in front of your mother. Whale you're back. Father How are you father. Father her. Worked our air so we're all down here for want somebody to want to host. We we've come here to live fall or. What your date smells like poop can more a harness room. What on earth are you coming here for that mess that day who are now that you mustn't be scared and I ain't crazy I ain't nothing to be upset over. But we've come here to live. Then we're going to live here. We got just as good a right to leave you. There's no horses cows.
The house wasn't fit for us to live in any longer and I made up my mind I wasn't going to stay there. I've done my duty by you for twenty year and I'm going to do it now. But I'm going to live here. But you've got to put in some windows and partitions and you'll have to buy some furniture. When I am muster you better take off your coat and sat down to supper. It's already baked beans and brown bread and costed pie just as you have always lived on a Saturday night where they come together and come sit down to the table. Yes mom. And she going to ask a blessing. Be present at our table. Lord be here everywhere adored huge mercies bless and grant that we
may feed her with you. When you win an arm yes a laid back like General Love sense gun a bad home. I was just starting and mother yelling angry at me are you father. No I don't think of me. I was just thinking how it must look to you. And I got done right by you know lead you all that don't just say such as they are say it mother. You will learn me something this even in your own good. My father put up the partitions and everything you want mother. I know you were not
heard nor I do You were such an actors. Oh this comes to. Me. That was part 10 of the American woman in fact in fiction a series of 13 programs written and directed by Virginia Maynard. The Revolt of mother was based on a story written by Mary Wilkins Freeman in 1891. The cast included Giles Levy Angela Goldsby Edwin Smith and Virginia Maynard engineering was by David L. Talcott. The series was produced and
recorded in the studios of KPFA Berkeley California under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center and is being distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. Is the any radio network.
The American woman in fact and fiction
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Episode 10 of 13
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This series, written and directed by Virginia Maynard, dramatizes various stories of women from colonial times to the Twentieth century.
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