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I didn't. We present the story of a mass to. Another in a series of programs recounting the historical background of world famous artistic. On the day like Chua paints the death of Saddam Apple as the will key loquat so he had to be available through Sony CDs you will make math that
last a sob and move on. Who would believe it. For me the things which are the most real are the illusions I create with my painting. All the rest is a quicksand. This phrase was spoken by is gender inequality. It sums up the whole of his work. The whole of his philosophy. Although he was one of France's greatest painters he was also a writer and a philosopher. His famous diary is to literature or what his finest pictures are to painting the whole of modern painting began with a quote. It might seem strange to use the word modern for a man who was born in 1799 and died in 1963. And yet since did a qua a painting is no longer the dead representation of a living form but a living work in its own right. Recreating the world and its forms is OKto once said a bad painter covers a theatre curtain but never lifts it. A real painter as he paints his canvas gradually raises it
revealing a theater in which the eye and the mind are lost his friend Masuda blow was the last person to see him alive. The look was the greatest friends. Those were real faithful friends were those he made during his youth. All the later society friendships he made it however intimate they were of little importance to him his fullest confidence and affection were given to the man he had met and liked in his youth. Most of them were placed outside his habitual world of painting and struggling. Well I was lucky enough to be one of those friends. It was just a while ago I saw him for the last time I met Jenny at the door. Jenny was his most faithful companion. Miss you know how happy I am to see you. This you did not quite never stops talking about you. Come in. He's expecting you. But don't let him talk too much. So too about his health for Earth. Tell him that he's not as bad as he thinks. And then talk to him about his painting. Tell him you'll soon be
back at work. Well you know do I not to tell him too much. Oh there you are my old friend. You come over here and sit by my bed. And I regret now I never went to see her more often. Within you lives so far from Paris what with my painting and my bad health still nothing has ever changed our friendship has it now. It's been a long time. First in 1819 we first met Washington 18 19 years long. Yes it must be. You see that you know the feel happy moments of the old days remembering. You remember all the good times we had together. Yes every 1st January we used to get together always with the same pleasure those New Years. Dimon Yes I heard him
and now I suppose I have had a few good friends. Perhaps to lure me now. Oh no I know what I'm saying. But believe me two or three friends that's quite enough. Particularly when there is an I says you how can I rest now. You must get your health mental health. Perhaps if I lived in the country I would have a hope of recovering my health. Why it's just like living in the country here. You have your garden and I'm so tired of that nonsense you've never been tired in your life. You're like an open bed but the oak tree is losing its battle. It's much better to be a reader than La Fontaine said. You know my dear friend at the moment all of my thoughts are tainted with death when I look at my life I see myself at one end dead and at the other end there's a gentle long way away myself as I used to be.
And the two just don't recognize each other. There's your work. It's always been the rule in my younger days and I think I would have painted on top of a church tower. I painted the massacre of SEO in that damp little studio on the hoodoo that's Remember remember. Oh that was a triumph. I did it in record time too. Now I have to take the greatest precautions. Luckily I'm not alone. Yes you've got Jenny. And if she could she would suffer for me. You're still working on one little bit at the bottom of every picture I paint and I'm tempted to write if I really am. You mustn't give up. You know it's easy for you to talk. If nature refuses you to work more than a few hours don't try to do more. Be happy with what you have. That's very little left. Believe me a breath the flame of a candle. Death may come into any moment. Oh it's the same for everyone.
Now tomorrow and you. Yes but like everyone else I would prefer to be in 10 years time. Should I cave you a little secret. Yes. I could so we are treated. Everything you wrote Taitz me everything. No no no not she you you idiot sit down. You know are going to be so catchy you know when I paint I get so irritated when I always did know that's true I suppose but at least did serves some purpose. I turned my fits of irritation into works of art. But no that's impossible it was me out you know my friend. Don't ever grow. Now don't be ridiculous. I am six years older than you are still longer feature. No rest now but first of all I must finish what I have to do. I find difficulties where I never expected him. So to keep going I go to bed early and I never go out. I've deprived
myself of pleasure for the last 10 years. All that just a few should die of pertussis. Why do you have to work so hard. I must paint to paint to paint. I've got to have proof. Thanks. That's exhausting and all for what. Why worry about you your unique. You have succeeded in combining drama and truth imagination nature Farnow me stop stop. You sound like a critic. A particularly well-disposed critic. You're so good for me. You know more than you. And where has it got us. Then we've been any happier for it. I've come I didn't do this guys but I always wake up on Earth the same battled the same criticism Oh now don't be unfair there are a lot of people who respect your work and sing your praises all day long. There are a lot of people who love you to who knows perhaps not I hope my friends
that's all I want to think about that will be my last thought to your wife. I hope to see her when I am better. Do you both come to see me won't you. God died shortly after the funeral was very solemn and very magnificent. There were flowers everywhere and crowds of admirers and friends. There was just one detail out of place. A wealthy society woman decorated the coffin with a wreath. And there were speeches to gentleman. But that go quickly. That the cross often repeated this phrase in his youth
and on the grave of his friend. Today it comes back to us with cruel vividness than empty spaces left. Today. They are Della Cross has been taken from us. At a time when. With as much modesty as grandeur. He was setting about new work. This tireless worker never knew what rest was. He has now gone to his final eternal rest. Work was his first happiness. His only passion. A passion to which he sacrificed everything. A passion to which he sacrificed the pleasures of the world. Prince Charming which would have earned him easy and brilliant success.
A passion to which he sacrificed the joys of a family who had such a noble and generous heart. Like Michelangelo. He fought for the hours he had to rest from his jealous. To arrive. I want you. The two of them The older than me the 13 1865. A clause in the like cause will instructed his executors to auction off his works.
The sale took place shortly after his death. There were about 30 boxes of drawings pastels watercolors pen or pencil sketches engravings and lithographs found in his studio. Ladies and gentlemen there is drawings are totally unknown not even the artist's most intimate friends were aware of their existence at various intervals throughout his life. Paper large quantities of work which he thought to be unworthy of surviving him. He never tried to sell them. He wanted these drawings to be an argument in a span of hours after his death. A stinking out such as I was reproached him for improvisation and facility. He wanted to prove that this improvisation which appears with such abundance and depth and his decorative works and paintings that this facility was not possible without the most methodical and strenuous study. This phenomenon which is without precedent in the history of art could only have been the work of the man who painted the death of solder not with us.
The death of a Sardanapalus Billick was greatest work. I asked him where he got the idea for this huge canvas it was the largest he'd ever painted. It was in the autumn of 1825 I had just read Byron saw them up close and I was very impressed but they picturesque make sure of the ending. Savage disillusioning despot who buried himself under the debris of his palace sacrificing to his violent they all the objects of his affection the instruments of his pleasure and the treasures of his Oriental will this scene struck my imagination with horror. I made a rough sketch but the sketch bears little relation to the finished painting. True. When I started to paint I was obliged to take a model for the half naked slave who was thrown across the foot of the bed begging her master for mercy has you painted Opal in gold hues into the host. Barclay tossed off her shoulders. Oh it was really lovely. Bigger crew is so beautiful but I was fascinated and that was how I lost the
general tone of the picture I had set out to paint. But you had achieved a masterpiece a masterpiece which was shown in 1827 but which did not meet with overwhelming enthusiasm which you'd love to go. Who was in charge of Fine Art thought that the painting was a scandal. And he didn't hesitate to tell you he thought right. You should change your style Mr Dylan. You know you go too far much too far. If you want to enjoy any favors from the government then you had just better give up your unhealthy voluptuousness I'm afraid I couldn't budge from my opinion even if the earth and all the stars were against me. Well I've heard that you or rather it seems to be right is that a crime. I didn't say that. What I don't like is your committing an impostor an imposter. What do you mean. I mean this. You choose a fine subject. The death of Sardanapalus and then what you do you use it to paint a naked woman I have a right to pain what I want you are reported to have said and I quote The public is bored it wants. Well that was a joke
perhaps. At any rate your painting is shocking. Now I am sorry but there is nothing I can do about that I thought but I noticed as an intelligent man could understand each other. See I was wrong. Good day to yourself. And the look was white with rage slammed the door on the secretary of state for fine arts. Needless to say the result was catastrophic for five long years he didn't receive a single commission from the government. Right. Yes here as you can imagine what this meant to me for a moment in my life when I felt myself capable of covering the city with anything. Not that this is cool any of my enthusiasm but I thought I was wasting my time and my precious time. And what about the death of Saddam not only it was harming the small sidestreet museum seen by all of the critics and you should have heard them. CHUA seems to have lost confidence in himself. He's not the only one I saw him the other
day. He looks just like Saul not the death of the French school of painting as like their leader even though not quite in its qualities no doubt. He hasn't any talent at all. If he had others would imitate Oh no don't say things like that I wonder. You know they're all fools. My PD may have its faults but it has a lot of qualities too. But the most annoying thing is I don't have any money left. This was the beginning of a very difficult period for doing quite a period in which is only luxury was his dreams. A period during which there will Withers and all human sympathy is lost. There is no longer any belief in any
promise. During which a good supper and bed are to be preferred to the golden palms. When all is said and. Talent is the worst fortune. As for love of glory it is a deceitful passion a ridiculous will of the wisp which always leads straight into the quagmire of that day in despair. My death of the novelist is still hanging on the wall. Nobody wants to buy it but everybody talks about it. Someone told me about a conversation between two of them look pretty good right there whom I admire very much and they misuse you one day. You yourself are on the jury which accepted the death of Sardanapalus for the son. I know
but I did express my reservations if you remember Mr Stan. Tell us about your reservations Mr. Zero. There is no need to handle this with kid gloves as it were right then. I like the painting but there are certain things which disturb me about the about the style. What for example. Take the slave girl. Yes she's very beautiful. She's very moving. But look more closely. For example I can hardly distinguish the eyelids but I ask why you haven't finished such an expressive eye and you know what he answered. No but I do. Yes. Let me explain he said. If I finished painting that high it would no longer have an expression. To get a proper impression of my painting you must stand away from it that's what he said. Well that sounds like a reasonable answer. I think it's ridiculous. Don't you show us you haven't said much what you think of the painting. Nothing that's not very much for a critic. May I point out Mr. Stein rather to talk all the time but never give an opinion my opinion.
I can admire neither the canvas nor the artist who painted it. Naturally most of the like what is a good pupil of the Internet. Oh and his figures have a certain degree of movement. Then he is also a past master at arousing the interest of the public and getting himself talked about. I just think we've been speaking about nothing else for the last half hour. But in fact it's not painting it's theater. Bravo I couldn't agree with you more have that's the first time. I don't like the painting at all I disapprove of it. It's romantic it's forced it's ridiculous all this despair and agony. I suppose it's fashionable but I just don't like it. The public will soon get tired of it in fact it has already won a lot of rock to talk. Miss your coat. And there's no need to call me with your goat. Call me. They will feel as you always do. That doesn't change anything you still talk a lot of rot. Thank you thank you. And I know my ideas stand out but I am forced to believe that you don't know anything
about painting either of you. Haha maybe excuse turned out you were right. So are you if I may say so. It's very annoying for you to use your day as a member of the jury. But from you. Sure. Really. How can such a famous critic be so stupid. Oh do be quiet. It is the duty of a critic to be severe. Such severity is just only if it is impartial. And how can it be impartial when you look at some of the terrible paintings hanging in our museum. Well if the museum buys the death of sod lockless that would be just one more terrible painting. Oh at least it will bring a little color into the drab life of those poor guardians. That young man must spend a fortune in paint. There must be a hundred pounds of paint daubed on that. It's not the color I object to it's just that he doesn't have any sense of beauty. Why precisely I've seen several of his paintings and there is not a really beautiful woman in any of them. All the beauty is in their expression. A portrait is an
idealized model and the model is a temperament not a face. Besides is there a packed full proof type of beauty. Of course. Look at a hairdresser shop window. What do you see. Large eyes a straight nose a small mouth a round gentle large forehead and an overall thing. And the result a monster. Kwan takes a low forehead a wide mouth a hook nose and little eyes and what do you get. Beauty perhaps not beauty itself but its reflection. I said something one day to a Madame Dhaval which she immediately adopted as her own witticism and which is now said to have been spoken by herself about herself. You are not beautiful are you. Worse you see. You agree with me. That's the kind of phrase which can be spoken about all of the women. You're not beautiful.
You're worse. Why the divine Line of Beauty seems to be luminous but broken on your faces. Those who love you like that. Love you in spite of you and in spite of themselves and they love you madly because of the secret of your charm lies in what may turn them away from you. Be proud ladies you are irresistibly ugly thoughts lyricism such eloquence It's a pity I don't have a pencil I would have written all that down. You can laugh I don't mind. I maintain what I just said. The women of delicate are irresistibly ugly. They're well if you don't mind my saying so. I would much rather see Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa Rubens Magda lead and more yos virgins Titian's mistresses. There are several types of beauty there's a sight for your eyes. There is tranquil beauty as for Dell across women you wouldn't give them a second look in the street unless you loved them of course. That's a different matter.
Do you know what Della Croisset about the puter room winners. They think they have achieved beauty when they have imitated the straight noses and fluted drapes of antiquity. If a school of painting consists and continues to consist in asking young painters to paint muses goddesses gods then it would be much better to send them to Barbary as cabin boys on the next ship out rather than go on wearing out the classical soil of Rome. That's what he said. What a mystery. I remember. Intelligent thing. Needless to say I forget quite a lot of what you say Paul. I know I don't have your Olympian call me down. When I like something I defend it as hard as I can. That's no reason to treat other people like fools Well gentleman despite my Olympian code. I'm going to tell you what I think of beauty eternal beauty of course it exists when it is recognized by the only valid judge the
crowds. As for myself I don't want the expression without the beauty or the beauty without the expression. So in my opinion this is what you can say about that because women expression yes Beauty know all his women are perhaps his own personal idea not one of them is the ideal of the human mind. Passion is present admittedly. But why not the face. Is the Scheldt spoiled by a beautiful mouse. Is the thought ruined by a beautiful forehead. I shall answer with the saying of the quote. In portraits of women one must begin with the total effect of grace. If you begin with details the eye or the mouth the pain will be heavy. For example try to draw a thoroughbred horse. If you concentrate on the details you lose the trick no doubt but the painter even more than the
poet is forced to render a material form. We as writers can for example describe the gesture before they are the look therefore they are the position before the body. We express First of all and then we draw. We can even dispense with drawing. But this is the privilege of the writer and not of the painter. I defy any painter to express a face which does not have five fingers a look of love without an eye. A state of dream without a forehead all a big heart without a chest. Have you told that to do. I have not so long ago it was when I saw the Southern Uplands for the first time. I pointed to one of the figures on the canvas and asked him what is he holding in his hand. I can't quite see. I wanted to paint the flash of a sword he replied. Well let me tell you my dog OK. That painting the flash of a sword without a sword
is the job of a writer. You no doubt have a fine quotation to put to that list your go to. Preferably by a choir. I have indeed I hope. Who would believe it. For me the things which are the most real are the illusions I create with my painting. All the rest is quicksand. You've been listening to the story of a masterpiece today like Chua paints the death of Saddam novelist with Carmen Drake in the title role with the month's Dernburg Bruce you Hans and Alexander claiming. Go Norman Enfield and Lyle Joyce. This program was written by please
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