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Doctor tell me is there an accumulation of fluids in the tissue during pregnancy. Because answering questions about your health is an important part of your doctor's services. The Minnesota State Medical Association presents doctor tell me here to ask the doctor your questions. Is Janice Hughes dead. Today your health questions will be answered by Dr. Rodney F. sternly. A St. Paul obstetrician and a gynaecologist doctor Stilly. How can the abnormal accumulation of fluids affect a pregnancy. The accumulation of unusual amounts of tissue fluid. Primarily concerns us with the possible development of toxemia the toxemia is the name of the complication. Late in pregnancy the three associated
findings are found elevated blood pressure swelling of the soft tissue and albumin in the urine. Now just because a girl has fluid in her tissue doesn't mean that she's going to have toxemia. But if she has an excess of tissue fluid we start looking and watching for toxemia. And more important we tried to treat this girl so that she eliminates this unnecessary amount of tissue fluid. Will this cause swelling. And if it does should the swelling be reported. Yes. This is how we notice it it's usually dependent we call this a DMA eady. And it's not just mostly around the feet and legs. You take your finger and push it right into the skin to leave a dimple. This is evidence that the fluid is accumulating in the tissue. Yes we try to treat this by cutting down her fluid intake
by propping the legs up as often as possible avoiding the sitting posture. Cut down the salt intake. And of course if the degree of fluid retention is great now we have a perfect indication for medication during pregnancy and the products that we use are called dye your radix diuretics. They're usually taken by mouth and they tend to eliminate this fluid immobilizes the fluid in the tissue gets it into the bloodstream so that it can be excreted in the urine. What if any condition were not treated. Well I think that one of the early signs of toxemia I think that this is probably one of the reasons why we see so little toxemia today is that we are so very careful about prevention cumulated fluid in the tissue.
It's so simple to treat these girls that it's a dreadful thing not to take care of them. Is it detrimental at all to the child. It could be if the girl goes on into a toxemia then it becomes dangerous. The ordinary fluid retention that your your friends speak to you about getting puffy and so forth retaining fluid but without blood pressure is not going to harm the child necessarily and this usually responds to sensible intake of fluid in the administration. How dire effects it is not too complicated a problem to treat with the accumulation of fluid will the woman perspire more easily. No no I dont think so I think pregnant girls tend to be warmer. Their metabolic rate is higher and I think they probably sweat a little bit but I dont think that sweating in a DMA are necessarily related one to the other. Its a definitely this fluid retention is much more common. Late in pregnancy.
Doctor tell me
Fluid accumulation during pregnancy
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Program number 351 asks how the abnormal accumulation of fluids in tissues can negatively impact pregnancies.
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Weekly interviews with a Minneapolis-St. Paul area doctor about a current medical issue.
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Interviewee: Sterley, Rodney F.
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Producing Organization: KUOM (Radio station : Minneapolis, Minn.)
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