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You are America. See below us here. Come see what she shared. Poor God. Cheryl. You are all right. I go oh he got hurt. Well she was part shot just us very nice supper. Nice touch here or touch not opulent she touched my hands solely by ksh guy is retired much but because it all cut off.
Borrow not touch via Skype for that seat. Much I eat cry hot see it all or only all its progress. The pirates suck a lot. He Dakar to see in Amado curl you buy button or some other much to see. Ali Rocco our children but you too you sure are wrong per se. GO US Ricci's was brought to him from Sally. But I got out of beer or watch bub bub bub
got em all. Yeah you're on the buy your time no but I saw as a community. But he. She the way he said he was all that she was. Do you know much more. Yeah but she's not. Sorry Scott. Gary Who
knows. But she could be see him with a squish creation. But I see that she I saw who want you. We rode along. He got around the world cup. They are such a throw up be your second arc. Very Perry. Gary I see ya. Yeah sure. So do. You are America seeing
America. Good. Karma with up on your part got out here are you sa bub of the recent slippery spruce need for us to work for us. Thus the new star on all your lies. Borrow the book shows the Eat feel so good he moved up on the law up East star die our daughter the need.
Well yes this is not huge surely that guy up. Paul why are you she even realize there was no thought of Bob oh poor girl he stole the America card share you see east use beast you can't see much because you read your zelo it's warning you do you do. Or a nice release. Post your snow so that you will know who you
are not to be a she wall. If Syria grows you what you who are going to create the crease. So while you did cover audit some more NEA guy you know how do you see yeah it's a senior trade us in the water I see Koran no bass solo show. You could probably Dog Dog us on our side. Dr. Ross need my shoe throwing rice drop down and iced tea and yeah right out of
the air chits creepy ass beer your skis. Yeah yeah. VH are all up here. Plus the newest CD R I C R can yeah it's really knowing year while up the road you Lois ROSS You almost feel you. Whose skin are all right. See you get a finite. Top. Y'all remember come Cindy you remember come over I see a spark or I neuer thought she was.
Yeah it's this caution. Ride it out. Ah. Impressions of Western cinema. No way the movies about beggars and PR. Let's go and watch spy movies. Writes ham UNAIDS all Hiroshima it's a nice thing to sit and watch people suffer. It's estatic to case a lady's hand. And then of a sudden snap I hang out on a. Stake to tail a man when Robbie I'm out it's not a lie it's a go go. What's the point of being a noisy poet What place is there in that. It's far more useful to have a pistol with a silencer to
tell the truth. They have. Great call of the Siberian chica recruits who are Greeks with vodka and to the teeth splits into fragments as he suddenly leaps from the jaws of an ad for toothpaste. With a rubber bag of tea and tea. The American John O'Neill pulling on a crocodile hide swims at night across the not. Spying on beautiful means secret. It's the Chinese agent the gaunt truly paling himself on the springs heroically crawls inside a couch. And suffering there instead of he sadly we spoke as.
Was. My. And then. Above the common had carrying himself with a smart nice heat Caseys that was all in one breath. This man James Bond The Secret Agent Jesus Christ. I'm going mad. I'm frightened at myself. Perhaps I'm a secret agent too in a coercive espionage I'm called his lair cone was calling snakes. A friend with a bottle goes to see his words. Do they strike you is too persuasive smoove days. Maybe he's recruiting you.
There at night a woman in bed keeps whispering words you can hardly hear her eyes rolling. But maybe she's just a stupid git. Your uncle who's manis one of the best boat some triple strong cologne. Didn't that make you think that he's hot. He was a triple agent. Now he is a banker they swerve to the joy of sniffing gum shoes he crossed arose with a microphone and dumped a million in his bank. But Incidentally you should know that the peonies have been secret agents since long ago. Have Dreams of a world beneath the sky in which even the moon is being recruited by a ship sends cities have been named after a notorious secret agents the spy delegate said in great haste to get to the old Congress so secret agents there they hang the
inviting plaque odds hero doesn't spawn I doesn't eat. And to spy in monumental brawl as many thousands of active agents bring bouquets of Rose microphone. As though they want to nation's conscience on a job you know. This dream is a nightmare it's poisonous a horrible jam. I may not be altogether normal but neither am I quite abnormal. Publicity. Stop your knee on PC. My simple understanding is a spy will always be a spy. Cry will all the cry. Was. Ah. Zap on the key the beach.
Pero much. I cut all in there. Birch be all enough. Not for you on her door grammar Healy here I see still rather curse the car I see ya. She was the roach coach walkin or what. Even the oak. I don't sneak no New York car I see all we salute each Pocono newsies Molly. My real. Thought all cool while I would be shooting the piece. By lazy she chief. He you know I agree f up Europe with what
be at Korea. Iraq says BE MY it son I jus De Barros wrongly does who blow up now we put a group with us Rick Lumley plus the. So warm or easy you know we are all right Sheila I merely Kanya It's America. Drawn on you. Not Beyond Blue Period. Oh you. Silly Diaz Karasu Are you sure you won't keep ice ski. She won. Not schoolboys. Let me see all our streets globalists. You on. The thumb.
So yes she has shipped. I not just see any car cannot help. PS. Yeah I see they are some very skim dusk I say Oh yeah. Yeah. So it's all very well if you own you can restrict it. So I must presume she does a boys night with most a son yes girl she only on time he should be all skinny. How exam Miriam he allowed how on who police who are the new book The new Because it's really a remedy she was her boss almost on
yahoo in the US. What's usually a sheen of first seeing the launch of the shear sheet the yearly year. We'll get the courier. Most of which are not to cry she. Last saw me share snake rub you. The right one of us but to me it is a struggle to free. The right noise. Well here I am. There are not others marker at all same scree still no rose no sneaker of poor people are needy aren't sheep. Why. Not start his night just be warmly and he will be.
Yes Singh needs Sonnier Botts name Subodh I'm busy as I get a ball and I will not get going to eat but I follow dong like you he won't you know speak shot you or me do you got the money I will only show you on skis. Yes you show up. By the way our ship the Cornish your new book. Yes eat the said she she we show you on off. Cox thought of you not see Sherry stew book yet the wrongs of Meeker reform should be on them. Burl Erica llama. Oh it's prepared. You're all numb and yet you know in us that is
your own. Release those less than us. Ah. Ah. The city of yes and the City of no. I'm like a train rushing for many years now between the city of yes and the city.
My new SAS drain like wires between the city of no and the city. Yes. Everything is deadly. Everyone frightened in the city. You know it's like a study furnished with dejection in it. Every object is frowning with holding something and every poultry looks out suspiciously. Every morning its parquet floors are polished with bile. Its sofas are made of foles Hode. Its walls are Miss Fortune. We all get lots of good advice in it like not a bunch of flowers or even a greeting typewriters a chattering carbon copy. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. When the lights go out all together the ghosts begin their gloomy
ballet. We all get a ticket to leave Like hell you will to leave the black town you know. But in the tone of Yes life's like the song of a thrush. This town is without walls just like a nest. The sky is asking you to take any stock you like in your hand. Lips are yours without any Shay. All that nonsense and in no one is that even a trace of suspicion and lowing her offering them milk the daisies teasing asking to be picked and wherever you want to be instantly they are taking any train or plane or ship that you like and water faintly through the years.
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. To tell the truth the snag is it's a bit boring at times to be given so much. Almost without any effort in that shiny novelty colored city of yes. Better let me be tossed around to the end of my days between the city of yes and the City of no. Let my nose be strained like wires between this city of no and the city. Yes. I. He and. The cock boy. Sus boy goes yeah but.
You have to go dum Da Igor them. Yeah my yeah really nice young would be cock brother are you one of them. Yes or no. Or shawl supping gun of war idea and yet. One war should not be the tusk gardenia butter I'm not sure I would win your mush. Well you better get up your ass to talk be it. Yet eagerly. Why does it each year in our view they react with ease. When your journey is yet you want to close the door brace salvia. IReporter Ross the pretty at it is Scott your book at a store but who ut yet yet yet.
In Munich near me. Yet. Sort of a god source when you home. Isa girl came are our air. Sure does the. Who but who needs the US than use what we air hoods. Oh yeah. Not a bad idea. Da da da da. I thought to grow our business. Yeah. Well when you say you have a parole officer someone who you know by as it is da boss of whom you know we are ready to die but are much Charlie soley.
Isa rot set up or or say that I didn't you know crazy in which my luck cooperated lug on stud. Even if it does it even ying yang. Nice lead. You could drop these a whole navy end to a new suit but he is so my lure. The usual Chuck God shoot to litigate should I die. That the the the. But it says crucial Nupur I have discussed in nog die. You know what some of us thought. Of CM This bill was nuts. Yeah nice or up
to Stu olds. Who set up Mutu use. The icons. Somehow he got me asked to go out on dial up. Igor them nyet up. Yeah rolling. I just hope he got up but I was up. Yeah the war down yeah. Gone. And. Yeah attack. Yes she was probably sure I was dosed and pitifully I should like to thank you once again for
coming. Yeah it's cause us who from the east couldn't you please leave honest thought upon that I was for monks to craft a hotel ghost it was an island movie ish. I should like to tell you something perfectly sincerely that if there's anything in my verses that you like there's one thing I'd like to tell you. Look I didn't ease nor give way at the end I'm only one of many Russian poet. Because God thought of God as the boards which in some ways he bets of substance many of whom I love more than myself more than my own poetry will be like I used to say and I don't need to buy at the brides I mean on the nose and occasionally we have to take we have to borrow grain that is to say buy grain but we don't have to borrow part. Effie.
Yeah we're in. Yeah look at Seal. City had some noise washer stunnel previously made sure she got a business to heal us. I said I would like that my colleagues other poets would come to the United States and the teams nobody would ask are you silly I should like Iraq and writers to come to the study not sure but not all of them like our two nations choose to release it but but you still use the back of the dining with God. Gutted that my skin known that he should experience the same sentiments that they once experienced and me Danielle. Yeah but look at that heat but a lot of procrastinators tell me if I'm a goddess who would and I should like to thank Bernie who read beautifully and help me today. Question AFI. Ah
you have Kenya you have to shank o the controversy o young poet from the Soviet Union has been heard in a talk and reading of his own work. The recording was made on November 21st 1066 at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.. All rights are reserved by the Library of Congress and this recording may not be reproduced in whole or in part without their permission. This was the first of a special series of lectures being distributed by national educational radio by special arrangement with the library. This is the national educational radio network.
Library of Congress lectures
Yefgenyi Yevtushenko, part three
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National Association of Educational Broadcasters
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the third of three parts, presents Soviet poet Yefgenyi Yevtushenko, in a November 1966 poetry reading at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
Series Description
A series of lectures given at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
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Producer: Library of Congress
Producing Organization: National Association of Educational Broadcasters
Speaker: Yevtushenko, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, 1933-
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-Sp.2-1 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
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