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The legendary pianist. BNA radio network brings you another in a series of recitals by keyboard giants of the early 20th century. These performances are selected from more than 1000 Recordings. Reproducing piano rolls collected by Dr. Campbell stuff. The chairman of the music department at Washington State University. Was a highly sophisticated refinement of the player. Developed to preserve actual performances of concert artists in the days before I like chronic record. Now here is Campbell stout. To introduce today's legendary pianist Arthur Freed Haim was one of the most eminent among the peoples of Franz Liszt with whom he lived and worked for many years.
He was born of German parent agency Petersburg in 1859 and began the serious study of music at the age of eight. After his graduation from the University of St. Petersburg he served as conductor in several small theatre orchestras in Germany. He studied piano with Anton Rubinstein for a year and for eight years with Franz Liszt becoming his close personal friend and secretary. In addition to extensive concertizing he held several important teaching posts in England Canada and the United States during the next 25 years. He also wrote extensively for periodicals edited the complete piano works of Chopin and made numerous transcriptions and arrangements of lists compositions. He died in New York City in one thousand thirty two. Today's Arthur free time program is devoted to compositions by friends list. The opening one is titled On league violence dot and is from the collection years of pilgrimage.
You have just heard only violence dot on their free time recital featuring compositions of Franz Liszt continues with one of the Transcendental Etudes evening harmonies.
I am. I am.
Following the eleventh transcendental etude we hear freetime plea legend number one subtitled The sermon to the birds by St. Francis of Assisi.
That was the sermon to the birds on their free time recital of Liszt compositions closes with another word from the sit. Years of pilgrimage this one is fountains at the villa distant.
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The legendary pianists II
Producing Organization
Washington State University
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents Arthur Friedheim playing Liszt: On Lake Wallenstadt, Harmonies du Soir, Legende (The Bird Sermon), and Fountains at the Villa d'Este.
Other Description
Music by great early-twentieth century concert pianists who produced Duo-Art piano roll recordings before advent of electronic recording.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Announcer: Rundell, Hugh
Host: Stout, Kemble, 1916-
Performer: Friedheim, Arthur, 1859-1932
Producing Organization: Washington State University
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 63-39-22 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:28:56
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