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The negro music and American. Negro music in America an exploration of it and its impact on American culture. Here is your host for the survey's Tony look at Bach in the year nineteen hundred for John Lomax found a negro woman called dink scrubbing her man's clothes in the shade of their tent across the browser's river from the N. M. college in Texas. Dink knew lots of songs but she wasn't helpful until John Lomax walked a mile to a farm commissary and bought her a pint of gin and she drank the gin her scrubbing increased in intensity and volume. And she talked in saying as she worked. John Lomax wrote in folk song USA that the original Edison record on doing song was broken long ago but not until the entire Lomax family had learned the tune. The one line refrain is doing saying it in her lovely voice gave the effect of a sobbing woman
deserted by a man dings tune has really lost what is left is only a shadow of the tender tragic beauty of what she's saying in this sordid bleak surroundings of a Brazos bottom Levy camp. We should be grateful that Mr Lomax founding some 60 odd years ago and that he had the equipment with him to preserve the song on record for doing song his still with us. And as always with folk songs and blues variations show up from singer to singer and has been called other names like fare thee well. And if I had wings. But the beauty of this negro Blues could never die. Here is a modern treatment of it sung by Odetta accompanied by some of the best sidemen in the country. If I had wings or. I.
Know. The beauty of the folk poetry endings blues and in our next number make me a pallet on the
floor in my opinion compares favorably to any written expression of sorrow that documents human emotion. Carl Sandburg compared dinks song to Sefl and he preferred drink. Make me a pallet on the floor is a favorite traditional blues in New Orleans and other parts of the south and is one of the most beautiful of all blues melodies sung by many NC with her husband Jimmy MC on the piano pallet on the floor shows a great report between singer and pianist as a voice in their ways with the piano. The words of this blues are those of a poor prostitute asking for shelter for the night. Make me a pallet on the floor. You make me.
Say. It. With me. Brown.
Yeah. To round out our session with the blues today we're going to put Jimmy into his recording of
mournful blues on the turntable in a moment. First however we'd like you to know who Jimmy NC really was. He was a major influence in all of the jazz in both pianists just before World War Two. The granddaddy of the rent party band is in the Father of the boogie woogie school and one of the greatest of Blues pianists. His ability to paint a picture of sadness with a few simple chords. A short broken figure in a slow rocking bass is unbelievable. But now he will become a believer. Jimmy enties mournful blues. Next week you'll hear that in our blues Bessie Smith hasn't really been
overlooked for you here's some of her greatest numbers with Louie Armstrong Charlie Green Fletcher Anderson and others backing her up. After listening to Bessie you'll wonder why she had to bleed to death outside of the White House Bill in Mississippi after an automobile accident. Negro music in America with Tony look at Bach president transcribed by the SEIU Radio Network. Got us again next week as we continue our exploration of the negro and American music. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is national educational radio network.
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Opera: Battleground of the arts
Opera in English
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WRVR (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program explores the issue of opera performed in English.
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A discussion series, hosted by Boris Goldovsky, that examines the welding together of music and drama, two distinct arts, into opera.
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Host: Goldovsky, Boris
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