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On today's broadcast of ancient European orchids we explore instruments in churches in darkness and Brussels Belgium facts of historical years ago and hear performances of music of our lives. The peaceful little village of Doc was less than a thousand inhabitants miles of the river Dormy East plant just 20 miles from the bustling modern city of Galle a tiny church there dedicated to army to its half Roman asked half gothic in style ranks as a national monument of historical interest. JAIN of Constantinople Countess of Flanders had a hunting box in the neighborhood often stopped in the village. The organ in the Church of Our Lady was installed in 1784 by one JM
motor. But by that date it was already more than a century old. It was in 16 8 that Nicholas l'Anglais constructed the instrument and directed it to the abbé Bev I'm boss. It's a track correction organ that is the action of the keys is transferred to the wind chests by means of mechanical wooden trackers. At times this type of action becomes somewhat noisy due to friction and wearing of the moving parts and at times especially during the softer portions of the music to be heard the clicking of the trackers is quite obvious longways instrument was small but the stop list was Jozen with expert care. It has one manual no pedals and 10 stops employing 15 ranks. There was a four foot press stamped and a four foot flute. There was a two and two thirds foot and one foot. Nigel A. There was a four rank cornet. There was an eight foot board on an eight foot diapers and a two foot blacked three ranks and four a
reed and eight foot trumpet. From the Church of Our Lady undocking Belgium organist Gabriele fish
Ragan has played Taco Bells forgetter in D-minor on the one manual instrument built in 16 by Nicholas l'Anglais. Next we will hear variations on no way out 10 by Doc cat. Incidentally the clatter of the track interaction is quite evident here. Variations on Noel tan by.
The concluding composition to be played on this particular instrument is by his way link is variations on the deal on the linden tree. Organise to Gabriele fish Reagan concluding performances on the small
organ in the Church of Our Lady and Doctor Belgium. We had the playing of the variations on the tune under the linden tree. By the way lake. The second ancient organ from the Flemish province is to be heard today is housed in the church of Saint Elizabeth in Holland Belgium Pauline is located just outside Brussels on the road to Madelene. It's a little Gothic church the Church of St. Elizabeth has a tower reputedly dating from the 12th century. The champs it was erected during the 15th century. The building as a whole being completed in 700 in 1952 when the building was undergoing a thorough restoration. Psalm 16th century frescoes Don very much in the manner of Rubens were discovered after their very existence had long been forgotten. The puppet confessionals and communion Rayo all were carved in 1728. The organ built and erected in
1774 by Adrienne Rowe shared an event is still in its place. The instrument is important for a number of reasons chief of which is that it is the last recorded specimen of the famous baroque school of organ builders that once flourished and brought back out in 1900. The original eight foot Marna and trumpet and the four rank mixture are removed and replaced with stops of contemporary design and voicing. The nine remaining registers of the organ are from the original instrument of seventeen twenty eight and retain as nearly as it's possible to determine their baroque age characteristics. The organ has one manual and no pedals. The action of a conical by means of trackers is heard and some of the softer passages of music are now to be played from St. Elizabeths church in Holland Belgium. We hear organist Marcel de Brock performs wailings composition three variations
on my new MS. Lobban hot aunt. The final composition to be played from St. Elizabeth's church in
Belgium is a fantasy by Taleban. The third ancient European organ to be heard on today's broadcast is
located in the Church of the big Naish situated near the former fish market in one of the oldest parts of Brussels Belgium. This edifice is generally considered to be a superb example of baroque architecture. It was erected in 16th 64 and restored in 1865. The high altar as well as the admirable 18th century pope it belonged to original age of the Church of the Dominican was in my lane and were transferred to their present locations in 18:4. On the walls of this ancient church hang rare and priceless paintings of the Flemish school. One dates from the 16th century and nine from the 17th. Parish records indicate that the organ was built by Peter Fenn pentagram of Ghent in 1777 it too was originally erected in the Church of the Dominicans and Myleene and was moved in 1004 at the same time as the high altar and the pulpit the organ case was originally a part of the organ in the church of all some back. It was acquired in
1869 the same year the instrument was restored and modernized by the Build a fair measure of its carefully pointed out however that the instrument still contains its original mechanism and thirty three registers. In spite of the so-called modernization. Organist Marcel de Brock plays the choral of allegations on the mind of Freud by Crips for the Church of the big knives in Brussels Belgium. Why.
From the Church of the big Brussels the final work on today's broadcast organist Mosto the proc plays variations on Ofili feel EAA by Don. A. Variations on Ofili Ofili a day by
the organist was Marcel de Brock. The program a serious ancient European organ presenting instruments of active during the period from the Middle Ages to the end of the century gather with facts about the structures in which there are hours to music composed by man
with their contemporary. Today's broadcast was recorded in three churches in the Flemish provinces. The Church of Our Lady and doctor visits churches. And the Church of the big nosh in Brussels. There's materials for these programmes are recorded by members of the European Broadcasting your. Rantings supplied by radio and television especially for presentation in the United States. My statement of being an E.R.. Programme was prepared or written by whatever field at the University of Michigan. This is a Burroughs speaking and inviting you to listen again next week at the same time for another program. Eastern. European market. Yes. This is the national educational radio network.
Ancient European organs
Belgian organs
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program features recordings of organs at various locations in Belgium. Performances include works by Daquin; Sweelinck; Telemann; Kreps; Dandrieu; Buxtehude; and Begue.
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Recordings of noted organs at various locations throughout Europe.
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Host: Fidell, S. A. (Sanford A.)
Performer: Verschraegen, Gabrie_l, 1919-1981
Performer: De Broeck, Marcel
Performer: Sluys, Leopold
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Writer: Welliver, Harry B., 1910-2005
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 68-7-10 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
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