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Alex Boyd on books in the news a quick look at newly published material and books of common interest. Your host Alex boy in the serials department at the University of Illinois Library. The recent appearance of Joan Baez on national TV show and doubly confused many viewers. Before singing a particular song she dedicated it to her husband who was about to begin serving a prison term. Is Baez not able to disclose the nature of his crime as a network sense of the sense of this from the tape of the show. As is the case with most censorship over that which is censored regardless of his original where it becomes many times more sought after and value and millions of viewers immediately began to attempt to find out just why the young man was going to jail. Anyone from a familiar with Mr. Baez ideology would not be surprised to discover that I was not was being imprisoned for refusing to be drafted. Is of no little significance than that her autobiography DAYBREAK published by the DOL press is dedicated in her words with love admiration and great list to the men who find themselves facing imprisonment for resisting the Drac. They break is essentially
a book of prose in praise of the ideal of nonviolence and of a true exponent of that ideal. The roots of Mr. Baez's nonviolent views are deeply ingrained Nonna middle twenties she was a sickly child easily succumbing to the mildest disease and prone to wild dreams. Frail and fragile. Joan grew up in a nomadic atmosphere. The middle one of three sisters part Mexican and part Scottish. She quickly and resolutely despite her frailty learned the rules of surviving in the American Southwest. The chapters dealing with her childhood are among the best in the book. Simply stated sometimes humorous sometimes sad but always with the spiritual lilt of an enduring adolescent. The passages illustrate that John was usually smarter than the adults appear she encountered yet was compassionate and understanding of their shortcomings and of her own. The two people who have had the most important effect on her are not surprisingly her parents. What is surprising is their approach. Her mother for example has gone to jail twice with Joan and has seemingly
endured experiences better. Her father never quite able to accept his daughter's strange independent actions and protesting the war in Vietnam has nevertheless been able to accept her theories. Perhaps the single most influential person in her life outside her family is a man whom she met at age 16 and who has who she separate first to his IRA IRA's two passions on nonviolence and literature both of which attracted most buyers through a relationship with Ira she gained a firm foundation in the tenets of nonviolence which along with music were to big to become the abiding force in our life. It's interesting to note that a musical ability is mentioned only briefly and usually in connection with something else. Mrs. Byass whole approach is in fact understated. This is up to five as it is as is illustrated in the last section of the book. She relates a series of cleverly chosen experiences she's had with analysts and with a group of blind children and a dialogue she has a non pacifist. What comes through in these passages of most of us on a government race sex and especially
war and killing a primary belief appears to be quite simple. Peace can only be attained through love. Understanding physical and spiritual brotherhood and nonviolence is the key and motive force. The smile the moving book clearly speaks in the language and thoughts of many people today especially the young. The honesty and openness MS bias promotes makes DAYBREAK worthwhile reading even if you don't agree with abuse. This is Baen Books in the news prepared or presented by Alex Boyd and sponsored by the Illinois State Library. This is a University of Illinois radio service. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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In program number 393, Alex Boyd talks about Joan Baez's "Daybreak."
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A quick look at newly published material and books of current interest.
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