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You're no good here. If one of Europe most of the Celtic population of northern Belgium began when St.. I'm on his way to Rome a vision of think what of him to preach the gospel to the northern border where they intersect two monasteries at the confluence of the lease and Scheldt river. These were to be the origin of the city of Ghent throughout the
13th and 14th century. Again it was the center of German trade because of its position astride the cologne road and by the middle of the eighteenth century it was a thriving bustling city of thirty thousand inhabitants. It was firmly established as one of Europe's great cities. B. From some by those Cathedral in Ghent Belgium we have heard a composition by Jacobo
break a lot. Moby at the organ in same Buffalos was erected between the ears 16 53 and 16 55 as the result of the joint efforts of lowly beasts and distrait both from these two organ builders were the immediate successors of the famous place band called the gate. The instrument there's the scutcheon of the Bishop asked. Evidence historians accept as proving that the bishop presented it to the cathedral the bishop whose tenure centered around the 16th that the seven repeatedly presented the cathedral with all sorts of art objects. Turning now to the works of another early Flemish master we will hear their own people talk by Hendrik Aesop. Even today by modern standards of size the organ in some bubble is in Ghent
Belgium is an impressive instrument. When it was constructed in 16 53 by the combined efforts of lowly beasts and that stray It was erected in a handsome sculptured case for the work of Silva a native of the city. The entire instrument is placed in the transept in order to survive the rigors of unheated buildings ancient organs required constant care and in some cases rebuilding of the wood parts in 16 80 to about 30 years after its installation. The organism by those was rejuvenating by the builder. J.B. force field this renowned technician lived in Antwerp for a time and then moved to Brussels about 17 25 when he died 10 years later. Two famous 18th century organ builders learned their trade from force we'll be given pet again and bandwagon. We'll rebuild the Winchesters and revealed some of the pipes of the sun by the orbit in 1767 80 years later.
I'm better than that again. The second member of the then organ building dynasty did considerable renewal work on the instrument only a few years ago the Western plumbing organ builder luk worked extensively on the organ retaining most of the original instrument and leaving the voicing as he found it. Organist shrank and continued our concert from Sam babble at the jewel in Ghent Belgium playing with variations by Peter corny. Wrong With NEA shouldn't the work by the 17th century Flemish Master Peter Courtenay
the president organise some Bible it has forty eight stops distributed on two manuals and there are complete diet plays and choruses on the manuals and the petals. The instrument is unusually interesting because of the generous number of solo and special stops it contains the original root cause the TV has been redesigned into a choir organ with the stop list which gives it a crisp distinctive sound. The pedal division is impressive with the pitch range from 30 to put the to put stops. That was the part you didn't feel by the 18th century Flemish composer might be a splendid
gain a program of music on the organ and some bubbles Cathedral in Ghent Belgium continues with the work by good NATO right Flemish priest organist and composer. In all probability a Reich performed on the organ we are hearing today because in 1741 he took the post as organist clan master and Chaplin at some of those cathedral and continued in this position until 1757 Reich published a number of works including Six Suites for plotless and flute or violin and archives in the Louvre and Brussels contain additional manuscripts of his works. Organist The Governor Bush Reagan performed the Cecilia by the Reich. Again by the Nader Reich former organist choirmaster and chaplain of Sam
both Cathedral in Ghent from 1741 to 1757. Gay was a contemporary of Wright although he was some 25 years Reich senior. Even more interestingly he was born in get although you no doubt knew of some of those good people in his hometown. It appears that he spent his most important professional years in London where he became extremely successful as a teacher player on the harpsichord and collector of musical instruments. Today's programme played on the tube manual and pedal 48 stop organ in the sound of those Cathedral in Ghent Belgium concludes as organist Gabriele for Schrank and performs a live show but Beast Les. The concluding composition you'll heard was a by John but Pete.
I'm listening to a program called the theory of Europe instrumental record literally to the middle of the eighth and you're likely recorded by members of presently. I stated that and I agree with your network program with prepared and written over by the University of Michigan broadcasting service at Burroughs and inviting you to listen again next week at the same time another program of a European order. This is the national educational radio network.
Ancient European organs
St. Bavon's Cathedral
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University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program features recordings of the organ at St. Bavon's Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium. Performances include works by Obrecht; Isaac; Cornet; van den Gheyn; and Raick.
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Recordings of noted organs at various locations throughout Europe.
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Writer: Welliver, Harry B., 1910-2005
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