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major funding for this program has provided by the washington centennial commission additional funding is provided by the music and art foundation the washington mutual savings bank foundation mr cliff rand and why the subscribers of kqed's seattle oh really you all celebrate their women as a series of short programs to honor washington state's centennial year mary walker the third one woman ever to cross the rockies kept uniquely intimate diaries which can now be shared with future generations they gave a very candid view over harsh life in the untamed wilderness larry wrote feel lonely tonight wish husband could converse about something dear we are not that society for one another which man and wife are to be mary scarcely knew her husband o'connor before they were married and immediately
embarked on the westward journey of eighteen thirty eight it was a marriage of convenience each been missionaries each having been advised by the board of missions to get married before going west during the five months of nineteen hundred miles they travel married became pregnant her diary entries reflects not only the strain of her relationship with her new husband an added apprehension now carrying you get to china you we're as it is that if you go and i find it difficult to get the usual amount of two firms if i were to yield information was a cry half the time without knowing what for the circumstances are rather trying so much danger it turns me on every hand along jenny it before me going i know not expect to survive or don't oh oh i feel so tired of mr walker mary always called her husband mr
walker he seems to think a lot more of mrs smith and anthony spends a great deal more time in her society than mine i feel that i am truly neglected i had no idea we were to experience so much wind and co i feel that dangerous and perils of weight that we ought to realize every day may be our last the law was finally arrive safely at the whitney mission of wine unit who knew what is now walla walla after the birth of mary's first child they moved on norse to the new mission site chanel come near spokane at first the roof of their cabin was nothing more than grass and saw blade over polls after heavy rains this roof often late great club the walls of mud this morning a part of the wall of my house fell husband was in bed but he escaped without being much hurt them from him this evening i feel sad that my husband cannot be contented to spend one hour with me it
must appear to other people that he's better content it anyway and at home the house and it frequently happens when i think of much i wished to say you know i was so rich fatigues so drowsy as a busy final convenient opportunity to what i would have said it any air a rose about five o'clock had an early breakfast got my house went down and they'd six more lives brad i need a can of much and now how to see what putting in some beef boiling be the most politically with me through the expected soon nine o'clock pm was delivered of a son these i felt a certain ambivalence toward spokane indians with whom she
lived and worked while she wished she could do more for them she also feared for her own children associating with these what she called he bends and i'm thinking much today on the prospect of doing good among the indians feel disheartened because they all seemed doomed to melt away like the snow and all we can do is easily calculated to hasten their doom indians are running all they have been trying to teach them the figures there are so many interesting young people and children i never could make white children understand how was quick on a trip south to visit a whitman's mary roach we went to the fort on hulu's the waterfalls initiate democratic are so steep that the water is reduced to new spray we missed the way i had to climb into sand mountains and pass a ravine most grand perhaps i ever so huge price increases cravings are granted or hanging on your hand i carried my date over the whole not without apprehension
after nine years and the birth of six babies the water station can was dramatically ended with the weekend massacre one hundred fifty miles to the south the spokane indians assured the walkers of their protection but after five months of sleepless nights and dreadful rumors of attack took the missionary work to oregon there's aaron
Celebrate the Women
Mary Walker
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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Mary Walker – One of the first white women to cross the Rocky Mountains in a covered wagon. She kept intimate diaries of her challenges while on the trail and of her missionary life, building a rustic shelter in the wilderness, ministering to the Spokane Indians, and raising a family under trying conditions. Part of a series of "mini docs" to honor Washington state's women for the state’s Centennial, 1989. Series has profiles of: Helen Thayer, Roberta Byrd, Helma Ward and Mary Walker. Funded by Washington Centennial Commission.
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Editor: Walkinshaw, Jean
Host: Hunt, Suzi
Interviewee: Walker, Mary
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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