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production of casey yes for students to use is true new rules as being the truth i'm louisa
the great thing is that the japanese do in that wonderful screens particularly cruel and then we don't really the new creations have to think about things to have ehlers been runners preparing really see the best new york well mostly they are magical i like the dark rich colors like a strange all koreans and minaret brownson and i liked that whole earth color school and i think this has a lot to do with being close to nature but i think that it has also something to do
with studying for things like reader japanese prince that's when pressed one eye one of allowing that was long heard plans to do you know me maryland's it's kind of panoramic and i produced the valley is a long narrow stripe and then ruth hall scattered along and the intervals that would make for interesting timing both in their heart like you my chooses to do for black holes and red color and then maybe you make our way or at the end of the composition and i like this kind of timing in the country of an egregious or ideas of natural forms and the things that we really shouldn't apply mourn art painting and people the center on in the subject think tanks and then they stand out of the small theory that some miners and then they just take this to the current i'm
nothing this ntsb the lovings thing and i don't have much rooted to do with ego or hamas stacking up when you're seeing four or maybe another big been a massive change of seasons or the specific of when you hear the information water the chinese are present in them thea lee country around here and i can't play in all
of the current level of rejecting rock concert covered with ancient trees according to some people it is the only second tune in beauty to the inland sea of japan but i'm sure that the the moment of the water and water with the rods and all doesn't hurt or an hour is the provision of arthur ochs than one rockets another opera the fact is this is a magical sign in their later years in three years
in the interest of very early on things become like him and this is the curtain here it doesn't matter we have a lot of families come in the number of cases the father raising of the trial may be a mother or a family friendly completely this is pretty remarkable he which is this long experience management and was
like in the year and then knocks you find out that they relate to very early like my hand and humble sign and also certain indian point and i just think that there are certain things in nature that any group of people exposed to a long i would give would recognize become a part of them the league fresh interest in in the indian things have to do with when you discovered that there was a relationship to other great cultures who you are carried away with specific study i don't kill us honda's iron lion our best interest on these things just naturally or in your work at our aha
well as that we sit right here and where communist at cubism all of these these rocks stronger family and then you go into the us particularly broken roth well you find these indices endless variety of forms and just go on you know that information and the color itself the oh sarasota town an unspoiled and because it was a fishing village and then across the way
into and billie joe i have a couple of pieces by i don't have to be in the white house i've lived with three different women and i have very close friends that lived within an idea i think of them as being very rich and beautiful periods but so the thing that i couldn't go on because this can work through this as a bomb squad getting old you're well when things are going wrong and the most current legal framework to keep working in a fool's paradise i do i
think that we think we know that we are legion and everybody especially light you really have to have is one person to believe that believing you know and this it has to be more than your mother i think i've been very fortunate with years of those borrowers been somebody who believes in this weaning of light a half sleep it's
over in seattle after i came back to the united states and one to fall apart education i became aware that i'm just being drawn into this big current of so called modern movement if you're in the system you can produce modern art was no war resume and through individually listed
scores the thinking goes to my heritage and sang there's something special about on our mountains in the northwest especially in our own state you know from my house what i'm designing i always think about the locals want a simple and very basic things the natives there and in tibet or some remote mountain village so it's a fitting of harmony
of birds man and space has a beautiful thing you know this eventually becomes an ally the slots behind piling sour forms known for his travel around the world in search of thousand and some of the tactics that the country can confront them and that they are building dams to me this is the expression of the endless supply of energy which is very misleading to people today most obese
as i became you know more than successful lot of people ask me why the tea shop downtown do big things well i was like that we're living here and working it close to my family i get all my i think most of my major worked so well for children the oldest boys misses the years rose discovers new ways to you know in doing so he gets the right combination of his aesthetic desire is for women comes together in perfect union joy designed in the vault that way it is in all
his clothes and rivers goes in and the circles and its house possibility of continuous and early symmetrical pattern which we find in nature and trees and lions and no my wife is a book analysis is that i do my work at home close the ketchup one of the horns like that and i think that in the way so he was just going through a sort of faith and i can say there was never any conflict or my wife is very artistic two and she has accomplished a lot in
class dance music and know very well that yeah sure for world with very outstanding crew permission of some analysis shows have that dream so i really appreciate person who flies because sooner or was with the prison that's what commuters into royal family they show respect for women do you wish in my mind
about this yes essential dr clare sunny day or ten of a cloud he and drew the day move it rain or misty
was kind of a daily column and fall into rolling down from the hmong or raleigh up the hill and when used them that surrounded by his va why can't sit atmosphere connotation an entirely different state of mind and i think most new mystery of the mountain these were the strongest impression that just living like you're getting up in the morning i'm looking up and similar newer and colored shirts still look ok on this but she was very good
at the moment in the singular bright she'd like conditions especially frozen snow ice prudent views align with just one of the differences between us and the apes order is language that is most memorable as the best way to see it as intensely as i can turn it back into language that doesn't compete necessarily with the paper initially the forest the little things in life the shirley images deported
is decidedly limited veteran is nothing more than an image however good it is my belief that a saying perceived finally when one looks so long and the arctic longer has looked at the chilly until you know and the kind of knowing that occurs in poetry is related to the mount doom from the first show one can suddenly become aware of a new consciousness and consciousness i says well i know in the final turn something mystical experience as a onetime it
he ranged assassin it can be done with his go way beyond his cell phone copying six string solo fences being a car loan you bet writing for me is not an easy thing to do i was known as a turquoise through a few in the willows is the last time oh paul forces that was written quite swiftly was a dark turn it took me about three days was in summer now
sitting out there in the grass and the concentration might have some of the lines are no books before but a firearm and possessive about three years and the sense is that this is one of the great poems of our time in a dozen what in a dark time that is to say that my shadow of deepening issue i hear my echo and then winwood lord of a major meeting two or three i love it that's magnus collective soul of us what circumstance of days on fire another purity of pure despair my shadow pinned against those swerving will but place among iraq's is addictive or winding path to the edges but i
have a study has drawn the correspondences i'm like schillinger birds the writing and in broad daylight midnight come again a man go far to find out what is the book itself and alone careless mind oh not for his blazing on natural light dark dark my light and dr my desire my soul like some heat madden summer fly keep supporting of the spill which is it a fallen man i climb over my fear of mind benders itself and god the mind and long as long flea amateur england and then and internal and four with the people
who seemed to cause he's using servers software of life there remains a second or creationism good tasting is there were and there are great you know mosul pressures and particularly the store managers use the lights on for his own gnawing thing i use foreigners you know is that show and the moon ok oh my counties with his fury for a particular they got them writing class mean that hangs around me that were you know still as long as a news still gets to support putin for tolerance of those is virtually no enough we
need the last big piece of those long as some other oh oh christ i thought i was a specialist in rows of those rows thousand six hundred feet long amanda walker and walk into woes and there's saint jesus christ being honest those start forming new home reading it was like something almost a that was the only human i mean this absolutely beautiful color and everything living not this rose ms rose in this scene when this day
i live with iraq's their weeds there on the fringes of green they're harsh edges their holes cut by the cease fire from the crash of the long swirl they are entirely walls of the top inmates where this family ties their way into the kelp beds and the scenery arranges itself among the smaller near this rose in this groove but some parched the wind warped mcconnell was among the house did treats i came upon the true genius of myself and i stood outside beyond becoming and passion something wholly of years if i swayed out on the wildest way the law yet west you know and i rejoiced in doing when i was in the land of change the white
reptilian column in the guardian about a single on the air to greet him as he flies the dauphin rising from the darkening lee says this week keeping the hall of light gathering to itself signed and science moon and seeing this guy eller r allen lane one
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Three Artists in the Northwest
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Half-hour film portrait of three prominent Northwest artists: painters George Tsutakawa and Guy Anderson, and poet Theodore Roethke. PBS released the program four times in 1977-78. Received two local Emmys for Outstanding Program Achievement and Cinematography, 1977; First Place, Washington Press Women Awards; First Place National Press Women Awards of Excellence, 1977; special citation from Corporation for Public Broadcasting Local Program Awards, 1976. Fully funded by NEA.
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Editor: Walkinshaw, Jean
Interviewee: Anderson, Guy
Interviewee: Tsutakawa, George
Interviewee: Roethke, Theodore
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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