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i'm a bit of period this faces of the city when you look at the trial to see an outlying attractive person whose disabilities don't seem very bright that's why we like to add a little film about twenty years ago she was struck with polio at that time her husband had a nervous breakdown and has now been with her since her two small children were put into foster homes she was left that those vegetable everyone three supposed that she was doing better life in bed in one day to the surprise of adoptees she persuaded that a physical therapist and she took a few steps as you say he's been doing it ever since each station at my respirator that's effective or not within five year old pass it came and that have very early i really thought i had to lead a good life because i didn't smoke or drink or gamble and why did this happen to me
but then on the other hand it's my young fan who have hooked on psychology is that it couldn't have happened to a better person knowing it i think of a mom always said they always put nature with the right person or it finds some of the ones that have a disability and it's not met they die very quickly i think the thing that happened was i got to thinking well i had lost everything from that isn't a cure my children and families having to take your eye has been i have nothing if it made from another person who is lost as it out that but what i was very lucky i had a lot of doctors and nurses who were interested in
cause you know that welfare for the blind and disabled you really can't beat at the biggest changes that i was born a loner finally a loner well opportunity to believe i'm going to survive with their owner i found also that i had do our people we've been the biggest thing in my life and outside of the fact that i really learned to be a great pitch you know i have mr pondering what can you do because you can't not be creating i've been spending my own war which is quite a feat to do with one to obama ayers than one ballot hand you know i know an hour how close did that day that i get trapped
in long they always say hi anything they always make it recognize and i haven't been available with what i count on more of the adult for human look way in some american parents they think of a kind related to panic i think if they would rely on our prisons are obviously making it so this is what i'm doing and not popping i think one of the i think i
go act of somebody with me but i'll go yet i guess the thing i would like the clerk looked at me i forgive me oh you forget these things they would destroy me if i dwelt on them and so i would have to think very hard before i think of some of the indignities but they have to happen and some of them may have been so cruel and a nato and cried for five years you know we cried we can't be partners you know it's always years ago a crying when some while i cry most of those people are family you
know earn a rally we're going to be one day you walk down the hall and got the mail two hours later you can't walk down the hall and get that mail was sent there be something in your life and you have a hard life keaton years for alabama not letting our band rapping all sorts of emotional new degrees we've finally and most of the time that the roses is buried so deep that doesn't know i mean once in a while i think probably in my brain is for giving out the money doldrums is i don't want to be like the idaho want to lose my friends they're acquaintances and upgrading asking for too long a time even the best of friends wolpe i mean we're all human and chris prayed god basically
very hard to say please don't give me strength to do what i happen to you i like they can do and i think i picked him to fake the need to give me yellow her it's the day when asked to be done the seattle public library have died at a program that didn't come around to the homes and they bring books to those who are shouting and the problem has been going to mean that there is a change in my life i tell people live without books and magazines the newspaper anything but when you have when you shot here a professional librarian can zoom in on what you're saying and get things and i get underway i've been a
madhouse for your i keep thinking that that's been around all i've heard the viking get them all when they come in all sorts of plans for the whole month this guy is great what disturbs me because as i get older i'm finding that i don't sail around nearly as much which means that somebody else is going to have to help more basically nobody will give birth they don't want to take these jobs one the biggest thing for my mom right now what is my job to give in a cafe the next four years that i would be put in a nursing home was saying go from cooking my own meal and making only come close is to a nursing home situation which is so frightening i just don't think a nursing mom i mean i'm craig what
makes that in iraq as a kick me out of a nursing home in action because my mind is still active we've always been a privacy thing you don't make friends with your next door neighbor and i think part of it maybe they don't want to get involved they think if they had been nice to me right have to do something for me but they do things for each other really think about it i don't want to be bothered you know they're disturbing exhausting me to use a new memo because nobody's bothering you mangle has out on loan an aide to the man next door as well as anybody so our lord in the streets my eleventh duchess labeled a little lonely your gentleman without taking a constitution they you may be honest now they seem that they probably walk back to the room
snow i desperately needs smile and even here i think about the third thing it when somebody comes to the door is a couple coffee in their hand do you know what it means to eat our meals alone not to see another person told that happened that your mouth but i never was the enchantment i've learned to walk into everything all over again a very lazy mouth and i've never gotten over the miracle i'll be able to do this that i think everybody has the jury i'm just gonna get that washing dishes less to wash dishes by including me by the narco being able to force that this is a line and that perry hospital the miracle of being able to entertain them in my mouth and ensuring them it's strange
it is it has been
Faces of the City
Theta Karl
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Episode Description
A profile of Theta Karl on living with the effects of polio.
Series Description
Faces of the City: A series of individual shows with short profiles finding the extraordinary in the ordinary based on Studs Terkel’s approach. 1972 and 1973. Profiles include: a taxi driver, a divorcee, a garbage man, an Afro American airline stewardess, a nun, a grocery checker, a member of the Elks Club, a teen-age Korean emigree, and a female office janitor. Selected programs shown on PBS. Received local Emmy for Outstanding Program Achievement and PMN “Best of the West” Award, Television Information category, 1975.
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Host: Byrd, Roberta
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
Speaker: Karl, Theta
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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