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i'm a very period pieces faces of the city in the pioneer square or seattle is getting all dressed up and looking quite magnificent people who go there feel pleasantly nostalgic about this region's of the past and feel this is an intelligent step forward for the whole city but a few long time residents such as larry hall bartender and honor of the green frog cafe are concerned about the human costs they have quite a different view i'm always very hard because i'm here melissa and i would say there's less here than there is in the hotel is a lot of people get together they feel comfortable around the type of people at them and those levees don't go work for the railroad worker truck drivers longshoreman for the law to work out the bad weather they'll find
that help them in a couple of hot buttered rum for something these people out there that were that most people who are my but that will lose a lot are you disappointed hello lloyd philip is to give more of the older people making work about well i guess i'm going to get three dollars in our working yard on the why you know maybe it all along until they get in a large amount and then the welfare might match that with me you know men
can work even though the morning i guess you were there now lionel sosa who have read the barn owl home icon lionel snow the parliament there's no money available so there's that you can email or some i was so fired a shot that's when i saw a move as will the virus were
invited and i went a whole race for about three hours it's been nice boy is bleak i don't know who wields power i think it could be real about it is there's several itself pulleys to have maybe more maybe last semester they cannot vote for a woman getting the water out of what i you
know i guess you were beautiful but it's the cities that are much money to throw away one hundred and two years we were i was written by or we were in the morning i come to work at five o'clock and no you never see it anymore they'll lay off always people that work or have a jobless it into an adult plant trees and build parks they get this for four years why wait for years to prove a level or what they're going to do with the other words that we've built you really like there's a lot of people didn't get older peoples' social security so many
photos new ones people saw that it was a mistake and a lincoln continental would jail for you know maybe believe the model a ford actually something i've always wondered whether the old coyote today with the police should use a lot more than we do about a wealthy political will
oh i taught myself lots of that simple and as the victim of the ways that we've imagined it to be something vote bob wheelock week or so those elements of the three words they didn't get home late my little one was no other work as his mother and things like that and other than that i don't you know about too many things over three years he's
been demons b equals but it has been
Faces of the City
Larry Culp
Producing Organization
KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Episode Description
Profile of bartender Larry Culp on his feelings towards recent changes to Seattle's Pioneer Square.
Series Description
Faces of the City: A series of individual shows with short profiles finding the extraordinary in the ordinary based on Studs Terkel’s approach. 1972 and 1973. Profiles include: a taxi driver, a divorcee, a garbage man, an Afro American airline stewardess, a nun, a grocery checker, a member of the Elks Club, a teen-age Korean emigree, and a female office janitor. Selected programs shown on PBS. Received local Emmy for Outstanding Program Achievement and PMN “Best of the West” Award, Television Information category, 1975.
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Moving Image
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Host: Byrd, Roberta
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
Speaker: Culp, Larry
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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