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and indeed a major funding for this program has provided by the washington centennial commission additional funding is provided by the music and art foundation the washington mutual savings bank foundation mr cliff island ny the subscribers of casey ts seattle oh me is a series of short programs to honor washington state's centennial year in this profile we celebrate women who live here because of the great variety of out of doors experiences how unfair formally from new zealand now lives in the foothills of the cascades in order to be near the mountains helen is a superb athlete and has represented the united states our national teams in luge track and field events but her most recent notable
achievement was to be the first woman to ski alone and without a resupply to the magnetic north pole and she's in training to go the true north pole this year she's an expert mountain climber and feels grateful to those who pioneered in such activities if i thought was the first woman to climb an iranian see climate and eighty nine say that she didn't have the advances of the modern day climbers she had two am very heavy clothing in haiti that will in bloom as at any other current and see carried a long walking stick in hand whereas i climb this mountain twenty one times but i've always been able to use the bags of heights a lightweight floating ice axes and crampons that this lady she was inexperienced he didn't have any of the badges that we have as the airwaves it's rather outrageous when you consider this situation to alice these days but i think that she probably think wait what would be in comparison and perhaps we asked but i really have my
lady like this because of what she did and i'm sure it's strange for a shared her family at the social aspect and that it wasn't a particularly woman like thing to do in those days because she had the courage to go out and do this women like megan delegate and thomas mann twenty one times oh nice things about climbing mount rainier is that when you turn around to come down to this absolutely magnificent panoramic view of facts ma'am veterans and in five factories rains the peak has been a mountain climbers think i'm crazy for taking my frown fires most crime isn't that interested in fall farmers and more interested in reaching the
summit i think it's more subtle tale enjoy the entire mountaintop the bottom and just the senate or seven hats that mountain crew sally and i often find that the mountains rise to ohioans to the train that's the mountain climbing and also for the north pole expeditions and i find that that even fifteen years of age i'm renee montagne i get up at four am and i run three miles and they knew i was at the slave have very steep trails everyday and that this gives me the necessary leg strength to get to the pole is i found it on that and five months later
they call those a very fine aged between providing enough by the prolific for the single most dangerous part of the whole thing is a huge fast strong totally fearless than meat eaters they'll actually kill any human and i use a warning shots my rifle english as an eyedropper play from south side sometimes in london led me back a couple of feet that i would take one step and try to make myself into his latin nuisance as i possibly could make myself that they finally give up and go away thinking i was just too much trouble to put on the scene that night and charlie was trying to get check on one occasion saved my life the last storm was the very worst know some enormous gas to wind came in like most of my food fuel and some equipment was just sucked right out of that state for that i think
i lived the book of john because the book of john in the new testament is full of rough and that's one thing i found that i could not really anything that had anything to do with dave's been any violence whatsoever because i was dealing with them about his next fight is inherently the aston villa is so i wanted to unionize and loud that i didn't want anything that was violent it'll make it
Celebrate the Women
Helen Thayer
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Helen Thayer – A climbing guide and out-of-doors athlete who with her dog is the first woman to ski alone and without re-supply to the magnetic North Pole. She was training to reach the true North Pole when this program was made. Part of a series of "mini docs" to honor Washington state's women for the state’s Centennial, 1989. Series has profiles of: Helen Thayer, Roberta Byrd, Helma Ward and Mary Walker. Funded by Washington Centennial Commission.
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Editor: Walkinshaw, Jean
Host: Hunt, Suzi
Interviewee: Thayer, Helen
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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