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I've been operating a program to release people on their own the cognisance in San Francisco and I've had a lot of contact with young people who have had various kinds of difficulties with the police. I think there's a growing concern about the police and I think it's a concern that all of us share. But I think we've had very little knowledge and we've done very little thinking about what should happen with the police. What sort of decision should be made about how the police should operate. I think before we can make those kinds of decisions which we all are going to have to make there we're going to have to do some serious explorations we're going to have to find out about some of the problems. I've invited a group of young men from Hunters Point to talk about some of their contact with the police and some of the problems they feel they have. And this is to kick off some kind of discussion about police and police practices.
Let me begin by asking in general. Well let's start by talking about some of the contacts you've had with the police and some of the problems you think have occurred that you want to start. Yeah there's a lot. See About four years ago it started me being devoured all nice and things but I had a few experience it you know I can accept you know. Do we control the job and that I remember when I was just you know rare and I'm now on my way home you're listening I was poor though because then there are no later Mara Liasson plays. He take you can see wait a minute you know and he caught in. SIEGEL chippers and Warsaw you know the hair. But yet still he still hey me up on the
street. Really neat you know. He checked my registration and my license so he you know he looked there and he figured I had for my registration and my license the figurehead for the figure I had for US dollars plus to see the seals there was in my drawer been tampered with you know like if the car was stolen. There are lists I knew weren't true because this is the way you know I received in the mail and this is where I bought a car you know. And there's you know hours of rest and things in the book then in this chart you know which I hadn't had to go to court on because they dismissed but it was still you know put down in my reckoning Vang's. Will report came it to my probation it was just written no word happen
Poors about me or just ration and license tags that was in my car was temp was sorry Tennessee My car was stolen. So this one came down came that a Muppet based in the US and he approached me with this you know. Sister Put came out it was put what happened in this with on my record you know I want clear. They didn't in any way try to say that you weren't guilty of that and that you were really responsible for what happened. Did you feel that that has had a bad influence on your record since that time you believe it has you know. How about you all the money Richard. About two years ago from cancer caring will follow and they yes had a complaint against me. And the polies you know they just jumped out the car
and then you know I got a very cooperation I was and they're not going to tell him he has me you hardly come alone you know the court you know because they found the guy. Maybe it was just a complaint but you know he's dealing with me and I got to retire and I mean you know until operation hours about this. Low incidence was false but I mean he just you know he laugh and you know also you know he showed me write me and then he showed me his presentation. You know you think this influenced him. Air is is the you know we're not we're not really you know but more that they is he won't fool with me you know every time they see me walking down the street and I want to I want to walk on the way and they have for my life. You know I would if it was part you know and I say what you won't you know
clogging the class and say I want to be here you know. Well come on you know call them a name. And I'm not driving my car is parked in a lot parking lot and they want to rassle told me you know me from there. Why do you think they were doing that. Well I think most of us know you know it's not what you know and that's what starts rides make you know coming there were flashing red lights and yellow lights and sirens and all these wagons and motorcycles and things like that. Speaking of you know everybody you know quite nationalist go back to be by the time a day and a clone or so that's going to law school you know and you know like Dead Sea cause rad but every since that time.
Polies always fooled me come down on me say. So you think that they could have treated you differently somehow you know it because hey Mr. So-and-so can we talk to you for a minute. We sign a card for a minute you know my car you know my car would love to see some time in my covers laughs. And I came in like that. You know it's not only you know I want the trees and then you know some you know they don't treat me in the healing bean I know lead now. You know you know give me respect as a. Reptile or some kind of animal you know. Just respect they will give me you know. So I said Did you ever have a case that was thrown out of court where you felt that they arrested you falsely or well yeah I was what I would talk about it with throughout.
But you know you know me and won't go now because it will fall off. Wow came from now. Yeah. None of your followers Evan if you know it's been gone over two years so they don't love me some follow suit you know. What do you think they should have done what do you think they should have done if they want to approach me. Yeah well you know I'm told me you know problem you know your problem you know probably lack of men young men you know. Well can I talk to you Mr. So-and-So and luckily Glenn polyglot show you know Sean you know you know you know Polish they took out a gun and you know I mean steaks you know why do you think they do that I mean we're left with Lester. That's just a surprise. Say you think it's prejudice. Yes this particular prison precinct. Thank God you know
the math community you know. What have you guys been trying to do. About if you try to do anything concerned about it if you try to talk to the police every time you every time you move the thing term you know you are a nuisance. OR WE ARE LIKE to where your your obvious history nurse you know and he passed me you know and he said you talk to the suddenness of that. You go yeah where you talk to the sergeant sing. And he tell you to get on on your face you know that he's crazy you know from now on he was you got to talk about that. Yeah what. I said if you try to do things about the you know you feel that there are problems with the way the police were approaching you feel or prejudiced feel or prejudiced against black people. If you ever try to lodge a complaint if you ever try to talk with the police about it. No.
This is. It. No changes none whatsoever you know. Still a slang or fanatic. I'm going to rest. Just talk to us some more office permit can't come in to the station first. You just want to count. I'm counting all the polling station all the drill I you know. Yes just ask you you know
see I was about to have you know an hour work in. Sounds I was going to go to a party a program for community you know. So four hours a day you work you know you'll get paid that much money you know. So I come to the rec resume you would have to you know. And they closed and I applied and I got a problem and eat my lunch and you enough in the polies. Yes. So he just pull away and take me down to the hog thought of seeing you need take me down you know. We literally have to let's see I would do and I said I just got I will let me buy lunch you know. So we get down sir for you go down to the harm done. There goes a brass ring and if
I had a room you know $16 want beer when you done it goes all to my property. And I had only as big as fit six big you know and you know I'm a pink living over there for but this is Negro you know Polish ours and he tells me that my car is stolen. Pay for care so he takes one pink slip and I give it back to you when you when you have a good hour you pay that weren't you know so well next day I got out you know. So I what I want to see by my pink slip. So they give me a run around as you know come out you know later on after our now that this morning no Pauli's one poll is out it tomar please look toward up you know that well can you sell a car you know just to we're not going to tell me was don't say.
Let's first take my album. Like I say within four years I want to experience with these Polish this is and nothing is happening to me. I got off work. Again a friend a mask on our road hour by hour two and I come back to give him a car you know. Stan And first a friend of Mack come over here asking where I was going you know and I told him I was gone are home and here you can read all there were told to me or come out with this is he was good. We had to get in and go to police cause drove up you fall deep you know and you know come knocking on though you know getting ready to open a door so I lost my dough and the keys in the car and I got out and he tell me the marker been identified and route you know which I know I
committed rather saw may or not you know was there any way I can see from the book me on this tour. So in a way we're just down to the holiday just as you know so Dolly changed who we are we're through it was about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning you know before we got to go to the sales that we get you know and Hala just so. I laid down and went to sleep because that hour more and I was tired I was there now you know our mouths were gonna sleep this were our field you know. So I lay down and went to sleep you know I was there and he wakes me a tertian would have played Jack on my leg and then he seen a bed to lay down there and go to sleep. We're still here open to the sailors you know and I took for granted that I could go down there and lay down and go to sleep you know. Further he tells me or my leg would a blazing tear me together in a bed told me to
go to sleep. So he takes me down here. I don't know where it was Take Me To You know he takes me and put me in a hole. Yes dear. I got busted with a friend a man and he was already here know all get out to the hole here read out to him were to happen you know he said some drugs came in their nature and they was talking aloud at them as you know. The police thought that he was an invalid and wouldn't grass is talking about you know so they put him in a holding tank. They gave you know come back in the. Me and put me in a hole you know. Then they say we have another charge on this you know I still got a face in court you know those are interfering with police activity on a stand without a know nothing about this but I had said this in court you know still this were done on my record you know a certain taboo and the few you know they
weren't ready because I don't have no type of port you know their environment you know. But yes did they drop the charges that they hear here oh me in the beginning you know it is healed me illness so the only you they drop the initial charge the arrested you're on and the only charge that you had was what happened once you were in the police station here I see you're what you would want to say something more but I want to say I'm going to rest. Holy. It was CT into a completely different story. See what they got over in years. Not all of the bullies won't cooperate. All they want to do is restore us.
You haven't said much yet about what we've been talking about. What do you do you think the problem so that the U.S. Well if you know how or when I was coming up and heading for my MS animals and using our representatives to work out and sanity an area now where can i was point to and before this tree we're going to look at the police from that time on. And looking them the way I have to deal with now I've come to conclusion that they have power. Just like I say they have a double competition one for the White American one for black America and I also think that's why the police force you know they have police for white Americans in and one for black Americans now to say this is it take a Gallic to Francoise Willie Brown and then they get treated like white people because a little white society and the police know the part of town they live in but if they came all the way how was they get treated the same way because of the color they face. But the way they lived you know they live in they don't get to elect a white America and you take the hippies when hippies in LEO sort of like black people live you know. I pull in and that's why I think they get
treated the same way the black people get treated as you know and our. Women as I know I say the same way I mean they get treated with brutality the same way black people get beauty treated with brutality. Now in my life they might hesitate to go in the hippie crowd shootin but they want to hear the tape to go in there with gas and then you know because it is just on here you know and in it a black woman in the black people up like they wouldn't care about shooting one down to give an example you know. So it isn't just a matter of race you think. Where it is now saying is that if you are reckoned as in America then the police the police recognize you but the black people is really not enough black people reckon as an American the police don't reckon as a you know you go down like you take Negro leaders you know those that live in white societies that don't deal with the people they are black people much except for stateless to TV radio programs. Well then they don't be harassed but you take black leaders as that comes out into the ghetto
like it's doubly comical Rap Brown Barry Seal even remodelled to killing all of those have been busted with the exception of Stokely Carmichael and the only reason he haven't been busted accuracy is because he's got recognition because he's traveled around the world. But you take all the other militant leaders that take as a column. They have even Martin Luther King he's not he's not even militant but instead he causes a lot of people wake up he deals with people that they want to stay what they want to stay sleep and he got busted in the South you know they did lock him up if he if they brought him up enough like enough or touching for locking him up because they reckon that his program was a lot better program to them than a program such as the Black Panthers or the Muslim program. You take the grab around it like they busted him he was human so comical really was on the same level they both was as a kid again as you know the stock was more reckoned as all the world around him and as an American and it daughters whom Jack honor on him and that's why they are able to mess with him the way the ills you know not like any black man that trash has to be a Negro
leader a black leader. And he's militant I think the police will automatically fan away to arrest him you know because that's how the double police force coming in you know like. You go down like this is where we send our money doubling the police force and all the weather doesn't it really isn't black areas you know oh I hear you ask all of Dublin they're doing you know like I used to judge I want to use it just police policemen the way they used to judge a black man they say. If they look see one person doing this judge a whole bunch of values to do police that way but the job I have now I've been able to deal with more policeman and I've come the fan a policeman and Cisco are really not like the police and I come out of the train station. I get impression at the police station feel that to do this type of job they have to do it just like if you're a janitor when you go in a job is hard but you found a way to make it easier. And I knew police were on the trail. He makes his job hard he goes on a rest is a lot of people cause he thinks you have to know that you know when we get
older. He tends to say well make the job easy. I'm out and see that I'm gonna make my job easier but I can sense that you know you know us you know. Yeah. So they wanted to try I want to kind of you know you know always said I go opponents hours jacket on you if you do you know he was walking down the street you know he go bungee gun in your bus your own something. You know come again something you know. So when his new colleagues come here come ashore morale was you know airing our special pole special Polizei was a guy now said I with a machine you know tactical squad with pets on a little patch of to get up early. Yeah well cry now they're coming they're coming. You know Paul is out there working
for this. Well Howie this is our food. You know different. Different kinds of back Sabol back east. It's all point is our So what do cities cities city you know might just see this goofball view right here. Our air time you seem I want you to pull him over every time I want. Every time you think I want you to pull him over and then you know he be put on your job I want to tell you see her here here here he said. Then I go around a corner and say oh well this is this is that one's card is that one card is hers cognisant this card is discarded alkie what have a night of mourning. I want you to pull him over and stop and search you know you know you know. Take brutality does would they go
into the police department. Yeah the police department's been emphasizing community relations programs if you had a community relations officer and hundreds point has it had any effect it's a cache to the whole community to work in district and I want to work with people you know. Yes dear. When he stopped performing his job and you know and he get a defendant you know a lot of people as in the air you know bring you know we're supposed to be so hip and you know after the fact take a guess and there's no rating. So what do they get religious police officers in the community you know they're supposed to work for this community relationship there get real here. Right away what are you doing tomorrow if you do if you do it
in meetings. You bring it here you go do a job right. Right. Now one thing I like to see you know I just cannot stand it as I'm like you have black people be on the police force that I understand they have I know in our hand to go out there arrest a surge and stop. Why don't they let all of black people as on a police force work in black areas you know back and see it as long as they have some working over here and some working over there and you know you get this mixed thing as we'll let these guys over here. They feel it is gas and not you know and then I just had this mixed up thing that I think they have had a lot of people working here where they come you know everyone moved out of the people held up they never turned a sob about a problem because again I don't have to worry about if you get transferred from northern station. I think a transfer from the Richmond station where he gonna let you know where you are to unharness point and he's a black person. Well he know that in order to stay in a
community where he did not transfer him from his point of view I will see how he would you know. So if I transfer him to another ghetto where we're not you know mission the Chinatowns will not think they would holy pool of blood pressure on Hunts Point and put him in an oven and knows all about you. I get two things from what you're saying. One is that you feel that there's a lot of pressure put on black policemen now because they're in wider areas so that they have to conform more in our series the more they're seriously dude. Now you will see and that you know you're right he will be like Paul is our might be a why Paul is our you know and they are what he's saying and why shouldn't it be just black you know police I was in the black community areas you know like that. When you stand a problem we write you know that the other probably there were really good you know you know like all black police out has been the black
community together the general ghetto area areas you know like that you know black is a black school you know graduate school you know. Just like with not you know you don't have a black police was in the black. They get it you know integrated like away officer and a black officer. My three City police officers in the ghetto area suited up after the Black Police are sick just as worse as the way you know police and press chairperson wait their way police are to be rare and we should do it. I disagree with that opinion and I salute you judge and maybe how you see a few of you in America in a sense I've been working on a job I have I met quite a few policemen in general you know and quite a few black officers on the force
and some guys only audience really feels that they got a show of a feeling that when he delegated a job I feel that I have played a role. Tell me John can make a partner left and you got some guys that is really serious and one of the best example I can think of most of the Geoffrey who was on community relations has again came up there. He had been I think he was on. Let me before we came to this point I think he's working on the undercover undercover agent with folks you know here to get it was uncovered and came out there and just completely switched around me instead of the police work that way he's done it. Stop trying to start a recent problem before it became a police problem and then the police turn right around and put pressure on him so hard that he may quit you know and then within a stick you know and he got to learn all of it on state matter and time we can learn was happen and they let him learn it by itself you know and then next thing you know he'll be are confusing a lot of
concern all the police late for your zillions you know we'll know. It's like you know when they put a black police officer out in a ghetto area he go had to come down on the black ghetto he go had to show to people that he is doing his job right. That's right he will have children people do want a job. And by him doing he making enemies with the black people all the community. Let me switch the subject a little bit. Some one want to answer that some group of black people is here is to we're going to it's a plague Panthers now they haven't made too much headway in hundreds point but that's so that's one solution that come up with what do you guys think of that. I speak now to be a black panther a black pair of organization. They got all mixed up. It is a term that people when they they don't want people to get together. You know stay together
just like. Will appear mixed together they were two black people are you know it's day to be together. Do you think that's true. That matters to assume it is the Black Panthers you know. The Black Panthers and the Asian it young as kind of now can relate to because if you let a black panthers stand up and be in a minute and you know you can go on not all you want to about it don't a wrong way to be right ways but all the Black Panthers and no enemy you know not like I got a lot of the audio I don't go along with the added of just grabbing a good and going out there shooting at police and I'm sure they don't either. You know no matter what no matter sounds I'm pretty sure no black person is going right out and just shoot out the police I don't think they are going as an to shoot up the polies up like what they are doing is organizing their people to be mint and so on so that a women can respect them you know so they can start men treat it like a dog you know because you take
his gas as men to the penitentiary and they went as far back as the mayor can push him back you know because after you go no farther back to the penitentiary. Some have been in a hole to two and three years when I was in a peon and when they come out they can't they can't get a good job. So what they do is a lot I'm going to learn a small company going to pay attention as a college to the black man what he will as an adult penitentiary can teach us actually to teach you better than some colleges that we got here in the city here. Because you can learn all you can learn how to compensate. You can learn about. You can really learn black history in a penitentiary better you can in any school in the city but they don't want to teach you but now they don't want to do that. They don't want to you know because they don't want you to know that I'm right that that's this is part of the system you know. Rana practices are going to go on a lot of things that they say well it's try and have black unity because it's not a problem black unit because the Arabs have the Arab she's proud of themselves Irish unity. Many Chinese are Sally I'm sure it's you know we blend I've challenged him
several people have looked at each other now as they have the people on the street you know and in every time we do get I don't need a system of attacks that attacks them and buses them down you know. Let's talk for a couple minutes about we're going to have to wrap it up shortly but let's talk a little bit about the courts and how you feel that the courts are responding to what happens when you go into court how do you feel that will be intimidated. Let's start with what I noted that court I'm not going to say I know the court they don't want to see the black person they want to get all the black people out to street take care of us. I'm down here going to court on a lost three jobs you know it in a trial do us tells us he know he is prejudice. So we go Center site. I hear a score called he feels he may can take this. I don't know kind of like you were when he says what he's saying there's a lot of pressure to be in
a court room right. Right now it's not a prejudice. And a great deal of people can see that you know he is want to stick their necks out. Maggie said I'm a cork like you know not some kind of black speakers you know but I don't want to not blacks were black were Negroes negro and I must say that you know you know your last again Negara so far. And then again once again I got this call this getting on losing a job thing right and that's what they go into because a lot of practice is a lot of places and of course you know in first class you know going to a black man is being militant. This is where they go look at college and I don't know black man was militant you know into the way Mitt made him this way you know. So they look at you in chorus you Milton you ration you know where that is like.
And you know yeah can you guys be more specific that I have the latter has a lot of nice to type of militants seized the militant that they think all Negros is using it in a way you know this too can a court thing. Going back to the court. You know is going to court from a certain father GATT. Opinion and I get is that the judge is sitting back there and he's looking to kill he looking at a kid he says and he looks up and you see this little black face you know and he say informed opinion is man you know he looked at you know I don't know unless I get a look that is he looks at a thing you say WHERE IS MY he may be right he might be wrong but I'm like I'll let this little black boy come in here and say this white policeman is wrong because if he say he's wrong and enough I let him go with NSA and all these other white policemen here might be wrong too. And then you can just do it. It would just. Turn
on a system more and more people will be a lot thanks so they got to keep their faith. And that's that's just it was just a call we have knowledge you know. They just cannot say this is not can't come out and say that a black person is right when it is only that they think it might make headlines. You know go to mass media and everything I just don't see what I don't understand why they don't do it. But it's wrong you know and I reckon as I'm sure about it else can wreck an ad but it isn't a lot of people that believes in the system so much Listen to come on TV that President Johnson say is right. They believe something like this you know I don't think the courts can put himself on the left will put himself on a generation generation here. So this is more lack of evidence that is fair you know the lack there tell you were an hours away now that you were there or going to
ration when you're 18. We can assume you're wrecking but I had a little misdemeanor case were false. Charge against me and they OK going on by my prior record from human rights in the month for example the CEO there bring it all up and I just put it right. Do you agree that out I'm not a DA that often. So you think it starts from the time you're juvenile and that's supposed to be right in your I think you know that's what I was I was also just dumb luck that's what I learned. Ever I was honest there and done that I mean without you and I said What is the CMA will be oh you know just like that. Back to the Polish then we are looking to you know to close clay and you know the station says no guns you know to me real hard killers you know kill you know they
don't look all right we go to her and her I mean this I don't want to try and let me try and say this that there are some things that I think that you may want the police to do. What do you guys want the police to do. I mean equal do you want to do you want no police out there or just acting right you are just right up there with us. If I say we don't want to only serve to say we want to fight. It's not that we don't want to police is just that we don't want to police helmets when football helmets you know massive come down in front you get for a mascot with nightsticks that's long and a yard stick. Metal helmets only as helmets only they use though in Viet Nam. We don't want these kind of police because you cannot tell me the police coming up there with like that is coming out there to talk to you would understand it now we're coming back to their land again
like they ready to war. Anybody know that when a bunch of teenagers around bunch of kids around and they see this. I would do they do they look in only thing they know is that they Big Brother's util rocks at the police when they was age and they see him and just like that when his first thought is that some of this is how they start rats and I really believe that it went to some police came out and the tackle squad came out in his point of view. Just say what a horrible. Lot of the people standing out on the court is going to know where to go a lot of them have a job and it will be hanging around and just came around. I actually think that someone in the crowd might know Rupp and we thought Iraq now being police when they can get out a car and call in for help and we've got a situation right and I just don't think that we need to tackle the Scraw that we need three or four policemen in a car because they want police to come out and do just as good a job as for canned food just keeping the peace going was always not really keeping the peace will be doing is making people more men is that how to
spend my money on taxes band. Guns and other places just listen to me to see a policeman come out with a machine gun and actually show it around. Yeah you know we've had guys that actually have seen the machine gun attack on a school and that is it for this stuff and then you can rock your own streets and you don't really have remorse. Yes redoes was sad for you can you have I don't see why you k Rocky you can go beyond science. There you see a welcome three of four. You know and then like I said a while back in the afternoon about two o'clock we might be in front of the MGM Gnomeo my me being wrong. As you know you know and there are Russian a Russia a Russian a ghetto community and gay and b bad all all of the six six police on a car and get off you know get out of here you know this this is you know this is you know this is out of that disaster sadly you know we don't have the reparation but you know and you know we opened three
here like we shouldn't have police if this is good to have black other than black and we're black and white like white can't stand black and you know they it's just a difference a great difference you understand. It brings up a point. You talk about a lot of policemen coming out in a car do you think they might be pretty scared out there right now. Then there are police cars here. Why don't you just say it. A white don't understand black people when white people understand us and it's evident that they don't by Heaven program such as this rather than a final problem one they put people out to have a go at us that don't understand us. Right because you know that just like I think you can put a black policeman on his point and he can actually understand why this young man is seeing who got well you know I mean I'm not trying to piss on air but I can actually understand why guys using valid language when a white policeman won't hear exactly like anybody not committing
no crime because that's all English. Is not English. We're not in when I live in Cali do from there is any way from the beginning and see the difference. You said before and I think this is very important because you don't think that whites understand blacks they deny they judge their right to live and so devaluing titter somehow there has to be a way that whites can understand they were already on their way. They won't want to tell you. Why he wants you. He hears us. Here's the way he said laws to you was best for you. How you supposed to do this and how you suppose he did anything that your cover saying it is doing better. You know the Filipino. Yeah you know how going to live in terms of bad people. And he's white and white people know why we have you can't have none of that. ME CAUSE
HE Matlack me right now I go along with you know like we can send but uplink there white people what kind of point. F they would just be working there just to obey the law just enforce the law not to create problems. You know I forget I have committed a robbery. Let the policeman go arrest a gaff or rather I don't care what color heels I ran if gas Rafa Nadal a street a Polish name got no business how Reston again where you used to arrest people for You Can I just walk up I don't see no system if I'm walking on street police welcome to me and say hey. By you know anything about this know nothing about it just they didn't pay for a job that affect my taxes health benefits. I'm not getting paid to be a good citizen if I knew anything. Don't make me a good citizen let me be a good citizen if I know if they come down and tell you if I thought it was worth telling it to you if I thought the person were told I'm going to get a fair shake a fair trial. But I haven't the nerve that a person is not a black president I can get a fair
trial in this country. Unless he's somebody specimen Alessi somebody that's a wreck a man's you know President still in California that's just a mistake coming from the other ones are like the other there is I don't understand is like they always telling us they preach to us about Russia. You know I actually sometimes wonder if communism wouldn't be better than this because the ghetto is just like a jail house is just like San Quentin financial. Because if I don't believe me live out there and go over what I found about 3 o'clock in the mornin si want to get locked up for being out of bounds or something. Yeah so actually never I'm one of them. This one isn't better than this. And when we got to know them as rag here we just read and understand going out toward the beach Gira Avenue and I ran out again you know in a room by a fan I was the problem. Tom I ran out of cash you know and we were just out red.
So he said OK you can still hear put fastest cause on us to watch us down the street as we go back. You write to me are just two to blast out Polish car to polish car around as come the reporters come watch and make sure we get out there why community. Because she was black and white and here we walk about blacks in the fullest to get gay as you know. OK let's just go around one more time and get one last your last best thought your last question and what you think should be done right now about police problems in your area you want to start off Lana will like the mayor Mr. Rogers from new services. Will be a force in the Blackberry. Understand people you know understand and get the race know why you don't know nothing about black
people you know and they can't stand you could it. Because they want to be better than black but yesterday no DP This is quite as bad as a black man you know black males move men and white men in black control. In the black wire to white and white control right. You know we want to take a shot at it. Yeah yeah we I as a mom I have to know where you know you know when I was at the academy. But like he said you know you are you know you got a good idea. When asked just yesterday I mean it's given. People are on their own good idea when you see a little black hound a blank blank pose I was but you know but you know but I just don't you know be acceptable to who have a hell and this you know is going to be a whole lot of problem you know this can be a problem for new problems but like I
said 16 is zero thing moving Fayez and thinking like my mom or my dad Ivanka and you know he's out there you know they don't want to see. They look at me and say what I eat how can you know that this is just where I feel you know you know I look you know I see where you know you were going all the years you know and using you you got this but you end up going to pay three to most of what you got here you know sitting on the stand I think so. Well yeah. And that's the kind you respect my mom my dad you know more talk to him in a smooth way you know when I was I don't know you know it be a different thing you know I'm dying the way I wanna Vaizey we're rocking you don't realize what I'm saying. Now you know you have like Mr. Reilly just mentioned earlier the you know led black have a black and white house
wife you know cause black no black you know somewhere there's got to be a meeting somewhere they gotta get together right. You know there's going to be a whole lotta you know whole lot it can be a whole lot a you know really you know just like you say somewhere it's got to be me. For six years the baby D's me go in oh for each man to come up with the same thing we tell you the same thing over there and we will bear it this will bear that. But it. You know where each man like you would he go use any means of force to hold the black community when they know like they know like yes yes it is going to show you how they be thinking. That's why you rein back this man or we're at the corner of the Black Hand or black there
handle one handle Why you know each different. Grace in mind my not my minority. Oh. You know what I like to say is one of the few black people that you do on the police for where you got them because the tires are going to rest in one of black holes around I didn't have to go to all old insults which usually lead to another choice. Yeah you know I'm glad of that and the police station we have on the other hand are the police. Well I can see no reason why they couldn't make that a main part of the city and just rather irrationally try a black police force to see how it would work. I'm going to show it had to be better because I've been able to be arrested as a citizen sometime when a black policeman was around before the rest like a dog. If I didn't run fast enough to get away I guess I was still in there you know been there I can just take one long you know like a citizen to be or act next to be arrested like a citizen a black policeman is around. I want to make one thing clear when I say let black hair and black. What I meant is that
a white policeman can working at two if he's going to be the law I'm not saying just that a black policeman come in there and work in a black area and he's not going to be the low himself cause someone might be good to have someone I gather that looks back on to judge our situation the US is was used. We have a problem on our job thing to watch. We have more black and more black people who come in and be policemen in the ghetto to create jobs for us you know cause the system itself won't create enough jobs. You know is leave us stuck in a ghetto and a lot of these you know we just been hung up and I'm going to do that or walk around I think I walk around a whole year driven a life away you know and think about what they don't do and why they can never get to start and what they don't do is because the system is sort of that they do go trying to judge a man one hand because he was picked up for something that he didn't they would never get picked up before if they would have had a black police one that we do black people does where they let you go this is a comment on the police of the day and he told me.
He got some I wrote a report on him on his superior also wrote a report upon him because he refused to arrest he refuse arrest again. And here's that thing was if he arrested get a gag or lose his job and then got to go out and pull a burglar he was going to create another police had to guess famously he decided to go home and I wrote a report upon it when actually a single citizen while gas should have would have bought one and got a deal exactly right. He didn't tell the guy he could arrest him he just said he was going to arrest him you know I would tell when his ass was the lacka lacka gal you know if you want to lock him up let him lock him up you know not try it get other get got to come out in an area you know A.A. wanted to put the pressure on each other and all a policeman in the train station. We say that they are right then I really don't jump. On what they do is they have a rookie wouldn't you know I'm going to present it. You come around I know they do it because that's in a point we have a foe and that's what I'm telling you no rookies were left over there as well as can skew. They should start they tell them there but I think if you don't look you don't have to be let go around laughing of
everybody you see thats not the way to get over you know that even though it seems like that is the way to go over to the police and tell me say you know you don't know if you got a fake you win but you say you know what I got a promotion because of you. You know he would wear us to me he got a promotion a thousand me only as well I mean I had to take the women not just me even men and call me mad talking that's another risk too. But that's what he meant by arresting black people. He got a promotion. Yeah. So you think there should be some rewards for keeping the peace for not arresting people for keeping things calm down and trying to develop some kind of understanding in the community relations as a way of doing it but I just also open air pressure on communities and also LEAST I HAVE THIS is set in a community itself that comes in the area and really starts doing a job. He go how the Makah have sucess because people we've had to go say now you know the policeman is really helpful and if I get our land start commit a crime for as I have I know he will arrest good crack of the pins that are going to be money I don't
Cops and robbers I: Police in the ghetto
Cops and robbers
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Four youths from Hunters Point discuss police problems and suggest changes. Herb Kutchins of the San Francisco Bail Project is the moderator.
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