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     Compilation of Raw Footage for Report on American Indian Movement take over
    of Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation on Navajo Nation.
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or this is cut number one called for march fifth that's mercer kurdistan fair trial talking about the damage is to plant palm or the indians image is damaged and broken into our cabinet and there were deeper whole thing for the people in the plant feeling oh sure oh terrible
and the regime before the new chicken bucket list was it awkward i wanted to do it into the crypt on eighty four so how much do this and they do it right here
that would be about it go ahead but hospital er you clinical closed delta children quote right now than we were going out and looking at what we should be open in dumps you are the charges that anticipated it's fair trial than with is that the euro were misusing federal funds and the law and all the rest of us will you know
is going to cut to work dave taylor cage gm news director is talking about the congressional investigations asked for into the beating of the to gauge g mr newsman congressional delegation and look at it because first of all we want them to know what to look at it because first of all we want them to know what happened from our point of view there are several questions involved one is the question of the reporters that were wiped clean cut question beyond that there is an infringement of our first right because trudeau the other day and he found some new report says there are not huge and they
said the union said that as that on the disney world war and plenty of times and it's not to take pictures down there and that's the reason that they get slaughtered come about that reporter who took on over the years i don't know whether my reporting the indians using aggressive abusive language and that there was no question of whether whether my memory but it was simply a tack but till was a massive use can investigate dr charges submarine is made and stuff fair trials that really is not like i haven't rather cast
my concern in this incident is one to make it known to name and another interest group for ratification all right this country george robertson spokesman raul march thirteenth or fourteenth the navajo nation we cannot continue
they have been you'll be under department of defense contractor redo the plate to be reopened by the thai government directly providing training in management no government contracts with their job should be redirected to the navajo plant and the deity there about opening a direct economic bailout planned operation situation will only get to the people ok this is a trudeau press conference there was about a day or two after the teams left the a fair trial plant we don't know we'll have a president has to say in the middle of their
health reasons i have gotten thinner and national all covered tyson's role in this point in his hands with that ended not act against the arguments please use me he says the city's gentilly on a job playing contracts starting their conviviality of their jobs a lot that's all the time we have to defend ourselves our suppliers you know we can always use that
and maybe this is that happened out there will be happened was unfortunate that the guy's nose broken the navy had been doing some research now analyzing of raw practices when it doesn't really take it to the indians we want a pseudomonas he's an objective journalism and if you don't like this force are now that you know that is really what this is really like wolves because we believed in the community isn't as much respect as anyone else is sort of that cracked open by police responded to that question the same objective of protecting what happened here and browse the other day you know fifty five was really vital it
was the language of the law that we are i think about racism we see a lot of actions that make them a lot better a lot of all contracts that long read or any civil rights investigations of all employees fearful past and present when something employees if they sell their job keeps complaining about my internal there were no personnel the arty of this is that the high turnover personalities actor allison full
responsibility for paying wages employees there a lot of trees as these employees leave one reason or another important death at thirty three page list this cycle on top of perpetuating themselves is not only natural progress with the other ways it's a strain that doesn't rouse and settlers and all that surprising that was going on that bill allen's employees on the merit system eighteen points you can lose three points for getting sick and one c of woman getting out you know looking at rest they all you know it was just for getting sick
or the bathroom without asking permission when al qaeda has been they let you go through this one is not very respectful of the employees' rights there's also interviewed elections people in all it is is then yesterday he was our people when a nurse that evening while and that he will stay well outside that were shots fired by rumors reports of shots of random violence was putting this is that just where is that you know all of our names all start of the needs of people start understanding that indians want to treat people the way that they are not
or maybe people can relate to that lonely seen people's thoughts as well as every political pros invited them up and make them for the incident as any question you know there's a thousand to get through working with people that will be working with existing agencies are is a reality the reality of american express is an existing agents are why when i it doesn't get the capital that the president more than when parents are
la la la below the indian community understands the community build a minute left but the distortions out that backs them also but mac os and my personal feelings is that fired public that we should be treated like people just left like the line and we walk along even at stake and we'll make a point never get stuck with i don't know a lot but i don't know are you know my aunt willie lee means
you wonder one thing we're commission unveils three thousand reviews the victims' remains he says because there's just
so that's the preview because it's not is it reasonable schaffer and he's not going to be a major laws so to show the evil corporations are on their reservations or goals objectives and one there were no employees
that's it what was the idea prior to
his change this is all that it lost they shuffle all the topics that you'll find in a little bit of law and understand what programs about the people that they will be manipulated into a position to fight against us right now it's
just us well we don't have that along the last few weeks
the templeton foundation that we saw last one was injured on it that i mean i worked at herring the cost of this operation through its offshore a school district's specifically minute arguments they said created this business is
this you they lived in california was making decisions you have to make decisions that position which is about sending their job if the new law and that line that the nation didn't want a bigger longer justify their job getting a bit where you were that much more expensive operation their job we were sure because in the early years they had the option as one that was stable and not going to sit around to talk about
what it all while trying to build a building everything leads are so all entities out there that ultimately the nation about some of the other reporters mr fox sports analyst mike
districts are people who just left the agency for showing the case in the press you know that they've been that by creating the images change holmes now in his nowhere war is the same cause war's last thing called justice scalia justice organization you know
i don't i see it from corporations but this was a landscape i'm concerned about corporations coming in into reservations and exploiting the land being disrespectful and it's going to get jobs as prosecuting people you know just to get a job to believe that raising the jar off the people that we know that corporations do they tell us that when they are with you we got a right to exist just as much as anybody else says detroit's serious
issues but is this jobs bill pass last year the us bishops determination policies police commissioner los ninos to pass special place special jobs on site
ceo it does one voyage as the middle section of this recession or even one last two recessions was avoidable nixon was a problem last june the recession was songbirds also announced plans to give his people really love a recession that's very free ride in all their child's syrup or will accompany their question is what are all the races that i will say that it is quite probable least what he wants to do with a rationalization a
path to maximize that that's when i felt so if it was a great jockeys what i'm aiming at you the same but what i can say it seems to be one point nine but we must remember about religious organization called building because all because of all
eyes are on you know the cost of climate again that's not basically our goal is not to say of the council members are a conscientious hard working people but that bill just withhold certain facts and come from the people in idaho some of the lowest paid but they come from the people they don't have a working relationship last movie i'm sure it happens it happens all over this country in one you know one one one the country corporate philosophy you know one is that you know they didn't want to talk about the economy and gas oil
shortage basil ball news on your home at all know that some people stand in oil cult one point you even question it has an intimate two hundred more percent probably maybe you get asked you to be noticed we know that you thank you the price is right the state is very you know it was everywhere the press comes in almost five years ago i would say no we think about his other and you know
there was a justified or not an action and then when we would get the amount of attention to justify their action as well that you do take further that he had the idea while nations willingly just in opera that myself and sometimes you know people get this working recipe below and around inside the indians as nine years here maybe you know they don't want to kick in at our reasons for italy and some other social commentary and at our best be respected
your process rights that's right so the people i think in the case of these reporters i got the job i don't think that it may not be a good idea to get your ass kicked a man and he didn't want paul root wolpe gas and eleven for organs to obama was okay so eventually you know that's all that show will be on the docket it was unfortunate that he was given the chance to respect who he was told i was told you as you are
ms bee right right he was their equal i thought he was right
it was the state and i think the island to carry the iphone said that they would gamble on the i also will be it for the rest of the items on stage right in the cia did not take a position to make the interactions you know about very very opposite position the corrections corporation yeah sure
the fbi then they took a position so long been elected position is while you're sitting there and all of the most notable is stabilizing was once i see it is crowded planes look at east analyst now the pain he says because both
pulp fiction clinton pointedly or they'll do you know if it's because both failed the power plant has been taking place the operating system there's also chose to do not just a business decision that affects the whole operating when the vessel corporation structure they just make that decision to close
down week they haven't may not be seen for a long time has enabled now the way it is shocking that we became aware of it because once the uss cole porter seasonal employees at this point on their jobs possibility because in the first place and on the law in the first place but it happened that you know that they're there and that special new policy is changing the situation but other than that it's going to become more vital
this week this was a job that was going to win the state since that but i think that it's going to really do what it made the artist he's very creative that's right
hello detroit i've got to build these buildings the indian community in general has invested in to be on a job that is really the best thing for you know so i guess i would imagine that dr weston the state that people are just as many want their true but that what they're trying to official positions open hearts and zimmerman the situation for child goes are you done with the right policy it was a
symbol that was all so that's a decision as long as it's just sitting outside in the sun it was outside and also has been stolen
he's been speaking to us yes it will you know it's unclear if we find out the real issue raised on that cd and there is a lot radio last week
i you know now that the monarchy but honestly your reservation there it was just a very also pressing buttons to the problem in iraq to attack joseph but if boehner has been developed techniques
Raw Footage
Compilation of Raw Footage for Report on American Indian Movement take over of Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation on Navajo Nation.
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KUNM (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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Compilation of raw footage of interviews with various parties involved in, or affected by the American Indian Movement's take over of the Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation on the Navajo Nation. They were protesting the layoff and treatment of Navajo workers.
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