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it i really regarded by punishing narrative as one of but not as a manager but moreover the group leader of that were phenomenal look at the way we were meeting with in one leading theory and again if anyone am et i made that commitment and my own direction that i thought it would be an important thing that needed to continue making available two people and what if that otherwise probably wouldn't wear anything at all different viewpoints a lot of different kind of viewpoint not only an ethically music because i think that really had a lot to do with it with people i don't think that you have to have you know public affairs program that analyzed things in
part to be able to get to a point and one thing that i felt strongly about that they provide an alternative and it didn't you know that was the point the people who you are and what
the thing that i could do it in my own capabilities of weeks ago and maybe even to do that to make that possible but if you're going to write it not being held for whatever reason that you're gonna be by nature of minority opinion minority not a white background the minority in that you're not out there trying to beat the couple him out of that i think it will not be a debate reading all about all of
it we're making available material that was not any well i mean you heard on anyone and not a really clear idea what the different thing you think that somebody gets up and there's a great article about another country and we would play i mean we have family in the audience if you have to remember that the dj that believe things that they haven't had to get up then and new music in different villages
that's the point holy day the notion that i would then in a way to try and give the folk very much align as i could that i could do what seemed appropriate thing to be creative to the point where it became a danger to the life of the plate report back one day don't wait is that yeah i really i
remember the ones i remember and he would occasionally you know get up at the point of you know throwing them against the wall you know and i can understand that given what you're getting there and i remember about a real like a reggae early on in the game than any other we're happy about that good boy mm hmm but i don't think that was what was more internal were willing to that point that there would be a big band that were going on all of the items that on
iran there is the governor one of the rioters ms bonnie paisley thirty end of time and that was on the air during during be outdone the national guard would basically close down the number one hundred and one of their lives to coming into trouble
believing in his helicopter goal of me and the pumping out the raid on my idol or employment i think that hurt the reputation of being united that we had that the commercial that in public because they were during the campaign and all the uproar in the country right after that un what amounted to an ad hoc network we're very impatient with cause we would have double we'll report on tape and he did that thing called a collection of carp and that people that time all across the country who ever going to love that line to remember him for one thing about that and i remember that there was stuff that we were dealing with a network
meanwhile there was a lot of things that have been used that ability to swap generic it's burning there we go it's b no i
don't think that i think that you can make an account that the planning and certainly we did make a lot of evidence that if you recall we were probably one of the patients in the country we were doing and money and then one day today that's
right one point radio and they wouldn't let alone after that they pointed out voting calling that particular thing that particular name we were building up
you know and it back to one point like life in the hell to pay because we i think we paid five grand for that that's it
what about that i don't think that would have been outmaneuvered them to get the audio out i'm not going to forget the helm i'm going here and the landing but one in the middle and the barrio and
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Mike Wolf, KUNM General Manager
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KUNM (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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Mike Wolf, former KUNM manager, describes the station's early days and some of his memorable experiences while at KUNM, including the student anti-Vietnam protests, transmitters, and competition from KOB. A key theme is the ways in which the station tried to innovate and present an alternative to mainstream media and the working culture at KUNM during his time at the station. He mentions the FBI pursuing a KUNM employee "Cooper" who was percieved to be threatening power. Free speech is also a key theme. Note: this is a compilation of clips from Interview: Jim Wellborn and Mike Wolfe for KUNM 25th Anniversary I, II and III, see KUNM265, KUNM266, and KUNM 267. Wellborn is edited out in this recording.
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Producing Organization: KUNM
Speaker: Wolf, Mike
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