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in the faces of the city were trying to discover the real person behind that ninety five smile behind the counter inside the uniform for example airline stewardess it's it seemed to me that the way to accurately portrayed on movie and television screens is just another piece of male chauvinist saw i was interested and i picked up a recent issue of the local newspaper and read that they agreed with me but let them speak for themselves they are quoted as saying i know women who hate hate to admit that they are stewardesses went off duty because they're pictured at airborne bunnies old bring a flying drones for the board to serve man that the facts that airline security through the onboard because federal regulations require their presence for the safety of passengers and crew sexism in the skies doesn't help at all when stewardesses must enforce federal regulations cathy smith indicates that many stewardesses have things on their mind other than making tea coffee or men if iran today than
an hour and i suppose i could be being black bag if that bag is in the region to be on the defense they say but ice said the waiting three feet from vibration for somebody who's there i don't like you because you're black or how many hours of the day could always worrying about whether that person just like me is just not worth all the effort there are lot of people that get on the plane you have had tranquilizers and they're really really uptight about having to leave the ground and sometimes them are going to stick by that passenger critical which is a kind of unorthodox and once people get up in the air you know they're much more relaxed i've never been aware of any advances from her male passengers i believe it's the way i haven't let myself open air there are girls that i work with on the plane that
sure the gun out with passengers but i think and they have set themselves up in a situation now never ever again looking over and to mount rainier and look at how beautiful it's part of the country is and it was no more often than not that i made a crime could that one be back in spite of the country that it is wrong with my phone i don't think i've ever gotten over that feeling of looking down realizing that i'm above all that it's going on down there all the hustle and the bustle i think the stewardesses there's always kind of a bad teeth thin and i love wings a businessman i guess it's hard for us to realize it when they get on the plane early in the morning there are probably maybe just can't buy with their wife or they didn't have bread but then when we catch and going the other direction home well they're grumbling i'm going to give a business transaction didn't go through
with them so often i come across mainly through theo i wish i could be its tour again thin ice they will be one known as the most important thing i think this job with summaries then it has always been built up to be so much more than it really is because in the young lady who wants the job can definitely handler that they found most important is that they like being around people it can be a terribly boring boring job on if you don't try to gain something from it because it's a job where your mind it's very idol you always have to thrive you have to keep in line motivate towards learning something or getting something out of a job you know and that's one reason why you find so many stewardesses who are doing everything have a good job to kind of
fill in their days off you know so they do get this feeling of some sort of gratification that the nazis they're kind of flying quote you know through life without receiving anything when i went back to work it was a first trip that i had flown thin line and i have been married i was a really traumatic that i don't think i know that the day how heartless money to get up that morning and down and then have to leave him i really don't enjoy that what's going out with the crew member the eye and that usually staying home battery on the hotel and so a four day by yourself you know not knowing anybody to talk to him and to candidates will mount some i think i walk everywhere i go i think i am when there's ever been anything troubling me or when i've been upset about anything in particular walking i can get out and i
just like thinking you know get it all together again volunteer park has been kind of a fun place for brining me that sometimes you go into the green house because i'm kind of interested in things that grow out of the dirt hi nice to see all the pretty colors even in the winter when it's raining in fundamentally out tonight and get inspired baroness nice mormon ways and i definitely believe is that that supreme being you know that they have to be when you can go out in the country everything kind of fits together so perfectly you know there's a reason i had no on contact the dating white men until i met bryan and now when we started dating casually and over a seven year span you know i knew he knew that it was just something that the buyer with my other kind of had to get
used to it was a normal reaction i guess that she treated me with much kindness i don't think god i could've asked for around anymore hospitality if i would've been going into of a black home in his father has always been nothing that tremendous ride in it enjoy being around each other so much that our friends are very limited and the friends that we do harm by people that care about us as individuals and when they're going to get some ground they would always stand beside us and that's why they are friends and will remain that way and the ocean in siberia a big place and there's always so let's drink there's so much forest in and it's so constant and the repetition of it you know there
comes from that keith i suppose i could kind of relate that are going to grind on a lot of security and strength and forth and on the same hand keith it's
Faces of the City
Kathy Smith
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Episode Description
A profile of African-American airline stewardess Kathy Smith on the realities of her job.
Series Description
Faces of the City: A series of individual shows with short profiles finding the extraordinary in the ordinary based on Studs Terkel’s approach. 1972 and 1973. Profiles include: a taxi driver, a divorcee, a garbage man, an Afro American airline stewardess, a nun, a grocery checker, a member of the Elks Club, a teen-age Korean emigree, and a female office janitor. Selected programs shown on PBS. Received local Emmy for Outstanding Program Achievement and PMN “Best of the West” Award, Television Information category, 1975.
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Host: Byrd, Roberta
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
Speaker: Smith, Kathy
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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