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ran a tiny udall who knew who knows christmas began in december twenty fifteen when a star rose lee east of the saviour was born to do and that gave people around the world are celebrating christmas in many different ways to songs are sung prayers i said just exchanged on this will force deep in the heart of america's ancient traditions have to do it
and which color vs rituals of the christmas season blend together in the american southwest especially in new mexico christmas is celebrated with great diversity and spirit but the size of the reenactment of mary and joseph searching for a place to stay then a procession of the virgin of guadalupe this is a place with the traditions of the old in humans meeting the unique cultures and of history they have met at a crossroads and now saying to combine voice
the voice of many people as the voice of two thousand years chris december mr t jones' stuff the pockets of children as they run to join the procession of lustful side of songs in english ms bannon joins the music from the dances and they kept liberals to create a harmony of faith and community these voices can be heard echoing throughout the senate increased amount of a snowy deserts and mexico as we celebrate myself the beauty of christmas in the southwest is unique
and breathtaking oftentimes when diverse roads cross unique rituals of one cultures traditions become enriched by those of another to make something rare and beautiful one of the simple yet luminous conditions that exist in the southwest is that of the bonfire and the little letter or as we call them loom an aria and the fire alito they are more than decoration there an invitation to celebrate christmas the piece a christmas arms to the futures of hundreds of americans square stacks opinion make bonfires like the pattern of the coming of the christian tradition by franciscan missionaries from spain and sixteen hundreds of christmas the spanish colony some indians
came to the building missions to celebrate the birth of christ although new between the bonfires the soft glow thousands of soup cans in paper bags filled with sand lined streets fences nice to see you farrelly toes came from spanish trade took a liking to this
simple paper lanterns they saw in china back to the philippines and into mexico the federal equal travel north on the camino reale to santa fe but the fragile paper lanterns didn't last long on the front to making hundreds when the americans came and the santa fe trail introduced new christmas traditions such as santa claus they also brought a simple brown and with a little ingenuity for alito became one of the southwest and cherished christmas tradition so loyal one of the things that makes her the southwest unique during the christmas season there's some all the unique traditions unique in that they are kind of a
compendium of all i'm all the cultures of blended together when you talk about some of those that includes traditional finally posts which means little lantern and it doesn't matter the cultural background be it indigenous be it hispanic and then of course the tradition has been picked up by the newcomer that comes in and sees this as something very beautiful very unique to the point to where there are now finally told torched that take place in different locations throughout the year the preparation was christmas eve will announce it finds sand and signed some people saying in the campaign
these streets the simplicity of these small lights in kansas these days as the sun sets and paralegals unlike the travelers and friendly neighbors and friends to come inside and warm themselves by the fire and share some cider and perhaps a holiday feast
after the children gather around and listen to this christmas story is losing losing losing new movie i love christmas in every facet and i love christmas not only new mexican tile but the other facets of the other parts of the world because everything everyone out stewart and everyone are stored in a sense that as me so for example for us to begin every year the christmas season with the fish and that was an open and the operations in mexico city fifteen thirty one to
an indian it isn't your fault oh oh according to the legend appeared outside of mexico city who had converted to christianity the region to build a church so that he could heal the pain and suffering of the children search for signs of having
friends in the region rosenstein said intensity built to me he says in his union
throughout the southwest the christmas season begins on december twelfth day celebrations of the miracle of the virgin a lot of tradition in new mexico in most things it extended why we're all on away from the operation of our lady one to bear to endure one be able and the senate that they are north of mexico city on the twelfth of december and in the middle of a fifteen hundreds
all the way to all the sixth of june which is the bailed most vividly is love the three wise women and everything in between the apparitions all i'm at we're going to get to the indian law and be able to do and all of the songs have been written about half are hovering i think people would come from other places through the next sequel to celebrate the season to celebrate christmas art take and not only by the the season and how much it's celebrated and akai know about continuity that there is and traditions of fiction and then on top of that you have the other cultures at work come to new mexico he'd
one lending its own tradition of his own uniqueness you put them all together and i think you've got one of the most interesting and colorful it's because because because because because you can it's funny is it is shared by communities different backgrounds and beliefs joined together christmas season
it is what christmas cards and the rest of america on christmas the christmas villains and mental illness so it to the season the traditional forms of the southwestern christmas differ from that complement the other american tunes of the holiday season singing yes coming in from the high desert in december the recipes from any of these issues allison keyes reporting generations of these lively he's certainly
highlights of the holiday season in india are welcome to my home today to make one of the west's favorite christmas tree it's called the sketchy deal simple ingredients such as eggs lard and sugar are combined with flour baking powder and cinnamon on the cd is later added to give them their unique taste like my role in that's a southwestern olympic news from handcuffs to make our olympians didn't believe me when i tell them that that's what we used to make them on the scene and i've seen that go down and you can gauge the thickness seven according to help thinking when chip
cookies i like mine wafer thin some people like that but these cookies to take about fifteen to eighteen minutes debate they don't get brown on top the ground underneath the new chicken if they get a pan on top and they they if they burn easily because they're so they have some sugar in them he's been just a little bit so that capital in your fingers clean with the cinnamon and sugar for mccain we're going to act or three or four in a bowl at one time and that weight rescuers but
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A Southwest Christmas
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KNME-TV (Television station : Albuquerque, N.M.)
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New Mexico PBS (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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Featuring beautiful photography and great music, this ¡Colores! celebrates some of New Mexico’s most unique Christmas traditions. The religion and folk tales surrounding the Christmas season of the Spanish, Mexican, Native American, and Anglo cultures are told through four customs. We begin with the small paper bags with candles and the small bonfires known as "Luminarias" and "Farolitos" that serve as announcement and invitation to the Christmas season. We then show beautiful procession and fiesta of La Virgen de Guadalupe (in Albuquerque's South Broadway/San José neighborhoods), followed by the reenactment of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter in Las Posadas, and end with the Los Matachinas dances. Produced in the spring of 1997 to be broadcasted December 1997, McCune funding applies to this program. Major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through the Pacific Mountain Network Program Fund.
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