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so so seth who are
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anxiety because the things only that he was a little guy that a lot of them are northern new mexico a long time ago and he's been looking back in that direction of events i think it was one who should i am a plot or hulu and that i have met and will quote that i have met started in nineteen ninety when i was born and i was born in less notice less notice it was not even a village near a string ranchers only screen and then my grandfather and
his brothers went there in the latter part of the nineteenth century and is that because the ranch is a long string and i was there until i was about seven years old my family was not rich but they were poor and i was they're solitary there were no children to play with my dogs were my companions and then roam all over the fields in norwood the woods are you doing that sort of thing set to intrigue me or even sleeping under a pine tree he was white white best memories he was free free as happiness is
he was fantasy liberty and excitement he knew then dominated the mountain valleys and surrounding planes you fly towards that alerted my youth with green and poetry i suppose i was very much of a daydreaming or other wes no i don't it was a litter that the story is a woman who is many have that intel voice sort of put his water and it ran on the animal would always he says labor economist the course was more of a man than he and when i was a little boy and he bought me a silo
that was not much bigger than a postage stamp and we go off in your early spring that led to a tremendous excitement in tremendous amount of make believe because at night for example we can't borrow under the start and around the campfire in the early spring bertha war we hear lowing of the coyotes and that book of the g vision to me then later they creep in libya border and border and you could see their eyes do early enough they're in the dark my coat like an executioner but there was no turning back i were overall and throw the obedient life a robot with those
unburned tree house smoking burning gloves eyes burning in their pockets local part the bird warranted or jake's and flooded the guys being quiet no wonder oh come on and they'd be flooded in the spring when my father would have crossed it and there would be a raucous doubling down on the water they would be trunks of trees and all kinds of debris and we crossed a free and the forces would swim across and the water was ice cold because there were big trump's allies in there too and again that this frightening or that was formed for her
baby i decided to turn and move in the pants that no animal had ever escape from that that line in london it was sherman of the approach but you know the love of literature my mother and my father both robots to me in english my father and mother both a commuter college which was quite extraordinary back in nineteen eighty five a conductor know the classics including the kirkuk he's not there i see that during the night he worked incessantly sniffing searching for a way out you may
so in the long winter nights my father or my mother would really i would visualize everything that happened and i could hardly wait and as i roamed the rest during the day my mind was home of those adventures that i had read about covert about the night before no matter how much it hurt me i would rejoice in over the plight and freedom of the wonder horse now you were or would be fantasy freedom and excitement for one or it was transcendent he had enriched my life for it perhaps even at that time i became aware that there was something a loaded beyond the pale not only literature that
only art chad then share something spiritual something higher than reality has we can see an urchin feed my grandmother smoked cigar she was a strong strong as only he would be through that is in so many situations small and big tragedies accidents and problems i never saw her been for calling i can see at this moment as if he were before my eyes their eyes fixed i don't know where their thoughts because one i don't know what an animated statue up that
divide so it turns out my history is very much a city street of new mexico so i'm looking at my life and looking at his history made flesh and spirit history you come alive to because it is a lie imitation so why is literature so important to a literature is history in history literature is in stride story the story what makes
the people tick my grandfather smoked cigar the cigar with a symbol of a few do more to the popcorn on that tobacco was to drink from the punk in so paulo the cigar debut clash and say but when my grandfather died my grandmother would like to go out and place along the ashtrays around the back they've heard the notion that her husband was still around as time when on another lighting many as a guard she began to smoke cigars at night when the bass so that day where don he would lock herself in her room
sit on iraq are unlike years ago where they are in the light or in the shade of an old love now an eternal love the spiritual strength was forged that day my grandmother straight tall and slender facing the winds and storms for local arts tomorrow would be another day but my grandmother would just do these the city i
live in history dime it's a continuum that floats like a river flows and i think we have and for a state of emergency and we're becoming and now people are pressuring people the fastest other side in the future the sox life and living in the present he is living in one dimension and we're producing a generation of young people with historical commission called true
if you don't know where you came from well you're going to know where you work they love lettuce could include us know the thin green at the jeep you for a lot of love you grew up i love about cecil got an icy play it and it be cheap fuel yes he is when i was a freshman at you and him at the weapons shipments and they complement each occasionally on the mayo that acceptable mean it was and i think that going no professor at the newark new mexico was when greatest
achievement in my left i wanted to communicate my excitement when a fascination my interest in literature too much i also felt that they're important to catch on what punishment chew push many students outside quote awesome marriage the narrow view of democracy in that i don't like at all staff casualty attack that view of democracy that want to swallow to look the charity made to act rashly to read this train ok and are often a strange moment it is one thing to last produced refrigerators or don't it's quite another to last reduce
the citizenry i like the atlantic or the other and death it's it's funny because i did that play on words where he became their county assessor you know it sort of mine is to africa i think that diversity and enhances the very concept of democracy where different people with different backgrounds can work together for the same votes each in his own way to respect the difference i think is a big test for democracy is us but most to
lose and my readers generally norway where the new understanding a new awareness not really differences that separate us are mostly on the surface under the skin all the land are color and the color is correct and it my readers and mice to teach to find out that we're not that different not that strange not that suspect not be a better understanding to know his twelfth and not too low just goofy
it's been viewed major general and what a smiling face when it's going it probably is because she knows that the glories of the day would be repeated next year and the year after that determined that may be because she knows that after that with the ring that is neither movie and motorists in the beginning have shown in three quarter inch open should treat the time billy idol two years i've been able to
communicate my love for the magic the miracle in the mystery of literature if i can communicate that to my students then they will make the wrong way and they re readable and then another and another and somehow the literacy and the intelligence of the people is concert includes on if you know how to read and write in waterloo and that something else ocean to work as long as i'm at the university of new mexico the loose gemayel open yes quo or florida when people knew it could do it i can do it and now my generation is stepping all the stage and it's up
to the growing generations of hispanics to do as much as we did and what did we do we only indeed what we call it was what we had to do with a loaded in the us already human being do the best you can but make sure it is the best you can do something less it's never enough knowledge your terror or go to the university graduate from the university maybe make it one way or another the way is up and the
way up it's not easy but it's exciting no higher up you go there clear the air is the higher you go the harder you can see its titillating an exciting to go up to mount sort of you have a moat keep going ms bell jennifer the peak he's been
doing it to pass by fbi this quote is program is available on home video cassette four nineteen ninety five plus shipping and handling to order call one eight hundred three to eight for years but
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A Mi Raza: Sabine Ulibarrí
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KNME-TV (Television station : Albuquerque, N.M.)
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New Mexico PBS (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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A virtuoso performance by Sabine R. Ulibarrí, one of New Mexico's most acclaimed authors. We learn of Ulibarrí’s upbringing in northern New Mexico and how that influenced his writings. With a deep resonant voice, Ulibarrí reads some of his finest poetry and folktales. He is passionate about his Hispanic heritage: grandmothers smoking cigars and magical horses are a background to his overall concept of democracy and the need of respect between cultures. "Sabine Ulibarrí is a true romantic. His stories come from the heart, and are inspired by the people and places he experienced growing up in northern New Mexico. His bilingual editions provide a living mosaic of New Mexican life for all readers. He dedicates his work to the people about whom the books are written…"
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