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sanger mood moose says the pain these were the
seeds the early beginnings of certainly instructional television of course public television has gone way beyond that into deep educational values entertainment guys they were your reindeer and finally he let me in on slavery and boldly but i sure could use about reindeer a year later i think it's b illustrated devotes
managing editor hal world as well this is where it all began a quarter of a century ago a converted sorority house which today headquarters the speech communications department at the university of new mexico but on my first nineteen fifty eight at six thirty five pm from the world's highest transmitter pops and be happy with one lot of audio and to watch the video it was here that kay enemy made its premier broadcast and educational television later to become public television came to new mexico the location of an anniversary as always time for reminiscing of on the anniversary a silver memories come rushing back we have the tryouts that we have to do so my first impression was to absolute panic in a sense because i'd never done a television work before and was requested to come down and among our along with about fifteen other teachers to to teach a lesson on television and i came in with my little scribbling
in a script in my hand and i but i don't think really do because i don't know anything about television i've done television one time in my life and that was when they need somebody to represent the state in tejas and i had been in front of a television camera one time i knew absolutely nothing about camera technique about scripting the hell i thought i had nothing to lose and it sounded like and i went down there and trying out and insecurity i think i'm going to everything i don't want to do this it was sort of pretty somebody and they're auditioning in houston kathleen really you know he'd talk to me that way george can talk to you quite seriously some wonderful human being when you say wonderfully human being her death that involve like wonderfully human being oh yes we can do anything in a pool and i went down there and tried out a handel and behold they asked me if i would take this and teaching position on television and now that's one idea why there was a lot of fun in
and channel five and the camaraderie about a little tiny building the building that's now with eating no one romance of the speech building i think there's a lot of fine comradeship there well what our wonderful human being minted and the production that we went through and getting ready just to set up a program was just wild in those days we had the black and white heroes everything was alive we stop all three of us started at the piano with them we walked down from one chart to the other guy at the beginning we had no audio room and we had a record or a tape recorder on the set and it was considered somewhat innovative the day we rolled the maggie into the stevia maggie being what we call the old reel to reel audio tape with prerecorded music on it so that we can have our own accompaniment without playing it always live on the piano and also have a voice track they are so that you could sing with yourself to create harmony parts and then we would
have to punch the play and the stop before and after each song that we sang and we would say like six five or six songs so as we've progressed down the set the further away you are from that tape recorder and we would try to program into it beyond introduction on conclusion to that music recordings of the week it would have turned a rundown of poems the button and run back up to get up there in that tape recorder had aids own little personality and if you happen to pass the baton the play button at the same time that you might gesture and touch somewhere closer a microphone in hand a way of creating a circuit through your whole body that was so most interesting except for the differences and fives and shifted to a very much alive very much alive and remember these for these are the days of live television saying kept right on going no matter if your microphone cord wrapped itself around
the piano legs or water going out and i'm doggone and hang up from his director of innate you know that's one thing about having a microphone on him to get land i mean it's here ms bennett also i remember quite vividly the time that we first decided to write the audiotape into that the bluefin have a plate from the roof line of ineffable but watch out what every time set up a particular song or a particular activity to the use of their musical canvas along one i don't think you can do that with me i will keep that data how wide a live here's your
quiche lorraine saying thank you and if we could have shallow muddy now i'll sing it with time thing as a rampage shredding adoption editor irish know i give them a car that we had borrowed from one of her book with its dealers and beautiful bird in and he was allowed to sit on my shoulder days on my season and you're a state that i guess i have to spend their efforts go today with a live show that state all during the program on my cellar on it you would get off the wrong ways and the detainees the man part's going to be on my shoulder it's not so they just put a finger up like this
or a stick it had forgotten birds when you know you just so there i was afraid that the balcony was going to look like we're going to have to decide how hard to get why anne mccartt off this is near and shoulder saying you're closer sharp my nose up in the contests i'm afraid no you always said nicely as i go down the street i mean the teacher with the mccotter shelter because it's better to have a lock on your shoulder then of all show up on doctors at night that one program to me i'm doing a special person really fun and we'd have with their financing we had the puppet answer questions in on them and they were the teachers are there to teach and we were there to help but we were getting their answer is
no now now in his personality is a little white puppy dog and he's definitely i was adopted from the past and because he had no pedigree is here this is outside we don't know just eats right this is a killer you know you tell me that swing choirs and emits going high school and ed view that hootie of yelling
the rangers for the game shows are i know probably weren't worth the effort in jerusalem that avandia was such a help and counselor to to me and to all the television teachers eggs and then i have a fourth person who was very instrumental in that was wayne than that he gamely continued support it was very nice to talk with dr burney at any time but after a while you learned that if you had a live program coming on say at three o'clock or nine o'clock when mine could have been alive you didn't stop by and visit with dr burney before when you have a schedule to me you'd start by afterwards and we call him and we met and howard johnsons for coffee that like he carrying me that like where travelers still drinking coffee coffee in is humanly possible any targets are
really no way an alarm long boring probably when we knew it was wonderful back to then he has a wonderful it its hands a wonderful gift of a talking he can convince an elephant it's yellow but i do yes you now you say he's been around oh really now where i'm just like to say that even mr bandy documented the doctor benji you would like to have a coffee with me i'm always available well the
legendary dr wayne bundy we've just been hearing about with the first full time production manager and longtime permanent director k enemy today he is the executive director of the rocky mountain corporation for public broadcasting dr bundy along with john cooper and join us now for a retrospective on the first twenty five years of channel five years well look down the road the next twenty five john cooke report today as general manager ek enemy tv and he has been since september of nineteen seventy nine and gentlemen good evening and congratulations to both of you like about how i do i'm in trouble way i've got to confess message out there are that footage in talking to some of your old colleagues from the beginning spirit channel five is clear they look back on the origins was a great deal of affection i suspect you do too but i've often wondered she had you any idea at the origins that there would come a time when channel five would become one of the most widely viewed public television stations in the entire system at least in
terms of its market size will know what you were doing it so i guess we're not going to know what we were doing but there's a matter of fact it became one of the most widely viewed very quickly joyce nouns the reason the tournament's first or second year was our brought in all three commercial networks of mines thirty in the morning and in the audience for it was greater than those three stations and solar i guess it was a surprise in terms of the audience that developed for people like joy served for george of course is one of a guy and you know many americans do the kindergarten was in fact the only kindergarten in all of new mexico of time before the republican or garden there are some but only about ten percent increase tourism state had access to private schools vs private or in some cases almost an indians are a few others but in general ninety percent of preschoolers are still teaches kindergarten today was a first rate job of that we were together that
footage or enjoy watching her do her work magic with those youngsters and she still is gifted as always told us was earth fantastic and she's thin and auditioned and she had been a rancher and her when she have all the old production techniques of the robber in my mind in recent years you don't have a crowd of kids with here is you and is at once our watch and we talked about i found cat and one on one all those concerns in that syrian listen to understand what we sing you do that the studio and do a lot nobody was said that to me before but i understand the triathlon will go in there and do and she went in on the very first time she tried on audition and she had that incredible one on one capability and after a tsunami of the things are just you and me and the whole pitcher maybe in
contrast every other preschool program on the air was the notion of one child watching and buses man on the other end there and within three years that things running rampant in the seventy five markets around the country we never set up to distribute but austin texas and st paul minnesota and portland oregon said how often we get it and we started taping and shipping out tapes and two of them would go to st paul and they would run and the dublin four of them would be on a different direction we finally got it the seventh circuit's the bicycle around the country in each universe just word of mouth you know this television very well and responsibilities for begin building on the on the first twenty five along to you now general manager channel five what is there is you look back at the stories of the sort that when monday tell about the origins of the channel five that suggest to you that that reputation of your very early on from the moon was widely viewed stations in the system
had up to will somehow the station when it first started attracted a very loyal audience an isis i suspected set what one was talking about and that was working with that with the audience as if they were individuals to create a very loyal audience and that has grown over the last twenty five years and that's exactly what we're trying to maintain them and expand that out tell me something that measure question a lot of people ask me what the evolution of public television out of eight educational television were the mechanics of them had to explain that i'm not sure that it was planned it simply grew when stations first were licensed in that and an operation they hadn't done much nearer of view of what their role was going to be at least a large majority of our and over the years they added more programs to their schedule
and those programs tended to become not a design for general audiences and by nineteen sixty seven line and you say that most of the stations in the country were doing the programs for the classroom of course but they were also doing a reasonable percentage of programs for the general audience and in sixty seven that this finally recognized that describing it as educational television was was certainly describing it for what it was but it was something more than that and it was it was something that reached out to the public without with a wide variety of programming types and so the the time both of the televisions calling for revolution is it way to characterize what i've certainly a twenty five years for talk and we look forward to another twenty five years of public interest or your vote in the paper though just on friday a local newspaper as saying and i would put it exactly we are in a difficult time right now probably the most difficult time in the last ten years or so state funding is flat federal funding is cut
your contribution short of the goal the last time out one and that obviously raises a question are we dealing here with public television as an endangered species well i think we've got some serious problems and done and that the only way we're going to solve those is to become extremely creative and how we go about raising funds for public broadcasting this station over the last three and a half or four years has expanded its revenue based tremendously and other stations around the country are doing the same thing we can look for only so much support from the federal government because they have a great many other things to support and the economy is tied the same problem exists at the state level so we have to do our very best with federal and state funding and certainly work on that because it it certainly is a good use of tax funds but we also have to concentrate on new and innovative ways to raise funds from the community now our community here in particular has been very responsive to that
we've asked them to do an awful lot in a short period time i'm afraid we're going to have to continue asking them and i think it's incumbent on the staff here but to also look forward for those ways that we can generate other sources of income through contract work of four of various organizations are looking into doing teleconferencing work for business and industry and education and and just seeing how many ways we can expand the services that we that we potentially can offer way you know the system very well throughout the system notably throughout the rocky mountain system of which are terrible from here is that only true was well we can we look forward to another twenty five years oh yes i think so intriguing thing about the system is that it's a partnership well and has a good working partnership between the federal government of the congress and its appropriations and the response of the states particularly in our region legislative response and then coupled with the public and salsa direct contribution them with the private sector in terms of
underwriting and other kinds of support those are only one of these that mansour would be different two years ago when it looked like the federal funding was definitely going to be worse than it actually has turned out to be muscle more serious problem as the history of the same if you about to sixty seven at the harbor those are huge and the administration recommends a waddle of congress knows what it wants to do and most of them through no matter his administration it was or who's in charge will and me and in general congress particularly the people from our states up here in the rocky mountain country are strong supporters of public broadcasting with the sorties that's our own delegation from the most of those being unanimously supported throughout this period of time and i think we now have four period inside just as a good deal of time being the eyes and ears of public television notably western public
television in washington that israel won just two years ago a year ago today new very serious cuts in the federal contribution to diminish federal support of that it is it is not as great today i gather you are you saying as it was even a year ago well the feeling was in john wall remembers it as a meeting room a long long former managers here in the state physician essential oils to say that we had taken a cat there's never been any reason to say public broadcasting should not have taken a testament period when you're getting out all expenditures or reducing them and for adoption was never anything that we argued against but a greater reduction was something that we argued against in the fight against the greater rescissions or by people i do actually out and pete domenici summer had shut the utah was sold in the moment or in idaho decency the owners owner actually the hard line
support in some of his pretty much come from our rafting on regions reasons and without exception those people are proud of our local stations what is there about what is or a bad day you know you have a lot of your roots run deep in the rocky mountain system colorado arizona new mexico where this art of the rock your own system that that somehow finds an affection with its audience and its political constituents more press effectively than elsewhere devenney and insights in this region of the country uses is sparsely populated compared to other parts of the country so public broadcasting serves a very important the part of people's lives in this in this part of the country at large areas of rural population week we have the investors were people they're only a couple of regular contact with the rest of the country might very well be through television and they rely on public television today to give them some sense of
what's going on and give them some sung program material that has a certain cultural information on education i've actually encountered that we've had translators of our own the night chasing stars new mexico i go into communities that they they couldn't possibly know who we are and i'm very often surprised that they watch us they know the answers from one of the distances as much as anything else because in contrast to other more concentrated sections of the country and many of these states out here you're a hundred miles in a moment anyone population center of any size from other population centers significant size the greatest literally got in the old days we were looking up a billion worth was from a man in paris and he said an earlier more people that you cannot imagine the good news in the isolation of the small town on parentheses two hundred and thirty people who have nightly regular access to
the finest in music performance art theaters or restaurants in charge more true human and i think that was the answer there is an isolation and at the same time there's a sense of community in the states that i don't know if it was and the rest of the country and uber won't call that a third if you need something done in lee county faraway is it as you you're not somebody an accounting or you know somebody who knows somebody in the county and there is a common community of the people in each one of our states but shops to bridge that gap but the only mechanism the media itself provides a bridge which didn't exist on the rise was crucial in the first twenty five years of public television evolved out of educational television your prognosis the next twenty five years what were we evolving into law i think we'll continue to see a cultural an informational service that that has already started
there was even a year or two years ago some regular press as a matter of fact that a public television's role was disappearing the reason for that was the year and the years the advent of servile cable services means cbs cable brca channel both of which are intended to providing code full service and the pay cable mechanism whether those have have gone away say they found that it just wasn't financially viable to provide the kind of service and i think what we're seeing is that people look for and and relish the opportunity to have caught on informational programming but as a commercial venture it's very hard to support and i think public television the way we've structured the way were funded and the mechanisms that we have put together the air to create the programming that we do our will still remain to
be a vital part of people's lives for many many years and i think most explain exactly thirty seconds what your prognosis and thirty second cd set on the lion elephant yellow oppression toyota joel rants on the state of all out the difference between an inspiration education public you're all surfaces people will watch what is of interest and that youtube and the strange thing was an arts and humanities in public affairs the german service the series billed as the service with legislative coverage to lose when people closer to government that audience is going to be there the details may change but the basic function will mop and i think it'll be a while and worn after many of us down a mile twenty five years you know are also hear gossiping about the last the first in the first half century thank you very much and ill trained and insurance with this funeral i've read that's definitely join us tomorrow for a look at the starr report recently released by the national commission on excellence in education
on hand for the occasion albuquerque public schools superintendent frank sanchez a member of the commission in the meantime thanks for joining us i'm how rose the night and you know smooch at joe's new judge as i'm renee we'll see you soon ned i'm right here in this is you know reports be back after the next of lincoln's of that be back at the nineteen seventy three disney back then it was the wrong line you can be on your way now all of you know pretend that i don't know about dolby and doc but i could use it in the program and the presentation fb
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This episode of The Illustrated Daily with Hal Rhodes explores the history of KNME-TV Channel 5. On May 1, 1958 the first show was broadcasted from the studio that was once located at the University of New Mexico. This special episode features interviews with the early talent featured on Channel 5 and an interview with Dr. Wayne Bundy (former Program Director, KNME-TV) and Jon Cooper (General Manager, KNME-TV).
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