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We are a. Good thing I did that minimally food flag and he's in a bit. Yeah do that show he took the empties into the local needs done. Locally. They took those shots and I don't love the new Madden didn't let Billy do filter the Cocteau a come. Back and look at an amped up to live with up get that they did and those who do and I think I can dance. Did they come by you and I thought that you know I'm a dodo they need to believe on you do that they
can lead to you and you. And then I'm with those who do what I'm going to get. I don't like you don't hate the shop you didn't pay now but then something like to keep the you know. He took. A back up tonight. In the pandemic. Do you think that I can fool. Them my own far Live big government.
We shall take the. Money. Say you can check next week. And you can and then come over. He paid it off while in London London. Though if I paid him some chi. I will pay now walking up go do my thing don't fight leave. You haven't come to. My. New neck and cried. Own 5. God didn't do. Them a peek and see if the well we might. Be the wrong I did not like being with you would. Be to. Run in debt to
live. No double negative. And. Those numb with those who don't know that guy got back to THE LEAD we got that. Now you're not going to take home pay now much than those that didn't hold on about I would then not only shallow that with. Their numb numb they would in the minimally Lumley's how he got and. Gotten forward to doing it. You're gong to see that beat up and look at them doc like you do need
to be effective. My. Don't take it you come to the beach and we grew up the guy really loved I think the one thing we valued on my leg and the only one left. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I didn't want. To you know that guy knew. Now. We. Know. That
because that you. Shouldn't doubt off. Then do you know that that full column kept. Them home but then forgot about why they acted minyak Would you happen to be in. A. Gang. Come. Back in about a minute if I get the gang bang
new land now. Wow. Don't gotta go well when. To. Back it up but yeah you want to. Die. I says you no good guy going to do. Dang. Now. Young act like that I'm about to pull now. Gang Gang than gang think the banality not only do the family in the film I do. By gum guy. Than him
and. The cash on. Hand he hauled. The guy to and am. Now. Why do we get the Legan with why do you believe that if and doubt it. How do you combat I am a guy in my opinion if I shag unshackled and Gordon and didn't want to come back I'm Carl of the doubt though did our young.
I do. And to them I. Say didn't forget it don't like it on my family didn't land within the law. And hang up the rolls if I am. But Frank I'm going down down the valley to hide in about and then tell you. And him people that I do yet. And when you look up to the guy Shanks who have got a good thing and those with the one rode out the door on the
Little Rock that he might take a dime let. Us get them not to look when I say look at the one. Look at that see the level and the being look like it's now law now law says people get in with those who wait them. Out at those who did not even know know me and I want to get Yama not allowed. To do that. It. Can catch. Up when I go back and I'm. In a movie. Theater. Don't hide. They've got the button Lachlan.
Got a member of the booty they got a name about until we go today. Didn't know I dove a booty deed out though to get outta an empty empty two competent Indian view. But you hold off. Until. The new. Year. Didn't you know we had a blackout and oceans movie and. Drove back to Duvall that you don't know. Yeah they had an Iranian young man. But I don't doubt that. When you look back to show you now
only route the booty. He didn't Dodo the telegraph and they didn't go back and then do you give them the MNM really no good will come. Who doesn't get. A lot of time I think the government I mean will come back with the double look young and young and you knew the night that the rule I didn't. Know you. Knew well you than that I. Knew. We released those long road rules.
Then I looked ashamed. That there shall be a good deed. The head of the deal at the was something I would allow that. To I'm not going to be a new night the night I got the weapon Vall. And Dalla Adama the filename would have I called you can get handled by your Mac lies or the lack of my logic. That lets you yank the loop who knows when you call the lab would get you mom and so saddle you with the MILF I do think that they have to know will move me a little to get going to Salem when there's somebody he met those who deal with their wrath and for want to they don't want to fight like Willow got that info.
To yet unfold out though LOL. The time when I last looked with him for he still not been Yandle going out about the dot. To tie that guy will now go back a month will now leave and pulled out with those daughter Dawn said they need a way that unfolds those with that info. Rather than vote at the mine yeah yeah I know young the little you don't know you bang bang bang bang bang man with the if you
shout and you have a roof. Take a women to your island effect here at the review for you should be a damn long time of day I'm the guy I am why did I buy my book out now why buy when. They do and I'm not and I don't need the Monaca. Done to the last man. On my bike. The window opens when you create. Don't we look and see what those guys see
when you would. He looked. So young to show money that. Much. Non-reply my. Son. Now for now though. Damn good. Who the heck. Ballin now about and now up to them to have my if I say that no they don't get that you get come with did you do you know how much I am like you need to
have a night they do now the plane you could do with the dough now if you don't see where you come along how will you be damned if you. Don't need a whole lot of. How do I look I'm all sudden like out of the alcohol model. Right I thought. She got a bad rap. Way Through the name of those I do and don't give you much time.
My God you know how much back to back though don't they take over. Now. I HAVE TO BE MY NEW DAY Yeah you used to leave those Gong the way I've been looking at those. Yeah no need to thank the doubt take over and much yeah yeah what's happening now. And much to now really and much. Lamb little meow I'm doing all right. They came up about only your dog my own capabilities. I fuckin know that she will like the law. Do you.
Like the one you get in the year to date with the money he had. Liked and the cup but the cup is how my own you think. Enough to hide them away. Being Done us how I might win out you know my enemy. They yet indulge in who will get on my thinking I know when they don't though don't know what to do you know my mouth shut.
The Black Death. Back to Jack no no you look at. The table and I look like you bang. My. Knuckle down and do it and don't bite. Oh. Damn her. DOn't YOU DOn't YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT MY HAND. You know man I don't hate you. Get on your level. My
gong my. Canoe and leave our book. The clapping and yelling I'm on the back. Got that it the look of the out of the High Line. Yeah yeah and then when you back. A look at the guy you know but he backed you into looked over and I had to look at the income. I've used the new light I had no idea though a dame I'm normally interact with. If you do you know I could tell you. My. By me hanging by a gun with my gun. Now that my on out and off.
My dog fight like you've done to the guy. In the long run you can get Mikey Now much of it even yet. And when. They've been doing it with my new one like my old at the fight and a hook to get the last look when I had. No money and I might do a much much hell yeah I think that you
did win. OK the Dungog set up for the low. I shall get it done. Johnson City. It doesn't Don I mean your show will get that the new mug but they died young not doing we'll abide Duke cream on and then vow to do new and we shall get and set up for a girl in one of the toad hadn't given it to the woman level. Don't yell at my by now being out of the Ya-Bon. Well one look now no man you know a song only in the mall will be somewhat honorable but Mochas all day you know how much you had on my shower bath and done fine I didn't he get married so can youn young I knew. He would.
Not open the annual new home tonight and I deal with the law. Thank you. You know the middle of the night and then you can earn in the wild to be the daughter in law looked at though don't need to see that the Linda lovely human. Rights that no one. It awful and bad and I know now on Friday the the. How good the the night before. My bad if you didn't indulge in the Ellen we did an illegal. One back.
F f number by. The way the shop guy and $5 million. Remember that doing my show. Now vowed he knew that the dog ate up and we go on we just ended up going back to tea. Can we make them see them. Wouldn't that not. Become good at math. Were not a lot of money gone that I ran another database at them. Do you doubt it though about him now. Among the new now quite calm day in March and then we shouldn't get ready by you and I don't mind me.
WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO shouted and delete uncommonly mugs you do not I'm not going you know to be set down to hang hang on. Do you think. That that. Gang will be back to him. We know that young man a guy who hold 9 a guy and then I think I rang at the new one. Now Mike with a with the. Sham that we're lacking I had to take on an empty empty. Taking I don't empty empty didn't look good. Oh my how might I. Then learn if they lied to you sit on my bike to get them to go with them to one of the shack going out anyhow young like.
They might not have gotten Don't they know when I think I said that and I do. Yeah yeah I numbed the end of the tea bag except one gotten down to. My though it did and I did say that and Yadav until the talk did by the one you pay. Well yeah one did come back quite a minor thing I need to know what you do with those lucky enough like the old woman I shall doubtless lack the MTL Moylan's at that moment. Thank God that you have black. Coffee and didn't you know I'm mad. And the government don't.
When you need a little lie lamely I'm willing to take a look and only bank on the way to get them make them an assailant and be an accomplishment. If the undertone of the look at the replied Oh look I'm weak I look when I'm sad enough and indeed glad that I'm jel of the youth am a good one you know you think then I do love you look a lot of. Black Look man in the New Life you can see I'm like don't become good at that but I do not believe me look at those that cannot die. AKA how you must be doing a lot of them got the outta my yak notably cable laid out the way the rabbit at the home and the like it doesn't go with the vocal tone. Mike didn't do a LIVE IN MY say it would up shop. Rock didn't go alone. He did
die young knew a sick guy had died a you I been sick God he said to the new. Mac. Not on. My one than. One occasion for hi. Charlie shank you know. When I get. My. Mind off on you you see the young male. I want. To talk to you. And they don't like you back I think though they don't believe that those that you had not come back to them. You were young and no doubt the. God you know. They're not going to do that than.
A man. When we look at the wound my neck. My bow Yeah. You're going to. Sit back. And get it done. They just deny that Glashow with one set of folders to gut it and I've come and gone looking at it back and yeah I do like to go. Out to. The island looking at that out to you Catherine and I'm dying like you banging in a young new limb make a shellback. And that's that you know the law and the way you definitely did it. Oh you got me in Hamlet. He shouted down the road and those lay down and.
I did those up into. Our little window. Well noone can know Donna and I had our little going in those when you look how much that guy didn't let up on the Cupid and didn't take you with me. Do you. Know it I must not be. Dog gone look at table data daily empty now. My DD didn't come until a call went to. Her. Home on a menu but. Yeah. But they may have. Led to the night of the yellow duck he told us all cried and shouted and people like the movie and am I to take my dog at the height of the shelling if I
even had 911. Like they hadn't and my. Not much of a. Man of me that I could buy her to get rid of a man. Come. To be in bed with you and you moving only to roll on a date a date or volatile. Don't you see you will not need to take you to your door you wanted to build a new life for you and I like. That. Will. Come when one comes to look you've got to move. Mikey my way that gave me when I did. Nobody that you should be deflected we don't let you hold dual will hold the field and she wanted to go over there and
she won't get into that get to know. An ample Biba you know we got a Nemo wiggle you got me. My dear I don't like six sentence like.
Vietnam: A Television History
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Interview with Tran Thi My, 1981
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Tran Thi My discusses the role of Vietnam's intellectual class in resisting Ngo Dinh Diem's regime. She recalls being chased by the secret police, escaping to Cu Chi, and traveling to and from Saigon in disguise. She also describes surviving the devastation of Cu Chi during Operation Cedar Falls.
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Communism and intellectuals; oppression; Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Personal narratives, Vietnamese; Women in war; Anti-fascist movements; Underground areas; National liberation movements; Disguise; Treaties; Government, Resistance to; Bombing, Aerial--Vietnam; Vietnam (Republic)
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