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Most Americans see our island in terms of the beautiful beaches spectacular hotels all those picturesque things that attract their cameras for that because for us one has to look at our history in order to understand and the people look ancient in the country between North and South America. We have always been a land of clashes Blaine's and power struggles before the Spaniards are right. I would learn most populated by Indians and I would go to a people who were themselves the brother of the previous blame their world was shattered by the arrival of Columbus in 49 to 400 years of Spanish the mediation began. These pioneers build forts organize the society of the Tainos enslaving them to mind the goal when it ran out. Africans made for interviews to begin cultivation of sugar cane. The Indians resisted colonization like your own tribes here in North America.
Many died in battles or from you discuses all others fled the island and many beginning to marry blacks indians and Europeans makes before the point and we can calculate what the recall became anything for and made for the colonization of Latin America to send to us the process of developing the island was tremendously slow as compared to the rest of Latin America. Economy was one of subsistence. The military establishment and the church were all powerful and alien to the impoverished common man. By the end of the 19th century a Puerto Rican elite with interests that clashed with those of Spain was showing you no string to us your power. I'm insurrections have been crossed. Political parties were competing and finally in 1997 an autonomous government was stopped this
Bunny's domination of the island ended in 1898 when the United States invaded port that he called him in the Spanish-American War. The ancient guns of the forts were no match for the new appointee sent to a power or don't recall what now become an American fortress. Good evening and welcome to say brother. My name is Eva Taurus. Your hostess this evening. The second you have just witnessed depicts a brief history of the Puerto Rican people on January 1 1977 then President Gerald Ford without consulting with the Puerto Rican people appeared in the front pages of most newspapers in this country and abroad announcing his intention to submit legislation that would in essence Grant statehood for the on of Puerto Rico the United Nations has labeled Puerto Rico's present political status as a colony at the present time. There is only one statute that would cover this issue under
international legislation. Resolution 15 41 states that there are three courses of action which would de colonise of people wanting independence to association with unilateral right to withdraw and three statehood to discuss and compare these three possibilities for Puerto Rico. We have with us this evening Mr. Walking by the guests from the residence commissioner's office of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Mr. former member of the Puerto Rican Independence Party and Dr. a friend for me this President Oprah internets you know one gentleman welcome to say brother to me. I would like to give each one of you. An opportunity to present your perspectives of the political realities in Puerto Rico and tell us basically how you view these alternative as concrete really affecting the lines of the Puerto Rican people. MR My guess would you
like to begin. Yes thank you that I stand for statehood. For one simple reason. I think that statehood is the only way in which the people of Puerto Rico kind of thing equality which will assure us the dignity that we have always sought since the time of Spain. There are as you stated earlier there are three courses of action that we can take. We can become an independent nation. We can become a commonwealth which we are now or we can become a state. We cannot become independent in my judgment because we lack the resources. And the capacity to become to sustain ourselves in the world as we now see it nowadays. Let me point out that there has been no support for independence in Puerto Rico as a matter of fact in 1952 and the pro-independence party was the second largest party in Puerto Rico. It had about
20 percent of the vote while the pro statehood party had only about 16 percent of 12 percent of the vote. As I recall in 1976 the pro state party poll about 48 percent while the pro independence party polled about 6 percent. The two independents parties and there has been about the average for the independents support in the last three elections. What about the commonwealth status. In my judgment Commonwealth is not a solution. First of all in my view it lacks dignity because it suffers from colonial vestiges. It was based economically on a series of underpinnings which have now fallen by the wayside. It was based on cheap labor that has changed. The present administration supported the Fair Labor Standards Act amendments of 1977 which ensured wage priority for the same jobs in
Puerto Rico as are performed on the mainland. Another economic underpinning was full tax exemption from the present administration feels that this is not fair. You cannot have a situation you cannot develop a country under a circumstance where the large multinational corporations come to our country and reap huge profits. About 1.4 billion a year and you contribute nothing. Very little to the Puerto Rican economy. And by the way we taxpayers here in the states are subsidizing them because they don't pay any federal taxes as well. Accordingly the present administration has felt that these people should based on taxes and from now on you will not see a 100 percent tax exemption being given in Puerto Rico. And all the companies have held that they are going to stay in port. This is not going to drive them away. They will pay their fair share. Another
another basis for common wealth was the safety valve of migration of excess employment excess excess labor force between 1951 and 1970 to about 650000 people left. But between 1952 and 1977 250000 have come back to the island and so on and so on and so forth. Politically I think that. Because we do not pay taxes. We have given up the most precious right of any American citizen the right to vote for president vice president the right to be represented by seven representatives and two senators. So have the clout to appoint Puerto Ricans and Spanish speaking to the bureaucracy of the federal government so that we can really fight for our problems. The forced the presidential candidates to come down to Puerto Rico and campaign for our votes. Let me say that Puerto Rico has enacted the first in the nation presidential primaries. You
will see in 1980 that all the candidates for president will have to come to Puerto Rico and campaign. They will have to become familiar with our needs. They'll have to become familiar with our aspirations. Finally even the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that the present commonwealth status is deficient. They just recently handed down a decision that held that the supplementary Security income payments the SSI payments. Should not be paid to residents of Puerto Rico. Not only that but I've lived in the States for 10 years I have worked here for 10 years. I have. I am entitled to them. If I were to move to Puerto Rico I would relinquish. I would lose these these rights. I don't think that's fair and that is just simply a recognition of the status of the current indignity which the Puerto Rican people live under the commonwealth status. And that's why I say that the only solution is statehood. And the quicker it comes the better it will be. Thank you Mr. Marcus. Mr. V.V. Could we hear from you now on your
particular philosophy regarding the independence issue in Puerto Rico. Yes. No one can deny that. As a result of its relation with the United States the Puerto Rican standards of leavin income education and Hill have considerably reason above those of all the Latin American countries. And that's one of the reasons why many American citizens. Ask them so why do this people want to be called an independent nation. I would like to answer that question in spite of this so called progress. Some of the facts about Puerto Rico. Are.
25 percent. Of the Puerto Rican residents. Are inadequate for leaving 30 burthen of our workers are on. Almost 70 percent of the people are can see there are poor and our per capita income is just half. Of that of the poorest STATE OF THE UNION. How of the families in Puerto Rico live on food stamps in the last 8 years. The cost of food stuff has rice an almost 100 percent. The social effects of this economy. Facts are striking. 30 percent of the families are disintegrated. There are approximately 200000 drug addicts almost 7 percent of the population.
One of every three Puerto Ricans has mental health problems. These facts make clear. That the present economic of political and social structures of Puerto Rico has failed to promote the welfare of our people. And that the radical change is needed for the solution of this problems. We poured the Reagan's constant to the people. We have a common language a common history a common culture a certain speed or way of being defined the way we look at things the way we relate to each other our interests our hopes our feelings. But Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States. Our people never had the sovereignty that will makes possible self-determination. I mean the right and the power to deal with our problems
in our way. In other words to forge our destiny. Even the popular artist have been forced to admit the fad of colonialism in their sources if they lose to get a new pack of relations between the United States. And Puerto Rico for all the facts. And obvious questions emerge. Soon there is a need of a radical change and colonialism must be abolished. Unseen support the Regans are a people and a mother. He story. The natural tendency of people is to close the doors themself into free nations I mean into republics. Then why doesn't the majority of the people in Puerto Rico. In this moment. Those who favor independence
the answer to this question can be found in the lack of self-determination of our people due to the US intervention. I mean to the US colonial policy in Puerto Rico. Since our time is brief. I would like to deal with an example. Of this colonial policy in the fiscal year of 1975. LS citizens receive an abberation five hundred dollars in comparison. With US citizens who only receive two hundred ninety six. In further up as argument we must remember that Puerto Rican citizens don't pay federal taxes have been 1.4 percent of the U.S. population. Puerto Rico receives two point four percent of further
expenditures in the first six months. Of 1976 77. One million four hundred thousand people took part in the food stamp program. That is almost a half of the population of what. When I ask what's wrong with receiving money without working for it or even without paying taxes. This intervention Toumani policy is a consequence of the incapacity of Puerto Rican economic structures to provide employment for its people a need has the following effects. The issue is economically better than work. The further our assignments are not the signage to stimulate our economy and the result is that they are structured in this way. The further our assignment intensify the economy and sequel logical dependence
of the people at people with economic and therefore with us ecology caught in the pendants than has any capacity for self determination. Thank you Mr B. That there are meters for over 25 years. Puerto Rico has been a commonwealth of the United States and how will your organization's efforts differ from the present status of Puerto Rico. Well first we have to talk a little bit about the name come a well you know if Commonwealth is a translation from the term in Spanish which is S.W. it means literally free associated state. And I would like to couch my answer in the shift between the meaning of Commonwealth to free association because this is this is the thrust of our of our present intention in those of us who are in favor of the free association for Puerto Rico. Means maximum autonomy
maximum autonomy within the contractual relationship with the United States. Now this has a long historical background since the beginning of the 19th century with the leadership of autonomous such as a power horse and we're not going to go to the gutter until you pass a law. And we want your money. The majority of the people of Puerto Rico has consistently preferred autonomy within the association. Over the other forms of political relationship with the Metropolitan Government. It was and is our own way our own way of achieving our self-government in the context of our geographic and demographic circumstances and the will of the Puerto Rican people in the political history of Puerto Rico. It's interesting to note that not a single independent this has ever been elected to public office by direct popular vote
and only in recent times the state Hooter's like my friend Marcus have begun to challenge the autonomy for political power. And I believe that this has been due mostly to a conservative reaction among Puerto Ricans to a worldwide economic crisis which has affected Puerto Rico severely. Now besides the worldwide economic situation the reluctance of the United States government and Congress to respond to the desire of the people of Puerto Rico that the Commonwealth's that will be developed along the lines you mention along the lines of the free association as internationally defined by the United Nations that has helped to create the present political crisis in Puerto Rico. But Iowa which I preside in the United States is organizing a local national and international nonpartizan political effort to correct a situation that is so
inequitable for the people of Puerto Rico. We believe that free association is a political formula for international interdependence of the future. Are we Puerto Ricans are proud that it is in Puerto Rico where this Vanguard political experiment has been tried for the first time in history. We know that as any Pioneer achievement it is imperfect and misunderstood even by many of our countrymen. Those of us who have been involved in this development in one way or another since the early 1950s know that the free associated state is a unique political creation that our sewer assures the preservation of our national identity and cultural heritage permits the exercise of our sovereign rights on all vital issues affecting our common good. And it requires the popular will and aspirations of the Puerto Rican people on these matters with an equally strong desire to maintain a permanent bond with the United States political system through common defense
Common Market common currency and common citizenship. It keeps the Puerto Rican family spiritual united as a people no matter how far they may be your graphical. We also know and claim. That Ella free associated state can grow evolve and transform itself to permit change when change is necessary to deal with emerging conditions our new realities. It closes no doors it severs no relationships or prevent establishment of other links convenient or desirable to Puerto Rico or Puerto Ricans everywhere. There is need for change. Right now. We believe and this is where the difference from the from the prints from the previews situation we believe in a revised compact of free association between Puerto Rico and the United States. That would bring our autonomous relationship within the union with Fulton. Politically. This revised back must
recognize a free and bilateral nature of the relationship existing between Puerto Rico and the United States in most fully recognized Puerto Rico's capacity for self-government limiting the powers of the United States to those related to common defense Common Market common currency and common sense and citizenship. It has an effective mechanism that would guarantee Puerto Rico's participation in the implementation of powers delegated to the federal government in most recognized international personality of the free associated state. It was stylish it clearly defined a mechanism for amending that compact whenever that's necessary. Now economically they revise back most and eliminate all existing ambiguity in our fiscal policy. Most allow Puerto Rico to participate in their national market. Most recognize Puerto Rico for jurisdiction over its natural resources including those existing within 200 miles of its shores. In most recognized Puerto Rico's autonomy in labor management relationships minimum wage legislation and
environmental legislation. And very briefly just to finish culturally last but not least. This new revised back. Must recognize Puerto Rico as a Hispanic American community in history language and culture. It must allow for the freedom of all cultural and social development including transferring to Puerto Rico the establishing of its own rules and regulations over radio and television for example. And it must provide effective ways by which Puerto Rico can be assured that the influx of foreigners to our island would respond to the realities circumstances and need of our country. Commonwealth was the beginning. Our final goal is free association. Thank you. DR HAMID is generating new life. All right a statement concerning if I may. You know we're going to proceed. With a question because I have some. Various questions that I feel should be addressed Nirvana mentioned.
At one point or another the economy of Puerto Rico for instance and I would like to know briefly from each one of you how it is that your particular philosophy would deal with the economic issue on the island. We all know that we have limited resources. You have mentioned Dr. Harmeet is that we are beginning to explore new avenues of resources so perhaps this can be incorporated in your specific answer. Yes I would like to do expandable to agree with you. See one of the things that we have in Puerto Rico is a fucked up and underdeveloped nation. The per capita income of Puerto Rico is less than the lowest per capita income of any STATE OF THE UNION. We really belong to the Third World. We are a member of the Third World nations with the very strange and very fortunate situation that we at the same time shared citizenship with the American citizens. Now economically what this means is that we have to have our own
way of developing the economy which is not the way that economies develop in the United States because of the very different level of income and culture. Thank you How would that differ from the statehood for your view. Fine I would like to address that question first of all I would like to state that the proposal outlined by Mr. Lockhart I mean this. Has been presented to the Congress three times right. The associated state I believe it has been ignored and has been rejected by the wrongest because as President Kennedy once said if that's what they want let's give them independence. And that's the way I feel about it. I think that all American citizens if they have the citizenship they should bear the burdens in the same manner. In the same way. I think that we should all. There the. Enjoy the benefits and bear the burdens. But economically this proposal under this proposal as presented and that's the reason why has been rejected three times. The proposal means that the citizens of Puerto Rico would enjoy rights which are not now
enjoyed by the citizens of the 50 states and under the Constitution this is not possible. Thank you I don't see how you would give us that users would vote you really know. I want to get to the issue of how are they going to enjoy those rights if they're going to have to pay a federal income tax. I do not. Yeah there's a very soon I had three years late and. Let me make that very brief. Do you know of any state that hasn't made it. We've got 50 states all of them have been successful. Puerto Rico will be successful. Here we are scribing the success of Puerto Rico to some political status. I say no I think the success of any people in Puerto Ricans or otherwise is a success that the work the hard work of each of them decide to succeed and we have that desire to succeed and we will succeed. Thank you very much for what they are saying we have I think you and I have an attorney. I mean everybody need to do. Thank you very much. The fact is that. As a result of the United States Cole and others I'm
in Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico have not been able to develop their own economy. We don't have and I'll turn a movie economy. We should we should have one. But if you notice the arguments against independence are always that we don't have an economy that we cannot be sufficient because nobody then it works. But then if we. Develop our own economy and we have the resources for doing it because we have workers. We have natural resources. The reasons this cover this cover of Cooper of oil in Puerto Rico opens new possibilities for the creation of a national economy in Puerto Rico. And with the creation of Social and economy economy then the state
or the Commonwealth are not longer needed. OK you had wanted to make some comments on the previous question. I believe I made mine. My comments I just want to say simply that we would be able to sustain industry if statehood should come because number one the certainty that will be provided by being a permanent part of the Union. Would be an incentive to industry to invest in Puerto Rico and the one Secondly we would have seven representatives and two senators which will be looking out for the problems of Puerto Rico. All of the big guns in port go to go but in the border regions everywhere else like any other nation that I want to go back and use I wish to get into now an area which you touch upon every single one of you have. I would like to see your comments or hear your comments on the fact that if Puerto Rico is predominantly controlled by American enterprise and
I do not wish to really get into that. That goes without saying that it will also have some reflection on the media and can the people of Puerto Rico really make up their own mind while they're able to have one of the reasons to have an opportunity to voice their opinion. You're opening up the argument the question of the cultural assimilation. I'm not going to argue right now with my friend Marcus about the about why industrialists in the States is going to pay the same minimum wage and have to cart his role material to Puerto Rico to manufacture them bring him back I really don't understand our economy. But my point is well it would take a long time I think. But my point is that what you're suggesting statehood is is the death of the Puerto Rican people. This is cultural genocide. There is no explicit there's no there's no example not one single example in the union in the United
States of people of different ethnic backgrounds and different language who has survived. The assimilation that statehood entails. Frankly I don't feel and I don't think that the Puerto Rican people certainly not me. I'm not willing to to give up my cultural my cultural being. And I think that in a sense all of the deserving American citizen ship American citizen was given to Puerto Ricans in I think 17 for a very dubious reasons and we have earned every right to be American citizens will have to pay for it. We have paid for already. So I think that since the relationship between Puerto Rico was started by United States and I think 17 before that now we have to work within that reality and the reality is I myself and the people that I know that are Puerto Ricans don't want to stop. You know what they thought would be a cultural genocide. Thank you Mr. very independent he says have
had difficulty in dealing with the present. Could you briefly with with the press in Puerto Rico I don't think that it can be questioned that there's has been a certain bias so why don't you perhaps comment on that briefly. And I mean very briefly yes. They thought this as I was pointing before that the economic dependence of what I recall from the United States that are mine and absolute dependence. I mean the pendants in all other areas. And the communication and the area of communication is one of them. And. Deport all of the Puerto Rican communication system that is control by the United States there is a constitution. Which is speaks about free press the right to organize. But the foggiest as the rest and
the papers and on the FBI. But their use stands. Persecution is a constant intervention of American audiences in the riot of Puerto Rico of Puerto Rican who didn't mind their destiny. OK thank you versus something else or just an early chance to rebut. Well. For me to support as you would anybody. I was totally against anybody I was born in and the hills of my problem I'm very proud of it. I still eat a horse every jeweler and I would be with us all the time. Just let me say this. You said that no one already has survived. I say then you're saying that our culture is very weak. We have survived for 70 years White Knight along with 78 years we've been dominated by the Americans and we still maintain our values as a couple we are strong. Are we going to have a
state the same where there's no real difference. That's where we differ. Now if you're talking about perhaps some some I'll use in Alaska maybe they've lost their culture we are a people we're not I get out of the sticks and I think that we can bring the first Spanish speaking state. It would show this nation that we have cultural pluralism that we with they also tolerate other minorities where your example told a guy Thank you Mr. Marcus. Gentlemen we have to take a break and when we turn we will continue our discussion and take questions from our studio audience. Yes. It's been great going back me
saying they think me. To. Be able to place to begin Yes it was yes I know they beat us. Oh good lord i'm way there's a whole side I saw right. By. Good me. My aunt was holding. A woman making a good read LOL LOL. He. Did none. Good news for the answer was Jane Grey. Even better than. Being
from Iran. Welcome back. We have been discussing the political status of Puerto Rico and its alternatives. I was walking my guess I'm him Daddy me and doctor friend from meet us before taking questions from the audience. I would like to explore some of the issues which most intimately affect the United States population off Puerto Rican ZX gentleman. What type of participation do any of you foresee for Puerto Ricans who do not live on the island but who are non the less interested in voicing their opinions about the status issue in Puerto Rico and will start the other way around this time with Dr me this fine. I think that the nation has 5 million inhabitants three million in the island and two million
in the mainland. United States. In my 12 years of living in the United States I have found that many of us are very much concerned about what happens in Puerto Rico and we are developing an awareness that anything that is going to happen in Puerto Rico is will have to be negotiated with government and with Congress and we vote here and we pay taxes here. So what we're trying to do is to develop the awareness that we Puerto Ricans in the United States can have a lot to say about what happens in Puerto Rico as long as we don't want to impose anything on the Puerto Rican side of Puerto Ricans don't want. That's what I feel so comfortable in lobbying and talking to a lot of people because I know that most Puerto Ricans want free association. Well the Puerto Rican people as you see in Mr. Riady have a say if they live on the mainland or elsewhere will they be able to voice their opinions and I do know that the independence parties do have some headquarters in the United States. Perhaps you can give us an idea of what functions they would
undertake. Yes to answer this question we must have in mind that the two mediums of the recons that right now lived in the United States were forced to come to the United States. The colonialism policy of the United States have forced this Puerto Rican to leave the island. So it's very important for then the. Solution to be that we can arrive at a solution to the economic and social problems of Puerto Rico. It's our duty because the people that leafy or are interested in the destiny of Puerto Rico to organize the people in the state to fight for the definitive solution. For our problems.
Mr. McHugh I've been fortunate enough to travel throughout most of the east coast visiting Puerto Rican communities. One of the things that I find. Most frequently is the case is the fact that they're not registered to vote. Being citizens they're not registered to vote. When I tell them that if they want to get ahead. If they want to progress in the state in the state in this nation you have to register to vote in this beautiful state of Massachusetts. You look at the Irishman's which came here they came they registered they voted. And they became a political force. The speaker of the house is the bony old Irishman a very fine man. We can do the same thing but we have to register we have to register and go to the polls. If you look at the report of the Civil Rights Commission commission said that is the Puerto Ricans in the Continental United its right we have a low uncertain future. Exactly we have some of the worst conditions and that's one of the things that we will take and we will. That's one of things that we will be able to take care of when we become a state. Why. Because we will have seven
representatives two senators and then we'll have plenty of clout with the administration will be able to get Puerto Ricans in high administration posts which we will look out for our interests. Right now we don't have anybody. We are the stepchild. And that's why I say that this the Puerto Rico suffers from colonial vestiges we agree here with most of it. The only remedy is to get full representation to get the muscle that we have in the same through the usual American manner. This is the way America was built and I think we're written requests to participate in same manner. On the basis of equality. As I see it the people in the United States and the people from Puerto Rico have not had an ongoing relationship up to now. Specifically I can point to the fact that when a Puerto Rican from New York City returned to Puerto Rico and even when I myself returned to Puerto Rico is looked upon as a foreigner always looked upon as a New York Rican and yet I was born as we were discussing or weren't on TRC-M and so how do you see basically this whole
involvement occurring. Well again we conceive the autonomy as conceive that the nation. Is 5 million strong and that if Puerto Ricans who live in the continental United States are that one who live in the island and we have to develop the relationship be the exchange of concern and action. From the point of view of the Puerto Ricans in the United States I agree with you. These I agree with you one thing which is that we have to become more active in the local politics because our participation in the local politics here will have a lot to say on how the congressman thinks about the new innovative ways in which we are trying to deal with our reality. OK I want to necessarily becoming a state but dealing with our reality our own way. Thank you Dr. Mears I want to ask a question about the relationship between Cuba and Puerto Rico it was once they shared a common political
goal for independence and freedom and sense of human revolution. Puerto Rico's adoption is an US procession. Since that time the two nations have basically embarked on two separate and distinct paths. How will this history affect the future development in Puerto Rico. From your own perspectives. Well I would like to say nor would you likely have if there were there's a real you know I want to. Well the comparison between you and port Bill recall it's really important because as you were saying you know certain moments and they too are. Different but. I will admit. That I have. A dependency from Russia from the Soviet Soviet nation. And so people things. Cuba is a colony of the Soviet Union in the same
way that we are a colony of the United States. Well there's a difference between the relations. Of Soviet Union and Cuba and the relation of the United States and Puerto Rico. After 80 years of United State intervention in Puerto Rico we are still facing the same problems unemployment in poor conditions of leaving and we have not even been able to develop our own economy. This Soviet Union policy toward Cuba in this sense is different. They are helping to do things in there. And I think that the Americans that have visited the Heisman have found this. They have. Progress in the health programs in their education program and they are building up an economy.
For the future. We have. Not given everything go a step toward this. I do know a lot of human involvement with the independently similar importuning. Oddly enough with a new progressive party if I'm not mistaken they were large. Second the contributions for your past campaign. Do you feel that given their involvement that they are also interested in having a voice over what occurs on the island in terms of the status issue. Well I think that it should be the opposite I think that the Cubans were responsible in part for financing the Socialist Party in the past campaign and also the New Progressive Party. Well maybe some Cuban citizens who reside in Puerto Rico who are U.S. citizens and who vote in the U.S. contribute to our campaign Sure just like you just like the residents of Massachusetts who live in Puerto Rico who contribute to our campaign. But I would like to say regarding the different paths of Cuba and Puerto
Rico is that given the choice I would like to see how many people here how many of us would choose to live either in Puerto Rico or Cuba. I think I for one would take Puerto Rico. I don't think that independence and freedom are synonymous. I would rather take freedom or independence. I like that comment something about the Puerto Rican situation is included in our recommendation that we have something very much to say about the influx of foreigners into our island. One of the things that are happening in Puerto Rico is that statistically you can prove that perhaps the Cuban vote gave your party the victory. Now look at the Cuban vote in Puerto Rico. They are highly educated. They are people who come into the United States who become citizens and of course they're going to choose a place where Spanish is spoken so they tend to go to either Miami or Puerto Rico. Now they're conservative so they will vote for the Conservative Party. And yours is a conservative party so all those votes usually go your way and I think this is unfair for the Puerto Ricans.
Thank you. We are going to be welcoming our studio audience by taking questions. And I see some points of similarity between what the state has presented and the independent piece in the political power and economic thing and between the Commonwealth. Yes I did state and they live an investor I would like to address my question to the independent piece. Could you comment how do you see yourself and the platform of the independent because he put it qualitatively different from these two gentlemen thank you. I think it is important to. Us. The open all Mistah party has been Porto Rico. For at least 30 years. In those
30 years they have not been able. To solve our economical. And I was social problems. I think that. The economic. Platform of this party. The problem. Of reform in the thing stop argument. Yes it has failed to solve Puerto Rican problems and they are trying now to find another kind of economic development. For Puerto Rico. What. As I see it the only out alternatives we have right now is to develop our own economy with what own resources. That's will give off the possibility of self determination. Is the popular loudest one to develop and I'll turn almost economy on is the
studies this. One to develop an autonomous economy. We will back them in this project because if we can. Develop that economy. I believe. That the people of Puerto Rico will no longer won. Statehood or commonwealth. And they will favor independence. Thank you Mr. Can we take another question please. Yes. In recent years we read in the press that having a series of bombings and other terrorist acts perpetrated supposedly in New York and other violent cities with associated with core support going to the pendants I would like to hear from Mr. Riady and also from Mr. market reactions in terms of how those that when there are those that help the cause of Puerto Rican independence from the point of view of mainlanders and the people in the army. Yes the independence of Puerto
Rico. And. Will be achieved by the people of Puerto Rico. There it is. There are different interpretations about how this independence can be achieved. Some Puerto Ricans believe. That there is not enough. Freedom. Don't recall the recent on the policy really. Of the term in NATION. And that the only way to a sheath. The independence. For Puerto Rico. Is through the way. Of arms through a revolution. The possibility of a revolution in Puerto Rico I think will depend. Of
the policy of the United States report already. If you're in the United States those and provides the conditions in which our people can help us there so the termination then one of the possible of our corn will be an armed struggle. Other peoples believe that the in the pendants can be achieved. Through two other means. But these all those means can only take place. If the conditions I've created for them and as long as the United States has the absolute control that it has now over our economy our communications media then there
is no possibility of a really democratic process process that are mine. Our destiny. And I would like to comment on that since the first of many also and we of course deplore violence from any any side being from the left from the right with deplore violence. And the answer to the question is yes I think that to a certain extent the violence of the bombing here in the states may detract from the course of study which may may affect in some some people's eyes. Unfortunately it works that we would reverse the more violence the more that people tend to vote for the statehood movement that was the situation in 1967 and I believe to a certain degree 1975. But I would like to say simply that. Violence is is is a process in this world and no politician. Has been killed or kidnapped. And yet in the United States since 1960 we've
had three presidents two presidents I believe one John Kennedy was shot. Martin Luther King three other candidates shot so it's a it's a fact of life unfortunately. I wish that were not the case. Mr. Marcus before we hear from Dr. Amir Sian I want to mention to our audience that the violence really is not only on the independent Tista side that I have seen also acts of violence displayed against members of the Independence Party and people who oppose other political views on the island. Can you perhaps clarify that particular issue. Would you be more specific please. I believe that Carlos home a former member of the House of Representatives in Puerto Rico who stood for independence very firmly favoring independence for Puerto Rico was bombed recently and I believe I made it in the U.S. I believe you're right I believe that right. Let's give the same answer. I would oppose that completely I think it's foolish I think it's not necessary. OK.
Well I think you could do anything foolish I think there's a psychological point. We think we we cannot. I believe that the terrorist activity among certain of the of the Nationalist or indifferent at least as in the east in the States is a psychological reaction a very violent and very extreme psychological reaction to the possibility of statehood. Now on the other hand in Puerto Rico we're having people who are on the extreme right who are bombing these the towers the tension towers to provoke a breakdown of the Puerto Rican economy. So we're having extreme psychological relationship from two of them that work streams. I think that's what that should be pointed out. Thank you Doctor I think we have time for one more question. This goes to my guess where knowing the political Rico has resources which includes you get annoyed just imagine if you leave when I finish my question I would like to make a couple of the
finest thank you said the nation that we have just not through. We do have forty one point five percent service but I think what we have from five to five million and we have to put off having at least 4.5 billion baht as a whole but only go forty six million dollars billion dollars. Now it was like you know now my question what do we got in the exploitation of these resources if any with. If we had all those resources I think we would make the United States a colony valse I don't know that we do have all those resources as a matter of fact I have seen some reports that say show that there may be some oil. We certainly do have some copper. And we may have some nickel but if that were the case I think there would be independent. Why you know the people know that then there is no reason not to be independent.
What is the policy for the government but the policy will be to develop into the for the benefit of the people of Puerto Rico. That's the answer to this because even if we had all that money I think that we still would be better off as a free associated state. I just wanted to say that it's not a question of money it's a question of how to deal with our own particle reality. I think thank you. We have about two minutes to ask Mr. Marquez and his story. If we talk about historical immigrants to this country the blacks from Africa. The Irish as you touched on how you can possibly be in favor of statehood in addition to maintaining your Puerto Rican ness your Puerto Rican identity the two are not compatible I'd like you to comment on that. Yes I would. The reason I do it is precisely to be able to help us overcome that situation. We are powerless now. We want the power in the best way to get the powers of those in the system.
To be able to take over the system. I'm not going to give up my culture and support you can believe me and if you're as if you're if you're in a state in the United States if you become a state. The first day you're going to be an American. I've always been an American and it's not there's no compatibility between being with Reagan and a good American. Jimmy Carter is with Georgia. He's also with America. Any other comments on that particular I must add on the line what the young lady saying I totally agree with her. I think that the one main reason against these regardless of how much money we could find on the Greek was sitting on the hold. Tremendous kind of oil spill. I think they've what would be the destruction of a port but we can and I can live with that. Thank you very much we bloggers like them. Unfortunately our time has just about run out before saying good night. I would like to
thank our guest Mr. Margolis Mr. Riady and doctor for me this and of course our studio audience. Further I hope that you the viewers have found this discussion informative and helpful in clarifying the many questions which today engulf the future of Puerto Rico and its people. On behalf of say brother goodnight.
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