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Long Hot Summer 64 a weekly summary and in-depth report on the struggle for civil rights in the south. This is Ted mascot producer and your host for a long hot summer 64 the FBI announced this week the discovery of three bodies in a shallow grave near Philadelphia Mississippi and later positively identified two of the bodies as Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman. The two white civil rights workers missing since last June 21st. Upon hearing this announcement and reading that the three workers had been shot if not worse. I immediately thought of some of the Southern comments surrounding their disappearance that I've heard these past six weeks. I will not repeat any of it now except for a very interesting letter to the editor from this past Tuesday's Clarion-Ledger the largest paper in Mississippi. The letter to the editor in this Jackson Mississippi newspaper is addressed to the editor Lowell liberate or Lowell Massachusetts. Dear
Sir I find both interesting and gratifying. The guest editorial credited to you in July 30 issue of Jackson Mississippi Clarion-Ledger your implication that the quote mysterious disappearance unquote of three agents provocateurs so groundlessly and smugly labeled murder by the Yankee absolute as press was planned and executed by communists or their agents coincides with the consensus of informed Mississippians. If they were murdered it is by no means the first case of such disposition by communists or of their dupes to ensure their silence. However the careful absence of clues makes it seem likely that they are quartered in Cuba or another communist area awaiting their next test. There is no reason to believe them seriously harmed by citizens of the most law abiding STATE OF THE UNION. It is encouraging to find a paper whose name so strongly recalls the absolute as heyday of Garrison. Some there and
Beecher's Bibles for Kansas daring to publish an honest and fair minded expression. If the Commonwealth meaning Massachusetts as many citizens as intelligent as you it should be able to junk the Kennedy plan of emulating the social and economic policies of Haiti Cuba Brazil and Harlem and strive for true civilization despite the absolute objectors. You might point out to those objectors that we benighted Mississippians just possibly may be right in wanting to be governed by our peers rather than by those who have never been able to rule themselves. One word to comfort the civil rights agitators who are sorely puzzled by the failure of colored Mississippians to welcome them more gladly. The fact is they have been weighed and found wanting by their reluctant hosts whose long and friendly association with respectable and kindly white neighbors has given them standards of morality and conduct that these communist indoctrinated Yankee
phoneys cannot even understand much less me. It is high time they learned this basic truth about Mississippians of all races and re-oriented their thinking in accord with the facts. Cordially yours James Norman Hamilton 811. What Dr. Clinton Mississippi a letter he wrote to the Clarion Ledger the largest newspaper in Mississippi which was addressed to the editor Lowell liberate or Lowell Massachusetts. Now for reports on some of the activity in Mississippi in the civil rights movement there. Here was a phone report received yesterday from Jeff Callan. Jeff has been working in the civil rights movement there are since the third week in June. I thought it might be and I think you know what now is a common day of many many years. And all hell is the opposite of what we are
and wow can one get back in here on Earth in one important meeting of a president to go to write read or talk about. But according as they do we we are or are we in that in another nearby community can be similarly an organisation in for the love of all this we also have to call the. Thing to call the gateway thing I think her name BB again. Both of whom I've heard of a fine for coming here to give a free concert. We only heard about that about three or four days ago we haven't had time to really buy that there's going to be a picnic and fun for the kids in the afternoon and other concepts out of the evening.
Third they still do all that and yet how this is happening because the meeting at The Hague and the CM Democratic Party in the mine. That's where a lot of the going who are amazing thing going on in Ireland where they do things on no account that one day and that day is going to be rather a an epochal day. Cried another. Not on the day the next day there are a couple of other man made my Friday night it could be a meeting of a politically in unity and all of the county with important political figures and one of the hardline one now running a Senate and we're talking to a Molly
here potentially related organization and how they went in and you're in college now do you hear the alarm Macedonia. So that kind of thing off the thing done I asked you whether they could tell us something about the drive to establish the Freedom Democratic Party in Mississippi. Back then the Freedom Democratic Party convention was held in Greenville on Sunday afternoon and it spread through the early part of the evening. The Freedom Democratic Party of course. I have been a good state and and I'm white to have a political pop. And with all the people they could have come away with a radical second here to really get the Negro people to register to vote and if that's going to be accurate and right
now I think you know in our public and for the right the Democratic Party and the Freedom Democratic Party were often off target for those things. But the part of the Democratic Party in any case the free Democratic Party held a convention in Greenville Mississippi last Sunday. And if in fact it was handed by delegate from the fall of the twenty four counties which are in that district the convention proceeded with in order that we can fight for your data. But if you were at the regular democratic and because that part of the cowling that were they were putting forth that many that might be the regular Democratic Party and they say so. We have read German was elected and a delegate to go to the national convention was elected and
they. Are not afraid I could settle down to get elected and the State Executive Committee of the party would like to think about the party is what I really can't describe I don't think the AG I was and how enthusiastic everybody at that meeting was about politics for most of the people they were with the first time that they could really act and how I think the first time that they had anything that they were allowed to say and people there were really really anxious to say something really I could do something. I hope that at some point the PBA will be carrying a tape of what went on there at that meeting. But any community I magine has been in the community here. People have a tendency to think they're isolated have a tendency to think that there are good and politic and unique throughout the state. Because if on the ground thought that way then why would the currency for crack are out of date and with a good thing at the prices they are how can they be so lacking in politics. The fact is that I think that they were ordinary delegates and fans from all over
the all over the country and they were they could be representing me if they are like me. I thank you all phonetically with that they are one of the I think the most exciting that I delegate and wish that I could see and care for the Grand Old Party without a doubt. For example there were three of the 16 people were young energetic and irate 20 to early 30s very very bright guy with a child can be delicate and can really run for nothin but a lot on the other hand help help a couple of the county near the county to get a point off. So they were sort of the Bobby Kennedy of the convention. They went around lining up and making deals making sure that he could see. I think other counties with what our delegates and how many we make that we have which are not at all like her kind of work for a democratic first time ever at
anything like that but they immediately caught onto it and loved doing it more but I think that when it when it was awful the grand old man a grand old man of party politics around here the Grand Old Man and all that kind of a man named Reverend little that is 83 years old and for the last year or so we have been slightly paralyzed but it doesn't prevent him from doing anything at all I mean I think hell I have heard of that. OK and any. He fumbled with thing a little bit but he got help correcting Thore and his mind is going through an alley. I feel like for a guy like he was the first one of our people to be like that for a guy like that even though you are not alike. When you meet with one of the high points of a holding pattern where you called about a day when I was a model for a man struggling for radical right here in the state it gave a great great speech it would be doing all the work or
how we want to go to black. Great talent and a man of stature he was rater like you are going to put it whether that's what you are all very happy about that and other that other person and I look hard at all the county would be a great political leader here here. Oh the Republican party whatever the Democratic Party. Cried through I think the president and our word for it because they were President Kennedy the man whom everybody has enormous admiration and respect for having all the me I like and victory to work for it actually is you know this is the friction between the old and the young me the old man right here they go kill me now that I think I think you're on the right power to the young man the young man a man here named Robert Miles. Earlier I had a report about your gas arming and his I mean how are
not only a great man it can encourage a great matter and personal Thatcher is about to have a quiet kind of face very very handsome and rollin and he has a wide brimmed hat. Happy Thanksgiving to my one of the volunteers and they. They can with a little bit like it like a Western hero but also what you find rare true and a great father and he were to do this with great tall man both in many ways I mean when he's around. And he was our candidate for the State Executive Committee. I think out of the Democratic Party which is really the most powerful body in the face of the free democratic party. And he made that I thought was really cute having him there and having him when but the party in the meeting itself which is one of the one of the high points of the summer
and my money and I think I think he knew two summers ago I worked for a man who was running for the Illinois Senate. If you hate me Honey have you ever heard him. He was a Democrat and during that time right at the end of the summer I got about a week and a half touring throughout Illinois I think the whole it was a private secret Paul four times running to try to find out how people rather they felt about the NAACP very political and I was very very disillusioned by the end of that summer because a lot of people had invited all about the you know the names of the candidates didn't even realize it doesn't win for Senator. But going to a meeting like him and working in a place like you know how do you know they still renew my faith in the American political process. And it certainly is my faith in the America like if you're with a group of men who really knew this sort of thing
they wanted were united behind the single great idea of freedom and equality of the Negro people who rep the flies not really any girl who I've met when you're meant to be and I've met with certainly 500 and up with maybe maybe maybe a few thousand or have a really long talk with the farmer from all levels of legal fighting here all of whom were really represented by these people. And it turns out that there are these hundreds who have fine fine leaders and the community here on hand and the to fight the oppression of the white man and I do. And those leaders haven't. We are there. Therefore we are there. They can come here at a company and we are kind of held in the reporters here from WBA I would argue for part of the of the meeting in about 10 or 15 minutes and only by being struck by what a
great great mechanism was and he was thanking him for pay for the connection. He was startled to find that no one in important news media was covering it and there were no other reporters on hand and yet he sat in one of the most important political going on in the country if not the most moving going on today and if you argue that Senator Goldwater is good for the president he is a more important thing that they can write in closely together because of the time that he kind of sees the Republican Party as a might say that the people in front of the Democratic Party and the free democratic party and Southern senators and try to feel like like him have rewritten President Johnson to stand up and become really do believe that in a case. He point out that
you have no trouble getting any news media coverage of bombing or killing or anything like that that somehow they're not really having the Freedom Democratic Party base and if they really want to see what the long term long term effect of our summer here. That's one story I want to tell about I want to describe that and I don't think I actually manage to tell as clearly as I'd like to just how exciting it was. There were there were four girls who want to launch it either because they were women who knew the wives of men who were and were delegates or we can point to the fact they all expect to be bored within a matter of an hour or two and all and where do you really think fighting to drop a day in and leaving one of them but the one point you could tell the color for a pretty good record otherwise it is that it was that exciting. Jeff Cohen who was a student working for the Council of federated organizations and who has been working in Batesville Mississippi since the middle of June Jeff went. And to comment on the projects which might continue in the Negril community after the summer workers leave
Mississippi. Freedom Democratic Party is at the heart of the organization a political organization. They and as I understand it America an earlier program there's been some confusion and indecision and argument among the leaders of the freedom movement here this summer about what priority to give to the party how people have to be devoted to it. If you know how to get in a typical in the Bible County because of the court injunction which makes it possible for any negro to write and read off a contract and doesn't even have to be treated like a right to the point here and then to vote. How do you offer because I have a strong local leadership. One of the things we've been lulled back to doing that and then having to go up local leadership which we
can you do in a political way. We've registered so far something like 500 600 people here and hopefully will register when a thousand by the end of summer and more than two or three by the end of the year. Then there's the question what happens to those voters. What do they do with that Political Pop power how do they use. And now that they recognize it and they move into areas other than our own very real question here the question that he took here here is not and apparently going to cope with because they haven't all the possibilities and one of the things that we've done this summer to educate them and to some of the new one the power to me about how much I know about how they can cure these people turned out and you know everybody your case by virtue of our. He was holding a woman voters in the back room as our national politics come across with an oar.
But one of the things you've been doing here is building up local border police a local precinct organization we have a number of responsibilities the first being to get out being registered to get registered voters and then to get out the vote later on to be a residue of information for people but also offer the basic run in the latter forgotten Freedom Democratic Party. But these groups are also another of a number of other fronts in the community. Same way the political parties have important functions in New York City or cargo or in Brockton where when or how many ever been here many immigrants had to turn to them for everything that has been tried here by making sure that there are political bloc who are trying to form an organization which can
lobby probably anybody who would argue or people have provided to this project and I'm going to ride it out or if they need it they're fired. We have a political fire because it would be able to be able to get that sort of thing. But there are other problems and some of them are being like one of the another one of a pretty large
block of the problem. They met with a message from the president and the secretary and. Order to make a list of the permanent bases for the club. With people like that again and there were 14 people there I was at the meeting with Mike because we were trying to make these independently of another meeting. But do you mean what went on there. There were several things that surprised me which I hadn't even thought about that were brought in in living with Carol. It was evidently for allegedly stealing
something but fighting for peace and well it was like maybe for me to go to Iraq and Yemen to find out what the story was talk America's talk America's Promise. They sort of work out of it they were sort of Saturday they did a survey with one very similar work out of an article for what we call the firing of the American people think thing and sort of thing we need a very powerful want to use it. Second thing if they decided to form a committee because this is the mayor and the problem I'm very
curious if they want to talk about a serious think about one of the most important thing that women city women in the. We should be in the city in the other building and street life within the city limits. Women think and fighting this.
Thing that they decided not to think it was very important as a community or more. QUESTION They will bring it here and there and then it may be that every market will invite you know I think most haven't heard but haven't lived many of them have melike every live and handing them a profit they can pay me more than I think most people can realize. Because people are becoming more than they are the
reason we have it. Well first the president told me today that how much it might have to come from a work. Release something like a lot of legal killer. I think a lot of people like other similar kind of discussion but I want out of the meeting where they decided to hold a mass meeting next week for the progress on their face. We were delayed by would certainly much to a school and all that to hear and think that many others another similar group which is being informed by farming County
for the farming community has a lot of the humility of having limited than 25 to 40 people. They have a little thing pulling magic work I'm sure. The difficulty for the people in nearby farming getting the use of a community center for eating. Well now if they decide to do it. You know that the price of standing over one of the rotten and that are now destroying the group of my group of leaders that community has so much difficulty using the community kind of radical activity. But now I
think that it will do what I think it even though it will do is to go to TALK OF THE INTERNET allowed to go for medical purposes. I gather the same for the thing really is a committee going to talk to the mayor and the need to get together and demand the right word and if they have the political right is why the current system. You have been listening to a telephone conversation I had on Wednesday August. Fifth with Jeff Cullen a summer project worker for the Council of federated organizations working in the Mississippi civil rights movement. This brings us to a close of another edition of long hot summer 64 a weekly summary and in-depth report on the civil rights movements in the south. Long Hot Summer 64 is heard each week at this time and has written and produced by your host Ted mascot of the WGBH FM staff in Boston.
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In the ninth in a series of weekly news reports documenting the civil rights movement during the summer of 1964, news is announced that the FBI have found the bodies of three missing Freedom Summer workers, Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman, in Mississippi. Host Ted Mascott reads an letter to the editor of the Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger written earlier that denigrates the workers and expresses doubts that they have murdered. Jeff Cowan, a student worker for the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) reports on the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). He describes a district convention of the MFDP that he attended in Greenville, Mississippi, that was marked by the enthusiasm of the participants for politics. The series was produced for the Educational Radio Network.
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