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it's been old it's b an experiment in public television combining elements of information education and assembling at all originates from boston massachusetts tonight hbo cameras reveal plans and strategy of the upcoming poor people's campaign and marched on the nation's capital
next a report from the old chief correspondent edward then goodbye and good luck part two without a deal on the returning negro gi and his adjustment to civilian life in chicago after the others musicologist glenn gould gives his first public performance of america forty beale viewers with a humorous essay on books are and finally an examination of the legal medical and moral aspects of the procession and you busy bleeping deal is a magazine and the last two hours three weeks ago after the assassination of dr martin luther king at old broadcast its unfinished documentary on the preparations for his poor people's campaign dr king's followers determined to go ahead with the confrontation and that is to
begin tomorrow in washington dc bpl continuing its inside coverage of the planning for the poor people's campaign was alone permitted to film a key meeting of its executive committee yesterday gregg sugar reports both meeting yesterday in washington was held in the church of the brotherhood despite reports that the campaign would be cancelled reorganized or modified the stafford move to carry out the king's original plan that they told us was the best possible tribute not have enough money now but at the big game with them then we're not going to delay implementing our campaign to have a minute before the moment doesn't work that way we usually get started an art sees to it well lord will not help you if it was that you take to mean everyone i think that first openly gay you're
right to request permission from the federal government for the right to use any land and say they are coming here to have a poor people's campaign and they don't really know it already forty years and new but we also feel that our problem was a big problem for people is that they can get this religion will say one thing you want to do is to make more people visible and reveal that they should be visible spot in the country and that they should be easy access to government property are buildings that they've been visiting ants a lot of the places that we are most strongly considering at this point they are on the white house and not have it all but we're also aggressively investigating
possible sites for a shanty town a town thank you from the jefferson memorial is another probable cy less autonomy our location of several world war two temporary buildings that were worn down to years ago is now partly under our sewer and water lines virtual necessity of those areas the house perhaps i don't think it is why
do they think we expect today they were punished for it or that they are hollow we don't know that we have no reason to think that it's going to be a thorough review that report in the campaign who are very i'm robert siegel in washington and we do have a great grand ole
opry is an expression of their will unveil the year and they do it and then a day april fourteenth the new streets the headquarters of the poor people's campaign it is here that the business of housing transportation reading prints are being dealt with marshall for the marches and demonstrations are being trained to avoid violent reverend dr ralph abernathy absolutely
right they campaigned on confrontations will involve relatively small groups are about one hundred people ready for the first meeting at ten am from hiring at the office of economic growth kennedy secretary of state dean rusk attorney general clark interior secretary you till tomorrow afternoon they will see labor secretary words and robert weaver of housing and urban development has a senate leadership mansfield dirksen long and people secretary cohen of health education and welfare secretary freeman and
agriculture and house leaders mccormack ford and out maintain mania features janie with them from across the country plans agree on yesterday christie caravans of poor people begin to move toward washington on may fifth one of those people who cannot come to a campaign i know one month until then they and then taking them maybe a mainline
plane in washington period and that they really had an industry all may vary and that come down one legal that the main area lived and the people in washington the urban league it's called for thousands of concern whites to come to washington not just as tourists such as these here at the white house but as active participants in the campaign if they will or not remains to be seen as does the response of the congress would regard lafayette in this report called touch remains also to be seen or you may have come have to come on the other end of pennsylvania avenue in bulk from
boston if your chief correspondent marvin personal point of view some officials are worried that the poor people's march on washington may disrupt life in the nation's capital that's too bad if the statement had done a wiser job making laws like for america's poor would be less cruel and the serenity of this rich republic would be less disrupted by the convulsions of injustice to paraphrase calvin coolidge the business of america is making money the trouble is the poor are making maybe they should be more patient the bible does say the poor in spirit at least will inherit the kingdom of heaven but they declined to weigh they want a piece of the action this disturbed the establishment and brings to mind the observation of paul richard author of the scourge of christ that when the rich assemble to concern themselves with the business of the poor it is called charity when the port assemble to concern themselves with the ways of the rich it is called anarchy
right here in boston fire commissioner william fitzgerald must have thought of something akin to an ip when citizens black and white kids they can't say the friday on some property he himself interestingly enough allman's between back bay in the slot players do wear those people tonight are testing a costly urban renewal project which not only makes no provision allegedly for public housing for the poor but is destroying the homes they already lived it in the last two years reportedly more than five hundred families have been made homeless in this particular area by that juggernaut of urban renewal which failed to help them relocate themselves we in this country still have not accepted the double jointed truth that people are more important than profits of that until we do accept that the open society cannot really prosper the united states is going through a new specs think stage of a continuing social revolution rooted quite simply and the need for a more equitable distribution of the wealth the demand for a reassessment of values
has already been reinforced by a citizen's committee report released last week called hunger usa those bombings banning <unk> it reveals that in this land surface with surpluses in this land which spends two billion dollars a year on the care and feeding of pets from ten to forty million americans suffer from malnutrition because we don't spend enough on the care and feeding of human being it's reflecting the obstacles posed by those committed to the status quo mississippi congressman jamie what and chairman of the subcommittee controlling the agriculture department's purse strings told a reporter last january and i told the american people are not going to finance the program to feed hungry people this problem is not seated exclusively in mississippi or that saw the citizens committee found two hundred thirty six counts from alaska to alabama from maine to the magical where citizens went wrong here as a partial roll call seattle the morning st louis chicago columbus cincinnati boston rochester
new york baltimore of laughter palm beach new orleans in san antonio all with serious deficiencies among the poor ranging from the original anemia the stunted growth the latitude and permanent brain damage a high incidence of rotting teeth was found among black with indians in montana for puerto rico's whites and appalachian and mexican americans in the southwest are all among the victims countless children in washington dc capital of the free world vomit at school because they had no breakfast how long will the nation stomach such as capital the moral crime has not yet moved its partly because most of those insulated by material opulence have been unaware of our partnership in this crime we have no excuse anymore mark and the continued tightening sometimes smuggle lions between the department of agriculture and controlling committees of congress be justified to protect the farmer if that
alliance ignores as it has largely the hunger problems of the poor one basic recommendation of the report is a free food stamp program for the needy is aid to deprive americans less urgent and foreign aid to under development economics of it i do honestly that it is cheaper to start human resources in the name of sound fiscal policy and the sound waves human talents for a positive productive role in american society that the shape of this observers point of view was the report on a young negro gi was jenkins has returned from vietnam family adjusting to civilian life and with his initial encounter with american life you know
you know why those policies it is he's been ahead these days
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we went back to chicago a thousand jews had lived with his wife has relatives lengthy family had been even that even with five people working in a family of eight there was not enough money to keep up payments it was never affluent but it was the best they have ahead and they lost the senate gone back back to grandfathers house back to the old neighborhood back to the smallest of lives it's b
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city in the condition in which is the combustion you've written this is the only way this is thank you david
how many he's saying it'll program entitled hunger american style broadcast on the deal earlier this season it was taken by a participant that senator james eastland of mississippi a charge twenty five percent interest on monday he loaned to tenants on his plantation through a staff at the senator has said he has
not charged interest tenants since nineteen forty two and over twenty five percent the person who made the charges as i ring taylor a longtime resident of these funds plantation now says she was mistaken she does not pay interest on monday she borrows from the senator as part of that first broadcast the deal asked for an interview with senator eastland he declined la is still to come on the return of the wizard a musical essay by concert pianist and to report on the legal moral problem in the united states video resumes in one minute after this because for a station identification law you are
try our newsweek magazine last week said no recording by any artist any orchestra or of any star studded african match the interest of a new glenn gould record everyone else newsweek reported can be heard live but glenn gould one of the supreme wizards of the biennale gave up public performances four years ago since then gold has moved to canada where he writes and records but never constantine says in public so winning performance by clinical even in front of videotape cameras in a television studio considered a musical event tonight video is proud to present a lighthearted musical that say by glenn
gould which ian titles all mozart the game of that composer and a couple came from mozart's piano concerto in c minor one of the
last forty produced in that form one of only two with a minor key and threats from both those program note were the reasons work thats had a rather better press that it deserves i think despite its gently swooning melodies its meticulously balanced cadences despite its stable and architecturally an acceptable form and resubmit it as a good example of why i think mozart especially in his later years was not very good composer tell exodus squarely on that word composer because mozart was unquestionably a very great musician and i'm not being coy when i try to foster that distinction by the evidence of his contemporaries most prolific performer and an improviser note the evidence of our own eyes and ears are resourceful craftsman theater and in all the familiar musical forms of his day in exhilarating dependable artist who could mentally incompetent but in a way that's his problem
too many that were shown like this moment apartments are often blessed with an engaging sense of humor they sometimes provide a concise resume of the main points they're often wants to make like andrew office memos they can jump from point to point or on the other hand well it's unconscionable length upon a particular point which details the executives that he appoint not necessarily germane to the corporate interests and another example i think mozart was dictating just such a memo he held a series of rather and distinctive and virtually indistinguishable e flat major themes together with the streets were james is that like an executive holding forth on the ramifications of a subject that no one in the front office was much concerned with anyway you know i carry a nice ej the toughest thing about replacing
water just file it and forget it over we do that let's hear some more of his famous second sheriff played by my colleague the distinguished british ago mr humphrey price davies whose artistic needs to say i greatly admire but whose views i couldn't agree with less it's
b i maybe i take your aisle well i remember so joshua say during my last year the academy as the miners started out as you would be the ninth or durante una sala great pronouncements and it'll be a blessing in your letters some people claim they find in the late works of maturity about which they deny really waited to reduce that peaceful lawful it's a nice start up his impressions and experiences life and the omarska lewis a plane with maturity holds her come to terms with the news reviews point nine he worked it forces money you were going to say why
there's a lot to it there are plenty of things like a haven for some wistful and likeable things that have been far better in this genially concertos are symphonies that he composed a few years earlier on it seems to me that by the time of settlement that concerto he'd already passed his peak as a composer of the symphonies and some others he composed a decade earlier or scripturally more coherent actually more consistent than the work of his later years there's nothing wrong with that example at least one can't prove a case against him academically but neither has it nearly as talked and compelling and concise as it could be for some reason despite all his experience and talent facility mozart was content to sit down in peace that purportedly masterpiece the polling collection of cliches astray find out why it's very difficult to define that
word usually and not get fired i guess one definition will be a phrase or an idea which through repeated uses lost its point of view many of these sequential progressions which mozart worked to death and that concerto would've seen one generation earlier discriminating comments on the precarious evolution of classical melody apart in a late work like the mozart c minor concerto they seem an enterprising somehow and disdainful of the real problems posed by the concerto form the sequence is only one kind of mozart cliche but along with ian walking base running trouble you do we all helped make mozart perhaps the easiest imitate the great composers and always give shaves the sequences the easiest by far to trick of statistically this he says is not really a very difficult identifying it's a musical thought or an idea which is repeated that and from ivan
various registries of the keyboard and without any of the human and humane changes the composer would normally bring to bear on it has one sequence of motor uses electrical so i'm not override all subjective value judgments and reduce one minute's worth of that piece that puts it's money picture two statistics by doing that i controlled i think that for almost ninety percent of the bar's which followed the first of those e flat major themes eight percent of the area after that thirty one of thirty five dollars to be exact mozart ruthlessly exploitive the sequences favorite time consumers with the harmonic substance of the area immediately after that subject
and ten bars he did absolutely nothing except cover up in the most elite that way with scales are videos precisely those rather inane chords although with that and then having done that he introduces another sort of sequence to is just as arbitrary is the one we just heard the following sequence but every race you no
exceptions no elaboration snow fanciful breaking is the patrimony of the same relentless quest for an actual unflappable i'm unafraid inevitably undistinguished harmony the filings and so it goes at all it was not a schedule and those whole fifty five bars of music could be summed up in this one prophetic fragment
and this is by no means an isolated example it's typical sadly of the jaded world weary approach which has set mozart in his later years and what may very well ask what happened why were those prodigious gifts which made mozart as a young man the toast of europe reduced in the end to skillful self parody i think that in many respects his decline can be blamed on what should have been his greatest natural asset a fantastic facility for improvisation all composers of mozart's day had that facility to some degree they have to have that if they were to fulfill the unrealistic production quotas expected of a concentric of promises a lot of them like mozart were not easily persuaded of the yeah yeah yeah as victor border once remarked in egypt
and the king bach go to the same again at his mind on something else knew about one years the idiotic to pretend that all of mozart worked consist largely of statements like that one from his c major at a trial of a relatively few works especially from those later years which aren't at some quite disruptive events of that kind of ants which compromise the intensity of the work because they have to have pretensions because the thing about improvisation is that it has to come quickly it can pose too many technical challenges is pretty well limited to the sort of music making the results from split second reaction must rely heavily on devices that have already secured a place in the mainstream of musical activity and those cliches that motor home so useful and when the stock in trade composes a generation before his time the scales in their patios which he was orphaned
continuously were as irrelevant to the real musical chairs of his days the champagne chile shelling of lawrence welk is to ours and as mozart grew older and abuse this facility for improvising his best ideas were necessarily important but those cliches has infected computers could produce a meeting with a minimum of programming and so could a five year old after a few weeks of theory lessons so one begins to wonder whether in circumstances like that the composer is in fact really necessary and the strangely enough is a question that one can profitably asked today is much of the activity in the art world just now suggests that the isolated artist romantic figure that he is is being attacked and they will succumb to the free wheeling attitude of the chants composes the random pink throwers the mixed media interviews and such less aggressively nihilistic shows is the happening devotees who simply want to draw the audience into the making of a work of art
and while ford just a lot to that level idea that could be so really approached i'd like to think that it could be done that the audience could be infected in the making of a work of art as a participant they're more dangerous menacing that idea that anyone has taken time to calculate it's yet not least among those dangers is the head of the stick pursuit of improvisation as a way of life that's why i think we can learn from mozart why his reliance in his late works on a facility position right a real object lesson of the twentieth century because the twentieth century is the age of the debate will motivate occupied with the problem of whether and to what degree our thoughts derived from a conscious industry a result from concealed desires so what was look for signs of premeditation and that we need to be assured that what's being said has to be said that even amidst the most elusive rhetoric calculating creative mind is or the devious lee at work beethoven's was just such a cupcake mind and usually dubiously work lives and as a kid he was ever that mozart's people as an improviser and yet many
of the great moments of his scores at least to groups that were inclined he had in fact unique ability to simulate in a position to and in fact before deviating from of course or sounds like the sort of music almost anyone might think that they could improvise and doesn't really seem to be getting anywhere talk of beethoven's been holding a great comeback dick surprising reserve and the deceptively tranquil episode ensures that one of the rhymes will be cut off america yeah
yeah but that's a real difference between those two composers appear to be huge lead over tom daschle about as he seemed to be in that example from the fifth symphony and in fact all the while be realizing some very subtle aspect of his design of mozart seems to be going nowhere in a hurry the chances are that's exactly where he's at and that's the point of what position and the music that derives from it for all its charm and brilliance and capacity to entertain it doesn't usually provide moments like that what would sacrifice needed a peeler to support a long range projection what's in which the
composer in effect practices what you might call a psychology of the nile inveterate improvises like mortars caught up in the glory of the moment is the social climber in the jet stream of cafe society is kent taking a long range view let's all comes down to this within every creative person isn't that are at odds with the museum curator and most extraordinary and moving things that happen in our view the result of a momentary gain by one at the expense of the other in mozart's case the inventor who was in town with the most cautious get and the curator who manufactured all those sequences and jaded links and passages of scale and jealously carried out his duties as well what i object to is the mortar tries to cover up the conflict can tell it again the curator wins over really invented as easily right to do but i'd like to find some evidence of protests some frantic disruptive and some
tactical attempt on the part of the inventor to get free of the curators control when the absence of that desperation by like most active feel guilty because of the deal to sacrifice something of the charm and courtesy which mask the vanity of his work it should feel guilty because in his early works water came very close to realizing the possibility for experiment that we exist within even the most violent one is early sonatas concertos and symphonies were extraordinarily inventive witty really never quite be some of the very people who look to these later worked for a message contained a once over like the most incredible things is introduced into new days remarkable when you consider all those with speed of their ditties of their steel gotten the electrical and roll and
all that didn't come through unscathed though i know even those of us who can't quite concede that mozart was the embodiment of all musical ritual were much maligned and hamas minority group or own favorite among his voluminous output by mozart preferences for the work of his teenage years in this first cello sonatas are concerned those which he wrote during and shortly after his visit to paris which took place during his twenty seconds here is a glorious piece is lean fastidious and possessed of that infallible tonal homing instincts the young voters who generously and despite everything that i've been saying the last minute i love them and apply the last of the sonata which moved during a power strip it bears number three hundred and thirty three institutions catalog and it's in the key of b flat major years
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how i still would come on tv at a report on the legal moral and political aspects of the lone one a problem in the united states in one minute after this pause for a station identification it's b when our daily life because
boy very night when according to the un commission on narcotic drugs would do that all countries to unfreeze efforts to eradicate marijuana but not according to henry you're gonna keep the federal bureau of narcotics you call that your point under federal law marijuana youth responded equally with her one universally considered to be far more dangerous drive with that can provide the minimum thirty two years on first the time geoffrey convention many state laws are happening in georgia for instance the law permits the deficit and forgiving are selling the joint to a minor and possession laws calling percent of the five to ten years or on the books and several things but despite a lot of rats have doubled from thirteen fifty four marijuana users steadily increasing particularly among young people the national institute of mental health thinks at least twenty percent of the nation's college students have tried pot at least one of them it's for
americans of all ages range from five to ten million and thousands of young men reportedly are learning about marijuana while serving in vietnam since prices made the middle class here about the drug in the world but there's also a new widespread challenging of a lot of sharp questioning of some common assumptions about what they do american users of marijuana and respected researchers who've studied abroad now grade marijuana is not that you want to play that let's not leave a hangover and can be smoked a little or a lot depending upon the effects on it it rarely prompts violent behavior and normal amount really produce psychotic reactions it is not enough for the here and most users do not need to take increasingly larger doses to achieve the same effect the pharmacology of the drop their forties not support the provision believe but marijuana alone is responsible for the later use and stronger drugs such as heroin law enforcement officials often use statistics to argue that theory but the figures are fickle well most heroin addicts have used marijuana the vast majority of
marijuana users never touch her with the federal bureau of narcotics recently said there are sixty two thousand narcotics attics in the us obviously mostly estimated five million pot smokers haven't been propelled stronger stuff in fact the law is often blamed for whatever statistical relationship exists between the two drugs because the law which fought underground along with narcotics as a result marijuana distribution often falls into the hands of narcotics units particularly in delaware its heroine being more profitable butchers no doubt promote it wants a ranger for the customer with rats but with increasing middle class uses this pattern seems to be changing most informed by their part friends were not involved in narcotics tracked but like any mind altering drug there are some dangers marijuana impairs coordination judgment making such as driving very hazardous one alive and people do report unpleasant side effects such as nadia and mild paranoia many doctors are also concerned about the psychological depends on the drug
these defendants may be a simple desire take the drug moderate with the consistently as many people want a drink before dinner or it may become a compulsion with a drug experience becomes harmonia users what exactly how and to what extent marijuana causes the defendants is unclear many authorities feel the personality of the user's a crucial element of some people for a variety of psychological reasons seem prone to depend heavily on to drop the drug may be out all narcotics nicotine tranquilizers or hard depending upon their availability of person and the kind of life you lead it may not be a pleasant fact within the society drugs are a way of life they're big business and were encouraged to take them off and leave problems to get ahead at work with its headaches just tuning television to get them out of our body are you
he's been right right thank you eighties millions of americans there's nothing like a girl who really nothing like
cigarette to brighten your day and nothing like a drink to relax and i mourn all these drugs are socially approve an all or dangerous one of use marijuana is a rod unlike all drugs they can be dangerous one of you unlike path over will not hold you in the life of addiction unlike alcohol will not destroy your limit on like nicotine it will not tell you but unlike all the the route using it can make you a criminal consequences of the law's both of those arrested and for the law itself this fear of the growing number of people like these educators and lawyers from the minute it came first lifestyle and our fearless more quickly becomes the united states to commit the crime of extraordinary seriousness that can put him in jail for three or four years now at the cost of a marijuana cigarette it feels relaxed and pleasant
of enjoying himself with his friends you realize is the state will put him in jail for four or five years if they catch him really happening they were having they're getting record the company have a rap he will show iran alone one hundred and they have to live within their lives at all right
the pittsburgh is because baby many many many years back ms bell
anyway oh yeah in new
york state i don't deny that they have been taught to do about beer thing that they are doing now with respect to marijuana editor for a counseling people the twentieth twenty years you know we're preventing now a war criminal twenty year we put people in jail marijuana ruling family of the picture only its own co and twenty foot rooted in the editorial go through the hall thanking begin to the point that they are not going to be caught than and i think that he should have been punished is against the law go about their
beloved family afloat and then they put him away for six months nine months i went on top of even true elite but when they when they gave him a friendly between five to ten years has been that it would you would be able to raise enough information crossed the line a lot of people who have been in prison for possession of marijuana and there is no deal why that scandal while it republican area and the young people in the world who are
perhaps the only thing that doesn't mean much to them because there are a lot of them and their infection anyhow that way now on a comparable problems there and turned on japan has been an incredible year and why
these that everything's blown up like you have everyone knows these are high and smoke marijuana but you don't need to be them long haired turn on jackson a sociologist at the state university of new york at buffalo and a
contributor to the president on commission recently studied normal middleclass marijuana users that have never been arrested and have no history of mental problem if you're trying to whom our users are you never think of that they raise an occupation television producer and movement of several professors there was a couple of lawyers and there are as broad range of reasonably well educated middle class most of them most of them have a college degree a lot of them had first oath taking marijuana in college started the pensioner wanna do with criminals people who are not involved with the place where the engine room with her a lot of the sports junkies goes because they have the
context and also whole sequence instead of of things may return of fooling nothing to do with me and what they've chosen an arm that alone the consequence of them now are you with the way the theater or cruel nineteen thirty that are going on and fight going on over one hundred on the lonely people you work with a lot of information family you do the camp of those who were doing we are with you then we can feel when we go to a friday or saturday night cocktail party were drinking party they go into my piece and be around it your doctor promptly and then instead of drinking in this pipe and so on
it's b grass is sort of a social together how we brought you all together and you are i was thinking not about the group about myself and now i'm thinking also about all the things that we're getting these sliding across my mind
my concentration wasn't like put into one point where there were scattered the mood in joe's room hurtling only have happened all day these defective pot is that if all the political things kind of proper way and i've become very interested my own sensations in my own it conceptions about things like that that i can't play you paid little attention when someone asks you how you feel about your high note of the typical question one one was that the question you know you can
use a few i feel so much and you write and i feel so much and what i'm doing then it is documented i can explain it all just doesn't seem to make any one who didn't work so we upped the filmmaker to interpret the feeling of the mood
or eighties and i'll tell
him like we live in on the low end and an ermine and a
lot of them associated with the state and what would a part of the action does a lot of environmental know you people know what a marijuana company technically no fever that grows wild and all the work on the road thought in iowa and the vacant lot in low margin and this is one of the oldest of the elevated plants goes way back like dwelling right and we you know we do know that the assyrians and the egyptians in their medical reviewers have a number of them to give them the harms goes through it and they need jobs and other
areas where there's a lot of nitrogen spoil the female of the best laid plans with the flour and dropped two of the crew is going to occur around objects rivalries in the un ripened female martyr i have to concentrate and all the residents and when it is not pardoned all right take care of the male lap and the flowers are quite different and less robust in the religious right and other parts of the world and it's easy to understand why some plants some few months have the psychic and physical whereas most plants don't even
know a man can play in this family we have taxes to energy writing in the atlantic say all the energy that we know of that five and five novel even harder phenomenal forty eight the complicated molecule it only recently have been available if you're a synthetic form for careful study findings at the university of chicago under the direction of like i've lived and pharmacologist daniel extreme justice year begun work with fewer doctor friedman health experiments will yield new information on how he at sea and the brain works the first step of finding out if the effects of a town in the north now to natural miami for chemical compound that's unusual form of them across the slides of her by dr allies the norton of the university of iowa shows their opponents both serotonin northern africa present and part of the brain that
seem to control emotion and what experiments on wife received relatively large injections of the eight fifth fifty eight think about within minutes drive my thinning very drowsy and baffling comparison with mice in the control group who were not injured the mites are then decapitated in their brains remove weight into modern life and saw this iphone with foliage dotted with organic solvents and said look at the amount of their opponent in the brains of mice would receive bpa free and those who had given the comparisons in these desert with an average increase of twenty three percent in the amount of cellphone in the brains of the key eighteen months of intensive indicated increases in northern africa we asked dr frieden how the family's work in the brain and how drug related changes in the standings affect behavior i was
born and the press bought it they examine a nerve ending that the ending of the nerve impulses coming down and they have a little champagne bubble we will be like oh well we now know that these nerve endings and the number of neurons and that the transmission of information across this narrative that's all fine and they learn the critical point for information transfer information from the environment somehow or another how to bridge this gap and many believe that you know what happens when there's more certainty than usual as we note this morning in general in libya brought out the serotonin increases you tend to turn off
and kind of expectations are and what makes us say with one recent evidence that when you play a lot of their destroyed the capacity of the nerds which manufacturers are stored there and perhaps relief when you do that then you get an animal intern found yet another word is hyper alert constantly week with our tom back in the most pathetic or raise it from what he can to be able to have sort of a slower electrical activity seems to have something for the patients new york well again all of my faculty colleagues will kill me if i am free throw out all of the things they're something to do with education out where this thing that's turning off a bit about three out of that
and man it's mostly just a very low doses ydstie pleasant high and as you linda pressly you begin to get evidence that the nervous system is not processing information than normal way to get information that might be a result of decreased or it might simply be a result of a change function of those nervous in with their tongue or epinephrine own party a veterans' hospital in palo alto california dr leo hollister is conducting some of the first experiments with purity a ceo and human being one volunteer subject is bill marler twenty three american and a graduate student at stanford he was given an amount roughly equivalent to three marijuana cigarette a comparatively mild those a little more than most people would take to get caught at it with their for
pbs the agency is not readily available ari the debris that the rosters limited supply comes from the national institute of mental health which finances this research then gradually know scientifically controlled experiments like this for nearly thirty years now with the newly isolated chemical that alistair of the divide more precisely what marijuana that's why we are calling lauren is all very tall playing by no worry much about a viable wyatt and i think that the stories that are beginning to open up well
their interest to the owner of the only true global will do a lot to the whole story for me now we're and the white house call the lighter the psychological effect he was given a series of cards and thought that they got a villain who's the apartment rubbed with improving because
i want to try and all leake all unhappy not at all at all around with the growth of all is the whole
slayer at regular intervals they can improve lab technician blood samples to measure the amount of the drug and bill marler and lied about it to the bloody spell check can you do it half of it has been great two hours and will
hull says no or maybe it's those sounds really can't compare it for oh an hour or so to allow them to look for the new flying out really a human political thought or who have
to pay off call it the psychological background of the burden of mathematical psychology yard he yelled at you know all in all i mean you know it's just a bigger write you know divisions brought up saying you know say me you know this is sort of over and i would think that at one point you know so you know your thumb across a bit lightheaded you that's the
dream and dreamy arm who are proven putin that he'd been the one on the oh really the drug makes people happy and while a little sleepy which is about what boeing usually would tell us have been no time that we found is a mild respiratory stimulant which could possibly be used for this poverty can be disassociated from its other effects it lowered blood pressure which again offers a possible therapeutic use of steroids advertise and we know that there's a lot that the moment into a change in blood
sugar but we don't have an explanation for that i really do performance tuning know who have or you know the actress to the health of muffled indicated a measurable weakening of their life a little mahler at the peak of investigation later he said the experience with more pleasurable and exciting but after the euphoria had worn off he also recalled an intense feeling of detachment i've grown you buy then we'll work on in the scene one way
say again and i would not really their viewing life fell and people only grown out of the earth and from that the ritual of going on how ridiculous you know but at the time with a ridiculous the bill also felt sublime and i think it showed that person to serve or you know he'd get in a lot of the r word in his password and made into law millions of people come through and we go about all or they can be a danger to
college in this country know although the weight of the evidence thus far indicates now juana probably is no more harmful than alcohol and maybe even myself not yet ready to return the final verdict but society has labeling marijuana killer drawing a wrong way to send a corrupt your view in many states it is a crime just to be in a room where marijuana is that we asked dr gerald ford former consultant to the world health organization's commission on narcotics how marijuana got such a bad reputation in this country it appears revealing what happened in the mid nineteen thirties that our attitudes were deliberately of the vault by the federal bureau of narcotics and in particular its former headmaster her in the slammer the sociological studies of this phenomenon in their reading of the congressional record the congressional hearings leading up to the marijuana tax act of nineteen thirty seven
indicate that study it's about marijuana leading to assassination to the destruction of american youth to be a serious crime violence sexual misbehavior its owner the threat statements were circulated by most translator such of various newspapers in the country and then re printed stories about them and sometimes these were supplemented with equally anecdotal reports about somebody who committed a crime in a particular part of the country usually the salt and the crime was attributed to marijuana even though the person in most senses just not a bar or drinking alcohol they this was presented to the congressional committee as evidence of the dangers of marijuana no medical or scientific testimony was heard by the committee or by the very state legislative bodies who either prior to our subsequent
past comparable laws if we had an honest education probably tell i'm really thinking about those we start with the law in the indicators of our listeners to know it's not a narcotic particular uncle and so i have to be honest and educate the talent the outset that every one of them won the last twenty or thirty years and that's where we have to start from very very good thing about the lobbying that way and it makes people have no respect for all non bank are all here because our faith they think it is it
is duty nominate certain people both criminal justice and to make the old children criminal so often tell young people involved rest of the adults are but first that should be to end the president tragic consequences of the existing state and federal laws which are totally irrational and ineffective and breach hypocrisy disrespectful law just as prohibition against alcohol then that means that the user of marijuana would no longer be considered a criminal and we have a model for this in the kind of drug abuse control amendments of nineteen sixty five and the president's crime commission this year recommended that marijuana be sure that that law which would immediately take the possessor worries are on to the criminal sanctions that it is the most important step because i mainly concerned about people who were
suffering with increasing thousands in the tens of thousands who may well end up as criminals by being arrested and put in jail as a result of possessing the spirit a growing number of medical and legal experts now subscribe to the report first that removing the penalties for possession and use of marijuana the major drug legislation paper for the president's crime commission last year recommended federal laws treat marijuana like other non narcotic drugs without possession penalty and last week a bill allowing judges to make marijuana possession a misdemeanor instead of a felony on first conviction half of the assembly the california legislature by a two to one margin police generally oppose such moves but after concluding the first phase of hearings on marijuana and other drugs last month senator thomas dodd pointed out there is quote serious basic conflict between law enforcement representatives and scientists researchers and educators in the drug field unquote this doctor is an educator want more information about
marijuana as a long range of facts before recommending outright legalization for their convention the unknown dangers do not justify the present harsh laws as our film report shows these experts feel the president often unenforceable laws create more difficult even the problems provoking the laws they suspected throwing an otherwise law abiding person but equally youngster in jail is more harmful than marijuana smoking and the outlaws breed disrespect for all office they point out that even during the ill fated prohibition possession of alcohol was not a federal crime we need more knowledge about drugs and why people take them but in devising new policies we must deal with the realities of a society that accepts and encourages alcohol and other drugs on an unprecedented scale we must recognize their limits utility of criminal law and its enforcement it may be preferable to regulate the sale of drugs like marijuana and its various forms of describe what this is instead of entering a crime treating black market on the street the us has a problem with drugs and marijuana
but the problem may be the law of the force once more than the drugs and their users this is just for us do you think all
right also television stations the milwaukee and why in madison wisconsin for jointly producing apply for programs and level the city within a city is broadcaster substantial contributions to a better understanding of the problems and we intercept at all the feet in washington dc and its first fundraising auction which begins today and lasts until next saturday web and public television in our nation's capital needs and deserves the fullest possible financial support of its neighbors april forty eight fb
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Greg Shukar's, "Poor People's Campaign" continues the coverage of Martin Luther King Jr.'s campaign to move poor people into the D. C. Metro area three week after his death. William Jersey's "Good Bye & Good Luck, Part 2" follows vetern Louis Jenkins, a black soldier, after his return from Vietnam. In "Return of the Wizard," concert pianist Glenn Gould enumerates on "How Mozart Became a Bad Composer." "Marijuana - A Report" discusses the current marijuana law and the opposition to the law.
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