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this program is jointly supported in part by grants from the king county arts commission the washington state arts commission and the national endowment for the arts in washington dc also the city of seattle and the seattle arts commission just a little this is easy music performance monitoring caused a lot of
sensitivity staying in summerville massachusetts in the year nineteen eleven a composer who has received the accolades send praise of critics musicians and of course audiences all over the country maybe the world of alice's music has been played by such illustrious orchestras as the royal philharmonic in england the tokyo and minneapolis orchestra his music has been commissioned by many fill in television producers and by individuals legislative obstacles the angry men for the distance and i like to ride really for everybody he still is
the pope today and i was four years old i made my first attempt to write music and my mother said it was made good so i lost interest in music and at seven i heard the first good piece of music a song sugar and i thought well sharon van moving
that music or perhaps i should write down the music i hear in my head and sometimes are hearing no lose my head and so i started writing music from that time on solar this is lisa or dilute our beach comes to college costs these paintings were done automatically by a psychic teachers unions to people in it had an experimental seances
i think once a child has an accumulation of what one wins all of the experiences i've had some time to time of an unconventional times before like a few years ago i could successfully write what i wanted to i lost my contact with the angelic well it's rare we just really wanted to do i tried everything psychiatry savagely beaten somehow and somehow managed to succeed in the second scene from that time on
everything confess some employees of the new thirtieth they wanted to all and string quartet all like to get it imagine yourself surrounded by him from space so the course's owner of his little speck in the universe these genes are
i lived and traveled all over the world and made symphonies and concerts in india japan and russia and now i'm going to san jose to give the first performance of symphony and crazy because i can't get my best ideas are things come so fast it's like somebody sitting on stools around like this like a tornado and you have to catch it and if you don't i just got so that's that's something i have to be very alert for that kind of thing for the time being i'm very glad that george cleaver someone's doing mountain towns in for
us because this is a dramatic symphony in very passionate and he likes that kind of thing and i have i've always heard the orchestra assumes that poses to get all the thing about it and i'm always good reviews oh
yeah scientists the controversy well no the
peak to peak is by the fbi i'm cool calm and impossible things but this is just again with
this crowley grayson conference will remain when i got a standing ovation and that the great absences the worse the mentally you have fleas vivid make me it i don't hear it being played this anti spy regularly seven times to me and says he always has his very favorite a simple case for the chocolate because they're usually he's very polite and he just sits there and it just goes on a regular basis and ceo owl i wrote it maps in helsinki finland
in the family of the united states enters a company commanders as at a new construction corruption and they live on that one looks further and realizes all human life is like that it's a very small and this is as rich in our life forces that are building years most of them season so yeah
he can does in another as
bell so when used in the past that owns the clintons and ceo oh starring i'm the restaurant on the campus of trouble was those one man one one program one side of me another one in the us i've been as coach graham and so i had trouble feeding starring i love the food i was eating but then i forget everything and i haven't actually get to
decide on the music of his accounts of music just sometimes i wasn't even sure whether this is a star in a lot worse but then i felt less says this fixes pretty good thing i was writing a string quartet the same time and that just finished two symphonies so that this was not for you know those and that i have this in mind so that's it are you see and i'm matt moran you are at
an ozone those in autos social show features because fondue through this is that is that a search alec was made fun of because it's so jealously can stand up and make fun of them because you know it's true that you could be a very nasty man and he said to me he always made fun of stability city's finland advisory forget the seven symphonies so that they don't put all young men wanting to stravinsky
of the next fifty years or so i don't give yourself i don't care i don't care i'm in stravinsky's genius yes yes we know there is tremendous but virtually is this next business this reduces the intellectuals but he's much more than half by well i suppose when you feel like it i mean it really is a knuckle son and i feel very much as a father and so i'm very happy to have the honor of making the music for him mayor
a male they are b that's what this is to me that
i always wanted to marry a japanese girl and unfortunately earlier life i always found myself marriage and family is that's the most important thing in the world and i felt that way ever since certainly not go i've always loved it and so much that's the reason i came from northwest of an armenian composer's legalese and so the west i think most artistic northwest is the closest to it it
ain't us to be in mcgarry yeah
ha ha ha this july's hear you others in
those ok you are going to target that hasn't experienced workers is a war reporter and you know the world over right now and i think it's very hard for us to hear this morning very potent conductive the youth symphony i did was serve your history it brought me out here to seattle the first place find i came out to live here because i love the mountains and the orchestra was wonderful them and that it is not so i serve the fishes i've written a lot of music to for young people i always enjoy working with young people very much the symphony and dedicated to my grandmother who died a long time ago my armenian grandmother and as you went through the massacres and garda carried a picture of me when i was
first going through that successfully so high or something that's a court doesn't belong in this sequence you know we don't have the kind of instruments in the modern orchestra i like to say like they had a major major crisis thousands of hearts and outsourcing those crazy i'm crazy to probably belyea was an incarnation of the trident and the that sign from egypt in four thousand years ago and i come back and i want more if i won mysterious sounds so keep this very mysterious that was a chord changes ok any
nina it's benny he's
been this program is jointly supported in part by grants from the king county arts commission the washington state arts commission and the national endowment for the arts in washington dc also the city of seattle and the seattle arts commission and teach
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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Half-hour portrait/performance special on Alan Hovhaness, one of the world's most prolific composers. Aired in 1984. Also shown on WNET, New York. Won regional Emmy for editing, 1984. Partial funding Seattle Arts Commission.
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Editor: Walkinshaw, Jean
Interviewee: Hovhaness, Alan
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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