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the annual twice as many troops as we did the confederacy during the civil war we wound up being a republican county and democrats called on city hall here and violence both tall and i think how it for policy prevailed it has a larger in iraq all of it work out of all that made about the six thousand acre sixth in the hundred and fifty mile apart while in seine river the city ordinance or cynically manipulated or decrease on this tour when we trace
the history of the bridges sips a river hundred fifty mile apart derivative leaves down and the smell of like start by the way at the opposite of that a few weeks ago john nash it was a decision not to near the tennessee that really wants immigration starts forces backgrounds and in his delirium is a naturalist and also the ocean and many of these younger years growing up in and around my guitar and secular state geographically at this say with informal network wants to get around that with my lord psalm twenty mile north of double shrine north of this lake is the that's the apple and see that and they're warrior phrase that obviously from the waterfall watershed <unk> river from ourselves i'm going to say it's a river town on and smith like and that's really as waterboarding is supposed to
be the clearest places water we solicit it's hard to separate that it apart a little bit the springs around here in forest all help big leak out colbert growing around them and they didn't like many uses a workout called the late show lot like the housewife use paper towels to die but one thing they did that the old pioneer families like these yeah probably
right right i am mr rohde wilderness experience where only are you buying
real brain you change over yet we're here on the highest mountain above the wild and saying the core of the pan on top of this mountain there's a five that we'll hear i am they're sad great significance of american indians because there's nothing you can say or feel that will convince you that the world is anything but that when the mountains rise on one side there's a concave old opposite side so that the lights for a minute we're going to
in this direction with the nigerians were standing in the far reaches of the huge use aboriginal lands behind me where the strong a year with a charity so starting around seventeen sam had pushed these people back in here at the time of the revival in nineteen thirty six they had been hoarding we haven't seen
so this is probably still continuous be used to serve more knew the mississippi river this was a spiritual renewal they'll flag it was huge my family came and they came to a tree we just got him as well in the book and with the camp there are a number of landowners to sell him accountable for waiting thirty years now and they sell most readily ma and also an hourly or so now when i was to fall and they've done the paper seller alienate mr andy ohio where mostly was a result of our road the first they wrote came to making matt takes about a roast and bring it to sew the west in far western kenya for milo wrote system went through part of that away
so was rarely traveled in a lot of i guess high contact from other areas manno several businesses they had a school the post office is still in use it a lot it would stop making your part in the stories that we know before the area was developed in the park they would ride the train from birmingham bring a picnic basket you know how often more than have a picnic here and then go back and catch the train in the evening a little solo it's a selma probably little bit before that was in its most earliest and a ten year old and just sit on an unknown by their male know i think that to what can get a reversal of philip hammond have a county government furniture quote un session involved in that well yes in fact my children three other grandparents were
three of the final reportedly set of the government that was in nineteen fifty and it was first hancock county then in nineteen fifty eight doubly vigilant changed the winston county in honor of our first navy mourn and his daughter kerry said on npr in the middle of private then the center can and now the fires that primarily because was a novelist his friend says why have a summit but the tuna roll was built now you first read about a rogue nation of those clothes were awesome but first late roads fifty years watching them build road all that came political on so that led the center of that the candidate had rowed services center and the fact is that of andrew jackson his man were some of the first white settlers say in a
brutal year that's it that's right but that talk and that it wasn't and look at the pulpit to render judgment on a book about conflict invasive andrew jackson a bit to one of the most like andrew jackson and a button next to embody not comment on anything about it with elsa is never all especially in nature now andrew jackson made an impression with it first off some of the folks that were here came with andrew jackson went on your longer than anyone to come up on stage you know a lot of the pickup only way down
they join him when to come through but they had trouble roads until today and saying elias often when i thought was i wanted to come back and then there was a lot of objects of people selling and this before very far assam and curtis on sobotka my sons were just before that making sixty to never give up the fight and jackson always that finished as the walking when i landed at a campaign and he said that from the first officer walk talk about this award the us it's not and i mean it was not legal dependents and we know we are believe ended that would only said they believe and remember bill would run for president and i just liked him abraham lincoln and he restated that was elected you've probably the slaves in the south call saul more disturbing he's the south for sale so
they want to prevent oh wasn't that cost of if you use lawyers and love bill cotton and one indication about world records are scarce the late nineteen sixties at that time our governor governor more recall i'm sure that i'm safe that designed call for a secession convention in a secession convention was called for nepal waiting sixties but has to be held on january the celebrating sixty one the health minister likened was elected in the meantime the estimates county alabama representative come to the meeting to decide whether or not alabama would secede from the union and the confederacy voters say was not plantation it gave a few plantations and a few flights without either almost all one by five years later he around a platform that he would support the confederacy if elected or only are aliens they're young rather than my momma cried shades best ritchie is the youngest of six at the time
and he had been raised to kill his own stall and work his own videos and he did not believe in the uk human bondage in slavery so he ran on a platform that he would not under any circumstance support to the confederacy that he would stay within him keeping a lamppost at the end with less than a hundred year old at that time they were still felt very close to the show that if iran is very heated race for young fella want almost ache to the one though thank you you know one so sure enough elected on january the south all these delegates met in london the fact is that the first
vote among them are the first ballot was forty six vote against leaving the union fifty three for the confederacy only seventy votes separate the two greek but his politics is today it was the end the moneymaking side but again i am alone approximately a point of building an opposition that it's an impediment to them and to show for that time the confederacy with one by one the south had seceded and they allowed him to come here and build a pretty pretty upset landefeld play her only relative in jail for done exactly what they have sent him overnight with a vote against
secession of that began to look what they might do to retaliate against jews against the sights of the fire inside the dominating most of the city's occurred april parker occur in the spring of sixty two all because the sec the conscription act and there was a neutrality convention bill they're firmly documented the official records or a billion in the spring sifted alan the horse but the war and the wyden boxing however they could get here over three thousand people and we're in a war with three thousand people come from when you have a population of fifteen and historians say they came from a small way as actual also on georgia the city all this appalachian foothill areas of delegation here to see if what i'm gonna really going to secede from the state of oman the promised a result
whoa whoa someone at that meeting was smart enough i should so smart either years to realize that they missed for south cannot have protection leone and army closer than we might get some strong persecution unsafe for supporting me in and being part of you genocide resolution was written a second revelation simple as go more in the state legislature the competition though out west and counted to be neutral and not at the center of the folks that didn't happen even if you're from a year history of a group called the home party group of older man most common to war without confederate military and they were given permission go out into the rule country sad to hear
the atoms maybe this was a military and neither do the horse with a pack animal that they didn't build and also visited the attorneys departed as the convention a young man of this a big deal foremost cabins along the vault uneven of the total players in season and has even been reports that it was all in time with the people and those remote areas they lack the one shot show in vietnam or some of those days some of them shot mintz reportedly been shot and deeply missed too much of that this quiz
all the shots in iowa than that and if you get it out of you probably did get some time to get to work do the reason is morning for me to get the money from the wars or lack of the president and he joins us by force of confederate army headed for a shallow senator records of the ones don't you join the first album they've made the first year was not for nato through this period it was the only federal outfit from alabama of white soldiers in the civil war most elite units were segregated there were some black units from alabama but this was the only white unit from alabama the war in this county was mostly bushwhacking little it was a guerrilla war ii where both sides community depredations up on the other it was a very brutal sort of warfare
in the animosities between the families even went up into the twentieth century j brooks is a person lot of people have come especially the ramona by the story about it she lived on the borrowed openly by guitarist and then there in the early part of a civil war her husband was killed but we understand by the old guard a seven man guilty and she swore to kill also the man that killed her husband and her son jim moore will appear to the next forty years accomplish that she had he killed all over the last year nineteen oh four in oklahoma and you're out of the war anatomist and reconstruction and one the state they got back on a fictional just don't want a torrent of you it's not the top of a republican candidate democrats that there's a few folks roll winner's counted they even the same year it insanely well i
didn't see any major industry they're both out there was intended in an essay to read this plan was developed while video background a regression into futile allen two of the u of lust and counting after the civil war and what wael opposite answer was maybe the settlers for the country were independent label my family came here to grow some small crop love this is not begun farming country at all and his favorite live on a corner lot of vegetables further from their garden did a lot of ottawa game and a little trapping and one of them to make a little extra money that's basically what they did and then shortly after that i guess along but them ever about the game and about the country the fact is that what's been counting creation might sum up or to the lone journalist in export at that matt undercover that city so a lot of sugar
or you're getting so much you really like something so it means that at a mansion they used to say about all highly thirty three the funeral that were badges feet and seventy two and lacy would always get the drink first interview with his sweet now the feds and the french and would this and steer the line into his throat elizabeth tannen just paralyze your vocal cords and from that to think it's lazy would go he'd promised to do in seconds they're now saying where and ms tillman well as math among our allies and i'd tell me now let them see and that they are emigrating teams in each case came at home when they're in that you know and that one day he won't walk will have probable inaudible and i was
just the way of la you know in these hills near the foothills appalachian you know in any any big plantations and you didn't really like eleven on a farm you live a lot of my analysis up in a supplement in ceramic one is thirties america forty years of government and eye of a lark the timber producer back the old town agrees with the virulent than it was a lumber town lumbering down on the one man they actually put up their own money then the first leader in the camp the first one though it's berries yeah well and leo arnaud at fifty is all about than white bordered fifties the culture has became the big incentives and loan
it's bad we have been discussing wasn't county is no more stop it only new industries is the rating of a new hybrid binding reader who knew that a little bit television investors in chains and it was an album and the rose and i was that lake as a love interest to this case of law there has been remarkable changes in west encounters with a new industry recreation and entertainment option
The Alabama Experience
Tracing the Free State of Winston
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This piece traces the free state of winston going from the Sipsey river to Native American cermonial grounds and the natural bridge. It also looks at Winston's role in the civil war, their actions to stay on the side of the Union or to remain neutral, and the consequences that came from those decisions.
A series that focuses on bringing to life the inspiring stores and empowering characters that have helped form Alabama's past and are working to shape its future.
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