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it's this program is brought to you in part to a grant from the bank had foundations he's been does one use to view of whom refuse that used those who for a moment what is fun if you ask people from serving therefore if you start from the premise that football is important to define who we are as people then our sense of mastery over other legions of units in order to try and football in the
nineteen fifties nineteen sixties then you have to ask yourself when the us began what triggered one magical moment was clear that defines the south and causes it to begin to think of itself in these terms that is our athletic prowess versus your medicine and that moment is nineteen twenty five grove mo yan was without about the most important is a four percent of all his madcap air ham what was a game of the future promise was pleasantly for some of the most the
senate was all about a rap beef and pork for additional thirteen point to be a little town about captain eighty ninety it wasn't much of a contest in alabama prisons won their first official game fifty six to nothing your opponent a team made up of high school played from birmingham the students on that first team and nearly every treatment for one were from the elite families of alabama says it is pointless wealthiest first roster included a future speaker of the house of representatives thought that well thank you and it's an interim government the most dominant southern team of the eighteen it is was this a wide tennessee and tigers and a plea for national attention someone he went on the road and the five major southern teams in six day one of the pioneers of themselves teams like vanderbilt your kids actually can win every game would only the
nationalist that was going to solve a thing with an ambitious virginia to arrange the first challenge and travel to france to they lost one hundred sixty nine to nothing so southern trains would go north and what was invariably hailed as northern invasions in the southern newspapers they would invariably was the game and them i would come home to rosanne is a much praise for defending the honor of the southland the south to develop his share of intense rivalries alabama or alternatively nearly every year in a battle for state wide bragging rights and the classic turned bitter end nineteen oh eight incredible bickering over contract issues led to the dissolution of the match up the two teams play again for forty years in nineteen twelve the first great alabama startle even the graphic earned all american honors it unusual for a
southern accent it was also the year alabama recruited him for the next twenty five years would have the most influence of any other development the recruit was the school's new president to you will towards your dna was the visionary who saw what had been voluble if you allow the winning football fans good like they were interested in your universe began buying rail a map back get donations from layla matter and he persuaded he was and he was pretty much of a dictator but baron and only met a derogatory way of renewed its fight for it in the roaring twenties college football throughout the country which supports crazy thousands of athletes returned home from work mitt romney's great notre dame teams dominated the early twenties
and even southern football game a ripple of respect thanks to a tiny college and campbell kentucky in nineteen twenty one the center college praying colonel shocked the football world by defeating the harvard team that had lost in four years alabama had done little to distinguish itself a huge twenty two jeans southern conference in three decades of football that had never won a conference trying to get president cheney continued to pour what resources going to the city in nineteen nineteen he hired since conte collegiate bowl in cleveland and had taken up a new profession there scott or for their whales or <unk> the world gather got out of our first big intersection will sportswriter hey with iran frightens in the cleveland pipers scott was an easygoing reidy coalition the players loved him his first two teams won
eighteen games lost only two but he's most remembered for a single game in nineteen twenty two a franklin field in philadelphia the team now called the crimson tide sharp heavily favored initially nine percent since got a video much of the season alabama's first great coach wilson thought of cancer to replace got president did he confidently pursued the best coach in the south that are bills dan mcgrew good these teams had won thirteen southern championships he declined the offer suggesting instead his assistant a thirty year old tennessee and nine wallace way into alabama move faster morford way the job that it was a problem he was being courted by kentucky he had practically decided to conduct a job and is waiting in the outer office while kentucky athletic council huddled over his terms way you did like haggling after an hour uber stand on the meeting announced he was going to
alabama and he added i guarantee kentucky will inevitably a football team of time magazine peyton manning shenanigans from of his players are students or has died so fragmentary but solar sort of solid town square we're about as you know here's your of paul baier flow of some ten years before a problem with the solution wallace wade was a shock to alabama's players he loved the intense grueling practices who was crusty one stubborn and a perfectionist he told his players during the season they must focus on quality football he came out flyers walton across campus for filed courant was an advisor yemen known
for homeland coming down where women's college have that in the chrysler you start down the growth of very long five years or fifth vote in the meantime as we did that it to la and he would come and doesn't embrace the home made economists as unknown reason they only in his rough waves we insisted on teaching his team's football from the ground up and develop some of the best hackers in the waters in the south every play down to the slightest movement of hand or foot using the metrodome to ensure proper time to time close family on one new football is the acute care your duty and do it will they didn't use dale hall
we took over every aspect of it and didn't appreciate interference from anyone including his boss didn't often said if he ever decided to quit his job as university president he wanted to be a coach he regularly attended practices on the field made of his office when i practice everyday really always had his coat over his shoulder and he has gotten those days if you had not down on its allies of practice we know when the day and then i read a republican activist and co author sally when there's somebody involved in that we didn't really developed a public relationship with peaceful coexistence privately about everything we'd staff included assistant roscoe
an airline coach chris who will remain a fixture in alabama athletics for forty years i feel challenged but once at the issues soyuz rocket that they want so how about after an officer was on one slanted that the mikes are as the fact that they were developed more about well i'm on the four points plants and eleven years in the uk was planned they were scrubbed down iran and put that stop prior point is worth was black and one new year's service that janet going through is the surveyors on two and so they sent three of that stopped them our premise is that hadn't gotten the proper charge them heroes versus over the obama will or some soreness for a lot of our peace prize in nineteen twenty three wade's first season his team
won seven games last two untied one of the most surprising game was the scoreless tie against mighty georgia tech a year later in nineteen twenty four wade steen right through its first four point but then became the first southern team to beat georgia tech in five seasons the torch had been passed the tribe was on the brink of their best season in history but against that pesky team from tiny center college they played badly or seventeen enough and even want to go isn't tied to calm the southern conference championship for the first time while the national press streamed over the rockies notre dame which won the mythical national championship game but we need to as we go into a game there's just there's a risk a really good thing but if you could have seen to have his vegan delicacies it is likely to take an impression and it
was just like a piece of leather and i mean like it would've been a much i can do about it it's big and those are tough as you say that that is a lower dose small solemn tone for the hearts go that's your job you're good and he showed that if you care for you have a lawyer because they've figured out all that because it doubly that so mr mars they sure that benedict you tuscaloosa absolutely refuses to speak in a boy on the campus by his regular cotton is prolific where they're
loyal to its affectionate appalachians alabama has lovely barnes few very sherlock holmes and the usual bumper crop of red spots and of course one who really then for atlanta georgia you might say no one alison haas stanislaw few have born catholic family in meridian mississippi a very young age it was more than pleased to kuwait sixty million dropouts he served on a destroyer and a war's end interview missouri military academy in high school he starred in three sports and his reputation for toughness landed an invitation to play princeton university the school that helped invent modern american football the last two weeks it's uber retrain back south he started a letter to his mother he wrote her off to a three page letter saying the story
was he was disappointed her gop would be disappointed with that the boys at princeton were very friendly only gets into the professor's he felt like were all atheists anyone was baylor uber rode the rails through the south searching for team of the season already forgotten his last stop was tuscaloosa he's done before working out the scrub teams one year later a twenty one year old freshman started taking command of alabama's football fortunes he looked and acted even alter his teammates called an awful toll no quarterback in football history as lana kane little thought when you've got another would really do what he told you what you gonna do it if you didn't do a rival put somebody else in your spot well hubert was the epitome of the gritty hard nosed later johnny mack brown and the game will be easy he was this leads tour the
game brown grew up one of nine children in a close knit family income from alabama johnny and his five brothers were counting olson some of the shooters father sold for living and play tackle football a neighborhood feels all the what the sec of water and dangerous receiver promptly little his first two years in alabama aside from being a poor tax or get a terrible memory of players call him the job because they have a hard time remembering the football player's coach wade in fact that will install a huddle system for johnny's benefit jam because by nineteen twenty four alabama was huddling up and brown was running while scoring twelve touchdowns regulars who played quarter and half black alongside brown's recalled his running style oh yeah
it is bp absolutely glorious mountains are transforming apparently drama was was something that engaged a lot of his time one of his teammates tells an anecdote about his standing in front of the mirror and calming is combing his hair back in and talking about how much fun it was going to be in the ad a big hollywood star someday at nearly every major college across the country football was a suborbital flight players only still there were fewer exceptions northern team like northwestern and workers often featured talented african americans because of african american athletes on st elias and
teams don't know what that though doma would apply them are not applied in years going up sunday and some refused it was a moral problem in the northern teams came south and a rule of thumb was if he comes out they'll bring your blood players back in nineteen fifteen in the chicago born african american running back named for its part of brown university to the rose bowl and became the first man in his race named to the all american teen martin was a feisty southern follows in twenty four years as a southern head coach wallace wade would never could never recruit a black player includes color became close friends we believe pollard was the greatest learning that he'd ever seen but that was before the nineteen twenty five season in nineteen twenty five
in the rural south chaplains commentary expertise made the appreciating the roaring twenties blue by an agricultural depression lingering effect in most of the region hostilities between the case of illness the monkey trial which are young biology teacher was brought into court particular darwinian theory of evolution the whole thing was really aren't created to publicity as much as anything else an urban middle class southerners especially were horrified at the negative publicity that was generated from the film lincoln baltimore sun has gotten very critical satirically editorials about writing cabin size of the solar wind's not all of them have been solved so nine point five and just a terrible mean it's the year that the court plan and
sell its membership it is the year of the scopes trial and all those kinds of coincide north korea added to that were initially everybody is waiting for dividing line by nineteen twenty five going to a football game was the thing to do on a saturday afternoon in the form of traditional southern football ritual caught the eye of many a more than a coma female team sponsors were chosen to play the role of the medieval damsel at a tournament just hurting their young warriors to emerge victorious in their eye we are playing for the honor of the rule for him or to placate a fiery coach alabama players were confident testament to twenty five season began alabama trout's their first for
opponents to quickly proved they were the team to be in the southern continent then came the game with their most heated wible that team again from atlanta georgia tech the over twenty thousand fans brave the wind and rain as quarterback uber had difficulty developing an offensive attack on defense linebacker hubert made sure georgia tech and similar products but look this is durable being exposed to all the winds and tornadoes that blue and all the buffett's fortune circular rolled up and down that line and with every track and attract thirty sir you were observed the forefront of the charge and absorbed and unsettled weather at the same time when the killer atlanta georgia obama broke open the game on a single play in the third quarter johnny mack brown gathered in a pond and sprinted toward the sidelines or yellow jackets actual has closed in on ground to reach the sidelines but red barns follow closely aligned himself with a speeding trio and every one of them came to the year
it seemed a giant operating on the would be attackers after fifty five yards while reach the goal i looked back and saw his teammates had knocked down every single georgia tech lawyer and the referee guns out of alabama won seventeen the statistician has a vision and found that when hubert had made twenty three tackles obama remained and the players were be the servile reserve played the following his alabama squeezed by mississippi nm in a sea of mud it can feel like you were passed to a junior and he had nicknamed who provided the six nothing margin of victory good for the family listeners a systematic has all of
the dome the first team was arrested and on a fast feel it knocked off kentucky thirty one to nothing then for thirty four to nothing one game remains secure the best season in alabama football history and one of the largest crowd ever to see a football game in alabama crimson tide face the georgia border all at rickwood field and burning the state's governor's presided over the pre game for biblical and people jammed into their seats dressed to the mines for the historic gate george it was expected to be a challenge and wade was concern yes coach hank rest to give the teen a little toll on the field crispy hubble the players we may be on the web site and just last april you were we all thought you arrive in the team among them and they view that you you know they'll we don't know it you know it's a
lesson we were thought to have been the event in your idea along to and innuendo was a day and it will get you and oj there were around four and that is a man called and they somehow get into the problem was that the assault is it true that your mother is playing music live and within the state and a yearly you do a buddhist thought crime and north korea said let's go and inspired when we touched down and the tide events completely shut down georgian three broken noses later alabama one twenty seventeen for the first time in thirty one seasons of football the crimson tide was and b for the second year in a roll alabama was crowned champion of the southern france
uber has named the south's most valuable player on a small handful of true believers during one more game on new year's day in pasadena since nineteen sixty in the rose bowl in pasadena had been the only one season collegiate bowl been in the country traditionally matching the best of the west with a top chinese dream team of southern scene but never been seriously considered by the ultimate nineteen twenty five the south had a clear cut candidate dominating and beaten alabama still all of all representative said he'd never heard about obama's team and couldn't take a chance mixing all women with rose and to show you how to how they regarded seven football about undefeated animal out only
seven points all year and you know if there's a word that's so now a birmingham suburb but down obama wasn't force jointly run record like that collegiate football popularity in the nineteen twenties created a furious backlash in the academic community association of professors said football promoted linking dishonesty and neglect of academic year these and other concerns led dartmouth and yale in illinois to drop out of consideration for the pit bull committee flirted with a monday finally offered an invitation to the crimson tide dr mike then it's a marketer they abided u boats are alive out while were going to get worse so i made a motion then when you know the name and for the same way we all have those when they're having in labor and give us
that those short time and then we got a constant for a moment for the well across the country washington head coach in a bad shot did not want a play in pasadena despite having the best team in the west the husky settle a longstanding feud with southern california but after alabama and redeploy washington was pressured by the pacific conference and reconsider after all white in foretelling factional fighting in the breeze why change sachs didn't know that they are numbers colorado plan is tires a modern love them and just through and gavan heck a wisecracking cowboy philosopher named will rogers summed up the gentle regard for alabama's chances calling them up a team from
they are alabama or the oven he and were noted as great football perpetual they thought we were cool the net worth at one end of the pack and having him back in the fall we were invited up to you over the washington with that i work on the grated voting americans i never saw an aggregation of football men quite so good the team average is a hundred ninety pounds and every man stands over six feet i personally think the washington outfit could be anyone in the country any time how should the head coach nebraska as the players loaded into the great southern trying for the nearly three thousand mile trip from tuscaloosa the pasadena president denny encourage them to
spend a great portion of the journey studying their class work way encourage them to study the washington house keys he was a fiery he was an eloquent he was it was kind of quiet quiet taciturn but very much the discipline errant very businesslike and very good at keeping his team focused he wants a force to bring fifty five gallon drums for water from alabama in order to cover every base to make sure that nobody was going to catch any diseases for more that they would drag along the way while they sipped alabama water the team focused on one washington player in particular all american george wilson and running and bullet passing have led washington to score more points than any team in the country he had a way to work around and they're fed and live video and he did you know that the vote on the train ride took
four days and nights and aside from the numerous sean talks poker games and eating the trip was punctuated by little sexually wallace lee jr screening out the window the team arrives christmas eve morning and settled in at the huntington who tell or will target they handed out for rose bowl the albanians were the toast of the town taken the better by transplanted southerners hobnobbing with the stars and hollywood movie studios it said enough is enough you know we're not going to have any more those distractions were not going to do any more sizing troops and i'm not don't let the sellers sit around and subtly unintentionally perhaps put any more pressure on the boys than i already have on so he closet the cause of them up in the huntington hotel and a home close practice sessions put them through some very very hard
practices the time they get there they're not just the worst in alabama football team by all the cells football team and they're actually in my opinion shore of reliving the sexual ozone of a hundred years of competition as game day approaches one writer picked washington to win by fifty one points another set the husky is also known as the purple tornado crimson tide back across the continent of the olympics for me but alabama's got heart promoted chant pickens short on a cigar and only to living and listen to solve rise again that was out there and now california for that road building anywhere agent of pollution and tell them to send telegrams act of alabama players that they are now the confederate say was on their shoulders they had to of asian losing the
civil war about making these huge washington yankees so i'm alabama player so mom is a rant on the flea oh you know will restore those damn yankees you know and of course with ancestors from washington that modify the unions do so more likely women was no war and jack knew that bobby was that moment like are not going in and they didn't know the everyone says you don't have a chance to use i will have no we don't have any chance what's the point in the us in going out there to work on a way this drawing it was good care of ourselves as we possibly can when what you're really thinking is this is just one chancellor so this is just like gettysburg now we've got one more chance for southerners to show them what were my love by the early afternoon of january first nineteen twenty six the rose bowl
parking lot over food model t stadium was still near capacity during pre game that tension shows on dimming in the alabama team sponsors while the crimson tide's big part of the warm up pointing out the one man who could ruin the day george will set back in the south fans were settling and to enjoy the game the only way technology could provide any place that was big enough to hold a hundred people and they could string out the telegram for people there the montgomery advertiser rented out the grand theatre which has the finest theater in downtown montgomery for one of these families they strung up a special office on the play by play was seen inflation over the associated press wire staged a football field and neon i'm actually get that will plague you pay back pain take it take it she caught it and he and i have a whole bag
phone that need because there's a need to have that ticket dating going and in the relatively unlikely game five yards or we lost two yards of it really everything on the mother's scream that he had up the and atmosphere like milk and that dr singleton was a big fast sports stories of birmingham's phillips high school in nineteen twenty five if there was any doubt where symptom might end up playing collegiate bowl dressed that day of the birmingham auditorium where young sportswriter named neurons were nearing an end he picked the wrong one who are so rare allowed per person the preakness by the paintings
by the details of the game sort of like you were taller for and confidence in the crimson tide began to wane wilson intercepts and alabama pass in the house these more to eighty five yards or an easy touch down alabama's officers stopped cold washington is thriving again wilson ross to write or senator or your past like smart textiles business alabama fail by hand point vanessa silva washington financial or politely applauding what little finds alabama be if i can we're year it's like we heard it was about football that would be nice to me anyway volunteer service institute for them their lives and a source of a lot of
massive file is that of foreigners held so the metro patty late in the second quarter of this plague may have started a series of events that helped decided the background was tackled and his leg twisted violently by husky star george wilson to acts of aggression no sane man whoever zealous should attempt one just a twisted view will stay and the others to get rough with a southern gentleman jack james la even express or soon after wilson was knocked out attempting to travel ban muslims like one providing stayed in the game or a few plays later wilson was laid out ahead life to recover wilson's rough handling the matt brown so aroused the crimson is that
they made him pay for it and forced into the sidelines with a hip injury it was a critical moment in the game nd wilson was out in alabama was driving the time ran out and i have just were still twelve to nothing washington gathering places across the south included a plaque of the teletype was slyly fans milled about tents and disappointed so the fans on dexter avenue in those in the grand theater walkout at halftime washington has this woman does not have a walk go to rosemary wharton's force mac giants horseshoe shape floral arrangements the alabama teen photograph and scientists to survive and you can just imagine that they would come upon some will wonder what might've been
and they had a search engine and the day ended were you came in late you mentioned that in your window and looking in and moshe dayan and into north and indian war policy meanwhile the pasadena helps pantry to the rose bowl crowd arousing halftime show playing southern favorites and johnny mack brown left the clubhouse to relax he has it she was on the obviously hasn't held off he's smiling very broadly it seems to be having a very good time in you imagine well he's relaxing on the page and you suddenly look the one side and to the other and you see that these are both very beautiful nineteen twenties flapper style women you suddenly realize that he's sitting up there in the crowd empathy is that he's mingling with the spectators
and that he is preparing to play the second half how they called away to talk through a lot of that was running himself and therefore they are going to have a hit in the second half year gordon alabama had nothing to lose and the third quarter began with the hustings wilson still recuperating on the bench and you were smashing the law hubert drove through the garden not the linebacker out of his way and withdrew husky backs going into and drove twenty seven yards for more times of the term and you were booked into the line until number ten had plunged across the goal that i had at the billboard one point after maybe twelve to seven washington that i'd stopped the husky scold on the next series van granville us through his only pass of the game and travelled more than fifty arts background quoted in full stride and reality and that they're going to touch down or working to get
fourteen twelve alabama california drought is now solidly behind the underdog crimson tide of western washington the alabama good for uber since the cave well it's all that arrange ridiculed as fast as a good reach the three are gonna look back unsure about the ball with a more muscular i took it in stride and won over caring so much the place really thought of it after a missed extra point it was twenty twelve alabama have scored three touchdowns and seven minutes of playing time seventeen yards of office but it wasn't over in the fourth quarter george wilson returned and courageously led an eighty yard scoring drive out of emma's league was caught through twenty ten it the tide held off washington with a pair of interceptions time was
running out and carried around the world and brought when you label who wasted they're going to the ballgame and then well take them we just one cell couldn't do the german led by and so they are our rolls and save the morning and a final minutes go down take away and finally the words that everyone wanted to hear alabama wins flash over the water and the grand theater just turned into absolute pandemonium mr evans while shearing wild celebration in washington's head coach was humiliated by the mosque he
stormed off the field without graduating weight if the self add one a gettysburg the reports in the newspapers would be just like the reports from jenny were such that they were thirteen game or fourth nineteen twenty six that's the way the crowd it would've been a battle liane it was as if some others have proven something that the south to try to prove her senseless and we were as good as anybody else to give a level playing field and signed a moot point i'm going to go out there and be anybody in this country in the past year birmingham news january seven nineteen twenty six washington ran against men toughened by southern sons into something akin to elastic steel man who possessed on unconquerable and dying fighting spirit worthy of the highest traditions of the south near words cannot do justice to this glorious achievement instead we should announce it to the world on a ten league campus with brushes of commentator
you have spent your character up on the lives of thousands you've written history for alabama which will never be forgotten alabama governor william barrette and now i was away at work right ileana exciting games roll history as the team came back through the southern wild they came back and i stuffed in new orleans on the north slope of our thousand two lines do and some new orleanians down prose <unk> as the south they were hungry frantic our victory and i was a big record so we saw the men from that time on it sounds almost like a comedy set in the end they try and walk back to tuscaloosa most optimal go out a little towns and
therefore come out and wear the red white writing the train came in when a change like this about fat shaming and curse a crappy there was just an almost as invaders became one wild and israel activists and dissidents in a scene resembling the return of a roman legion from war of conquest thousands turned out to welcome the team home and i was twelve years old and that was the greatest design people not only on planned to go back and say this first world how they in tuscaloosa old school dropout tom allen is sixty years the parade was led by the million dollar bet on the team followed and student
drawn wagons call drains about a hundred fifty other support those wagons all the way to the muddy bottom campus was a great dame cameras focused on romney the hollywood smile and you were with a unit known as they savored the moment with their teammates they stood on the historic university my own atop the ruins of a dormitory destroyed by invading troops as team captain bruce jones sought out his fiance in a national photographer promised to snap a picture right there's evidence that recently his aunt it took fourteen years for president denny had his mother he gladly hand about the spoils inscribed pocket watches for every place you could look at the nineteen twenties its role as well as the most
significant event in southern what had come before it was almost like a buildup of preparation to this grand coming out party and it was sublimely comic for southerners who've offered about legacy with the military to the legacy of poverty and the legacy of isolation in american political and cultural history well now most rose bowl game should take the first one that's a key note the keystone of alabama football as well about football the only regional player in the game emotion a five year old the other corporation with
the number of for football if i want like that you might know where the five that you know they get on top of the head in nineteen twenty six weighed in his staff had to fight off we're showing up from across the region itching to flavor the self laverty that forward by red wine red brown and went to alabama once again for the first time on national radio audience listen to life levi play the game obama tied with two it's under their belt element of the firmly established respect for southern football hall tradition that remains unmatched a nineteen twenty seven weeks' time hadn't lost in twenty four straight the reality is competition alabama won only five consecutive six since the financial
complaining alive military if i ever comply they are eating coach at war now at least he will actually in a not an ancient maya hee hee hee hee hee knew that at year's end in december nineteen twenty nine duke university sent wave a letter asking him to recommend a single code for the blue devils have heard from wade the timing seemed perfect tired of denise and the grumbling from along this blue the way you do they need a job to do and avoid the it was no way for fool's joke and it was one of the least impressive teams in college football but on april first nineteen thirty
wade shocked alabama faithful by signing a contract to coach in durham he would be paid a salary well above his alabama contract twelve thousand five hundred dollars plus a share of the gate receipts we'd still had a year left on his alabama contract and he promised on air and coached the nineteen thirty crimson tide even recommended that denny hire former notre dame quarterback frank thomas as alabama's new head coach he did the nineteen thirties season will be one of alabama's best ever all american friends pseudonym his teammates went unbeaten in ten games in washington state at the rose bowl it was the third national championship for wade team in five years was one song and sixteen seasons ado weighed one hundred to engage two of those teams play in the rose bowl stadium at duke is named in his honor and just as he
vowed in eleven tries a kentucky football team never did the fade away the coach tea in the nineteen fifties wage service commissioner of the southern conference he lived to be ninety four and never forgot the legacy he left of alabama a lot of success alabama has endured through the years is related to tradition the stage and that sort of thing make good boys want to play football and alabama they want to win championships to my way of thinking there is no other school with the possible exception of notre dame was such tradition and i'm pleased to have something to do with that wallace way that one a happy time and coach way the left the unrest throughout mom and what to do and for that reason he you do probably has not been given they
spot an hour about or that they took they took that came to the first three rows board as our water polo sex nineteen twenty five team captain bruce jones and pro football johnny that on stage in tuscaloosa and signed on to assist was wait around this time when california to screen test but a few days back what the mid thirties johnny mack brown was a cowboy movie role he would appear in some two hundred films that spanned a career of forty years i'm emily boyer confederate soldier's love us on it maybe your jewels <unk> so than older and frail and toss grocery crying at the hustler look a pro career
you were coached of southern mississippi and virginia military institute then retired in waynesboro georgia peach but in the nineteen fifties when a sort of high schools in the movie haven't installed the old single when you were a high school teams won several regional finals and was named coach of the year in georgia after johnny mack brown and two you recorded in nineteen twenty six they really sort of personalities that would only share that moment was the fall to look like this is so slow improvement and a shed tears and then tears about
thursday that hey we so upset if the wharton aboard modern mash go on in the automatic had a great rose bowl victory in nineteen twenty six and overgrown late great youngster happened upon the field where the police arkansas high school the recruitment although we had never played again five years later told their rights will be in tuscaloosa ready to play for the season fb what we need to do is ask ourselves a ton of interesting philosophical question suppose alabama had lost badly and it too is exposed they had been defeated by forty points would football than have become the sort of important defining experience for southerners that it is going to come over the next five
decades in my answer there is no it would not because the south would have just been approved yet again to be inferior in some other dimension of life and what would happen i think as the south and found some other wanted to excel that we've invested this kind of emotional energy and physical commitment to something else at how johnson birmingham's paper editor look back at the cultural impact of alabama's early rose bowl appearances and wrote this in nineteen forty one or the last ten times all the more schools is to sacrifice in sinn fein the south have a part of the tradition of the south another new tradition for something else was for survival and for a picture with a comfortable income from those mighty afternoons in the rose bowl alabama's crimson tide war in
the south that come by without going to think in terms of course is why are fb this is very young ages this or a videotape of this program to send a check or money order for twenty one dollars to the
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Episode Description
The University of Alabama Crimson Tide's 1925 season triggered a sensation in college football in the south. Piece highlights early southern teams, southern vs. northern football, and southern team's battle to be recognized as serious competition. It also looks at early Alabama teams/seasons,, mayor players in the 1925 season, the Rose Bowl game between the Crimson Tide and the Washington Huskies in 1926, and the results of the victory for the team and for football in the south.
Series Description
A series that focuses on bringing to life the inspiring stores and empowering characters that have helped form Alabama's past and are working to shape its future.
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Moving Image
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Producing Organization: University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio
Videographer: Clay, Kevin
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University of Alabama Center for Public Television
Identifier: cpb-aacip-141e8291618 (Filename)
Format: BetacamSP
Generation: In-house Duplication Copy
Duration: 1:00:13
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