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casey do you see in the shadow of the mountains is funded in part by a grant from the corporation for public broadcasting because the it's peak to peak just i don't know and i have no interest in being referred to its oh yes reporters off and he died on now x in a row pokemon says you know what you do is really a death wish and i know that to the contrary the
death wishers it's really an affirmation of life and to suggest that we go to the mountains to die because this is absolute nonsense he too was the culmination of years of planning and dreaming and finally and failing the first time and going back and succeeding the moment i wish for me always the old of a mountain for more than everest key to as the mountain that i would've liked to have climbed he's been less successful it is one
plan to mix of this through the wonders and some in singing mine too a lot of people new solution a seemingly closer to go and a closer to a supreme being adam
i think the major success oh things that i like to write a joy to be in the midst of right now is assurance do too at that moment a feeling of certain times what weed pacific northwest runners after all from the land of ice and snow wasn't this progress feel about this and
most people have the capacity to find out what separates the great climbers from climbers is there not a letter to their motivation nobody wants to quit the body wants to restore what he wants to be back in seattle to see an expedition is united that it would you know under stress only your frustrations the classic case of beer watching we're tenth largest teeth in the morning that you find it offensive that you really have to learn to live with someone else's forte singer foibles american citizens we've been
on now for two months running out of food and supplies one really knows just says yes and i'm feeling great and i'm going to continue and so i was in the lead and i would live behind the tactic steps up right some leverage and looked to the right first some intercepted was a proper way in china that no that's not that's not the summit to my left and there just about seventy five feet away with some of the key to get a crust of snow we were just americans as relief benefit of
the opposition lewin contrast with miserable you feel the lack of oxygen and he was preoccupied with getting down quickly personally against a long enough for me to get a couple pictures phil and replace the film at that point someone down is the final scene of the camp six the process of changing to fill i mean that was really where i can safely say and thought that the best thing would be to go down the waves straight up a platform to spend the night at a bit to accept what's critical about the voice actors didn't get protection from the wind begins you know protection from the cold and not have that works the estimate is that it was at least forty below zero somewhere
in excess of fifteen miles an hour some doctor had told me my blood was like crying case sometime during the night that were accepted me that slippery inch platform began to slide down the slope slowly i began to realize that this is this very serious because i knew just below me the gentle slope i was on steep and again and i think it really works and pushes through it is singing sun listened
i began to try to once and i was just sort of sitting there and that the desire to go down it was nice to be there when you are geneva
deal as crucial notions here coming up there to the dairies and customs campaign to in that little wheelchair with a funny orange flag on the top i am i couldn't believe that i was just astounded at the whole shrunken he was an
how physically wasted here and they want to get close enough to hear an end and hear that his voice was done and to hear and see and coughing i bent over and in this weak coughing i haven't just ended me right there i just couldn't take it and so there's a sense of satisfaction that comes from connemara like to but i must say that that's been built somewhat by idealist first for a few months that i had climbed into i was really struggling to get back and a decent physical condition i had surgery on my long she says don't
only for yourself i don't know and she fully supports from the very beginning climate control over manhattan die without a live in that life seemed so much repression i realize no way for her
the most wrenching experience center that was to have to we're very close friends served alongside an appalachian trail four thousand tons of ice in the merits the family decided to speak for this may day he can many of them the campaign has been clyde and was extremely isolated and they had their own slides across thirty
miles of a pleasure just reached him in oh you know i wish someone who's often climbs a mountain because he's opting out of everyday life let people opt out of every day life by turning off their minds and you know do a new route on the mountain is tremendously rewarding because of the uncertainty and the fact that you have to find way getting that i think is the fact that a lot of the hormone see that that's struggling to reach when your client has to be a fear
isn't any company then again and again he's extradition demands of friendship or strong or on the other end of the rope you trust them with your life and have it that much cause someone else is rare but really it's self esteem council jay
chesshir most of the accidents occur when you're coming down and there's a tendency to relax a little less what i think that's what happened when one of the two hours on the slopes and i could see and we could see that they would they didn't stop for the decision to do a dolly and then that's the only chance they strapped away more steeply from another as
ben after the initial horror of the accident of seeing these two friends fall to their deaths the conclusion or a feeling you have coming out that wasn't happened at them that didn't happen to me and so you didn't feel personally threatened by the mckinley thing was different because this was a direct us sen tom are on me and it was a little thing had been deferred via i were not made christian rock and i went to the family really looking for to mount everest chris was the year that the league or ventures everest expedition and we're all very well for
twenty five years will exceptionally right now who are outside of how isolated and we were really into this country listeners said within nine he and chris was going on i was making this land and with trying this recent risk again
and i that's right i mean i'm thinking this is a soldier rose colored three a half or three top and when we went in the us about thirty thousand dollars in awarding convention to class chris has waged workers face down and this pack on that was once
tightly between the walls of the last august to his legs dangling out of my left eye was complaining i spent five six hours for humans there's no way to free his act and chris from being entirely legitimate combat and war fighting the realization that he wasn't going to make it and that is going to die things we said that when you got to climb everest in effect take me with science or was it was that your soda one point my father mother that i love them
so my father and in assessing player's father the point where he was going and the man who was time to leave and we said ok guys in an entirely about a master and he himself lives why would this cut his incredible courage was something quite awesome i stayed there or five days right at the edge of the grass chris asked me not to leave he was worried that if i tried to make it out that i would go into a crevasse yet after a few days i began to get worried and no one will come around there i had i spent two
weeks trying to work my way of each day i go out and buy sex and pokes through the snow and the ice each step of the way on what sometimes on my hands and knees and i was twenty five and i had no interest to bivouac set in the first few days singing sal y singing the green trees and be
overwhelmed but the most striking thing was to get on the airplane and it's no flowers and trees memories across the face was was almost overwhelming when you came back from that you realized how precious life was is he coming out and things like that i think you know you really are forced to reflect on what it is you do what is justified thirty your wife or your family cheered walker's to plans to take actions that might lead tear tear down i didn't know what to think
and it was making promises about quitting climbing in a bar high with coining anyway i knew you would give equipment together i said dart making divisions right now allow your emotions right this way into you're feeling better and more like yourself before you thinking like that i don't want those around them the only reason for not the least of them was what chris said to me in the grass he was of the classical trumpeter me he had asked me or if his favorite mouthpiece to be taken up the mountain lion would be great to climb over and i'd be interested in your pocket and i'm going oh i'm going to make sure that someone gets hurt now that would've
been to jail for something cool and it could prove these are at the time of the accident money and i waited on a small rock outcropping and as i reached down from aipac she said when we moved out here way and i didn't see the actual the release of the ways terms i just was aware of the sun when she was falling away for
me and what happened was that the you waste hours have suddenly come undone with her weight on it and she had gone backward as a result it meant that there we could not mountain attempt on the summit auto obviously the next one or two days i personally witness in the
shadow of the mountains was funded in part by a grant from the corporation for public broadcasting you're oh no move on
In the Shadow of the Mountains
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Half-hour documentary about Northwest mountain climber Jim Wickwire, the first American to conquer K2, the world’s second highest mountain. Follows his joys and also his sorrows as companions die while scaling the world’s highest peaks. PBS broadcasts: December 1982, January 1984. Acquired for cablecast by Discovery Channel, and aired on New Zealand TV and Saudi Arabia TV. Named Best Cultural Documentary in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Local Program Awards, 1982.
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: Kirk, Mike
: Rubin, Ron
Editor: Sourbeer, Wayne D.
Interviewee: Wickwire, Mary Lou
Interviewee: Wickwire, Jim
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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