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burstein major funding for this program has provided by the washington centennial commission additional funding is provided by the music and art foundation the washington mutual savings bank foundation mr cliff island ny the subscribers of casey ts seattle now manny manny and celebrating women of washington's one hundred years of statehood one must recognize the fact that native american women were here long before the pioneers emma woods immediate descendents go back five hundred years will isn't in the car reservations at the northwestern most tip of washington state in an unusually beautiful natural area while the ocean beaches summer flowers and i'm working for it and the cost of a proud
history of whale hunters but today a major source of their livelihood and simon issue fifteen miles down the coast hard time an ancient village was uncovered in nineteen sixty nine this archeological site have been preserved by a mudslide for over five hundred years and now a beautiful museum has a house the excavator treasures some awards grandfather and ground of the last living of music tried says she has good reason to be totally committed to preserving culture works at the museum and school called language in the car bicycle moon collect higher quality that you used that you it's like saying well that then when we say goodbye
take care shoe how comforting care for profit care that that's something that terrorists like try the care for new weight take care now it's time to translate that there's a deeper meaning to it and then you say well i think there you know in recent years yeah yeah three we see and
we need to know i think that they're more closely together so i'm mean and so i went you go there remains sleep out of his house and kitties bed and wash dishes and then go home for this is the way we can carry my first husband was a minister and he was an evangelist were his belief was different than mine just did ring no i went to believe that women can't believe we prayed to have to cope with a lead it's the same thing as what
what the treats really ended and prayed to father in heaven was in the daylight and he says you have to be interesting when we i mean stay here
they're curious lawyers tj
Celebrate the Women
Helma Ward
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KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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SCCtv (Seattle, Washington)
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Helma Ward – A Native American woman who has worked tirelessly on her Makah Reservation to preserve the native language and cultural heritage. Part of a series of "mini docs" to honor Washington state's women for the state’s Centennial, 1989. Series has profiles of: Helen Thayer, Roberta Byrd, Helma Ward and Mary Walker. Funded by Washington Centennial Commission. Funded by Washington Centennial Commission.
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Editor: Walkinshaw, Jean
Host: Hunt, Suzi
Interviewee: Ward, Helma
Producer: Walkinshaw, Jean
Producing Organization: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
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Seattle Colleges Cable Television
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