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WPLN News/Nashville Public Radio

Since 1962, listeners have turned to this community-supported service for programming that inspires conversation and curiosity, educates, and entertains.

Our Motivating Aspiration:
Every person in Nashville will know us as their trusted, local source of journalism and music discovery.

Our Vision:
Informed and enriched communities.

Our Mission:
We create and deliver content essential to understanding your world.

Our Values:
Nashville Public Radio’s staff and management share the following set of values that form the culture of the station: * To operate the station at the highest level of professional standards and integrity.  * To be responsive to our listeners, members, supporters and public.  * To exhibit mutual respect for our peers and audience. * To value the member and community support that our station receives. * To work together in an environment that encourages participation and sharing of the decisions that affect the station and our listeners.