Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller

San Francisco, California

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Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller is a nationally syndicated public radio show and podcast about how women rise up, produced in partnership with KALW 91.7FM local public radio in San Francisco and PRX (Public Radio Exchange).

Created and hosted by Lauren Schiller, it launched in March 2015 during Women's History Month. Inflection Point takes a close-up look at the changing roles of women in the US by talking directly with women leaders about how they take action and make change in politics, academia, the arts, business, activism, and more.

When it launched, Inflection Point was in the vanguard of radio programs–as one of the only nationally syndicated shows, and one of the first podcasts ever–dedicated exclusively to featuring conversations with women about how they build power, what they do with it when they have it, and what still stands in their way in the quest for an equal, just, and joy-filled world.