Bozeman, Montana

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On the air for 47 years, KGLT 91.9fm, alternative public radio in Southwest Montana, has entertained and shared diverse music played by live DJ’s around the clock, as well as informative programming and public service announcements, with its listeners. KGLT is located on the campus of Montana State University (MSU), Bozeman. With 90 live announcers playing their choice of music 22 hours per day, KGLT produces 1,500 to 2,000 public service announcements and offers three DJ apprentice classes yearly. Approximately one third of the public service announcements (PSAs) relate to campus offerings such as new classes, recreational and volunteer opportunities, events, and informing students and employees committees and programs in existence to help and protect them: diversity, women's issues, returning vet issues, handicap rights, rape alerts, and drunk driver ride home options. Public service issues on and off campus include AIDS awareness, medical care and preventative options, LBGTQ support, bullying, parenting, and environmental awareness. The KGLT website hosts a Community Calendar that announces lectures, concerts, classes, nature programs, and exhibits in all areas where there are radio signals. Environmentally, Montana is a rare combination of being an ‘AG’ or agricultural state, because of all the ranching and farming, and a state also focused on maintaining its land untainted by industry. Montana is dependent on the tourist trade for fishing, hiking, and hunting as well as summer and winter recreation. It is one of the only states making a conscientious effort for a meeting of the minds of the ranchers and outdoors enthusiasts. As a result, there is a lot of informative and educational discussion offered and shared as PSAs on the air.

The audiences reached are diverse; KGLT ranks in the top 25% of 21 stations in Gallatin County and collaborates with NPR stations in Montana. KGLT is the matriarch of community radio in the state of Montana, offering openness, inclusiveness, and commitment to community. The goal for KGLT is to reach more listeners in order to offer them this familial yet professional inclusivity, so that they may benefit from the information and education KGLT provides in music and public service.

Apprentice classes give staff the opportunity to mentor students, helping them to live up to their potential to become informed, comfortable, well spoken, generous, and ethical.

New in 2014, KGLT has worked with the Central Washington University radio station to help them build financial support.