Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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For close to 60 years, WHYY has been the region’s leading public media company and PBS/NPR affiliate, currently serving the nation’s fourth largest market, with 2,963,500 households (Source: Nielsen Local Market Television Estimates, 2014). Each week, 871,052 unique viewers tune to WHYY-TV (Source: Scarborough Philadelphia Release 2 – August 2013 to July 2014). WHYY-FM draws an audience of 442,714 unduplicated listeners per week (Source: Scarborough Philadelphia Release 2 – August 2013 to July 2014). Each month, there are an average of 108,644 unique visitors to WHYY.org with 383,327page views (Source: Google Analytics, average from December, 2013 – December, 2014). NewsWorks, WHYY’s online home for news and civic dialogue, achieves an average of 508,944 users and 1,451,973 page views per month (Source: Google Analytics, average October–December, 2014).Other online services for accessing WHYY content include podcasts, Twitter (32,700 followers), Facebook (23,328) and YouTube (1,080 subscribers).

Each year, WHYY further serves the community through "off-air" programs such as community forums, artistic performances and lectures onsite in the Independence Foundation Civic Space, and Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons. Our strategic approach is to use on air and online content to drive in-person audience engagement.