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Columbus, Ohio


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Licensed to The Ohio State University, WOSU Public Media has been a vital community resource since 1920, when it received one of the first experimental radio licenses in the country. It has evolved into multiple public media services consisting of Classical 101 (FM); 89.7 NPR News (FM); four regional FM stations; and WOSU TV (PBS) and its sister station, WPBO TV. WOSU television covers a quarter of central and southern Ohio reaching over 900,000 households.

Current major projects are led by the Columbus Neighborhoods project, developed in 2010 to focus on the history, culture and future of the community’s distinctive neighborhoods. The Emmy and NETA Award winning initiative includes a series of major documentaries (12 over a five year period), radio programming, public engagement events including local storytelling and premieres.

Other television initiatives include the arts and culture weekly series Broad & High developed in 2013 as part of a local/national collaboration; the weekly public affairs program Columbus On The Record; the daily broadcast on the WOSU Ohio Channel of our local NPR radio program All Sides with Ann Fisher; and a series of national documentaries focused on explorers with ties to Ohio. These have included John Glenn: A Life of Service and the upcoming documentary on Admiral Richard Byrd’s exploits.

In 2006, WOSU opened new television studios at the COSI Science Center in downtown Columbus. All local program production is developed at the WOSU@COSI Studios, which also serves as our prime community engagement space.