Signing on the air on March 3, 1969, WTIU is the public television station licensed to Indiana University, operating out of the Radio and TV Center on the Bloomington, Indiana campus.

The station serves south central Indiana, including the cities of Bloomington, Bedford, Columbus, and Terre Haute, and outlying communities. Through Satellite we now reach Indianapolis. Approximately 587,525 TV households are included in the viewing area, cable, satellite, broadband and over-the-air combined, reaching an estimated 1,492,313 viewers.

Over 100 Indiana University students, from Indiana University’s Media School and many other disciplines, complement their academic training and develop marketable skills through real-world experience gained by working alongside the station’s staff.

With the television digital conversion in 2009, WTIU began broadcasting four separate channel streams — TIU HD, TIU World, TIU Family and TIU Espanol.

WTIU is a member station of PBS, Indiana’s Public Broadcasting Stations, and The Association of Public Television Stations.